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Chylothorax Remedy Recommendations

Time is of the essence, our dear cat has chylothorax and his pleural cavity is filling up with chyle, affecting his ability to breath. Any recommendations?
  LotusLouie on 2022-04-30
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
What caused it, injury or tumor ? If injury which is very likely use Arnica 30 three doses at 3 hour interval.
If tumor is the cause use Thuja 30 one dose.
Generally animals have tumor on account of vaccination. Vaccine can be antidoted by Thuja and Sulphur, one dose only.
If you are not sure what caused it try Arnica first.
telescope 3 weeks ago
What was the hurry for telescope to give different permutations and combinations?
Yesterday it was "Blasto..." that dear telescope understood as "pregnancy"; today it is "Chylothorax" meaning ...
He seems unstoppable.
Pls take time, understand and then use your "knowledge".
To help, reading about body systems will do good.
In this case ..... system?
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rajukmar 3 weeks ago
Please read “Chylothorax in cats “by Ernest Ward DVM-50% of cases they do not know the cause. The first step is stabilize breathing to stop damage.
The vet needs to drain the pleural cavity asap.
simone717 3 weeks ago
simone: In my view, answer will lie in deeper understanding of the excretory system. If you have read that book and my idea makes sense, please confirm.
I'll explain the basis of my idea.
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rajukmar 3 weeks ago
I think the important thing to solve here first is -Avoid death thru emergency intervention. Sometimes the situation resolves on its own after drainage. You could well be correct and I don’t know what book you refer to .
simone717 3 weeks ago
I assume that the reporter knows what he is telling about the cat. In addition to what needs to be done as per simone717, and my understanding of body systems I firmly believe that immediately AconiteNap200 2-3 times a day will help. I am an animal lover and sincerely pray it helps my friend.
Let Louie tell what happens.
I shall make more study meantime.
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rajukmar 3 weeks ago
Dear Louie, Hoping for best outcome for your cat.
simone717 3 weeks ago
As I see, no ordinary person could have used the terminology that dear Louie used.
I feel Louie was fishing.
I feel Louie is some homeo/allopath practitioner looking for quick solution.
Why no feedback?
[Edited by rajukmar on 2022-05-05 03:39:23]
rajukmar 3 weeks ago
No-been on here for years. Tons of ppl leave no feedback and never respond on time and do not follow instructions.
simone717 3 weeks ago
I apologize for the delayed reply, and appreciate your suggestions...thank you! I have been overwhelmed with taking care of our other 15 foster kitties, and taking our dear sweet Golden Heart to the vet for thoracic taps. Also, I've been having computer issues. When it rains, it pours.

Initially, we thought it was caused by an injury, but ex-rays show a mass the size of his heart, above his heart. He has never been vaccinated, and we feed him 90% homemade raw food...some of it organic, and mostly hormone and antibiotic free.

I've been having some favorable responses using Apis 30c, Reckeweg 55 (contains Arnica D3), Hamamelis 6c and 30c, Newton Homeopathics Inflammation (contains Arnica 15x), and Natrum Muriaticum 6x and 30c. I hope I'm not using too many remedies.

A couple of days ago he slowed down on eating. Not sure if he's having pain from the mass pressing on his esophagus.

I will try Thuja 30 right now, and let you know the response.

Many thanks!
LotusLouie 2 weeks ago
Yes, thanks, we have been taking him to the vet for thoracic taps. The aspirations are expensive, but most importantly, they have been hard on him.
LotusLouie 2 weeks ago
Thanks for everyone’s good information and thoughts.
Here is a photo of sweet Golden Heart at the emergency vet’s right after a thoracic tap, while still under the effects of anesthesia.
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LotusLouie 2 weeks ago
I just dissolved 3 pellets in 1 ounce of water, and was going to draw up 1/2 ml with an eyedropper and administer. Would that be the right way to dose him? Some people say to put a couple pellets on a pet's gums, and it's alright if the pet spits it out, just as long as it makes contact with their mucus membrane. Are both methods good?
LotusLouie 2 weeks ago
My apologies for the delay. I've been overwhelmed. I've been hyper-focused and hypervigilant with his care to the exclusion of almost everything...sleep and eating, included.
LotusLouie 2 weeks ago
Pellets direct in the mouth or dissolved in water and given by dropper are both correct. You can use whatever method you like.
telescope 2 weeks ago
What is the mass? Did they biopsy it?
It is easiest to dissolve a pill in water and then just squirt a tiny amount into the side of the mouth.
simone717 2 weeks ago
Thank you, just gave him it by dropper.
LotusLouie 2 weeks ago
We haven't had a biopsy done, yet, but the vets tell me it isn't a hematoma.

I've been giving him Essiac or Hoxsey (alternatingly, to treat for a tumor), and Yunnan Baiyao (to stop the hemorrhaging).

At the last aspiration (the sweet guy has had 5 now) the vet said the fluid is now more clear and straw-colored, with less white chyle and less blood than the previous draws.

Am I giving him too many homeopathic remedies? I usually wait an 30-60 minutes between different remedies. I thinking of giving him Apis 30c and Hamamelis 30c next. I've been giving him several doses of each per day.
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LotusLouie 2 weeks ago
I can give him Aconite 200 2-3 times a day, and appreciate any study and info on the excretory system.
LotusLouie 2 weeks ago
What does the vet say they think is going on?
Do they recommend a biopsy? You need facts.
simone717 2 weeks ago
I gave him 1 dose of Thuja, and I didn't see much change. My husband unknowingly gave him a 2nd dose 5 hours later, and said he saw a no significant response.

An hour ago I gave him Aconite 30c, as that's all I have on hand. He seems a little more comfortable. Will purchase 200c later today.

Am trying to get an appointment with an internist for more diagnostics.
LotusLouie 2 weeks ago
rajukmar: You might be onto something when you said the the answer will lie in deeper understanding of the excretory system. A month ago, in the beginning of all of this, the blood test results showed elevated kidney values. Also, I noticed he tried, but couldn't urinate, so I gave him UTI-Free, by Pet Alive, and Bladder-Kidney, by Newton Homeopathics, and was was able to urinate.

I could try Berberis Vulgaris, Bladder-Kidney, or UTI-Free, again. I'm open to suggestions.
LotusLouie 2 weeks ago
How old is the cat?
You seem to have a lot of homeopathics on hand-Plus herbal remedies.
I would try the Aconite 200 Only for few days to observe effects.Aconite is not going to be the answer as it has a brief action and is given at the beginning of disease before pathological changes have taken place.
Since there is a growth you need to know if it’s benign and if it’s still growing. Many older cats have kidney issues - don’t link things - you want facts to choose the right medicines that will help and not confuse.
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simone717 2 weeks ago
He is 5 years old. Yes, I have a lot of homeopathics on hand because a little over 20 years ago a holistic vet introduced me to homeopathics. I've been using them since, although I have not taken a course.

Yesterday the vet aspirated the fluid, and something went wrong. His side is swollen, as if the vet puncture something. He was weaker, had spasms, and stopped eating and drinking. I gave him Reckeweg 55 remedy, following the instructions, and it seemed to help. But then a homeopath told me not to give it so often because it would be too stimulating. When I slowed down, the swelling became worse. I got the Aconite 200, but hesitated to give it to him because his body temperature dropped significantly, and I wanted to confirm that it was still the right remedy at that time, but didn't get a chance to get on the computer.

Right now, he's showing signs that we are going to lose him. His body is shutting down. Any suggestions for him at this end time?

Many thanks to all of you for your care and advice.
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LotusLouie 2 weeks ago
You can try Sulphur 30 one dose only. Sulphur has the ability to absorb fluid in the lungs. Do not repeat medicine and do not give any other medicine for a day.
telescope 2 weeks ago

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