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Homeopathic Remedy Codeinum? Prescribed to me for Vallium/ other psychiatric medication withdrawal

Thank you sincerely for taking the time to read this and offer support or information, it means a lot to me.

I am supposed to begin taking this remedy and of course am feeling scared of the unknown.
I have been seeking help for severe benzo tolerance/withdrawal that is rendered me disabled battling psychosis unbearable bodily sensation psychological tortures.

I lost the ability to coordinate muscles drive or work. I have been attempting to taper off the big pharma medications that a psychiatrist put me on in addition to other psychiatric medications for PTSD and anxiety. Unfortunately have only been able to reduce the amount by roughly 10% over 15 months due to the symptoms being so severe that I begin to have suicidal ideation purely from the torture not from a real desire to lose my life at all.

I have seen a homeopathic doctor in the past to put me on nux vomica and morphinum but they had no effect. I tried some other alternate healing modalities that ultimately do not help so I have gone back to the homeopathic doctor and she now has prescribed Codeinum.

I can’t find much information anywhere regarding that specific remedy I was wondering if anybody had any knowledge to share. Aconite keeps coming up for anxiety as well as another odd named something 46 I believe was used in France for benzo withdrawal but again it’s really hard to find information online.

in the end I believe in the power of energy to overcome matter as I practice meditation regularly and I am a avid supporter of Dr. Joe Dispenza and his idea of quantum energy healing and I see a connection between homeopathy and my own practice of meditation and wellness.

thank you for taking the time to read this and respond. all the best.
  liminal_j on 2022-05-03
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Post the medications you been taking along with dosage and duration
Symptoms/ reasons for which these were prescribed
Your Age M/F married kids age of last kid
Trauma which devolved into PTSD
Present symptomss must include the effect of the allopathic medications
Withdrawal symptoms which occur if you do not rake the medications
Nux Homica 200 05 drops in water or 04 pills thrice a day for three days
Kaps 3 months ago
thanks for the response.
40m cptsd from childhood trauma and being present for mass shooting. Psychiatric medications have made symptoms 10x worse.
am taking remeron for appetite and sleep morning and evening twice a day, lamictal once a day 50 mg not sure i think it was mood? trileptal for tremors 900mg 300 thrice daily , buspar 30 mg twice a day never really notice it, vallium thrice daily at 4mg 7.5 7.5 doses total. I have been taking vallium for 3 years, the other ones for roughly 6 months. I took the codeinum and felt elimination of all symptoms of fear withdrawal and ptsd after first dose of codeinum.
i actually skipped my middle doses of medications because i honestly for the first time because i felt so good. the codeinum began to wear off around 1130. i took my normal dose of medications so i only missed the midday dose. Ultimately the goal is to be rid of taking any psychiatric medications. The codeinum dose was like it was completely symptom free. I guess I am confused now if the effects will wear off over time ? should i begin reducing my psychiatric doses along with the remedy ? She instructed to take the remedy for 4 days twice a day and report back. For now should I not change anything ? When I took the first dose I felt amazing but i a little confused as to how this will work going forward. Thanks for the help!
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liminal_j 3 months ago
This will work have patience
Kaps 3 months ago
hi thanks! By "this will work" do you mean the remedy my homeopath prescribed that I am taking or the one you suggested? Thanks again!
liminal_j 3 months ago
Yes the remedy that was prescribed your homeopath since it’s initial reaction is great
Do not take Nux Vomica
U did not post that you have taken the remedy just that it was prescribed
So all the best
Kaps 3 months ago
you don’t think i should start trying to reduce my psychiatric medications now?

I’m worried I am going to miss this chance because my psychiatric drugs are what are causing the symptoms not just my regular body.

I am getting sicker from the poison medications o am dependent on every day.

I feel like that is the fundamental thing that my homeopath and others won’t provide clarity on.

Until I stop taking the poisons how is this going to heal me ?

Shouldn’t I be reducing the other medications now while this is working?
liminal_j 3 months ago
Yes you shud be start taking half of the prescribed dosage and observe any withdrawals for two days then go to one third like that
What did your homeopath tell you on this
Kaps 3 months ago
she just said get back to me after 4 days and see how you feel taking it twice a day.

I sent another email I don’t understand why she isn’t answering about the other medications
liminal_j 3 months ago
the medications are on say i have to taper down over years like a valium can result in death if stopped too abruptly so it’s hard because the psychiatrist don’t believe in homeopathy and the homeopathic doctor isn’t helping me with the medications i’m on just treating my symptoms. I’m so confused
liminal_j 3 months ago
are you a homeopath?
liminal_j 3 months ago
I am not a homeopath
Doctors do not believe in homeopathy
Since you aren’t a doctor too I suggest do not read about things it will further confuse you
I ll check on Valium withdrawals or u can send me the link

Every medication has some duration for which it keeps on acting being there in the system
That is why I suggested to reduce it to half and if you that by cutting it down to half brings out some you can always take the balance half
I am sure homeopathic remedies can take you off these medications and finally u will not need the remedies too and trust it is quick
Keep in touch with your homeopath and stick to him/ her
Kaps 3 months ago
ok thanks yeah its been 15 months of hell I'm in what's called tolerance withdrawal and if you cut the dose too rapid you can suffer what's called PAWS which can last for years. I wasn't even able to look at a screen until a month ago

But maybe the remedies can cure and change the timeline.

Thanks for telling me to stick with her and trust the plan she comes up with.

I just get scared I'm going to miss my chance and the remedy will wear off before I can get the medications out.

I really appreciate your help friend. I'm Jonathan, nice to meet you :)
liminal_j 3 months ago

More often than not the remedies have more permanent effect than allopathic medications do not be scared of the the effect wearing off that is not way homeopathy works, the cure has to be permanent that is what the prescribed aims for

For all you know these four doses maybe enough for your lifetime trust me

Try reducing the dosage sit for a while just focusing on reduction of dosage and you will get the answer try it and post
Take care and stay healthy
Kaps 3 months ago
hey so this the email i got from her today.

Hi Johnathan,
This remedy was selected as a constitutional remedy for you. It’s good that it’s having such a strong acute effect because you’re in an acute state. But I didn’t give it to you as a remedy to help you withdraw from your meds.
Perhaps I didn’t explain myself well enough so I’ll try again. The remedy is working on a deep level in your system to help bring you back into balance. As your constitution gets stronger it will only appear to have less effect because you will need it less. You will be feeling better in general. As part of that rebalancing process, the remedy will be helping your organs to function better and therefore to detox better.all the time it’s healing you from the inside out.
I’m not legally or medically able to advise you on how soon you start to withdraw from medications. You will need to be guided by your doctor and your body.
The general advice is this has to be done very gradually as you know.

my doctor is the one who put me in this suffering in the first place and with benzo withdrawal if i make one reduction and this remedy isn’t enough to cover the symptoms the last time i tried to end my life so how am i supposed to make a decision when don’t even know what the remedy is ultimately going to do to aid withdrawal from medications that was the whole point of hiring a homeopath in the first place. I’m just really frustrated.
liminal_j 3 months ago
Have confidence on yourself and the remedy
I fully understand the effects of the medications that you are taking and their withdrawals
You have your prescriptions and your medications with you
Try taking half the dosage
If the withdrawals appear take the other half else go along with half the dosage. Hope I am clear on this?

You from inside want to quit but are scared to try as you have had a bad experience in the past trying to quit those

You post on the reaction after the first dose clearly indicates that the remedy is very well selected and it has affected your system very well

The homeopath dose not want to commit for reasons known to her and I won’t comment on this.

Unless you try it how will you know what is the effect of the remedy on your dependence on benzos

I strongly feel that you shud try reducing the dosage and then either go back to her or post here The effect of reducing the dosage

I have handled such cases and seen people quitting
So try it and compare the effects with the time when you tried without taking any homeopathic medicine

Once the outcome is known I ll prescribe after completely taking your case
Friend trust me
Kaps 3 months ago
Hello my friend.

So the day after the wonderful experience I started to experience severe aggravation symptoms that are absolutely brutal.

I have insomnia and have not slept in 2 days and complete loss of appetite

I also have severe chest pain, heart palpitations, and difficulty breathing.

My homeopath instructed me to stop the remedy immediately.

What is happening to me? This is agony.

You told me to reduce medications but that might have killed me this is so bad.

Please help, thank you.
liminal_j 3 months ago
you did not tell me about the aggravation
Please narrate the symptoms that made you go to the psychiatrist initially
The medications prescribed by the psychiatrist have a large number side effects and they vary from person ton person . Just tell me how do you feel about yourself and life in general

Tell me the side effects which you feel of the psychiatric medications

The kind of aggravation you have posted is real bad
Kaps 3 months ago
I have over 100 side effects from benzo medication withdrawal prescribed, too many to name.

The aggravation effects are from the remedy I am certain. that happened on day 2 after day 1 took all symptoms away for 6 hours then I got worse the 2nd day then 6 hours second time worse aggrevation.

it was the remedy not the meds.

Why? I don't know and neither does the homeopath that is because I think remedies interfere with my other medications and I need a doctor who is also a homeopath who know both sides rather than a homeopath that doesn't understand western medicine and a western doctor that doesn't believe in homeopathy.

in life I feel hopeless, constant suffering, and suicidal. All because of this, before I lived happy in Nyc was a musician and have a masters degree.
liminal_j 3 months ago
Nux Vomica 200
05 drops In water or 04 pills thrice a day for two days last doe just before switching off the light while going to sleep

Day three onwards
Aurum Metallicum 200
05 drops in water or 04 pills thrice a day last dose just before going to sleep

Buy Five Phos one bottle ( to be started later )
It is a combination of Iron calcium magnesium sodium and potassium phosphates
No change in allopathic medications

Post as and when you feel any change

I ll try that remedies get you better and off these benzos
Kaps 3 months ago

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