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Twisted Ankle, Fell down Stairs; went from very athletic to barely walking ((Kind Attention Anuj Srivastava or any Practitioner)

1. Can barely walk without pain to Left Hip and Left knee after fall
2. Intense pain during sleep to Left leg, hip, knee (approx 5-6 hrs in)
3. Contractures Leg muscles - unable to straighten knees
4. Migraine - headache nightly for over 11 yrs - always Rt Frontal Lobe
5. Poor circulation?

-Over the age of 65 yet prior to this fall, cycling 25km/day; walking 8 miles a day up steep hills; always 'on the move'.
-2016 - Twisted Lt ankle; fell down concrete stairs
-Bedbound for 3wks; after that, resumed all of previous activities
-But each year, noticed Lt leg stride was shortened and some pain began L hip, groin & knee.

-Discovered that when I landed on my L side, it displaced my pelvis and can feel my femur kind of moving inside my hip socket
-This radiates to back pain
-As of 2 years ago, I am basically bed-to-chair

There ARE times when I can stand up straight and walk 'almost normally' but it only lasts for about 5-10 minutes, so I know there's hope.

Have been to all the various specialists; presently with a Physical Therapist. She states that all my leg muscles have shortened; she's working to lengthen them.

Intense pain to L leg (but sometimes R leg) when sleeping after about 5-6 hours and if I eat fats/oils (I'm normally a Plant-Based Eater, but sometimes I cheat) and this definitely makes it worse. So does that mean poor circulation? In the past, I 'have had some angina' but haven't experienced any in the past few years. Constant head pain Rt front lobe every single night for 11 years; wake up in middle of the night between 3-5am; sugar makes it worse as does frequencies of any kind (such as meditation freq's or Rife)

Obviously with all of this, my leg muscles have weakened as has my spirit.

With the advice of some friends that have studied Homeopathy, I just took Arnica 10M about a week ago. Have not noticed any positive change as yet, (perhaps more negative changes which I understand 'could be' normal before I get better) I'm told with that high a dose, it takes time.

Appreciate any guidance.
  Nancy Nurse on 2022-05-15
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
You have taken very high dose of Arnica. For injury cases 30 potency is sufficient. You can use Arnica 30 three or four doses at 3 hour interval.
It is possible that you will need other medicines (Rhus tox) to deal with muscle problem and Calcarea Carb for bone injury if any. They will come after Arnica. Arnica, Rhustox and Calcarea Carb forms a series in injury cases.
telescope 10 months ago
Your reply is most welcome, thank you.

I should wait a few weeks before I take anything else since this dose was so high, is that correct?

If that's the case to wait a few more weeks, do I then take Rhustox and Calcarea BOTH at the same time? And if so, how often and how many pillules and how often?

Thank you... I'm new at this.
Nancy Nurse 10 months ago
You can take Rhustox roughly 7 to 10 days after taking Arnica. Action of Arnica does not last beyond 10 days, It is a short acting medicine.
You can take two doses of Rhus tox 30 in a day at roughly 12 hour hour interval for 3 days and then stop. No medicine for a week. You may need to repeat Rhus tox. Calcarea Carb will be required if anything remains after Rhus tox.
telescope 10 months ago
Wow, thank you for that wonderful information! Just one more question please... how many pillules of each do I take?
Nancy Nurse 10 months ago
Nancy Nurse said Wow, thank you for that wonderful information! Just to clarify please...
1. How many pillules of each do I take?
2. If I do need to repeat RhusTox after that week of 'no' medicine, do I then stop all meds for another week before deciding if I need the Calcarea Carb?
3. I need the Calcarea Carb, do I take it the same way as the Rhustox? And how many pillules
Nancy Nurse 10 months ago
Actually it does not matter how many pellets you take for a dose. You may use 3 or 4 pellets
Whether you will need to repeat Rhus tox after the gap depends upon what symptoms remain. However I would suggest not to do it on your own. Update after the gap and then we can decide on that.
Calcarea Carb is a long acting medicine and for an adult 200 potency will be needed . Only one dose in one month. No repetition before 30 days generally.
telescope 10 months ago
Thank you so so much!
Nancy Nurse 10 months ago
Hi there. I just wanted to be sure that you knew this injury was 6 years ago? Does that matter with what you've prescribed? I will start on Wed as that will be 7 days since taking the Arnica 10M.
Nancy Nurse 10 months ago
It does not matter how old the injury is.
telescope 10 months ago
OK, I took the RhusT twice a day for 3 days and today is day 7 of the one week of zero meds. I felt NO positive difference whatsoever but only a negative one of urinary urgency with incontinence, especially at night.. could barely hold it!

As I mentioned, I am basically bed-to-chair but yesterday, my partner took me out to a restaurant. We had to walk a steep embankment to get to this restaurant; I had help, but today, I'm so much worse with intense pain to my legs and back all night. Assuming their my unused muscle, ligaments and tendons, would that be correct?

What is Rhus Tox actually suppose to do for me?

What should I do now please?

Thank you..

Nancy Nurse 10 months ago
Sorry, I don't know where that 'nose; discharge from nose' stuff came from? It just showed up underneath my text to you?
Nancy Nurse 10 months ago
Rhus tox was meant to address any muscle injury you might have sustained in the accident. In this type of cases there is a series Arnica /Rhus tox/ Calcarea Carb. Here Calcarea Carb is for bone injury. It is quite possible that you had sustained bone injury also. Therefore you should now take Calcarea Carb 200 one dose. Do not take more than one dose.
telescope 10 months ago
Yes, I took quite a fall high up on concrete steps, twisted my ankle and fell onto my hip...it moved my pelvis and rotated my L femur. I will take it right now... is it ok to take it at 7:30pm? (And thank you)
Nancy Nurse 10 months ago
Yes. Calcarea Carb acts better when taken at might.
telescope 10 months ago
I thought I had this, but all I have is Calcarea 30C; I'm still waiting for the Calcarea 200 to arrive from the States... it should be any day now (hopefully).
Nancy Nurse 10 months ago
Just wondering... I'm experiencing excruciating leg pain during my sleeping hours... I was told long ago that I had almost 100% plaque in my arteries..(not verified medically) but I also 'test via dowsing' that I do have a great deal of plaque. Would Calcarea help that or should I take Crataegus Oxyacantha? I used to have angina before I changed to a plant-based diet. Thank you
Nancy Nurse 9 months ago
Calcarea Carb can remove plaques, No need to think of other medicines at present.
telescope 9 months ago
Ah, thank you! It just came in the post; so I'll wait and take it at bedtime as suggested. Thanks so much!
Nancy Nurse 9 months ago
Good Morning, for years, I've had catarrh (lots of phlegm) in the back of my throat so that I had to constantly try to clear my throat. After doing some MMS, it was completely gone (since 2 years ago) but returned after doing the 3 days of RhusTox. Is there anything I can do please?
Nancy Nurse 9 months ago
Do not do anything. Calcarea Carb covers that also.
telescope 9 months ago
Do you feel worse before you feel better?
How long does Calcarea Carb 200 remain in ones body?
Nancy Nurse 9 months ago
Would you know anything about kitty kats? I have (3) rescue's that are not in great shape:

1. Scruffy - A huge golf ball size lump (grew very slowly) to his cheek/jaw area. Doesn't seem to be in pain; eating normally. I have given him Silica 200 after not having any luck with Silica 30... but perhaps I did the wrong thing?

2. Katie - Stomatitis (Gingivitis); a very serious condition of the oral cavity. She's had some front teeth removed but the back ones remain; breath smells like a sewer. Trying to get her off of steroids. The Book of Veterinary Homeopathy recommends ARUM TRIPHYLLUM (jack-in-Pulpit) in higher doses, but it never says how often to give it? Here's an excerpt:
(Arum triphyllum (Jack-in-the-Pulpit, Wild Turnip)
I have seen this remedy act effectively in some cases of severe gingivitis and stomatitis. Many
of the disease symptoms fit the Arum trip. state. It has an affinity to inflammation of the mucous
membranes, thus the affinity to gum disease and mouth sores. Acridity with strong unpleasant
smell and destruction of soft tissues are the keynotes of the kind of action that is characteristic of
Arum. Another keynote of this remedy is soreness and cracks at the corners of the mouth.
The mouth in an Arum state is intensely painful and these animals may bore their head into their bedding, pressing at the mouth and nose. Eating and drinking are often difficult, and unbearably painful. Ulcers are usually present and may affect any surface in the buccal cavity. The tongue often is beet red. Look for profuse salivation, with drool that is acrid and corroding. The whole mouth may be raw, with burning, itching and bleeding of the gums. Inflammation of the root of the tongue, and the throat and soft palate, also the tonsils. The mouth usually has a foul odor. The animal may have swelling in the sub-maxillary glands and burning of the trachea, the whole length of it.

DOSE: Should NOT be given in low potency or repeated too often as bad effects may follow. – Dr. L. The higher potencies (30C) given by the split dose)

I gave her one dose of 30C about a month ago but didn't notice anything; I have been told that Prednisone is one of those drugs that prevents homeopathy from working, but it was suggested to 'still try anyway' because you never know.

3. Jenny - she has what looks like a 'bite' on her knee area (possibly from a rabbit). Her entire front leg is swollen and she can't put any weight on it. Eating normally. I gave her Arnica 200 from my Emerg Kit (I read that was the thing to do when a cat is in shock and hurt).

Thank you... if you have any suggestions, they would be greatly appreciated.
Nancy Nurse 9 months ago
Yes, you feel worse before it gets better. Calcarea Carb 200 should work for around 20 to 30 days .
telescope 9 months ago
I am inexperienced in veterinary medicine, so the results may not be satisfactory.
In case of Scruffy first ascertain whether it is an abscess or a tumor. If it is abscess give hepar sulph 30 three doses at three hour interval and stop. It will break open the abscess. If it is tumor let me know if it was vaccinated sometime prior to the appearance of the tumor.
For Katie you may use Sulphur 30, give her one dose and wait for one day and see if there is any improvement. If there is improvement do not give any more medicine. If there is no improvement give another dose.
For Jenny you may use Calendula mother tincture at the site of the wound and dress the wound.K keep the wound wet with Calendula for a few days.
telescope 9 months ago
Thank you SO much!

Scruffy is a wild cat; he only comes to us to be fed, but we feel we have to help this little guy. He wants so much to be loved and to have a family but he's SO 'scruffy' and filthy rolling in cow dung etc. Doubt he's had any vaccines as I feel he's lived in the wild for years; our neighbors used to throw rocks at him. The lump is hard to touch (we accidentally got to feel it when he rubbed against us).
Nancy Nurse 9 months ago

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