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Tooth pain right bottom molar

Hello! Alas, I’m back. :( someone here tried to help me last march when I had symptoms of a dying tooth but it was beyond saving. Tonight I have a similar situation though nowhere near as extreme.

My bottom right molar has a pulp cap and crown. For about a week I’ve been feeling a slight shock straight up through from the root. It lasts less than 5 seconds and I typically experience this only once a day, sometimes none in a day. I have been careful with myself though. The only aggravations are night, anytime after 5pm, cold air (in the atmosphere doesn’t have to touch the tooth), stopping to the ground quickly as if to pick something up, and bending over so my head hangs below my heart. Sometimes when my pulse gets high also. I go for many walks each day and they don’t aggravate.

After about 5 days it’s starting to feel a little sore in the evening, like bruised, and I can feel my right shoulder tense as well as my right jaw joint and the underside of my jawbone on that side.

I’ve been alternating 200c silica with hepar sulph and also taking 200c belladonna, 200c hecla lava, 200c hypericum, 30x calc phos and 6x calc fluoridation, but all of that sporadically with no routine. I’ve been poking and hoping something would help.

Only a week or so before this started I began experiencing neuralgic pain on the sole of my left foot on and off. I was hoping my tooth wasn’t dying and that the stinging pains were related.

Anyway, ideas?
  lisamarie1081 on 2022-05-27
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Hypericum 200 + Arsenicum Album 200 – together twice daily.


Calc Flour 6x and Silicea 6x five tabs of each three times a day.

anuj srivastava 10 months ago
anuj srivastava said Hypericum 200 + Arsenicum Album 200 – together twice daily.


Calc Flour 6x and Silicea 6x five tabs of each three times a day.

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Nancy Nurse 9 months ago
anuj srivastava 9 months ago
I'm so sorry; I 'thought' it was to be able to be notified of new responses to this thread... but, I can see that it is not.. I did it to one other thread as well, but then realized it was not as I thought... I'd remove it but I don't know how? Forgive me please??
Nancy Nurse 9 months ago
Nancy Nurse said I'm so sorry; I 'thought' it was to be able to be notified of new responses to this thread... but, I can see that it is not.. I did it to one other thread as well, but then realized it was not as I thought... I'd remove it but I don't know how? Forgive me please??

Is there a way I can contact the administrator to have it removed?
Nancy Nurse 9 months ago
Not required he will ignore it.
anuj srivastava 9 months ago
Hello! It's only been 5 days since I've started this regimen, but I've run out of hypericum 200c and some of my symptoms have changed, so I thought it prudent to check in now before I order more.

The electric shock-like feelings are gone -- I haven't had any in a few days even despite being up and down a ladder about 100 times over the weekend! This type of vertical movement was a primary aggravation before. Also, aggravation is not only in the evening, it is a dull soreness at all/any hour. If I take some ibuprofen in the morning, I generally have no discomfort the entire day.

The tooth is still not affected by pressure, but is slightly and sometimes sensitive to cold. There is a dull ache around that entire portion of the right bottom jaw in the back and it extends up to my jaw joint. Sometimes I think I feel it in the top molar. Occasionally my neck is sore with it, but mostly the pain extending into my shoulder is gone.

Any update to the plan or continue with the hypericum/arsenicum 200c combo with Calc Fluor and Silica 6x?

lisamarie1081 9 months ago
You have to continue the same protocol for a week or so more.Might as well order Hypericum.Continue with the other remedies as of now.

Feedback after 7 days.
anuj srivastava 9 months ago
Thanks. One more piece of info I forgot to mention earlier. In the past when I had my other molars that eventually died, I experienced aching along my whole jawbone during the week leading to the first day of my period. This pain started two weeks out from the start of my cycle. I hadn't experienced this symptom for maybe the last 3-4 months until this month. Just adding in case that is something to be considered for remedy selection.
lisamarie1081 9 months ago
anuj srivastava 9 months ago
Almost 7 days since last check in. I went two days without hypericum because I ran out and had to wait for more. In that time, I felt return of symptoms, so I panicked and went back to the silicea/hepar sulf 200 c (each) addition to the protocol. During that time, i felt nothing in the tooth, the neck, or shoulder. I only had a tight soreness is my jaw joint -- so much so that the discomfort felt like it was coming from a top molar instead of a bottom one.

That made me remember that from Jan-April I had very serious nasal congestion and, at that time, clicking in that right side jaw joint. I began hoping this wasn't a tooth problem at all!

But yesterday morning ~8am I ran out of hepar sulf 200c, so I substituted with 30c (more 200c on order) and I definitely had a return of original symptoms by 9pm. Walking down the stairs, I felt a slight pulsing actually in the bottom molar and when I woke in the early morning ~430am, my entire right side was sore. I hesitate to call it pain because it's not yet but it could quickly become pain if history repeats itself.

I'm visiting the dentist today to see what they can see via x-ray, if anything. If the only solution is extraction (I don't do root canals), my dentist isn't available until 6/23. I could get another dentist in the practice if I have an emergency, but right now I'm only in fear of peril!

It feels silly to remain hopeful that homeopathy can resolve this, but I am still hoping!

I will post another update when I return from the dentist.
lisamarie1081 9 months ago
So dentist says no infection or root abscess showing on X-rays bit ligament is stretched. I never replaced the tooth in front of it and she says it titled and the top tooth is growing down to create too much bite pressure. She shaved down the crown and the other top tooth to Improve the bite and says it should feel better within a week. Soooo what can I do to hasten healing now that maybe the source of the problem is fixed? I already started some arnica 200c and co tiniest hypericum 200c with cell salts calc fluorica and silica 6x
lisamarie1081 9 months ago
Thank you for sharing!
Sky32 9 months ago
anuj srivastava 9 months ago
I have been following this protocol with great success! That, combined with not clenching my teeth at night in account if sever sinus congestion I’ve had for about a month. But two days ago I was digging holes for a fence in our backyard and once I settled in the evening the tooth/nerve pain was back with vengeance. Despite so much over the counter pain medicine I was up every other hour in unbearable pain. Throughout yesterday the same. The pain comes on in an instant out of nowhere and is excruciating. It takes about 20 min from taking my homeopathics and other things for it to subside. More specifically I can say that yesterday I experienced this pain the most with 5-10 min of eating something cold like a popsicle or ice cream. After the ice cream at the end of the day I took nothing and just used local anesthetic like oragel and sat very still until it passed. I slept the whole night comfortably but since talking in the phone for 30 min it seems to be ramping again.

Just sharing in case there would be an update to the protocol. Clearly I over exerted myself and the nerve is angry. I will have to refill my homeos though so want to be sure potencies haven’t changed. Thanks!
lisamarie1081 8 months ago

anuj srivastava 8 months ago
This in addition to the hypericum, calcarea fluorica, and Silicea? Or just in its own? Thank you!
lisamarie1081 8 months ago
Also I may not have 30c but I know I have 6c. Would that suffice until I can get 30c?
lisamarie1081 8 months ago
anuj srivastava 8 months ago
Used 6c antimonium crudum ALOT yesterday because pain was so very bad. I called the dentist and begged for an emergency appointment on their voicemail. I had aching down my neck and into my arm, my head was severely inflamed, and every movement and temperature sensation -- hot or cold or even mild changes -- made this tooth go absolutely wild.

Then, around 6pm, I ate dinner ... steak ... and was good. I fell asleep for a little and felt great. I took some Tylenol before bed and slept the night through.

I woke this morning with no sensation, went for a 1.5 mile walk with the dog and it amped up a little but hardly even what I'd call discomfort. I called the dentist and retracted my request for an appointment.

Then, I Just finished speaking online for an hour and ten minutes. I was a bit nervous and concerned about the speaking even going well. I drank warm coffee throughout.

As soon as I finished, I can feel a slight pulsation in that tooth. No pain -- I wouldn't call it throbbing, because it's barely there. But there's *something* going on there.

After lunch I was planning to see if I could get the antimonium crudum 30c locally. Just stopping by to check if the recommendation remains the same so I can get what I need while I'm out.

lisamarie1081 8 months ago
Pulsation is painful now and tooth feels swollen or elongated. :/

Acupressure on the point under cheekbone at the outside corner of the eye and bottom of the nose intersect provides relief.

Sulphur description seems to fit?

You know, not to be pessimistic ... I hope beyond hope to save my teeth (the last three times this happened), but I'm always left wondering if anything can really stop a tooth that wants to die.
lisamarie1081 8 months ago
Hyoscyamus niger 30 three to four times.Repeat frequently if pain is persistent.

Feedback after 2 days.
anuj srivastava 8 months ago

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