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Platinum reaction

A friend had some trouble with vaginal prolapse/scarring about two years after giving birth and took various remedies like Staphysagria, Sepia and Nat Carb which helped in various degrees. Last year, she took Palladium 30 which she said improved her emotionally, helped quite a bit with the vaginal issues and seemed to fix drooping/atrophy (due to weaning) of breasts overnight.

About a week later she took Platinum 30 after reading that it is complementary to Pall. Almost immediately there was a reaction: dizziness, extreme weakness, allergic feeling in throat, tongue swollen, weak feeling of the brain, a sunken look to the face and a feeling of a downwards pull in the heart, and rapid atrophy of the breasts. She is not sure but somewhere around that time she might have felt swelling in the armpits as well.

Stannum 6 helped somewhat with the weakness, however any medicine taken to fix the vaginal and breast issue again since that time does not seem to help. Upon looking up some of her symptoms, I found Chimaphila Umbellata has rapid atrophy of the breasts, armpit swelling and prolapse listed amongst others, and Chimaphila Maculata has the armpit swelling, and Chimaphila Rotunda has the allergic and mind symptoms she experienced, although rotund doesn’t seem to be available locally.

Any insight as to what is happening and advice as how to proceed would be much appreciated.
  Purple3214 on 2022-06-15
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
For all who self Medicate whom you know, tell them metal remedies are not to be used unless extremely sure most of the metals have equivalent plant or mineral remedy please warn them accordingly

Pulsatilla antidotes Platina try pulsa 200 single dose and post symptoms
Post even if there is no change

If there is no effect post detailed symptoms list of medicines taken , all homeopathy and allopathy mention frequency and doses too
Kaps 7 months ago
Thank you for your reply and advice; I will pass this information.

She will order the Pulsatilla and keep you updated.

Once again, many thanks.
Purple3214 7 months ago
I hope you’re well. Just to update you, it has been about two weeks since she took one dose of Pulsatilla 200c.

Notes from first day are that there was a marked improvement in mood.
First to second day: some mild pain in the bones of the chest.
She had been having some ear/tooth pain and that was immediately fixed.
First night: woke up with a feeling in the heart region as if it was being pulled up all of a sudden, and she took it positively as there was a downwards pull in the heart region when she took Platinum.

Second day: huge improvement in energy

Subsequent days: some mild improvement/changes in scars
Feeling of pressure/prolapse in pelvic region is gone, possibly also because of some exercises
One of the first few nights had a dream that someone accidentally gave her something to eat that caused her throat to swell, a similar feeling when she had taken the Platinum. She woke up feeling fine.
Menstruation is delayed.

Thanks once again!
Purple3214 6 months ago
Repeat Pulsatilla 200 one more dose and post accordingly
Kaps 6 months ago
Hi, Pulsatilla 200 was taken Saturday night. She felt fine the first few hours, but woke up suddenly, short of breath in the middle of the night. She felt the allergic feeling in the throat slightly, and some weakness or restlessness in the body. She woke up suddenly with shortness of breath throughout the night. (The Suddenness in waking upwas similar to what she used to experience after a traumatic car accident for several years, but eventually resolved itself after some years, possibly through homeopathy.)

There was some restlessness/weakness and allergic feeling also after waking up in the morning, and anxiety about her previous progress on the first dose of Pulsatilla being negated. The restlessness and weakness continued until she got distracted by some work, and did some somatic exercises. The allergic feeling also dissipated. menses came the next day. On day 5 or so she felt she was catching a cold.
Purple3214 5 months ago
How are you now hope better
Sorry for the late response
Kaps 5 months ago
Thanks for your time! She is doing much better, but not sure if the second dose did something negative. Should this second dose of Pulsatilla be antidoted or would that reaction the second time be considered a positive?
Purple3214 5 months ago
Why do you sit to analyse the effect of the remedy
Tell me the present symptoms also her age
Do not take anything else as yet
Kaps 5 months ago
Okay. Her age is 30. Present symptoms are a general feeling of anxiety about doing daily tasks, some feeling of congestion in the right side of the head (which happens to her on and off over the years), soft stools that are passed with difficulty, and she feels the vaginal scarring may have worsened again but not sure. Other than that there is nothing much in symptoms that stands out.
Purple3214 5 months ago
Cactus G 200 one dose
It will relieve the head congestion
Is it scarring or prolapse as on date please clarify
Mood is the feeling of anxiety or lethargy
When was the last she took the remedies before Pulsatilla
Since you asked about antidoting in your first post I feel you have not elaborated the symptoms
Kaps 5 months ago
Thanks. I asked about antidoting because of the allergic swelling she felt in the throat after a few hours of taking the second dose of Pulsatilla.

It is scarring in vaginal area, which had gotten better after the first dose of Pulsatilla.

Mood was mostly anxiety but with some lethargy, and anxiety about wanting the tasks done but not having the energy/will to do so.
Purple3214 5 months ago
Vaginal scarring
Do you mean that there was some injury during the delivery and some scar tissue is still persisting in the birth canal if there is any hesitation you may mail me my I’d is in my profile
How is she now I deliberately did not want to say anything as Piuslatilla is still acting on the system
The swelling in the throat is due to something else and not Pulsatilla
The timing is just a coincident
How is the head congestion ?
Kaps 5 months ago
Yes, the scar tissue is from a tear during the birth. It has also affected the area of the urethra and the way urine exits. After the first dose of Pulsatilla, there was a change in the urethra.

As of now, she has caught a cold/sore throat/fever from someone. She has not taken Cactus yet. The head congestion had spread to both sides of the head but right now during the cold, it’s mostly on the right side of the head and generally the right side of the body.
Purple3214 5 months ago
Give her Belladonna 200 if you have it for this cough and cold
Give for three says once a day
Kaps 5 months ago
Thank you. Belladonna 200 was not available but she took cell salt Nat Mur 6x which helped with the sore throat the first day and everything was much better the next day. Right now she has pain/swelling in the gums in the molars of the left side and it’s extending into under the jaw and somewhat the ears. She gets trouble in this area often.
Purple3214 5 months ago
What dosage of Nat Mur 6x and for how many days ?
Try Apis Mel 200 single dose early morning
Post outcome
Kaps 5 months ago
I am not sure but theorizing.
If the patient is you, please tell your present condition without hesitation.
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mrmhm 5 months ago

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