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Suicidal ideation persistant for 8 years

I have suffered from Suicidal ideation for some 8 years. I have seen sone 6 homeopaths in the last 20 years (no help). I am a heavy smoker and cant take drugs alcohol, highly sensitive person especially to homeopathic remedies diagnosis of myalgic encephalomyelitis, mast cell activation syndrome, cluster headaches, spinal disc disintigration, reactive to nearly all allapthic drugs some causing anaphylaxis or anaphylaxis like reactions, live in 95% isolation to empathic with people. I am a lay homeopath for 32 years and my life is still empty pointless, no joy, happieness and nothing to look forward to I just want off this planet to go home any ideas/remedies would be appreceated no hope. aurum met no help?
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  similia similibus on 2022-06-24
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Did you try Aurum met?
telescope 5 months ago
What potency of Aurum Met did you take ?
Also post the remedies taken in last two months
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Kaps 5 months ago
my last remedy was mercurius cyanatus at 30c and 1M, THIS REMEDY PUT ME IN BED FOR 3 MONTHS FEELING LIKE I WAS DYING!! That was 7 years ago, also sulphur 6c, 30c and 1M had the same effect I used Aloe to stop the effect of sulphur. petroleum 30c was the last remedy I took as this also made me feel like I was dying, due to such severe remedy reactions I have stopped taking homeopathic remedies due to fear of reaction!!
similia similibus 5 months ago
Aurum Metallicum when and what potency did you take
Kaps 5 months ago
Did you ever contract Syphilis?
telescope 5 months ago
I have taken Aurum met many times over the years at 30c and 1M but it did not help. I have never knowingly caught syphilis, but have taken syphilinum 1M/30c 15 years ago
similia similibus 5 months ago
Please describe your case from the beginning like how it all began, how it progressed, what treatment you had and what were the results. You will need to provide more information but that will be after you describe your case.
telescope 5 months ago
1. My main concerns about my health are
(a) Extreme+++ intolerance of heat especially the sun also cold.
(b) Hyper-sensitive reaction to most prescription drugs.
(c) Extreme reactions to many household and outside house chemicals.
(d) Bouts of extreme rapidly moving itching.
(e) Extreme burning heat with pins and needle like sensation/pain within my upper lungs.
(f) My skin will not heal properly connective tissue disfunction, it burns, itches and stings where there is a wound , top of back very affected with non-healing spots, red brownish scabs (suffering for over 10 years)
(g) Multiple extreme food intolerances.
(h) Multiple extreme chemical intolerances and excipients.
(I) I am about 95% housebound, spending days and sometimes weeks bedbound because of PVFS/ME? and chemical intolerances, and as a result, I am very concerned about my lack of being able to have a life of any quality and how this is affecting me physically and psychologically in the long term.
(j) lungs feel heavy and inflamed, back pain upper lungs/throat/oesophagus/tongue

2. Symptoms I experience (unusual multi system symptoms mostly medically inexplicable)
(a) Extreme chronic insomnia (lifelong)
(b) Arrhythmia/A-fib.
(c) Intermittent extreme skin itching.
(d) Cluster headaches, migraine, Trigeminal neuralgia and other non-descript atypical headaches.
(e) Breathlessness, asthma, wheezing and burning within pleura with a feeling that lungs are closing down.
(f) Extreme moodiness for no known reason.
(g) Extreme malaise, dizziness and some blackouts
(h) Inability to walk at times leg numbness pins and needles.
(i) Spontaneous adrenaline release (for no apparent reason).
(j) Intermittent stomach aches with general discomfort and extreme bloating.
(k) Heightened sensitivity of light (often keep curtains closed in daytime), also heightened touch, hearing, smell, and taste (constant tinnitus).
(L) Acid reflux 40 years + improved via food elimination.
(m) I have 2 prolapsed disks (L4,L5) with nerve compression = pain/sciatica.

(n) When I breath or smell some/most chemicals the following reactions occur firstly mucosal symptoms such as congestion and watery eyes this then rapidly moves on to a tightening of the throat and then an asthma-like reaction in the lungs, fast-moving skin itching and moderate headache followed by dizziness and cognitive problems such as trouble with my memory and difficulty concentrating this then moves on to adrenaline release and intense irritability and unprovoked anger feelings (fight or flight feeling) and then cardiac arrhythmia and then total exhaustion this whole experience is a nightmare, to say the least, and can last sometimes for days but usually a few hours.
(o) Alcohol in very small amounts e.g. 1 pint of 5% beer causes extreme feelings of illness/poisoning and can put me in bed for up to 2 days and causes my back and neck to sting, burn, inflame and itch. Also, my lungs burn as if they are on fire. (I rarely drink).

3. I have had 4 wasp stings in my life I was outside on all occasions two of which happened nearby wasps’ nests in the ground. A sting will cause me to have rapid skin swelling at the local sting entry point with an element of breathlessness and tightening of throat all happening in around 30 mins. The main treatment I have received for this is epinephrine injection. I have not been stung for around 25 years.
4. Penicillin and some antibiotics can cause an anaphylactic like reactions but with rapid moving urticaria and itching ending up in my throat I have been treated in hospital with an injection of some type approximately
12 hours after the initial event.
5. I have also had anaphylactic like reactions to lignocaine, prilocaine, other unknown locals and other dental products. I have to ask my dentist/s to avoid histamine releasers, preservatives, hepatoxic agents and epinephrine as I know they can be problematic. Now NO dentist wants to deal with me anymore, to quote one dentist “I don’t want to be on the front page of the West Briton” also I have been told by a Treliske hospital dental consultant that “we can’t give you special treatment”.
6. I have seen 2 dermatologists who were unhelpful but both stated I have a condition called “sensitive skin”. The first dermatologist said I need to correct the ph. of the skin by using Nivea cream, I did as told for 4 months and the whole skin problem in the affected area got twice as bad.

Summarizing the last 9 years, the lack of NHS diagnosis/support “horrifically appalling” I have been told that we don’t know what is wrong with you, given NO treatment pathway or plan, the continued look of disbelief, little to no compassion, pushed aside, ridiculed, abandoned as a faker. I have seen over 15 various consultants in 9 years and not one has come up with anything meaningful. looking at this situation realistically it is not surprising that I have developed a frustration problem.

S I believe I have histamine intolerance and seriously suspect that I have Mast Cell Activation syndrome this information has been acquired via a vast amount of research.
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similia similibus 5 months ago
Please provide the following information:
When do you feel better,Day or Night?
Do you sweat? If so where ?
What is your hunger like ? Which foods you desire ?
Are you underweight normal or overweight?
What type of weather do you prefer?
Is there any smell of your breath ?
How long did you take Merc cyanatus and what for ?
Medical history of parents.
telescope 5 months ago
May be 1 day a week I feel okish? I sweat mainly at the back of my head shouders and chest only at sleep. I crave cheese, bacon, salt, butter mainly. I am 12.5 stone normal weight for 5'10" height. i prefer tempretures between 20c and 22c warm but not hot sun. Breath is ok bar cigerettes. I took merc cyanatus 30c for 1 week and the one dose of 1M it was prescribed for myalgic encephalomyelitis symptoms. mother died at 60 c*a*n*c*e*r in every cell of her body derived from lungs. father died at 86 natural causes
similia similibus 5 months ago
Ok. Take Calcarea Carb 200 two doses at 3 hour interval. Do not take any more. Do not take medicine if asthmatic attack is on. For relief from asthmatic attack you can take Arsenicum Album 30 maximum 3 doses at 10 minute interval.
Please remember it is absolutely important not to take Calcarea Carb When there is asthmatic attack.
Do not take sour food and drink as they will antidote medicine.
Update two days after taking medicine.
telescope 5 months ago
Do not take any other medicine.
telescope 5 months ago
10mg diazepam
similia similibus 5 months ago
No diazepam.
telescope 5 months ago
If you have been taking diazepam for sometime you will have to reduce dose slowly or you may have withdrawal symptoms. Consult the doctor who had prescribed diazepam for withdrawal procedure.
telescope 5 months ago
ive been on it for 8 years so yes withdrawal
similia similibus 5 months ago

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