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Which is the correct homeopathic remedy for radiation prevention - Cadmium Sulphuratum or Candmium Sulphuricum?

My Uncle suffering from C_a_n_c_e_r has been advised to get a bone scan test at the earliest, in order to detect possibility of C_a_n_c_e_r metastasis. As he has already gone through several X-Rays, CT-Scan, MRI, and Ultrasound tests within last 3-4 years for various ailments including C_a_n_c_e_r, I am worried about Gamma radiation exposure to be caused by the Bone Scan test. So, I have done little research in this regard and have found that -

• Dana Ullman's article (https://naturalnews.com/033404_radiation...) lists CADMIUM SULPHURATUM as a potential homeopathic remedy to deal with the radiation exposure.

• Protocol for administering homeopathic remedies in cases of side-effects from Chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy (https://h2rc2.com/C_a_n_c_e_r/page2/page...) also mentions Cadmium Sulph 30C, i.e., CADMIUM SULPHURATUM 30CH.

• The book - Homeopathic Practice edited by Steven B. Kayne, recommends CADMIUM SULPHURATUM to reduce side-effects of operations, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy.

• In the book - The Whole Way to Natural Detoxification, Jacqueline Krohn recommends several homeopathic remedies including CADMIUM SULPHURATUM to deal with side-effects of radiation exposure.

• However, several other articles like –

•• https://www.familyhom.euni.org/treating-...

•• https://homeopathyplus.com/preparing-for...

list CADMIUM SULPHURICUM instead of CADMIUM SULPHURATUM. Cadmium Sulphuratum is made from Cadmium Sulphide, whereas, Cadmium Sulphuricum is made from Cadmium Sulphate.

So, given so many recommendations, it is not clear which is the correct remedy (Cadmium Sulphuratum or Cadmium Sulphuricum) to deal with the radiation exposure, specially Gamma radiation caused by the Bone Scan, and how to take it. A bone scan is different from a bone density scan, which is done using X-Rays.

I request all doctors having good knowledge and experience to share their valuable opinions in this regard.

Kind regards,

Chitrangda Sharma
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  Chitrangda on 2022-07-04
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Cadmium sulphuratum, for instance, is a well-known homeopathic medicine used to treat people who experience side effects from radiation treatment.

Ceanothus is a leading remedy for spleen problems, and because the effects of radiation are known to affect the spleen, this remedy may be an important one for radioprotection.

Calendula (marigold) is a well-known herbal and homeopathic medicine. Highly respected research has found excellent results in using Calendula ointment on people who experienced radiotherapy-induced dermatitis (skin rashes)

Apis mellifica is a homeopathic medicine for redness, swelling, and itching, all of which are common symptoms after radiation

Other remedies are based on symptoms are.

Radium bromatum
Uranium nitricum
Strontium carbonicum
Calendula ointment
Cadmium sulphuratum

The preclinical research on homoeopathy has evaluated
the beneficial effects of homeopathic medicines against radiation.55 Ginseng 6X, 30X, and 200X and Ruta graveolens 30X
and 200X were administered before and after exposure of
100 to 200 rad of X-ray (sublethal doses)
anuj srivastava last month
Dear Dr. Anuj,

Thanks a lot for sparing time replying in detail. I would like to draw your kind attention towards following facts obtained from online sources.

• A bone scan examination uses ionizing radiation in the form of gamma rays produced from the radiotracer Technetium-99m (Tc99m) complexed to a diphosphonate, either MDP forming Tc99m-MDP or HDP forming Tc99m-HDP. [1]

• Average effective dose for bone scan based on Tc99m-MDP radiotracer is 6.3 millisieverts (mSv) [2][3]. The term "effective dose" measures the exposure of an individual to radiation. It takes into account the sensitivity of the various organs and tissues [4]. Compared to natural background radiation, effective radiation dose of 6.3 mSv lasts OVER TWO YEARS.

• Technetium-99 can pose a health risk when it enters the body. Once in the human body, Tc-99 concentrates in the thyroid gland and the gastrointestinal tract. However, the body constantly gets rid of Tc-99 in feces. As with any other radioactive material, there is an increased chance that c_a_n_c_e_r or other adverse health effects can result from exposure to radiation. [5]

• Ionizing radiation can cause tissue damage. Tissue damage occurs through the change in chemical properties of molecules in the tissue following exposure to radiation. The major contributor to damage from radiation is through radiation changing a water molecule into a new form called a "free radical". Free radicals are chemically highly active and as such can have reactions with genetic molecules of the cell (i.e., the DNA). This can cause damage to the DNA most of which is readily repaired by the cell. [6]

An article - Radiation and the Radiation Miasm by Linda Showler [7] is an interesting one. Unfortunately, I do not possess necessary knowledge to understand its depth.

So, given above facts, I request you to inform which homeopathic remedy would be appropriate for my Uncle aged over 70 years and suffering from Prostate C_a_n_c_e_r to take before and/or after going through advised bone scan test.

Thanks in anticipation,

Kind regards,

Chitrangda Sharma

• The word C_a_n_c_e_r mentioned in the text here should be read without underscore character ("_").
• Due to strict rules of this forum, it is not possible to post references to the said articles. Therefore, I have included them in attached image.

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Chitrangda last month
Preventive use before and after radiological procedures, the main remedies traditionally used by homeopaths are: Cadmium sulphuricum (Cadm-s) or homeopathic X-ray.

Use either Cadmium sulphuricum 30C or homeopathic X-ray 30C, not both. Place 5 drops (or dissolve one pill) of the remedy in mouth 1- 3 hours prior to the procedure.

Take another dose as soon as possible following the exposure. Take 3 doses, approximately 8 hours apart on the day following the exposure.

Cadm -s appears in most of the rubrics advisable to go with it.

Repertory of Radiation effects

Toxicity – X-RAYS, poisoning, ailments from- Cadm-s. cob. m-aust. phos. rad-br. sol sulph. uran-n. x-ray

Toxicity – RADIATION, sickness, poisoning, ailments, from – radiation, burns, from- calc-f. canth. caust. fl-ac. phos. rad-br. Sol x-ray

Toxicity – RADIATION, sickness, poisoning, ailments, from- alf. ars. Cadm-i. cadm-met. CADM-S. calc-f. calen. chin. cob. Fl-ac. hydr. Ip. nux-v. Phos. rad-br. sil. SOL Stront-c. uran-n. x-ray

Stomach – NAUSEA, general – radiation, treatment from- ars. Cadm-s. ip. nux-v. sol

Skin – INFLAMMATION – radiation, dermatitis- cadm-s. rad-br. x-ray

Clinical – BURNS, general, fire, chemicals, ailments, from – radiation, from- calc-f. calen. fl-ac. phos. rad-br. Sol x-ray

WEAKNESS, with – radiation therapy, after- alf. Cadm-s. sol

RADIATION, sickness, for side effects – radiation, burns, from- calc-f. canth. caust. fl-ac. phos. rad-br. Sol x-ray

RADIATION, sickness, for side effects- alf. ars. BISM. Cadm-i. CADM-S. calc-f. calen. chin. cob. Fl-ac. hydr. Ip. nux-v. Phos. rad-br. sil. SOL Stront-c. uran-n. x-ray
– CACHEXIA, emaciation with– radiation, therapy, from- alf. ars. CADM-S. calc-f. chin. fl-ac. hydr. Ip. nux-v. phos. rad-br. sil. SOL x-ray

Bones – SOFTENING, bones – radiation, x-rays, from- cadm-met. cadm-s. cortico. cortiso. rad-br.

GENERALITIES – RADIATION, sensation of background- tax.

CHEST – – ulcerating, mammae – surgery, radiation, after- hippoz.

STOMACH – ULCERS – radiation treatment for acne, after- phos.

GENERALS – WEAKNESS – radiation therapy; from- rad-br.

GENERALS – ULCERS – radiation therapy; from- rad-br.

GENERALS – RADIATION THERAPY; from- abrot. ars-br. ars. cadm-i. cadm-met. cadm-s. calc-f. calc-sil. calen. chin. cob-n. ferr-sil. fl-ac. germ-met. ip. irid-met. kali-bi. kali-p. kali-sil. lith-f. lith-m. lith-met. lith-p. lith-s. mag-sil. mang-sil. nat-sil. nux-v. phos. plut-n. rad-br. sil-met. sil. sol stront-c. x-ray

GENERALS – CONVALESCENCE; ailments during – radiation therapy; after- cadm-s.

SKIN – ULCERS – necrosis – radiation therapy; from- cadm-i.

EXTREMITIES – PAIN – rheumatic – radiation therapy; after- rad-br.

STOMACH – ULCERS – radiation treatment for acne; after- phos.

CHEST – – Mammae – accompanied by – pain – radiation; after-
anuj srivastava last month
Dear Dr. Anuj,

Thanks for your response.

In your earlier response, you favoured CADMIUM SULPHURATUM (Cadm-su) and now the indicated remedy is CADMIUM SULPHURICUM (Cadm-s). So, I believe that CADMIUM SULPHURICUM is the remedy that you want to recommend.

Now the next set of relevant question are -

1. What should be the potency and duration of this remedy given 70+ years age of my Uncle.

2. Should the dosage be given before and/or after the nuclear imaging test. In case it is given before the test, i.e., before having Symptoms Picture in place, how it will match with the Remedy Picture.

3. In case, the remedy is advised to be given before the test and test gets delayed for whatever reason for few days or weeks, whether another dose should be given before the test whenever it is done.

4. In case the remedy fails to work, whether any specific (not a universal one like CAMPHOR) antidote is available.

Thanks in anticipation,

Kind regards,

Chitrangda Sharma

PS: Interestingly, following web articles echo opinions expressed in your recent reply.

• Studies: Preparing for Radiation [1]

• Homoeopathic medicines for the side effects of radiation [2]


1. https://homeopathyplus.com/preparing-for...

2. https://www.homeobook.com/homoeopathic-m...
Chitrangda last month

anuj srivastava last month

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