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13 yr old dog thymoma Myasthenia gravis/ megaesophagus

have been researching and requesting help since my dogs first diagnosis in 3/10/22 of thymoma and possible paraneoplastic lymphocytosis . Chihuahua named Shaq 12 years of age but as of yesterday my brother mentioned by a photo in 2008/09 he could possibly be 13 0r 14 so I will say 13.

He was taken to new vet with concern of coughing hacking and spine defined and weight loss visibility . Vaccine last November, stopped apoquel and given prednisone and has been on since. Took back with concern again and ask for ultrasound and check levels as they were elevated from prior, mentioned mast in chest has appearance of thymoma and given lassie and mentioned QOL euthanasia, took to er because labored breathing was concern.
He was diagnosed at er which had oncology there but main communication was via er vet with pathology from aspiration. I took next week to dr but the facility mentioned (closing at 5pm and fear of needing oxygen due to previous er visit) would need transportation to er if oxygen is needed. I purchased an oxygen concentrator and I could not bring there (liability) but I was told could try and I declined to further CT and flow cytometry there due to him being in the past not good candidate for anesthesia and now high risk. School teaching hospital is 2 hrs away and there was communication there along with original er has oncology but none I viewed handled this particular issue. During that time I researched and made appointments and tried to find whom was available due to shortage in staffing and used supplements which one in particular helped im unity turkey tail, felt great and boost energy but usual falls in rear legs which I assumed was from prednisone.

A case study at UC Davis with neurologist mentioned treatment for thymoma and made mention that it is advised to treat myasthenia gravis and ME then thymectomy can be done. I have presented information to new vet (transferred 2021) with request of referral for neurologist to test and submit to UC Davis and get help with this issue as he has presented characteristics of Myasthenia with legs giving out and mega esophagus happening previously sometimes but was treated for collapsed trachea and given steroids and continue with apoquel, more in June with when drinking water and regurgitation hacking coughing after. This does not happen with food.

I have found a holistic vet 4/27 and inquired upon homeopathy but the private practice did not have and the other practice does not handle this issue . I inquired upon ozone therapy and acupuncture as the other practice in St. Louis mo closed the holistic side due to demand of vet care and not enough staffing which I understand is all around. So only given two TCM and unfortunately have not heard from when communicating for help. Previous vet is not truly comfortable with his issue and I was told via call with request for non radiation but appointment for surgery in may/June it may be too late and consider putting asleep.

He has been taken to er in June 13, and let go and told since they do not handle this issue it is a normal process of having this dis ease no fluids for dehydration or anything for mild fever. On 7/4/22 labored breathing, every symptom of aspiration pneumonia present and stopped eating at noon and unable to take to er until am. Immediate help and very helpful with Er vet and mentioned surgery and my concern was high risk and how to handle and with MG/ME will be possible to treat to get under control and start with process. After I went home and received call, communication was very different and I was told he would not make it through surgery (records mentioned I declined which was different communication),told since needing oxygen it is best to be put down QOL and can pick up same day. I requested to stay the remainder of the night obtain fluids and oxygen needed as the cage I have at home he will not go in and in fear of panic now, the mask i use is not as sufficient as in the er cage. So he was released next day and I asked before discharge upon help upon speaking with dr and advised he is not candidate for surgery.
7/6/22 I flew home from work and I was told he has been eating (he does not eat canned wet dog food so I was very sure he had not ate when mentioned he ate all his food )and is in good spirits as later in the day.
Spoke with dr from Los Angeles and very first time I was helped as much as I can. Intergrative vet dealing with cannibus and although will help agreed this will not help his type of dis ease but willing to work with me for palliative care which is what I am begging for at this time. Vet red files and viewed that hope has been given up and I understand if he is not eating, trying to sit outside at park, attempt to run after ground hog, squirrels, bark to let you know hes hungry. If this happens I will be comfortable with the next step but he is fighting and vet mentioned when he stops doing what he love then we should consider. I spoke with hospice care vet and they mentioned to me he does not seem to be needing euthanasia as he seems to be fighting even though the breathing can cause concern thats my choice to make and if its bothering him whichdr mentioned.
Tumor has grown regardless to everything I have done and is pressing against his heart which he causing the labored breathing which is why oncologist mentioned cannibus will not help shrink this type of tumor.

I have reached out to so many and even when paying for consultation I have received one remedy ie: give arnica 4 doses 30 min then 4 doses every hour. Next day arnica 2 hrs and no response unfortunately thereafter. I am not getting much help from new vet and has verbally mentioned since first diagnosis maybe best to put to sleep.

I feel defeated but I will keep on. I did receive a translated response from professor’s son in Brazil that helped a dog during fathers tenure with severe myasthenia gravis and he mentioned to me but I am trying to find pharmacy to obtain rna dna and epidermal growth factor.


Cactus grandiflorus
Crataegus oxycanta
Stropahtus hispidus
Naja tripudians
Chelidonium majus
Chionanthus virginica
Cardus marianus

I paid for a homeopathic vet in the US (NORTH Carolina)whom sent combination potencies but he had aggravation day one and I was not able to hear from vet in two days with help as first time administering and severe labored breathing. I was unsure to continue remedy if I do not have assistance if need.

found and responded to case study and was graciously mentioned on this past weekend as well

carcinosin 30 C
Cistus canadensis 30 C
Cundurango 30 C
liquid form

I found case study from kitten similar
ivcjournal search miss kitty
Lycopodium Clavatum 200c and Carcinosin 200c.
Carbo vegetabilis in a 1M potency; this helped with her general breathing for many months.
which is how I used carbo vegetablis 1m when I didn't receive help and he was ok after.Phosphorus 200c and Tuberculin 200c, to be given in three-day alternation.

I did give flower essence two days ago and he began to be playful, calm, breathings not as labored, allowing me to let him be under the oxygen mask. Back to how he use to be.

I don't know what to I know he does not want to give up so I wont.
I do know his pattern now he will sleep until 0600-0800 due to restless at night, go outside for air stares off in a daze, pee, come inside and lay down. will try to give prednisone and some food. Just added water thickner from regorge water after drinking so he is getting use to it. will syringe supplements, now will not eat until near noon. Starting noon until night breathing may be heavy panting. Will go outside several times and lay in grass, stare around, wallow in grass, lay on concrete want to lay in sun(use to lay in sun grass when didnt feel good prior). come inside to give food wont eat until 1400, possibly poop once day or maybe twice. will pee several times due to continuing prednisone since February 2022. near evening uncomfortable especially at night, will stand outside over hour breathing air, restless at night, will lay on ground instead of bed sometimes, get up 0400-0500 and will be ok maybe want to go to park and stand around and walk a little , that is his time he feels ok. then later its same pattern.
very picky with food given

thank you, I have no other options
  rosie2 on 2022-07-18
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
 15 drops in a cup containing water.HALF AN HR BEFORE DINNER.
 Dose five (5) drops/pellets , taken at the same time 3 Times daily.
 Take the remedies until symptoms are improved.
 Keep all doses 30 minutes before or after food, drink and teeth brushing.
anuj srivastava 4 months ago
thank you Dr.
may I ask best way to transition from completing one remedy transitioning to this or would I need to wait a few days?

thank you

Also may I ask if one of these remedies would help in the event of labored breathing as in evening starting at noon the process is constantly going outside desire for air every 2-5 min, wallow in the heat and grass or lay on concrete and try to get up, there is an area under a tree with shade but he prefers to fall out and lay in the sun, once breathing from mouth and I may notice tongue lavender I bring inside. throughout day uncomfortable and night does not sleep, will lay outside to feel comfortable at 2-3 am ,restlessness at night and will flip side to side and favors left side believe mast pressing against and palpable on right side for breathing.. front paws knuckled since January 2022, will sleep on stomach and with myasthenia gravis the rear legs will move back and lay down for awhile. will hack and cough from tumor growing. awake and will sleep 5-8am now does not eat and sleeps in, poops once a day.

For now while im away he is given carbo 1m one pellet once day if his breathing is startling.
rosie2 4 months ago
Wait and watch after Carbo Veg It does wonders.I too have given one drop of Cabo Veg 10m to a pom today.Ws lifeless,started walking after one hour of giving the dose.

Monitor your dog and give a feedback.
anuj srivastava 4 months ago
thank you ever so much I will
rosie2 4 months ago

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