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For member Simone717

One of the members here recommended to run this question by you, Simone717.
A homeopathic specialist recommended to take
Causticum 10M, two times a week, based of my personality, emotional state, health issues.
Please advise is there any negative results from this remedy.

By reading forum’s posts I find that 10M is a dangerous dose taking it as I was told.
Would you please explain about the dose 10M.
Is it really dangerous. Or what this dose of Causticum could do?
Also, I want to find an experienced knowledge homeopathic professional and do not have a luck.
Would you recommend how to find one in USA?
Thank you!!!!
  Marin on 2022-07-20
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
What exactly is the “homeopathic specialist” a naturopath? A person who just does homeopathy ? A homeopathic MD?

There are over 5000 remedies. There is acute and chronic prescribing.
There is also cell salt prescribing using 12 low potency minerals that have micro trace minerals in them to balance cell levels.

Most descriptions of remedies can be found by google materia medica of ….. the symptoms shown are called provings bc healthy ppl took the remedy and then were monitored as to what they experienced. How meopathic remedies need to be a good match with your symptoms. Homeopathy works bc the body will not accept a similar substance that causes what it has already. The body reacts by upping the life force to CLEAR the remedy(which is a watered down molecular imprint)As it clears the remedy the Life force targets the real imbalance.

Remedies have potencies and everyone will react different. Dosing is NEVER mechanical -you need to dose by reaction and if right less and less needed. Best to start with one dose 30c and observe for 24 hours. If you react then wait till reaction is over - then try again,
Wait again-nothing might happen /remedy is wrong/
Or you might have worsening symptoms then better etc. 10m can last a long time and it rare to need that high potency.

what city are you in USA?
simone717 8 months ago
I have a specific question.
I will have a surgery - discectomy on L5-S1 herniated disc.
Which remedies can you recommend pre and post surgery .
I know about Arnika. What else should I take?
Appreciate your response.
Marin 4 months ago
The BIGGEST indicator for Causticum is love and mercy for animals
10 M is real high due to the reduced range available if it works partially

Herniated disc
Post symptoms associated with the investigation
There is specific remedy for spinal discs but the associated degeneration of the tissues around the nerves, bones, surrounding soft tissues, have also to be treated simultaneously or in a particular sequence else the disc will never heal completely

Post the impression of the MRI done for concluding that the surgery is the only alternative

Will post a MRI of a patient who had a number of discs gone bad and he is walking without crutches with in 20 days
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Kaps 4 months ago
Please se the att
[Edited by Kaps on 2022-11-03 06:39:13]

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Kaps 4 months ago
One more actually page1 of the last file att

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Kaps 4 months ago
Hi Kaps,
Did you treat this person? Would be great if you could give a play by play of this case.
simone717 4 months ago
Yes he is still under treatment
Was going for Physiotherapy without my knowledge which I feel has delayed his recovery so temporarily I have stopped remedies till he finishes his Physiotherapy course another few days

And my dear sister the biggest mistake I made in this case is that I prescribed without asking any symptom just by going thru the MRI Impression, maybe that is another cause of delay in recovery

Why do you want to know you are much more experienced and more well read than me and I did not follow, what is play by play I feel it is step by step
Let my patient recover I ll send you the screenshots of my WhatsApp conversation to you

Let this user Marin have same surprise or confidence that u have

20 days is not a big deal when you compare the benefits of a non surgical treatment to surgery

All on the forum will know

I ll tell the person whom I am treating to send his experience on mail to you

Ligament tear miniscous tear frozen shoulders spinal discs all have no surgical treatment there is no need to replace knees and hips without trying the remedies

Simone I keep telling people what I posted here give me chance before surgery as if surgery is needed it can highly be delayed for 10-12 days, for all such issues and u can refer anyone
A crib to you
You did not reply my last mail
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Kaps 4 months ago
Step one was going thru the MRI Impression
Step 2 was to start the remedies ( actually gathering symptoms but I did not)
Please see the attachment to check the date
Please do not mind its cumbersome to me reducing the size of the file to att here so I just place what I want o convey

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Kaps 4 months ago
Hi Kaps,
1. I did not get a mail from you? Please resend it.
2. Play by Play is step by step, you are right.I
3. I study and read homeopathy books as a passion-but I do not prescribe except to friends/relatives when it’s simple. I prefer to suggest ppl go to active homeopaths if they are interested. Most ppl I know still want Western meds and will not try homeopathy unless they are in a really bad condition.
4. I know so many who are suffering with disc injury and so on-and would like to avoid surgery.
simone717 4 months ago
Marin-Google-“Homeopathy and Recovery after Surgery” Auckland Homeopathy-I would write her-so of course Arnica but remedies after depend on your symptoms.
simone717 4 months ago
His msg dt 01 November
That's when I came to kno wife physiotherapy
I feel physiotherapy affects the healing process adversely

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Kaps 4 months ago
Simone if by avoiding surgery a person can perform even 80% - 90% of his capacity of a particular organ i feel surgery is best avoided till it is not life threatening

I sent a mail long back, too long back l think Christmas wishes anyway it was on the lighter side

Pleas tell me anyone needing help it ll be my pleasure

Kent said towards the end of his life

We need to develope prescription like mathematical models

Trust me I am trying and and soft tissue trauma is my favourite area

Got a very high percentage of success though number of patients is less
Kaps 4 months ago
I would give 20 or more days to have my pain go away, but I am for last 3 years in pain. My profession requests me to be on my feet long day and pain I have is very very hard to tolerate. Still, I am trying very hard be without pain medication.
please respond what would you recommend to heal the disc herniation. See attached one of mri pictures.

And, please advise, if I do go for discectomy what remedies to take before and after surgery.
Marin 4 months ago
I agree with you about surgery avoidance.
Exciting that you are having success in this area.
simone717 4 months ago
If you are undergoing surgery
Take a dose of Arnica 200 before say 24- 48 hours prior to the surgery
If you find a surgery scary
Take Calcarea Carb 200 a week prior for 3 days once daily
Post surgery
Take Hypericum 200 once a day for 2 days and Arnica 200 once a day for two days Take Hypericum in the morning and Arnica after about an hour .
Surgeons will be surprised at ur rate of recovery
If bones are also involved getting traumatised during surgery take Symphytom MT 10 drops once a day for 15 days following with Calcarea Flour 12x
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Kaps 4 months ago
Kaps, Thank you very much!!!!
Please clarify/answer a few questions.
I have some of the listed remedies but different strength.
Here what I already have:
1. Arnica 1M - I could take 1dose (5pellets) before surgery and 5pellets right after the surgery
2. Hypericum perf 30X - Can I take it instead of 200ck ?

3. Yes, there going some shaving of a bone. Will need Symphytom.
I have Symphytom officinale 6c. How to take it?

4. Do I take Calcarea Fluorica 12X once a day for 15 days ?

Thank you!
Marin 4 months ago
When is the surgery? Date
Kaps 4 months ago
Won't you like to try me for 2 weeks Max
Can u reschedule the surgery
[Edited by Kaps on 2022-11-04 03:34:30]
Kaps 4 months ago
On next Tuesday. It’s very hard to change — I was waiting for a long time
Marin 4 months ago
I wish I learned about you earlier:(
Marin 4 months ago
Could you please tell about your present condition?
What are you seeking for now?

mrmhm 4 months ago
It's on 7 November so most lik5u ll be admitted on 06 November Afternoon
Hypericum 30 02 doses at half an hour interval
Followed by Arnica 200 after an hour
Can you get a remedy called Pichi pichi 200 it's other name is Fabiana Imbricata

Maybe by Monday afternoon u get 30% relief and cancel surgery
Please try to get pichi pichi
Kaps 4 months ago
Kaps, thank you!!!!

See below a picture of that what you meant pichi pichi
But I can get only by end of November.

If I have Arnika 1M and 30.
Which to take instead of 200?

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Marin 4 months ago
Hi, important to have the specific potency-I’m sure they have 200c at Whole Foods.As for The Fabiana Imbricata-try calling Hahnemann labs in San Rafael-tell them your out of country homeopath is prescribing-they may have it or can get it quickly.
simone717 4 months ago
Yes it’s the same remedy
Sorry for the late response
How much is the discomfort level as of now
If you can tolerate it till you get Pichi / Pichi Pichi/Fabiana Imbricata trust me 95 % chances that u won’t need surgery

You can have Hyp 30 02 doses for two days and Arnica 200 single dose, Hyp first dose has to be taken before taking Arnica
Before the surgery
Similarly retreat it post surgery for two days

Start Symphytom MT after finishing Hyp and Arnica 8 drops twice a day for 7 days thereafter once a day for a week

If they are removing the disc it’s fine but if it is being repaired Pichi Pichi will help there too
Make a choice
Kaps 4 months ago

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