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Lattice degeneration in retina of both eyes + high myopic. What are the chances of developing a retinal detachment in future, and can homeopathy reverse this condition ? 21


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Lattice Degeneration (Left Eye)


what are natural remedies to heal/reverse lattice degeneration?

After doing a dilated fundus examination, doctor found some scar/lattice degeneration in my left eye, I think this was because of an injury long time ago.

She examined the retina and was healthy on both eyes, no tears or holes, she said it's mostly benign but i would like to heal/reverse this naturally.

Please let me know which therapy/remedies i should use to reverse this.

Is Arnica 30c (liquid dilution) good for lattice degeneration?

What remedies would you suggest?

Thank you,
  Marcusgr on 2022-07-23
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Lattice degeneration under stood
What are the symptoms with your eyes and vision please elaborate
Kaps 4 months ago
Hi Kaps,

no symptoms i'd say so far.. i just have eye floaters, not many, but i always had these, not sure if they are related to it.

Vision is good, i just have Myopia in both eyes since i was a teen.

I think this is related to an injury i sustained years ago when i was hit with a ball in the eye.

I had a dilated fundus examination and doctor said retina was good, no tears or holes.. just thinning.

I want to follow a natural therapy to heal/reverse this please and avoid issues in future.

What would you suggest?

Kindly, let me know if you need more details,

Thank you,
Marcusgr 4 months ago
If there are no symptoms what is the worry ?
Try Aconite N 200 it is called Arnica for the eyes .
Dose 05 drops in water or 04 pills one dose once a week for four weeks
How will you realise if it has worked or not since you do not have any symptoms anyway try it
Kaps 4 months ago
Hello Kaps,

the worry is that i had an eye injury/trauma sustained years ago and i want to make sure i can heal/reverse this so nothing bad may happen in the future.

Lattice degeneration was discovered after a dilated fundus examination.

I hope you understand my concern. Maybe am also very anxious/paranoid lol bit i wanna make sure i treat this in the best possible way so i can heal it/reverse it naturally.

I really appreciate you for replying and let me just say that this forum is amazing.

Do you think Aconite is specific for Lattice Degeneration? Am looking for remedies specific for lattice degeneration that could reverse/heal this.

Do you think Arnica is good for lattice degeneration?

I think i've read a thread here time ago from someone said that some homeopathic remedies have clinically reversed this, he mentions ferrus phos 6x and kali mur 6x you can see it here:


How will i realize? Simple by doing another dilated fundus examination after a couple of months. :)

Kindly, pls lmk what u think.

Marcusgr 4 months ago
Also sorry forgot to add, some symptoms might be eye floaters but i remember i always had these.. so i don't know. But i think that if i can heal the floaters as well i will know :)

When the doctor did dilated fundus examination, she checked retina in both eyes and it was perfect, no issues.. just lattice degeneration in left eye which might be due to injury years ago.

I just need help in treating/reversing this naturally, pls let me know.

Thank you Kaps,

Marcusgr 4 months ago
Lattice Degeneration is related to AGING also.

To delay aging of retina, there was a project AREDS. After that another called AREDS2. They came up with set of supplements that helps delaying aging of retina called AREDS2 Supplements. That should be available easily as AREDS2 with
500 mg of vitamin C
400 IU of vitamin E
80 mg zinc as zinc oxide
2 mg copper as cupric oxide
10 mg lutein
2 mg zeaxanthin

Different manufacturers can have some variations including adding saffron, bilberry, etc.

You may like to add this with homeopathic medicines.
dhundhun 4 months ago
Hello dhundhun,

in this case lattice degeneration has nothing to do with aging. Am young.

I think it's due to an injury to the left eye sustained years ago.

Am not looking to delay aging, but am looking to completely heal/reverse this. I know this can be done.

Where can I find more about this project AREDS? Also what's AREDS 2? Where can i find/purchase these supplements?

So these are the ones i should take?

500 mg of vitamin C
400 IU of vitamin E
80 mg as zinc oxide
2 mg as cupric oxide
10 mg lutein
2 mg zeaxanthin

Also what homeopathic remedies/medicines can i take at the same time with this?

Check also this thread where someone mentions Ferrum Phos 6x and Kali Mur 6x where he says it was clinically found to reverse it.


Pls let me know i wanna start a natural therapy to heal/reverse this.

Thank you so much for all your guys help,

Marcusgr 4 months ago
dhundhun 4 months ago
Thank you so much for your help, this forum is really amazing.

I will start following the therapies soon, but also pls tell me what you think of that thread i posted where someone mentions ferrum phos 6x and kali mur 6x?

Thank you
Marcusgr 4 months ago
Ok i checked but seems AREDS/AREDS 2 is good for macular degeneration? But i don't have that, just to clarify. But maybe is beneficial for the entire eye?

Thank you.
Marcusgr 4 months ago
Be specific about symptom.

Lattice degeneration as per wiki is a common peripheral retinal degeneration that is characterized by localized retinal thinning, overlying vitreous liquefaction, and marginal vitreoretinal adhesion. The condition is associated with atrophic retinal holes, retinal tears, and retinal detachments.

Ferrum Phos is great for improving circulation and reducing inflammation. If it is atrophy, I believe it won't help.

Kali Mur can be helpful in case of undesirable secretion. Again if it is atrophy and no secretion, I believe it won't help.

Injury, Arnica and Aconite Nap can help.

You have floaters, one reason could be vitreous gel is not enough. It is rubbing retina and derbies are floaters.

Again, you need to clearly describe (Lattice degeneration is collective description of so many possible things) so that homeopaths can address it.
dhundhun 4 months ago

Floaters are very normal a large no of people have it
You do not have any symptoms and I feel your symptom as of now is the anxiety about your vision in future or this condition getting aggravated.

Try Aconite it will help you come to terms with lattice degeneration too , though , that is not my aim. If this is purely due to the injury Aconite will help
Kaps 4 months ago
Hello Dhundhun,

the injury was sustained years ago playing sports (ball in the eye) but then i healed it.

Just recently after a dilated fundus examination, doctor noticed some scar and lattice degeneration (left eye) but she also said the retina was good just thinning, no holes, tears etc.

Do you think Arnica or Aconite would help even tho the injury was sustained years ago?

If lattice degeneration is a collective description of many things, i don't know exactly what.. if there is atrophy, vitreous liquefaction, marginal vitreoretinal adhesion etc don't know, the doctor just said thinning but nothing else.. also referred me to a retinal specialist to check further if i was concerned.

Seems right now is all good, but i want to make sure i can heal this/reverse it naturally to make sure there won't be any issues in the future.

Yes i do have some floaters, always had these.. and maybe yes vitreous gel might not be enough, might be also becos of the injury years ago, I dont know but how do you fix the vitreous gel issue eventually? How can you have more?

Thank you,
Marcusgr 4 months ago
Hello Kaps,

Yes floaters are normal with many people, and yes my symptoms are more anxiety abt my vision in future and the fact that it might get aggravated. I wanna avoid this and do anything to make sure i can heal/reverse this naturally.

Yes i believe the lattice degeneration might be due to an injury to the eye sustained years ago.. if this can help, in the original injury (ball in the eye) i had an hyphema, vitreous hemorrhage and retinal hemorrhage.. but then i cured all of them and the eye healed amazing.

But maybe the lattice degeneration was the result of this and the fact that i didn't continue healing it all these years and instead went on with my life because i thought that i was healed.

Maybe i didn't have this 2-3 years ago and it developed recently. I don't know, i just discovered it last week during a dilated fundus examination.

I just want to make sure that now i treat this in the best possible way i can.

Thank you for your help,
Marcusgr 4 months ago
Follow Kaps suggestion.

Since it is now old case, Arnica for 2-3 months can be used to see outcome. Aconite is more for acute injury.

If floaters are are caused by friction of vitreous fluid and retina, it is kind of daily injury. So better to give Aconite one week followed by Arnica for 2-3 months.

Thinning of retina means nutrition not reaching retina, or being deficient in nutrition or nutrition not able to repair retina to full extent. Google more for AREDS/AREDS 2 to find out tips as no one can confirm what is causing thinning - there are perhaps no scientific ways for figure out.

Good luck.
dhundhun 4 months ago
Hello Dhundhun,

thing is i don't know if floaters are caused by friction of vitreous fluid and retina.. doctor only said thinning retina.

I don't have Aconite, where can i buy it?

Also i have Arnica 30C, is this good to use for 2-3 months? Can you give me pls exact therapy to follow in liquid dilution? How many times per day do i need to take Aconite (1 week) and also Arnica (2-3 months)?

Pls give me exact doses for both.

Also if i take Aconite and Arnica, can i also take other supplements at the same time, like lutein, vitamin c, zeaxanthin etc?

I will try to give you more information on what is causing thinning with a next follow up appointment, meanwhile thank you for your help.

Please let me know,

Marcusgr 4 months ago
Did you get my message Dhundhun?

Anyone pls??
Marcusgr 4 months ago
Buying Aconite:

Which country do you live? If not in store, remedies should be available on Amazon or Ebay. In fact, it can be ordered in this site also.

For dosage follow Kaps: Copying here.

"If there are no symptoms what is the worry ?
Try Aconite N 200 it is called Arnica for the eyes .
Dose 05 drops in water or 04 pills one dose once a week for four weeks
How will you realise if it has worked or not since you do not have any symptoms anyway try it"

Fifth week onward, take Arnica 200. 2 drops in water or four pills once a week. Two months.

Consider "ADERS 2" as food supplement to help retina. They won't interfere homeopathy. Follow instruction on label.
dhundhun 4 months ago
I live in the US.

Ok i will order Aconite.

Also, right now i have Arnica 30c.. can i take this one or do i need specifically Arnica 200?

Also i will consider AREDS as well,

Thank you,
Marcusgr 4 months ago
Arnica 30c or lower is generally used for acute injury. It may work but for the case like retina, better to stick with practices followed. So for this reason, I'd suggest 200.
dhundhun 4 months ago
Ok, i will order Arnica 200c liquid dilution. Or maybe pellets is good too?

Thank you again.
Marcusgr 4 months ago
In terms of outcome, they are same.
dhundhun 4 months ago
Hello everyone,

am bringing this thread up again to inform you that I had a visit with a retinal specialist this morning and it appears I don't have lattice degeneration on my left eye as originally thought.

The doctor said I have "Cobblestone/Paving stone" degeneration.

Can you clarify pls what is it and pls advise the correct treatment for this.

Some symptoms i noticed is some floaters, light sensitivity (sun bothers me a bit.. eyes a bit uncomfortable under sun) and some lightning streaks when I play sports (soccer). They appear and disappear fast.

Keep in mind he checked the retina and all was good in both eyes, no issue so am just wondering.

Pls advise me a correct treatment for this and also the photoreceptors, words cannot express how immensely grateful i am for all your help.

Thank you,
Marcusgr last week
Generally the symptoms you are talking is due to vitreous detachment, that is common with aging.

No treatment needed for mild symptoms.

dhundhun last week
Try Aconite and post
Kaps last week

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