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Kind Attn: Kaps (Swollen Ball of Thumb, both, arthritis)

Age 65, Male
Desire to crack thumbs (by stretching out or moving around) over 40-50 years. Now it has become with some degeneration of bone. Metacarpal affected.

Swelling of ball of thumbs. both. Better by HARD pressure and warmth of bed/water. Worse during sleeping. Painful enough to wake-up. Sleep position affected as hard pressure (on thumb) needed to come pain down.

Gets worse on left thumb (ball) with buildup of acidity (& pressure of gas). That heartburn gives pain in left hypochondria (Cardiac Orifice, Left axilla/armpit), inner side of left arm (so desire to spread left arm or raise above head) and then down to Left Thumb. If too much gas, there will be tingling in palm (not daily, but once or twice a week). Normally pain in both thumb ball (metacarpal both end from wrist (CMC) to thumb (MCP)) is same, but as acid builds up, left one becomes 2-3 times more painful than right.

Other homeopathic symptoms:
- Physically very lazy, Mentally very active, to the extent that I can skip sleep on interesting topic. So late sleep time is between 2 am to 4 am. Normal get up between 9 am to 10 am.
- Desire salt, warm food
- Desire to crack neck (right side of nape painful), to crack sternum (right side of breastbone painful)
- Sciatica left side, with pain in left nates. When at worse, pain/tingling to left outer feet and to big toe.

Image attached is of left thumb, but both are similar.
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  dhundhun on 2022-07-26
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Spongia Tosta 200
Once a day for for three four days
Do not take it at night take at same hour of the day
Sorry for the delayed response
Kaps 10 months ago
Hello Kaps,

Thank you for picking my case. Since "drjitesh" picked my case earlier in other thread, I am following his suggestions. I wanted to close this thread. But that is not an option. So please let it be a silent thread.

dhundhun 9 months ago
That is exactly I wanted to write but I saw that you posted for my attn after Dr Jitesh prescribed
No issues idea to get better and for persons like me learn
Kaps 9 months ago
Hello Kaps,

May I request to take up case. The pain has increased.

I used Spongia 200 as you suggested. I think it makes no difference.

Thank You.
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dhundhun 9 months ago
How many days did you give Spongia Tosta and after how many doses did the pain increase?
Who has diagnosed Sciatica issues if it was medically done post the diagnosis and impression of the radiologist
Remedies and medication being taken
How did you seduce the degeneration of the smaller bones
Start Five Phos if the potency is marked get the highest otherwise whichever is available 04 tabs four times a day
Kaps 9 months ago
Pain increase is not related to Spongia. It did not make any difference.

You may remember, FOUR weeks ago, I was suggested to take Silicea 30 by Dr Jitesh. I did not take any thing related to helping thumb pain. It progressively worsened. So it is not related to Spongia. I've used Spongia 200 three-four times in past. This time I started on Saturday, daily once four dose, before requesting you.

Sciatica MRI summary: Left lumbar radiculitis
- L4-L5 marked left/moderate right neural foraminal stenosis. Disc/osteophyte complex and facet osteophytes cause bilateral exiting L4 nerve root abutment and left impingement/right abutment of the traversing L5 nerve roots.
- Moderate facet joint arthrosis at L2-L3 through L4-L5, greatest at L4-L5.

Every year, once or twice, I need Epidural steroid injection to get relief from sciatica pain.

Thank You.
dhundhun 9 months ago
It is not Sciatic nerve issue it is due to Spinal Discs and degeneration of vertebrae
Get these
Hypericum 200
Pichi Pichi 200 ( also called Fabiana Imbricata )
Arnica 200
Radium Bromide 200!
Symphytom MT
Five Phos
I am certain these can still be put into order
Post once you have these I shall post the dosage and frequency
Kaps 9 months ago
I've Hypericum 200, Arnica 200, Radium Bromide 200, Symphytum 200 and FIVE PHOS. It will take 2-3 weeks for Pichi Pichi 200 and Symphytum MT.
[Edited by dhundhun on 2022-08-26 04:16:53]
dhundhun 9 months ago
Pichi Pichi is specific for disc issues unless the discs are treated the issues will not go and the sequence is important otherwise the desired results are not possible ( it is nerves soft tissues and then bones )
You can start Hypericum Arnica once a day for 3-4 days and five Phos 04 tabs four time a day and wait for Pichi Pichi
This will give some relief
Radium Bromide and Symphytom are for bones which have to be treated after discs are better as the hard tissues will damage the discs further
Symphytom difference between 200 and MT is that MT shows results faster than 200 and MT can be given more frequently than 200
So have patience for Pichi Pichi to arrive
Kaps 9 months ago
Hello Kaps,

Pichi Pichi have arrived. Please recommend all to be taken.

Also, I went to emergency reading low pulse. It is not a concern. but please review this.

- I feel that I should move otherwise heart would STOP.
- Pulse rate at that time 32 for several minutes in Pulse Meter.
- Pulse rate in BP Meter also 32. BP reads normal of high.
- Upon movement pulse rate goes higher than 60.
- Reading of pulse by finger will also show around 32.

Emergency says that in some people at times, some peaks are not high enough to be read by Meters. EKG is normal. I can feel that heart is irregular, but that is not irregular for EKG. Also it is not irregular for MX500 IntelliVue Monitor in emergency room.

This particular irregularity was caused by excessive bloating, with eructation and feeling that I should move, otherwise heart would stop. Excessive pressure was distorting signals.

Thumb is bothering too much as that is also, in left hand gets worse (2-3 times more than right) due to acidity or bloating. This bloating happens after midnight, 5-6 hours after meal.

An image attached, just in case it helps In that, pulse rate is with high pulses are 32, but actually combined it it 65 (half normal peak, half less peak).

Thanks and regards.

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dhundhun 8 months ago
Take Gelsemium 200 2-3 drops thrice the feeling of heart stopping on rest ( no movement ) will go
Rest later
This is most crucial and do not keep counting the beats as it is absolutely psychological
If the rate is less and u become conscious of this
and count after sometime it will be less than the previous count if you try after some more time it will be less
Same is the case with ectopic beats as you keep counting the change is continuous like directly proportional to the number of counts
Kaps 8 months ago
Today I got Gels 200 and started on it as suggested. I hope that after using this, in future, I should not have feeling that "I should move otherwise heart would STOP".

The trigger was more bloating, eructation and more pressure distorting signals. Symptoms related to this is

- Bloating, buildup of gas and eructation
- It starts around 1 A.M. or after midnight
- It takes 2-3 hours of eructation and belching to remove/clear all build up of gas in stomach. It is purely related to stomach, no gas formation in intestine and colon.
- That makes me sleep late, around 3-4 A.M. (So timing is after midnight to 4 A.M for 2-3 hours, never before or after)
- I remain in chair for all this duration, don't lie on bed.
- Mostly not related to what I have eaten or when it was last meal. Usually last meal is before 7 P.M. However very spicy food can make worse.
- Its nature is "empty" eructation, if more gas came out, there will be some relief for 10-15 minutes.

Part of symptoms are of Baptisia Confusa Acetica, Ambra Grisea, Silicea and Nux Vom. And they help partially. Since 1 A.M., often Ars Albis also of help. Looking for things to have curative effect in stead of only ameliorating effect.

Thank You.
[Edited by dhundhun on 2022-09-21 09:57:36]
dhundhun 8 months ago
How many remedies have you taken for your sleep issues ?
If any.
Also I feel u are not following I healthy routine
This symptom of heart stopping on stopping movement is partially related to bloating, as excessive bloating puts epigastrium area and cardiac area under stress or duress and the feeling is the one which you get

If your stomach bloats are 1 AM then you must be eating dinner very late that is why I mentioned about routine
You are on the wrong side of 50s so please take care of diet and routine specially sleep keep it as synchronised with the sunset and sunrise as much possible
You know an adult can go on without food for alimony 2 weeks but less than a week without sleep

Just get over that symptom and I’ll prescribe for bloating ( half of it is bad choices )

Take care and get well
Kaps 8 months ago
Hello Kaps,

About sleep medicine, practically none. If I go to bed, I can sleep, but just after midnight, I'd wake up with dying pain due to bloating. So I made a habit to clear all the gases out of stomach before going to bed. I want brain 100% active, so nothing to slow it down or nothing to alter (except morning tea). Better, for sleep to be light, so that waking up is easy due to any problem. Late sleeping in intentional, it is not sleeplessness.

In 2005, even I had no sleep apnea, I was given CPAP machine - just in case it helps. I used for 4-5 month with no benefit. Last year, in tests it is boarder-line sleep apnea, CPAP not needed, still it was given CPAP machine. I used for months, but it worsens bloating and arthritis pain. So stopped using it.

Actually, I don't eat dinner like dinner, it is like snacking - intentional. By 6 or 7 P.M., it is last meal, bread butter or bread and cheese. I am on low calorie. Breakfast is of oats, protein powder and tea. Main meal around 2-3pm, rice, pulses or beans or chicken and vegetables. In between snacking of fruits.

No alcohol, no smoking. I have nothing in night (supper) in last 30 years or so, except ice cream, 2-3 times in a month. Now a days no eggs. Had it been possible to control by diet, it would have been under control decades ago. It will be hard to point/find any error in diet.

To my knowledge, in Materia Medica (Clarke), there is only one remedy with symptom "uninfluenced by eating." That is Baptesis Confusa Acetica. It does have ameliorating effect, not curative. I've used both type of preparations - prepared using Magnetic Resonance Technology as well as prepared by Hahnemann method, in 6 and 200. Very hard to find in market.

Reshuffling symptoms.

- Uninfluenced by eating
- Gas build-up in stomach, that comes out through eructation
- I happens between 12:00am to 4:00am, most likely 1:00am, plus or minus 20 minutes max.
- It takes 2-3 hours to expel all. After that no eructation, etc. for 20 hours, until next midnight.
- I prefer seated in chair for all this duration, don't go to bed. It can be said - maintaining body in erect position.
- Eructation is empty in nature, sometimes with heartburn.
- It is based on SOLOR clock. Jet lag takes 7-8 day to be over in India-USA travel. This one has no delay. On the day arrival in other country, it takes clock of that country.
- About in-flight, I've not experienced in-flight.

It presses upward, in left axilla and now-a-days worsens left thumb arthritis.

It is not H. Pylori, not giardia, not gastroparesis. I might have sub clinical delayed stomach emptying. But it is symptoms 7-8 hours after food. Endoscopy also does not give clue.

Kaps, don't be pressed to find remedies for this (eructation after midnight). It is worsening left thumb, so, I thought of discussing, may be some clues. Please have arthritis in focus.

Thanks and regards
[Edited by dhundhun on 2022-09-22 22:30:01]
dhundhun 8 months ago
Last solid food intake before sleeping
I feel bread is not the right choice it has yeast causing gas
Have a glass of milk just before sleeping
Let us start with Arthritis
Rad Bom 200 twice a day for 3-4 days and update
Do pawanmukt aasan it shud help
Kaps 8 months ago
Radium Brom 200 does reduces some pain (around 20%). I need to use it for one more week to conclusively report. It did also worsened right nape pain, that is back to as it was. I reduced frequency from twice to once a day.
dhundhun 8 months ago
I feel that your nape pain is also due to arthritis and it seems a case of aggravation
Hope it goes away soon
Yes you have done right by reducing the dose
Take care
Kaps 8 months ago
Hello Kaps,

Update, 2 weeks of Rad Brom 200: It is very clear that it reduces desire to crack thumb (and neck). Thereby it reduces pain.

But somehow inflammation is increased. And pain changes from aching (all the time) to tearing and stitching on certain movements like DeQuervain’s tenosynovitis between thumb base and thumb knuckle.

dhundhun 7 months ago
How long this pain stiching mad tearing last ?
I feel it’s the repair work going on with Rad Brom
You shud stop it now and wait try Spongia Tosta for the pain at the base of the thumbs have 200 potency for two three days
Kaps 7 months ago
Pain lasts for about a minute of even less (about 10 times a day). But in case if worse, it is seen for few hours (once in a 3-4 days).

Attaching a X-Ray taken today. Lift side picture is for normal hand. Right side is mine. That shows 40-50% loss of one carpal (trapezium) bone.

Also bone loss in scaphoid bone.

Problem is bilateral, that is in both hands almost similar.
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dhundhun 7 months ago
I really can’t Comment whether the bone will Grow but you can try Calcarea flour200x 04 tabs twice a day and Symphytom MT 08 drops twice a day for a week and later taper it to once a day alongwith Rad Brom 200
Kaps 7 months ago

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