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Behaviour problems in 8 year old. Possible ODD.

My almost 8 year old son possibly has ODD or he is going through pre puberty hormonal change. We are in desperate need of some advice please.
My son is tall, blue eyed and slim built. He is very intellegent, affectionate, loves animals, talkative and very curious of the world.
In school he is at his best behaviour. It's been 6 months now since its all started.
First he started to be rude at home. Will answer rudely, not swearing ,but mostly his tone and manner.
He can get angry when asked to do something or not to do, then he apologises;
Can make grimaces;
He impatient, doesn't want any help when help is offered or needed;
He sometimes can make chanting noises when he is playing.
He grinds his teeth at night;
He does not like to drink water, even squash. He gets angry when asked though.
He cannot sometimes to make his mind, to choose;
He wants to be in control, he is bossy;
He has a thing when he keeps scratching his crust from accidental cuts. It will heal and then he will scratch it again, basically won't leave them alone. Most of them are healed now. So we are keeping his nails short in this case.
Really loves riding his bike;
He has silly "clown like" behaviour, trying to touch my breasts ( he was breastfeed long time and always felt at the safest and happiest next to the breast same with my daughter). When I say don't touch me there he can even laugh into my face behaving as it is a game and still trying to grab me. He talks about bums, in the past took his pants off and showed his bum(stopped now phew)
Can be fixated on things, like he likes this particular stick and he have to make sure we never loose it.
He does hold grudge for sometime. Which affects him.
Saying No to him makes him often react in negative manner;
When he is in his element
He can react with squelching or whining. And he can scream, and he is loud when he does scream. But doesn't want people to know that he can behave like this. His image is very important to him.

Then he is calm and is very sorry. And promising that he won't scream anymore and will be good now but then its all over again.
Did say few months ago, that we don't love him or he wants a new daddy or mummy or sister or we should have a new son.
He has a younger sister and they don't go along together sadly. Mostly annoying each other and he can slap her or hit her.
It is a rollacoster of emotions for all of us. It's not happening every day but it does happen. It's does affect him and all of us. Lately one needs always to choose what to say, how to say etc. But one can be using the most friendliest tone for request but still have him react angrily.

He is a very affectionate boy, he shows his love and care and we love him very much, but we are mentally exausted. Because its like two people in one.
We are as a family really affected by it now. I am costantly worrying what next day will bring, will he get angry or not.

I gave him Nux vomica 30 for 3 weeks and it seemed to help. But then started reading more about the homeopatic personality types and now I have got Hyoscyamus 30 as it looks like closest match. But he had it two days and was too reactive. What would you suggest continue, stop? How to calm him down? I did give him ignatia 30 a few times.
Please help us. It is a mental torture. One minute he is at his worst and the other minutes the best boy ever. How can I calm my lovely boy down? Is it even possible. We are trying some supplements like b12, omega 3, but he struggles with swallowing them, so need to change the form of them.
Kindest regards. Thank you!
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  Dddragonfly on 2022-10-12
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Did he suffer from any disease prior to development of this problem?
Was he vaccinated sometime just before this problem?
Does he like taking bath ?
Is his father overweight?
telescope last month
Hello Telescope. Thank you so much for your reply.
No he had childhood vaccines only. Last one when he was 3 years old. Never flue jab. Last February he had covid, but had temperature only for one day and was just lying down for the whole day. He loves taking baths but not the hot ones. I would say that my partner is a bit overweight, by one stone only. But he is tall and not that obvious.
Thank you . I hope it helps.
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Dddragonfly last month
mrmhm last month
Give him one dose Sulphur 200 preferably in the morning. Only one dose, do not repeat. Do not give him anything sour to eat or drink as that may interfere with medicine.
Update after three days.
telescope last month
Thank you for your reply. I will order Sulphur 200 and will give to my son next week. I doubt local pharmacy will have high doses. So need to wait for delivery. Will report. Thank you!
Dddragonfly last month
Thank you!
Dddragonfly last month
Hello Telescope. Here is the update.
My son took Sulphur 200 on Sunday morning and I would notice that there was a change. He would want to react in his usual way but if something would stop him to do so. But later at noon on the same day, when we're in the woods ( we took children for a cycle) my partner was not fair to him, and my son had enough of his reprimands and would just scream. I would say last two days my son was still behaving is a silly way, and deliberately upsetting us. Would blame us if something when building lego wasn't going his way. He would apologise and swear that he won't do it again. Yesterday was parents evening and he is brilliant at school, both academically and socially, listents to teachers, good team player, takes teachers suggestions etc.
Telescope what do you think should be next steps? Repeat sulphur or shall I order anything else? Many thanks, your insght is much appreciated.
Dddragonfly last month
Now you can gve him Calcarea Carb 30 one dose preferably in the evening after he comes back from school. Update two days later.
telescope last month
Telescope I sure will do as you advise. Many thanks
Dddragonfly last month
Dear Telescope. Update about my son. It looks as if he responded well to the Calceria Carbonica . I have really noticed that there is change. His behaviour has improved. He was/is much calmer. He still has silly behaviour, but much less of it and he is more listening to us when we say stop to him; behaviour just childish I would say ( much less of it to comparison on how he was before)

Obviously some things still can upset him ( like when we repeat not to do something), but his reaction is not like it was before - out of control, more normal I would say. He does not like when we repeat the same things ( probably we need to not do that as its our old habbits and he actually is trying to be better).

I still think my sons dad can cause the negative reaction in my son, which again happened today ( even though we both know that we should not overeact, but he still did today). He is so stressed lately ( obviously having our son behaving in extreme manner for months has it effect, but its not an excuse).

There is something I need to mention about: today my son had a small sip of my coffee as he was curious on how it tastes. I do hope it won't stop homeopathy from working ( I have read about it somewhere and I have realised too late).

What would you suggest to do now dear telescope. I am very grateful for all your help.
Kind regards
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Dddragonfly last month
Give him another dose Calcarea Carb 30 after five days. Collect Calcarea Carb 200 , you will need it after sometime.
You can try Sulphur 200 to calm the Father of the boy. Give it in the morning, not at night.
telescope last month
Thank you so much Telescope! Will do.
My son had a meltdown today, did scream a bit. We talked ( he generally doesn't like to talk about things that make him upset or scream. But I have insisted as need to know his feelings, so to see if I can prevent anything sismilar in the future. So it's an improvement) and he has calmed down. He was upset about his sister and he was right to be upset. But its all sorted now. Thank you.
Dddragonfly last month
Shall I give Calceria 30 in 5 days, counting from today?
Will straight away order the 200 one to have ready.
Will give to the father Sulphur 200 pill too. Really hope it will help. Thank you Telescope.
Dddragonfly last month
Yes, 5 days from the date I posted.
telescope last month
In case of the father update after one week from taking medicine.
telescope last month
Will do telescope. Cannot convince him to take it yet ( believe or not ). Probably at the weekend. Thank you!
Dddragonfly last month
telescope last month
Dear Telecope. Update about my son after two days on Calcaria carbonica 30.
He isn't really acting angry anymore. And he doesn't scream like crazy person like he did before. Mostly he can sound annoyed, when told to do something. He still behaves as if he always knows better when one tries helping him ( when one sees that he need help). Mostly he is acting silly. And more towards me and his younger sister. Clown like behaviour. He is able to turn a lots things into a joke, which is exhausting. Like he is choosing to not be serious. He still very sweet and loving. But when he is in aclown mode he looks into your eyes and even though we are saying stop he just continues to do what he want to do. Trying to touch my breasts for example( breastfeed him for a long time and he shows lot interest in that part of the body; but I swear he has no special sexual interest like one can read about some kids, he is not interested in anything in that way, not yet, more it was a comfort for him, same as for my daughter). He does say sorry, which I explain to him is pointless as he continues to behave in the same way, which upsets me and my daughter.

I have Calc carb pills in number 6 ( not the smallest). So they are small. I gave him only one. Maybe I should have given him 4 at once? When realised I didn't want to interfere with the dosage. Left it as it is. But last time he got only one too in the same size and it did work.
What do you think? What shall I do? I have got Calcaria Carbonica 200 ready.

Many thanks for all your help dear Telescope!
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Dddragonfly last month
Give him Calcarea Carb 200 one dose 7 days after the last dose in the evening. Hopefully there will be more improvement this time.
telescope last month
I will do telescope. Thank you!
Dddragonfly last month
Dear telescope update about my partner after taking sulphur 200. I believe he has reacted well to it. He is calmer.

My son had his Calcaria carbonica 200, 2 days ago as recommended. Almost no screaming, but full on at "childish like" behaviour. He is saying sorry all the time when sees that his behaviour makes us upset. Can't barely be serious. It OK to be funny, but when it's all the time, it becomes too much. We are exausted, but happy that screaming is almost gone.
Will observe further. Thank you!
Dddragonfly 3 weeks ago
It is good to know that he is improving. Now it is only a matter of time.
telescope 3 weeks ago
Hello Telescope..sorry I have disappeared. I was not well and worked more then, so the last weeks were a blur. I am so grateful for all your time and help with my son.
My son is doing fine, he is mostly just behaving silly these days. So I should not give him anything else and just wait? What do you think?

But I have noticed that my partner can aggrevate my son's bad behaviour. He still is very stressed ( i thinknit is his personality, he stressing me up too) and what do you think I can give him ( my partner) to calm down and not be too hard on my son.
Appreciate your help very much :-)
[Edited by Dddragonfly on 2022-11-22 21:43:50]
Dddragonfly last week
Don't give anything to your son for another week.
As far as the father of the boy is concerned I will need more information about him both in the mental as well as physical sphere.
telescope last week

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