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Perioral dermatitis in almost 4yo. Please help!

My son has had perioral dermatitis for the past 2 months. It started as small pimple like bumps on his chin and has spread all around his mouth, nose and now his eyelids. No steroid or fluoride or sls use. It started after recovering from a cold, perhaps from his saliva getting on his chin. He also developed a sort of sensory habit of sticking his tongue out to feel his chin with it, but that has since stopped. He sometimes puts things in his mouth when he is bored or playing. Might be on the autism spectrum but never diagnosed. Has always had gastro/ constipation issues. Started giving him a toddler probiotic about a week ago as well as 5-10 drops black walnut extract and 2 oz of aloe Vera juice to help his gut. About 2 weeks ago I started giving him Sulphur 30c, 4 pellets a day, once a day and it hasn’t gotten better, maybe gotten worse now that it’s spreading to his eyelids. Yesterday I stopped the Sulphur and gave graphites 6c, yesterday and today. Rash seemed very slightly improved. But still gets red when he eats or when he cries/ is upset. He has frequent tantrums throughout the day. I hope this gives a good picture of him. Please help!

Edit: this also started when the weather started to get really dry and we started running the heater
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  Gkimh85 on 2022-12-22
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
The Success of the prescription depends largely upon your ability to describe your symptoms. Let modesty not prevent a full statement.

More symptoms needed about the eruption.
anuj srivastava last month
Thank you for the reply! When he wakes up in the morning it’s very dry and flaky and throughout the day after he eats the flakiness subsides but it tends to get red and inflamed when he eats. It doesn’t ooze any liquid it’s mainly dry flaky and red. Sometimes bumpy like little tiny pimples but lately it’s just been uniformly red skin. The pimpley areas are more when it starts to spread to new areas like around his nose and eyelids. Kinda cracked in some areas. Yesterday it cracked and bled a small amount but doesn’t ooze or weep. He scratches a little bit but doesn’t seem extremely itchy. I’ve tried many things topically, colloidal silver, shea butter, coconut oil, aloe Vera, aquaphor, vitamin e oil. Nothing seems to help. Ever since he was a baby he has had gastro issues, bad reflux, constipation, recently had mucus and blood in stool I think from constipation but that has subsided. He may be suffering from stress, I mentioned he has lots of tantrums throughout the day. He’s easily angered maybe just bc he’s a toddler but could be a behavioral issue. Shows little interest in playing with other kids. Very smart, can memorize things easily. As a baby he had an egg sensitivity so I cut that out for 3 weeks and there was no change. I reintroduced eggs yesterday and there seemed to be little change. He’s a picky eater. Usually oatmeal for breakfast, loves milk, doesn’t like meat much but I try to get him to eat it. Drinks smoothies to get in extra nutrition. Ate pizza a couple days ago and that seemed to make it flare up. Try to avoid junk food but eats it when we go out with friends or family.
Trying to think of any other info, is there any other specific information you need? Thanks so much

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Gkimh85 last month


anuj srivastava last month
Thank you! Will get them today
Gkimh85 last month
I gave him the suggested medicine for 4 days. It was Christmas weekend so there were 2 days however where we were away and I only gave 2 times a day instead of 3 times. Rash has greatly improved, by the second day I would say the redness and flakiness went down by half! However I wouldn’t say it stopped spreading completely, it’s still spreading a little on his eyelids and cheeks with little tiny pimple-like lesions. When he eats or cries a lot the redness also flares up. But it’s no longer as severely dry and it’s not thickened/ cracking anymore. It looks almost like normal skin but with dryness and some redness. I also want to note that improvement did start a couple days before when I started to give him graphites 6c, and continued to improve when I switched to what you prescribed. The greatest improvement was after the 2nd day, and now seems to have remained the same

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Gkimh85 last month
Continue same protocol with a feedback after 4 days.
anuj srivastava last month
Ok! Thank you
Gkimh85 last month
I’m sorry the days got away from me. Here is an update: rash continues to improve. I’d say it has improved by 75%. Redness has gone down a lot, but still a little dry around the mouth and a little flakey around the nose. There are some tiny red pimple like spots that still continue to spread under his eyes and cheeks. The spots on his eyelids are pretty much gone.
Should I use anything topically to help with dryness?
He still suffers from constipation which I’m not sure is related to the rash. He goes maybe every 2-3 days, stools are large and hard sometimes with streaks of blood.
Thank you so much for your help, I appreciate it greatly!
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Gkimh85 last month
Same protocol. Feedback after a week.
anuj srivastava last month
Update! My sons rash is almost completely gone, like 95% I cannot thank you enough. The redness is gone but it flares up when he gets upset and has a tantrum. Still some dryness around the nose. The skin where the rash was looks healed but doesn’t feel the same as normal skin. Shall I continue protocol?
Also his constipation is not really changed. It’s weird he goes pretty regularly, almost every day but it’s still usually hard. Yesterday was dark green almost, and bloody from straining. (He didn’t eat anything green)
Thank you so much!

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Gkimh85 3 weeks ago
Give a dose of SULPHUR 30.No remedies on that day. And give a feedback after 2 days.
anuj srivastava 3 weeks ago
Hello, I am very sorry for the lack of update. I hope you can continue my case. I gave the Sulphur 30 as instructed, and after 2 days it seemed pretty much the same, not much better and definitely not worse. It’s still not 100 percent clear. Today tho I noticed some little spots under his eye, like tiny pimples again. The area around his mouth is mostly clear but still doesn’t feel soft compared to the rest of his face. Any input appreciated!
Gkimh85 2 weeks ago
Repeat Sulphur.Continue same protocol with a feedback after 4 days.
anuj srivastava 2 weeks ago
Should I give just one dose of Sulphur and then nothing else? Or continue precious remedies?
Thank you
Gkimh85 2 weeks ago
On the day you give Sulphur no other remedies to be given.Other remedies from day 2.
anuj srivastava 2 weeks ago
Update- my sons rash has improved even more. The skin where the rash was most severe now feels smooth and not rough. There is some small amount of dryness around his nose and the pink dots by his eye went away but today he had a few more pink dots :/ overall very pleased. His constipation issue remains pretty much unchanged. Still has hard stools, maybe every other day, and struggles with passing stools. Is the lycopodium supposed to help with that?
Thank you so much again
Gkimh85 last week

anuj srivastava last week
Hello, thank you for your patience with me. My son has been sick this past week with a cold/fever so I temporarily stopped the protocol to give him a homeopathic cold medicine from hylands. I’ve attached a photo of ingredients. I also gave him one dose of belladonna 30c when he struck a high fever one night, and it was gone by morning. I should have consulted you here first but I didn’t think to do that until after I gave it to him. I hope it doesn’t interact with his protocol for the rash/ constipation. He was feeling better today so I wanted to continue the protocol, shall I update after giving alumina and cell salts for 4 days? I’m happy to report his rash is completely gone, but the constipation remains

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Gkimh85 16 hours ago
anuj srivastava 11 hours ago
Sorry it wouldn’t let me post a larger pic. It’s the hylands kids cold and cough combo pack.
Gkimh85 8 hours ago

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