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Female living in darkness for 35years

I always believed in natural path but never tried homeopath medicine until 3days ago. I thought my problems since it has been from birth it can't be fixed.
I had anxiety,agitations,emptiness, think about death everyday, chest block, heart palpitations,cry easily but don't have any emotions towards my children I don't enjoy to kiss them or hug when I do it's quick. I get angry easily for no reason, flush in social events, can't stare in the eyes, failed in my career cz symptoms were bad and couldn't treat them. I don't remember my mum ever hugged me I've been neglected, parents around but never showed love or support,, on the contrary they put every obstacle in front of me and instead od succeeding I felt I needed to remove the obstacles juts to keep living. Had lots of dreams not achieved..
I searched and self prescribed Argentum nitricum 6d twice a day with lycopodium 200 once a day for 2 days for my anxiety and low libido also ordered vervain tincture 2 drops once a day

Can't believe same day I felt good!, had sex no pain! I enjoyed it!, nearly reached climax from penetration for the first time! I feel I'm alive I'm hugging my kids, talking to them no I'm crying cz I couldn't dream to reach to this. Never thought a normal person will feel like this.
Please help with dosing I don't Wana feel the way I felt before.
Plz note that I've been married for 6 years, my husband was addicted to drugs and had hallucinations, became dangerous and I helped him through to become clean... Only recently

I'm thinking to get Kali phos and keep taking Arg Nit but for how long. I've always been bleeding inside but EVERYONE ELSE thinks I'm strong
Plz help this is the first time I talk abt this
  Madi on 2023-02-14
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
But for how long. Take the remedies until symptoms are improved.

anuj srivastava 3 months ago
Thank you Madi
I feel much better and I don't understand what happened to my body and this is only the fourth day. If I stopped won't the symptoms come back again? Specially that I have grief and my mum used to beat me since I was 6 maybe before.. so its so much inside
I also have insecurities and flush when I meet people. What is the maximum time I can have arg Nit for?
How often I can take lycopodium 200?
Can it be taken together with Arg Nit?

Can I know which med increased my libido suddenly?
Also I snore and I have sleep apnea due to a recessive jaw and overbite. Is there a medication that helps?
Thanks again
Madi 3 months ago
Can I know which med increased my--HAPPY STATE OF MIND.




anuj srivastava 3 months ago
Hi Madi,
Homeopathic meds are not taken over and over like Western meds.
When you get a correct remedy it matches the “disease” or imbalance.
The remedy is a diluted molecule imprint. The human body will not tolerate a Second similar imbalance-The body sees the diluted remedy as the same real imbalance and raises life force to get rid ofthe remedy while the life force actually targets and releases the real problem.

While the remedy is releasing you wait until there is no more action until dosing again. Otherwise you can aggravate symptoms as it is too much.
You can read Herings law of cure.
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simone717 3 months ago
Thank you Simone for the clarification
I've been reading all day how the homeopath works it is essential to understand what you just explained and listen to my body.
Thanks again
Madi 3 months ago
Thanks Anuj
I will order carcinosin 200 and Kali phos for now as advised
In addition to lycopodium 3x a week
Iwill stop Arg once I get the meds
Madi 3 months ago
Hi again Anuj
I'm waiting for the narcinosin to arrive with Kali phos , in the meantime can you advise how to take them?
I stopped Arg and I'm take lycopodium 200 3x week. Feeling okay but no sex drive again. I had good sex drive only for 4days that's why I felt good but not anymore, please tell me why I feel nothing anymore..
Madi 3 months ago
Hi Madi,
Once you have a reaction from a remedy you stop taking it.
After taking-possible reactions-
1. Nothing happens, try it again. ( talking 30c potency) After trying again with wait of 24 hrs. try one 200c-nothing happens? Remedy is wrong.
2. Reaction-you feel better. Wait until you feel action has stalled out before another dose. Remember the remedy is to cure the problem. Each person will react differently. The optimum is you have more and more days of feeling well-until you no longer need the remedy.
3. Reaction-Aggravation of symptoms-wait and see if the aggravation wears off and then you start improving. Do not dose until things stall out. Also you may need a lower potency or a water dose to be more gentle.
4. Reaction-you need to take the remedy over and over again to maintain-this is palliation-remedy is just suppressing disease like Western meds.
5. Reaction-new symptoms you never had. Check materia medica-you are probably proving the remedy bc of too high potency, too Many doses, or very sensitive if just one dose. Stop dosing-let the symptoms wear off and see if you start to improve.
A 200 c can last for 2 weeks or so.
What the remedy improves will also bring back the problem if you take too much. I would stop all you are taking until you get new remedies.
You have had too much.
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simone717 3 months ago
Hello dr
Today I don't feel well at all. I feel I'm very angry and can't handle my kids again I'm not hugging them I'm sensitive to loud voices and feel irritated not generally well like the first 4days I took the medicine. Also no libido

I ordered narcinosin 200 and Kali phosx6 as per dr Anuj.. i understand that I should stop the medicine for a while and start talking them again in low doses to benefit from the meds is that right?
Can you advise again regarding the above mentioned recommended medicine ?

Thank you so much for your patience
Madi 3 months ago
You must have taken some symptoms into consideration before selecting the remedies. I suggest you leave them for a day or two and give the feedback.

In addition order SEPIA 200.
[Edited by anuj srivastava on 2023-02-17 11:14:18]
anuj srivastava 3 months ago
Hello dr
I will leave the meds until I receive sepia 200. I just ordered it
Any advise on how to take it?

Madi 3 months ago
Fyi-since you are new to the forum, you can click on any user name and see their bio, all threads and their email if they share that.
simone717 3 months ago
Hello Anuj, Simone
My thread been deleted while trying to make new case for my husband. Im not that expert with technology. Apologies for the confusion
Update: I took Carcinosin 200 six weeks ago. Nothing happened. I only had a vaginal infection usually it last until I get treatment but it was gone in 2days while on Carcinosin
A week later I had another dose.. nothing

I received sepia and started the following week 3 doses for 3 days.. nothing

As per Anuj then I got back to Lyc since Ive seen good results 3 times per week.. nothing
Then I took it last week but for 3 consecutive days and I felt better my libido was there not intense like the first time I took it
This week same 3 consecutive doses
I feel that Lyc is palliating only the symptoms I still dont have much confidence Im nervous when meeting new people I mistakes the words I become very nervous. The only difference to the first time I took Lyc is that my temper is better Im close to my kids but I have Soo much thoughts all the time in my head, things happened and hurt me things I regret which make me feel sad and frustrated.. also my social phobia still there

Can I get an explanation? Am I proving Lyc shall I go Lyc 1m? I felt euphoric the first time I took it which makes me feel it was my constitutional remedy
Plz advise
Thank you
Nana2 2 months ago
I want to add that my headache always start on the right and go to the left. I dont like the sun
I have eczema behind the right ear.. I have all the Mind symtoms for Lyc
Nana2 2 months ago
Am I proving Lyc shall I go Lyc 1m?You are not proving it. Go for 1m weekly dose and give a feedback.

Where do you feel the social phobia anxiety--heart or stomach?

Homeopathy believes that the diseases originate at the life force, which is dynamic in nature and when a dynamic remedy interacts with the life force, it produces an artificial or transient set of symptoms, provided that remedy is similimum. This intensification of the symptom is called Homeopathic aggravation. The symptoms can last for 1 week or less.
[Edited by anuj srivastava on 2023-04-10 04:09:57]
anuj srivastava last month
Anxiety is felt in my heart, feel Im shaking and I loose words the person feel how anxious I am for some reason o forget what to say.
In the past before taking Lyc I used to flush and sweat then I got control over it
Can u tell me why Lyc is not working how it used to work? I felt really good before and libido which is a main issue with my husband was good now it increases a bit within 15min of taking Lyc surprisingly only at night time
If Lyc is taken during the day I dont feel increase in libido
Nana2 last month

anuj srivastava last month
Ok I order it now. Also ordered Lyc 1m
Would you please tell me what aur met is used for in my case?

Many thanks
Nana2 last month
I am on Kali phos at the moment
Is there another salt to add or just the one Im using?
Nana2 last month
anuj srivastava last month
Hello Anuj
I took sepia 200 3 doses 2 weeks ago nothing happened.
I was supposed to get my period as regularly last week and didnt show up. I had period like pain but no period
I believe it is due to sepia
Do I have to antidote it?

Im still waiting for Lyc 1m
And aurum met 200 as per your suggestion.

Nana2 last month
anuj srivastava last month
Hello Anuj
It is been a while since I messaged you but I got lycopodium 1m few days ago. Surprisingly almost instantly my irritation was better and my libido was increased so much for 2days only. Then everything is back normal again, screaming irritation for the smallest things,, tired and lack of confidence when meeting new people.
Not sure if I had what I need from this medicine or it is just the wrong remedy
Yesterday I went to Remedy Finder and I inserted my current not old issues I have and I found that I fit within anacardium, cilecea phos acid and ignatia
Plz suggest when can I start taking medicine again after lycopodium 1m?
Can I take a combination of the above in 200? And ignatia 30c once and see the results?
Im desperate Im always depressed and not enjoying my life at all
Plz help
[Edited by Nana2 on 2023-05-13 04:42:39]
Nana2 3 weeks ago
What are the current symptoms? Upload the grid.
[Edited by anuj srivastava on 2023-05-13 06:24:50]
anuj srivastava 3 weeks ago
Hi Anuj
Ive tried to save it not sure if you can access the results I also attached it for your reference.
I emphasised more on my irritability and low confidence I have
I got different results but the main remedy is again anacardium
Plz advise
Nana2 3 weeks ago

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