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Attn: Homeopath - Correct Wrong Remedies

Could someone please help?
I’m dealing with MS and GERD.

I was working with a homeopath using my constitutional remedy, Nat Mur. at 30c …and Merc Sol 200 once per week for receding gums.
I was also using biocombo cell salts for gums, and also nat phos 6x and mag phos 6x as needed for GERD.

I was starting to feel better, then homeopath changed my remedies and started giving me many, wrong remedies (Arnica, Lachesis, Belladonna, Arsenicum, Cocculus). This made symptoms worse and caused me to have neck/head spasms in which my neck/head move without my control, especially when standing with my eyes closed.

These wrong remedies threw my system off balance by aggravating all of my symptoms. Then we went back to Nat Mur because he said the constitutional remedy would fix the mistakes, but I don’t feel any better. He abused me and won’t help me anymore. Can someone please help me fix this? I can’t afford to keep paying people.

Do I use Camphora then start over? Do I need Aloe? Aloe then Camphora? Camphora then Aloe? Neither one?
Do I continue with Nat Mur? (The Nat Mur does stop the spasms, but everything else is still aggravated.)
Will the Nat Mur get me stable again?
Do I need some other remedy?
What should I do?
I just want to get more stable then start over with constitutional remedy.

MS…tingling in legs and lower back, can feel nerve on right side of my face, eyes get a little blurry from time to time - moreso the right than the left, sometimes I see a spark/flash out of left side of left eye, very high pitched tinnitus moreso in left than right ear.

I’ve been eating the same few foods for almost a year. I can’t eat anything acidic. Even the smallest drop of the wrong food will make my stomach make all the food come up. The GERD aggravates the MS greatly. So MS symptoms are increased when I’m hungry and after I eat/as food is digesting.

Additional info..worried and concerned about my health, upset that I’m in this situation. I’m afraid no one will help me and that I’ll continue to deteriorate. I want to get better.

Could someone please guide me? Thank you.
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  Bamp on 2023-02-18
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
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Red Hermit 3 months ago
Any help please? Thank you.
Bamp 3 months ago
Stop all
Aloe S 200 03 drops or 03 pills thrice a day for one day
Post symptoms on Gerd next evening
Your age
Any diagnostic reports u can share
Kaps 3 months ago
Thank you, Kaps.
My last dose of Nat Mur was only 12c potency because I can’t even tolerate NM 30c now. So 12c NM was about 5 hours ago.

It is 5 pm where I am. Should I take first dose of Aloe S 200 right now and another two doses tomorrow, 1 dose in morning and 1 dose in afternoon. Does that sound right?
Aloe 200 is strong. I am sensitive. Perhaps Aloe S 30c is better for me?

My age is 43.
Diagnostic reports…had endoscopy and shows GERD with mild esophigitis. Epigastric area does not hurt anymore, but I would still have the reflux if I eat wrong things. Sometimes I hear a gurgle or rumbling from my stomach. I have a small belch here or there after drinking water or eating. GERD aggravates MS, so symptoms increase when when hungry, after drinking water, and after eating.

I’ve had MS a long time. It would be hard for me to post MRIs but I did list my MS symptoms in that first post.

I will await your answer on Aloe before I do anything. Thank you.
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Bamp 3 months ago
For those who don’t know, I’m a targeted individual.
The targeted individual program is a global program did harasses innocent people who could have a positive effect on humanity.

I’m one of the innocent people in America who was put on a terrorist watchlist and is constantly harassed, including by healthcare practitioners. I haven’t been able to receive proper care.

All healthcare practitioners abuse me. This program is global. I reached out to people in other countries, and they harass me as well. So far, I’ve been harassed on this board as well.

The advice I was just given is parroting, which I’ll explain below in next paragraph. I’m so tired of being harassed, abuse, and receiving proper care. I’m on my own. I hope I can fix this myself. I’m fighting for my life on my own. No one will help. I always receive terrible advice. If I’m stupid enough to take it, then I end up even sicker.

So not only are targeted individuals harassed and abused everywhere we go, we are also experimented on with directed energy weapons. Remote neural monitoring is used on me to monitor my thoughts, and then my words and thoughts are used against me. So it had crossed my mind to take Aloe S 200 three times in a day and the rest of the instructions that were just just told me by both posters who responded to my original post. My own thoughts were just parroted back to me even though they are wrong instructions. Theyre not even giving me real treatment. I’m on my own. I’m so disgusted and disappointed by all of humanity.
All healthcare practitioners abuse targeted individuals.

And then they say the targeted individuals are crazy, mentally ill, that this program doesn’t exist, that so many people can possibly be involved, etc. Millions of people all over the world are involved in this program. I’ve even reported it to proper authorities - but they’re involved in it too and do nothing about it.

This is how humanity is oppressed. Targeted Individual Program is a social engineering program, which is the backbone of society. This is how everything is controlled. This is how people like me are kept from being able to make the world better. We’re usually killed by being abused, ignored, not given help, asset-stripped, even made homeless, etc.

I’ve been abused for eight years now. I should’ve been cured long ago. It’s a miracle I’m still alive.

It makes me sad to see that that I’m being denied care, but other people are getting better. It’s not right. I’m not a criminal. I should have the help that I deserve and need. This is the second time this happened to me on this board. Everyone is controlled. I’m so tired of being harassed and abused. I should still be sick by now. I should’ve been cured by now. It’s not right. I don’t know how the healthcare practitioners live with themselves. I really just don’t understand.
Bamp 3 months ago
Are you in India ?
Kaps 3 months ago
I did not follow whatever u have written
Will you take Aloe S 200 or not and update ?
Kaps 3 months ago
All healthcare practitioners are involved in the targeted individual program. This is a global program. They will all abuse the target or deny care upon command. Then they lie and say that the target is crazy, or that this program doesn’t exist, or that they don’t follow. They’re not going to admit to it. They are protected. And people like me to keep suffering and dying. There are millions of us in the world being abused like this. We keep speaking out, but people keep thinking that were crazy, especially since the authorities and doctors go along with it.

I’ve been denied proper care for several years now. I’m trying to cure myself by myself. Anyone I go to abuses me and makes me sicker. I don’t know how they live with themselves. They’re supposed to be taken care of patients. Instead, they abuse us when they told. I’m not a criminal. If I were criminal, I’d be in prison and have more rights than this. shouldn’t have to be going through this. All healthcare practitioners are controlled and don’t stand up. The entire thing is a giant experiment. It’s also satanic ritual abuse. All healthcare systems are run by Luciferians. Illuminati.


Bamp 3 months ago
Kaps is attacking me on another thread.

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Bamp 3 months ago
This is ridiculous Bamp. No one is attacking you.
Ziomih 3 months ago

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