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gerd and silent reflux

Hi, i am hoping to get some help for my problems from
all of you kind people. The two main issues are...

GERD and Silent reflux. There is a difference between
these two and it seems like i have both. We all know
that Gerd is like chronic heartburn.

GERD = Heartburn

Silent reflux = Throat irritation

That is how I distinguish the two in a simple way.
There are more symptoms for each. And sometimes they
both have the same symptoms. For example, difficulty
swallowing can apply to both. I also have this symptom.
So can a symptom like hoarseness of the voice which I
also have.

If I had to pick one thing to focus on, or the main issue
that I have, it would be the Silent reflux.

The reason for this is because I have a lot of issues
with the voice and throat area. The main thing being that
I clear my throat a lot. This drives me crazy. This is what
happens the most throughout the day and everyday. There is no
end to this. This is what I would like to improve first, or
the symptom I want to go away first and most important.

Everytime that I do clear my throat, it is abusing my vocal
cords. It is like a punch in the vocal cords. It makes them
weaker, and as a result my voice weaker. The way it makes
me clear my throat is I have to do it in a very hard or harsh
way to clear it. It feels like there is something there in
my throat that is causing irritation, and therefore I have to
clear my throat to make it go away. But this damages that area
like i mentioned.

The second symptom to focus on are the mucus/phlegm symptoms.
I believe this is all related to the first and main symptom
of Throat clearing that i just mentioned. Throughout the day,
and this also happens everyday, I have mucus/phlegm in my nose
which is also known as Post nasal drip The reason why I wrote
mucus/phlegm like this is because they are both pretty much the
same thing.

Anyway, so the phlegm starts in the nose, it fills
up and collects in the nose, its so much and so thick, that I
cannot breathe from the nose. So, then I have to pull it down
to my throat. And because it is so thick and so much, I cannot
swallow it. At this point, it is like hanging from both my nose
and throat, and I cannot breathe and it is like choking. I then
have to push it out of my throat area and it comes out of my
mouth. I force it out into a napkin. I have napkins with me
almost all the time during the day. Or I have to go to the sink
and spit it out there.

These are all the things that make my voice weaker too.

I want to mention now that I have had a goal in my life
of being a singer songwriter. This goal started in my
mind almost 15 years ago. As you can imagine, this is
making it almost impossible to do because of all the
damage to my voice. But it is the most important goal
I want to achieve since then, to become a pro singer.

It is possible that this is all caused by some anxiety
of becoming a singer and performer. Or it is making
things worse. But I believe that the cause is really
Silent reflux/Gerd and that I have always had this
type of reflux in my life, but never really knew it.
But the silent reflux got worse about 15 years ago in
my early adult years of early 20s. All these symptoms
that I mentioned, became chronic and daily, at that
point in my life and since then.

I do all the usual things that are recommended for
Gerd and Silent reflux. Avoiding spicy foods, fatty
and fried foods, tomato sauce, chocolate, i never drink
soda, etc

By doing this, it makes the symptoms less intense, and
happen less frequently. Also it helps manage Gerd, or
else I would be complaining about heartburn a lot if
I didnt avoid those foods. Also I dont eat anything 2 to 3
hours before bed.

Better from: Using baking soda mixed in water and drinking
this when symptoms are really bad. Using Gaviscon Advance
only when really bad.

Worse from: Eating more than usual, bigger portion at once.
Lying down. Coffee, tea, soda, alcohol so i avoid all these.

Age: 36 years old
Gender: Male
Body type: Thin/lean now and entire life
Work type: IT field for last 15 years. But I am also
an aspiring singer songwriter

I am not expecting a complete cure from homeopathy for
this, but anything that can help will help me a lot.
Any improvement is good for me. I know that this is a
very complicated case. So, to cure it and keep it that
way, I am sure there will need to be different things
done in addition to homeopathy, such as exercise or walking,
taking or trying certain herbs or digestive aids, getting
an occasional massage, etc.

I have provided a good amount of info. If there is anything
else that I can answer, please ask me follow up questions.
I will be glad to answer anything. I did not want to
over complicate this more with additional info, but these
are the main things so I will wait until I hear back.

Thank you all for reading and for any advice!
[Edited by Todd2023 on 2023-03-29 18:24:54]
  Todd2023 on 2023-03-18
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
I am not prescribing, but please describe the mucous - color, consistency.
Have you had an ENT check out your sinus passages?
Sometimes they will do a scan to check inflammation
And the degree of closure.
Have you been tested for allergies? Would be good to know, bc besides the obvious pollen and grass allergies as cause, mucous production is often related to food and digestion.
simone717 last week
Thank you for the response Simone.

However, I want us to disregard any info from any medical doctors or specialists. Or any diagnosis they may have made. I dont believe in them at all. Not even 1 % and there is no use for any of their info.

Yes, it is related to food and digestion. You are right as that is what it seems to be. Thats what I mentioned in detail in my post. I also said that my main issues are silent reflux and Gerd, which are completely related to food and digestion. Please go based on the info I have given. Those are even medical allopathic terms Gerd and silent reflux if that helps you.

I also forgot to mention that my dad has always had Gerd. And he has gone the medical route which has not fixed anything of course. He takes acid reducing pills. Since this issue was never fixed, it has been passed down generation to generation to me. And it makes it harder to fix.

As for mucus, it has no color. It is clear. You can see through it. It is thick and sticky
[Edited by Todd2023 on 2023-03-19 03:49:18]
Todd2023 last week
 NUX VOM 200
 15 drops in a cup containing an ounce of water, sip one third of it, 15 minutes later sip the next third of it, and 15 minutes later take the last third of it.HALF AN HOUR BEFORE DINNER.FOR 3 NIGHTS.
 Dose five (5) drops/pellets , taken at the same time 3 Times daily.
 Take the remedies until symptoms are improved.
 Keep all doses 30 minutes before or after food, drink and teeth brushing.

Check out these under mentioned threads for describing  symptoms.


While taking medicines use common sense in diet avoid everything you know to be hurtful, or doubtful.


[Edited by anuj srivastava on 2023-03-19 07:04:29]
anuj srivastava last week
Thank you so much for responding Anuj and for the medicine suggestions. I believe that I already have Nux 200 so I can start with that. I have to check if I have Nat mur 30 and the rest or not, but i can get those too.

I will try this and get back to you after 7 days.

I just wanted to know why you chose these medicines for my case? Why did you choose these four? It would be good to know. Thanks
Todd2023 last week
Remedies chosen based on the symptoms you penned down.
anuj srivastava last week
Ok so I already have Nat Phos 6x and I just got
the Nux vomica 200 today. I also got the Nat Mur 30c.
The only problem was Calc flour 6x that I could not
find at the stores here. But I got Calc flour 12x.

Can I use the 12x instead of the 6x? Also, I have
the Bioplasma 12 cell calts in 1, which has Calc
Flour 6x and the 11 other cell calts. Should I use
one of these? Or it has to be 6x? If it has to be
6x, I can order it online and wait to start?

I took Nat phos 6x today as day 1 to see if it will
help. Let me know what to do? Thanks
[Edited by Todd2023 on 2023-03-20 19:52:03]
Todd2023 last week
anuj srivastava last week
Thanks. I will try all of that and get back to you after 7 days
Todd2023 last week
Hey Anuj! I want to update you. Omg! I feel better
since the 4th day when i started taking Nat Mur 30!

I took the medicine, took a nap a few hours later
and felt much energy. I sleep much better too and
wake up feeling better. All the symptoms have improved.
Even my sexual energy which used to be very low and
almost nothing. That is part of the energy increase overall.

So, tomorrow is day 7. I will continue to take meds
like you say. What should I do after that?

Thanks again so much!!!
Todd2023 4 days ago
Give a feedback after a week. Continue same protocol.
anuj srivastava 3 days ago
Actually Anuj, I am going through an aggravation.

It got worse yesterday. I am having trouble sleeping
and I dont sleep well. I have less of an appetite.
Started to have headaches. Lots of sneezing and
runny nose.

I have stopped the medicines now. Yesterday, I only
took the medicines once and stopped. Since stopping,
I slept better last night, so I think it is starting
to pass. I will wait until aggravation passes.

Once it is over, should I continue the same protocol?

When you say same protocol, do you mean start again
with Nux and then switch to Nat?
Or just continue with Nat?
Todd2023 2 days ago
anuj srivastava yesterday
Ok. Well, yesterday I only took Nat Phos once to help with digestion. I did not take anything else. This helped to make the aggravations less. I had some difficulty falling asleep again last night, but once I did, I ended up sleeping better. It is morning here right now, and it seems like I am back to my normal self again. Looks like aggr has passed.

Let me know what I should do today? Thanks
Todd2023 yesterday
Please inform Anuj current symptoms regarding silent reflux, mucous , etc.
simone717 yesterday
Ok regarding silent reflux and other symptoms...they have improved and there is less symptoms. I do not clear my throat as much, I still have mucus phlegm but it is much less.

Everything overall is still improved
Todd2023 yesterday
Same protocol with a feedback after a week.
anuj srivastava 17 hours ago
ok will do. When Im taking the medicines, do I have
to take one medicine and then wait 30 min before taking
the next one? For example, I take Nat phos, wait 30 min
and then take calc flour, wait 30 mins, then take nat mur?

Or it doesnt matter and I can take at the same time? Thanks
Todd2023 7 hours ago

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