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Belly fat, hard to put muscle on etc

I have for a while had belly fat that wont budge but until recently it was mainly lower belly and just a pooch. It has become much more and higher. It looks like someone just turned a bowl upside down and stuck it in the middle of my body. I have in the past had low blood sugar and probably still do to some extent. I only drink tea with stevia. No pop or much sugar. Ive been increasing my protein as I am 50 and have read that I really need to focus on building muscle to help keep weight off. I am not putting on muscle and used to have no problem with it. I do have a sluggish thyroid and have also been diagnosed with HPA axis dysregulation. Ive worked with a homeopath before who did some scan from a picture I sent him and the first time it came up my cortisol was out of balance so we worked on that and the second time it was my ACTH and we worked on that. Each time though I felt like it worked but by the end of the protocol it was like it quit working. I kinda gave up because I wasnt seeing an end in sight. That was last year and within the last 6 months my belly has changed to not budging with diet and exercise and changed to upper belly as well. Any suggestions?
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  nicole1972 on 2023-05-13
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anuj srivastava 3 weeks ago
Thank you I will try this definitely. Ive been trying everyday to remember to do deep breathing to help with this. I had not seen this type before.

I would also love to know if there are also any homeopathic remedies to take in addition to doing this breathing work. Thank you.
nicole1972 3 weeks ago
The Success of the prescription depends largely upon your ability to describe your symptoms. Let modesty not prevent a full statement.


Check out these under-mentioned threads for describing your symptoms.



While taking medicines, use common sense in diet to avoid everything you know to be hurtful, or doubtful.

FOR FAQs visit u/m site


Dreams are an expression of the unconscious and of our personality. They are therefore of great significance for remedy selection in homeopathy.For more about dreams visit u/m site.

anuj srivastava 3 weeks ago
Thank you for your reply. I went on a birth control pill over 20 years ago and I am still experiencing the problems that arose from that. I became hypothyroid- about 15 years ago and endocrinologist finally did the correct testing on me and it showed that I was only converting half of my t4 to t3 but I didnt get better with natural thyroid medicine so he thought it was also something else contributing but couldnt find anything else. Possibly something is blocking my thyroid hormone from working? I have also been diagnosed with HPA axis dysregulation.

I am 50 and I have 5 children. I eat sensibly and get exercise but I still dont lose weight. I get a lot of protein in my diet and I consume very little sugar.

I am currently doing the ear acupressure with ear seeds and have been for more than a month and am not seeing results. The practioner who read my ears has me applying them in the area of hormones including my adrenal and thyroid area, digestion which includes the liver and spleen area as well, neck for stiffness in my neck, and an area for my left knee that bothers me. I leave them on for 5 days and then rest for a day and reapply. Im very surprised Im not seeing results. Ive heard a lot of good things about acupressure using the ear.

My hair doesnt grow and it doesnt feel like hair is supposed to feel. Like its missing something. It is not flexible and is very dry. Very stiff. This is why I think its missing something on the stage of forming hair.

My skin looks much older than my age and has for a long time. It looks like when you get in your 70s and maybe you arent getting the nutrients you need. Im not sure if that is a guy/digestion issue along with the thyroid.

Everything got worse especially the hair when my husband left a couple years ago and divorced me. My homeopath at the time said that was probably my nervous system but I havent found how to fix that. This is one reason Ive been working on some deep breathing everyday. I know how important the nervous system is but Im not seeing a lot of changes.

I am still menstruating and it is regular so Im assuming some of this now could be my age and getting close to menopause but so far nothing is helping there.

Im tired and dont feel like I get deep sleep.

My muscles are flabby and dont really firm up with exercise.

I have low B12 and have been taking a sublingual spray for over 2 years and still have the symptoms.

I do have occasional breakouts on my hands similar to eczema that began happening over 20 years ago when I used too much Lysol. Like a chemically induced eczema so dont know if that points to the liver.

Ive read a lot about women my age not processing out excessive estrogen because our liver isnt keeping up.

I react to most any supplement I take. Sometimes it makes the breakouts on my hands happen but mostly it makes my hair very much worse. It gets more dry and stiff and takes a while to get back to not as bad. Its frustrating. I dont know what else to try. Ive had 2 different homeopathic treatments one being a detox of the birth control pill, antibiotics and steroids. The other was doing the protocol for cortisol and ACTH but I end up just right back like I was.

Has anyone had a luck with the protocol where you make a remedy of yourself from blood, saliva or whatever to get your body better? Im tired of fighting this its been so long since Ive felt good. Over 20 years is way too long to be dealing with feeling poorly.
nicole1972 3 weeks ago


15 drops in a cup containing an ounce of water, sip one third of it, 15 minutes later sip the next third of it, and 15 minutes later take the last third of it. HALF AN HOUR BEFORE DINNER.FOR 3 NIGHTS.


Folliculinum 30.

Dose five (5) drops/pellets , taken at the same time one Time daily.

Take the remedies until symptoms are improved.

Keep all doses 30 minutes before or after food, drink and teeth brushing.

anuj srivastava 3 weeks ago
Thank you. I have the nux vomica 200c in pellets. Is it fine to make a water dose or do I need to order drops?
nicole1972 3 weeks ago
HAVE 15 PELLETS.5-5-5.
anuj srivastava 3 weeks ago
Ok. I really appreciate your help.
nicole1972 3 weeks ago
I have one more question. Ive been doing the breathing exercise you posted the last few days and was wondering how quickly do people normally see results with this? I know everyone is different but I want to make sure Im doing it correctly and Im assuming Ill know that when I begin seeing results. Thank you!
nicole1972 3 weeks ago
how quickly do people normally see results with this? Some start loosing weight immediately, some take time to loose weight. Timeline varies.

There are many videos on the YouTube you can randomly watch them for knowing the correct procedure.
anuj srivastava 3 weeks ago
Thank you
nicole1972 3 weeks ago
I have taken the 3 doses of nux vomica and am ready for the folliculinum. Your instructions say to take that for day 4 onwards and to continue the remedies until symptoms are improved. I just want to confirm that I no longer take the nux vomica but continue with the folliculinum and the cell salts until improved but to check in after 7 days right? Thank you
nicole1972 2 weeks ago
I no longer take the vomica but continue with the folliculinum and the until improved but to check in after 7 days right?

anuj srivastava 2 weeks ago
Checking in after 7 days on protocol and the cell salts make my hair worse. Its getting stiff and more coarse and no flexibility. I noticed this before when I would take them which I know doesnt make sense but my hair gets worse if I take any antioxidant, amino acid and apparently minerals. The homeopath I was seeing said my hair problems that got worse as I was going through the divorce were more than likely from my nervous system/stress but even before that I couldnt take magnesium, antioxidants or amino acids because my hair would get extremely dry and brittle until it cleared my system. I dont know whats wrong with me. Someone mentioned before that maybe its autoimmune and possibly in the liver. Ive never heard of autoimmune and your liver. If I take any herbs for my liver it just makes everything worse.

Body and belly fat is maybe slightly better and is maybe from the breathing exercises you posted. Im still doing my normal exercise that up until recently would help take off weight and help with inches and its still barely doing anything. Its a lymphatic exercise and very low key and designed to be easy on the body but works the muscles deeply. Ive tried to find exercise that builds muscle but doesnt spike my cortisol.

What next steps should I take? I would assume the lack of ease in weight loss is hormonal but could it also be my nervous system too? Is there anything homeopathic that can help reverse problems with your nervous system? I broke down and cried last night because Im so tired of fighting this. Ive not gotten my body straightened out and its been over 25 years since I went on that birth control pill that started all of this. I appreciate your help.
nicole1972 last week
Was remedy Sepia ever part of detox protocol with your homeopath? I can see Sepia highly indicated for hormonal imbalance after taking birth control pill. Also its highly indicated for hypothyroidism.
Sepia is also indicated for women nearing menopause or post menopausal period.
JustSayin2 last week
I did sepia a couple times a week along with chelidonium a couple times a days for a month or so but still ended up doing a birth control detox where its the energy of the actual birth control pill. I did not do well on it. I actually went backwards. I started going through symptoms I never even had when I was on the pill. I was told you could have symptoms flare that you had while on the pill but they would or should go away and mine didnt. I never had pms but I did after that detox. I never gained weight prior to my period and then lose it right after but I did after the detox etc. When I brought these concerns up to my homeopath and asked what I should do, she never responded or made another appointment for me. I did an HCG detox since I had done the HCG diet back in 2010, an antibiotic detox because as a child I was on a lot of antibiotics and a steroid detox even though I dont believe Ive ever been on one just in case because she said steroids can block a lot. It was after that with another homeopath that we did the cortisol and ACTH protocol.

I dont smoke, drink, I try to get the right exercise and watch what I eat, I use natural products and stay away from pharmaceuticals and always turn to a natural solutions and I cant understand why my body has more issues than people that do the opposite of me. I just want to be well and normal.
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nicole1972 last week
Thanks for replying.
One can only guess whether Sepia didn’t suit you or it was the liberal usage of it, that led to its failure. Sepia should have been used in high potency, just once and left as it for a month rather than repeated 2 times a week, that is 8 times within the span of a month, thats too much repetitions for any remedy to ever give any good outcome.
JustSayin2 last week
I used Sepia 200. It was the suggestion of a homeopath. I think it was a banerji protocol. I felt better one it but went downhill with the other detoxes. Ive read some people say they can be hard on some people. If course I didnt read anything but positive about detoxes until after I did them :(
nicole1972 last week
That’s the inherent problem with following protocols, one lose sight of old and new symptoms. When you took the first dose of Sepia 200C, did it ever felt good overall or was is bad from the get go?
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JustSayin2 last week
I honestly dont remember. I did that protocol over 4 years ago. The birth control detox I did in 2021 and have been miserable since. I really feel that I didnt need the birth control detox if I felt worse after it and had symptoms come up that I never had in my life before.

Honestly my goal was if birth control caused the issue with my thyroid which then led to HPA axis dysregulation that I need to get the birth control out of my system. I havent felt a change in anything in forever. The best I have felt was at the beginning of the cortisol protocol and the ACTH. All of it feels like it wore off and Im back to all this and not getting into a deep enough sleep, weight etc.
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nicole1972 last week

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