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Mr. Anuj kindly - Aversion to work and bad mood lately

Hi again,

I am just writing to ask for advice for myself as I am having some issues and it is affecting my work at the moment.

A few details I want to focus on now (I want to treat the mental symptoms right now kindly as this is my current biggest issue):

*Irritable mood
*Acne on face (cheeks, above and under mouth) just slightly. I normally do not have acne, can be hormonal not sure.
*AVERSION to work - I am self-employed and am currently so tired of dealing with work that I delay it for days if not weeks...very stubborn about it.
* Dont feel like going out, dont feel like socializing much at the moment
* Loud noises or sound aggravates
* STRONG artificial lights aggravates and makes me aggressive even
* Craving chickpeas and vegetarian, light food lately
* Good appetite
* Feeling tired, I am dragging myself around the house and just want to sit or lie and not do much at the moment
* A FEW DAYS AGO my left leg would not stop experiencing discomfort as in electrical feeling in the leg a bit like restless leg, motion helps. Lasted for an hour.
*IMPORTANT : Had to increase medication in the last weeks

* Chronic blood c*ncer that makes platelets reach high numbers ( 2 million without medication, about 600 thousand with medication )
* Rosacea on cheeks
* Hematoma on legs that come from the medication
* Bad tolerance for refined flour, I get trapped gas in belly
* Dry, fine skin, pale
* Tall, slender hands
* Musical to a high degree, makes music the whole day and creates songs in seconds.
* My vision is getting worse lately
* Love for birds
* Empathy for people but cant stand them at the same time because I notice how little they do to improve themselves.
* Likes to be alone or with husband (long happy, healthy relationship)
* Fast learner
* Feels best in nature or at home
* LOVE WARM (fireplace, hot tea etc.) Moody when it is cold
* Confident
* Spiritual (person of faith) and mediunic since birth. I predicted many of the events currently happening half a decade ago.
* Disgusted by fame - I turned down that option a few years ago and have been avoiding it since then. I do not like to be at the center of attention even though I often end there due to my opinions which are often challenging. I like to stir up things and make people think.
* People enjoy talking to me because I am a good listener, however I prefer to be alone. I need silence to think about things. Social interactions feel draining.
* Good friend to others, tries to help.

Note: No cell salts at home! I have SILICA D12 only (schüssler salts) My main concern right now is just getting the anxiety down, and be able to properly do my work. And clearing the acne would be wonderful too.
  mercyann on 2023-11-29
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.


15 drops in a cup containing an ounce of water, sip one third of it, 15 minutes later sip the next third of it, and 15 minutes later take the last third of it.HALF AN HOUR BEFORE DINNER.FOR 3 NIGHTS.



Dose five (5) drops/pellets , taken at the same time 3 Times daily.

Take the remedies until symptoms are improved.

Keep all doses 30 minutes before or after food, drink and teeth brushing.

anuj srivastava 2 months ago
Thank you for your help. I only have Nux D6 can I take it instead? If so how many times/how?

I can get C200 but will take 1 week and this is rather acute now so I would rather treat it right away as I am just looking at my work and delaying it.
mercyann 2 months ago
Also, havent taken anything yet but today I woke up with a runny nose on the left side only and sneezing. I am also TIRED like really really tired.
mercyann 2 months ago
I took Phosphorus D12 (using the Remedy Finder and it was 67% match) about an hour ago.

I have increased sneezing now but the nose is not blocked as much
Colder feet and hands
I definitely am feeling a bit worse now
Left nostril still runny

Feeling a bit less tired

Important to mention: I am sensitive to rain, before a lot of rain comes I feel pressure and get weak , sleepy and very tired and my blood pressure feels like it is dropping. I feel relieved when it starts to rain.
mercyann 2 months ago
6 PM here, no sneezing, nose not runny anymore.
Left nostril still blocked.
Still dont feel like working.
mercyann 2 months ago
Just restarted again with runny nose.
No sneezing however.
mercyann 2 months ago
Hi again, sorry to update you so many times I will keep my update all in 1 message the next time.

Phosphorus D12 didnt do much for me I think? I was still dragging my work around and sneezing and nose runny. There was some temporary improvement but then it stopped. I took a single dose.

I took ARSENIUM C30 6 hours later as the symptoms matched rather well about an hour ago, nose still runny but sneezing improved. I feel a LOT less tired however and my mood is a lot better too so I am happy. I also managed to complete a large part of my work now! Will update again tomorrow. Looking forward to your feedback if I should still take Sepia.

Other notes: Some softer stools at the moment, cold hands, cold feet, runny nose.
mercyann 2 months ago
Yes you should go ahead with SEPIA.
anuj srivastava 2 months ago
Will do, thank you. No improvements regarding the runny nose.
Everything else feels fine however and I am still working and being productive (happy about this). I will take Sepia tomorrow morning then. Do you think it will help with the runny nose?
mercyann 2 months ago
anuj srivastava 2 months ago
I only have 30c is that okay?
mercyann 2 months ago
anuj srivastava 2 months ago
Thank you, I will take it now. It was a lot better in the morning but is worse now with a lot of sneezing, a bit of watery eyes and runny nose.

I will take NAT MUR C30 and update you again by the end of the day. Have not taken Sepia yet. Mood is not bad given the circumstances.
[Edited by mercyann on 2023-12-01 16:30:16]
mercyann 2 months ago
Update 10 PM

Nose still runny
Strong sneezes from time to time
I dont notice much of a change to be honest

A few things after taking it:
Hands got warm maybe 15 min after it
Feet still cold

Have not taken SEPIA as I dont know if I can take them together, in any way my mental health seems ok right now so I would merely like to work on the runny nose and sneezes.

Arsenium didnt fix it (took single dose D12) but helped with feeling tired yesterday!
NAR MUR doesnt seem to be doing much (single dose C30)

Not sure what remedy I need.
mercyann 2 months ago
Update 2 AM:

Less water coming from nose
Nose is not blocked
Not sneezing much
I am going to repeat the NAT MUR C30 dose and see if it helps
mercyann 2 months ago
anuj srivastava 2 months ago
Even in C30 dilution?

I have to tell you something interesting, my back (between both shoulders) is hurting a lot when I walk.
I am also coughing a bit and there is a sharp pain in the back of my lower leg which feels like pain in the veins...
Dont know what to make of this, but since I have issues with blood clotting too much (high platelets) this is not something I enjoy experiencing.
Also tingling sensation in the left foot.

Not sure this all is associated to NAT MUR? You did prescribe it to me in a post that got deleted, for the blood cancr.
Its chronic by the way and under control but I would be happy to bid these meds goodbye as they are extremely strong.
mercyann 2 months ago
Even in C30 dilution? YES.
anuj srivastava 2 months ago
I had improved symptoms but then relapsed again.


RIGHT nostril blocked/runny (was left one before)
Left one fine
NEW SYMPTOM - Wake up full of sweat on chest area
Throat feels dry sometimes
Sneezing (rare)
MORE ACNE (right sided) near mouth...

Husband is also sick...This is a flu.

Not sure if NAT MUR is helping to be honest
Didnt take Sepia (read the description in several materia medica, I dont really identify with it. I dont have menstrual issues and some things fit but not many)

Weakness, yellow complexion (I have pale face), bearing-down sensation, especially in women, upon whose organism it has most pronounced effect (not present). Pains extend down to back, chills easily (yes). Tendency to abortion (no). Hot flashes at menopause with weakness and perspiration (I am 33 I have a regular period, no hot flashes). Upward tendency of its symptoms. Easy fainting (no). Ball sensation in inner parts (no). Sepia acts best on brunettes (I am blonde). All pains are from below up (no pains) . One of the most important uterine remedies. Tubercular patients with chronic hepatic troubles and uterine reflexes (no) . Feels cold even in warm room (cold feet only) . Pulsating headache in cerebellum (never have headaches!).

Mind.--Indifferent to those loved best (no). Averse to occupation, to family (not indifferent, irritable). Irritable (yes); easily offended (no). Dreads to be alone (depends). Very sad. (not sad no) Weeps when telling symptoms (no). Miserly. (no) Anxious toward evening; (no! )


Other useful info for you: I read a manual of clinical homeopathy and the PSORA MIASM is almost like a self-portrait, scarily accurate!!!

* Common antecend of chronic diseases (I have chronic blood canc*r)
* Generalized internal disorder which usually exteriorises in the skin in the form of small vesicular eruptions (...) severe itching. - I have rosacea and vasculitis at the back of my lower legs. I had an extensive history of dermatitis as a child. I have itching from high histamin (cause unknown) forgot about it because I take an anti-histaminic...
*Later it may produce several diseases: Mania, hysteria (I had issues with mania from having high histamine similar to Bipolar disease I found out by myself that if I took an antihistamine it would be under control this is very important to note as I spent 10+ years thinking I was incurable with depression that was horrible (no longer the case) but I am obviously suppressing that as well now with the antihistamine...neoplasms (BINGO this is what I have), blood disorders (BINGO again) particularly if the skin manifestations are suppressed.
(1) Psoriatic patients are intelligent, apprehensive and over-sensitive (BIG YES)
(2) They are usually cold (yes) disordered (yes) dirty (no) easily fatigued and depressed (yes)
(3) Psora symptoms are aggravated in the morning (no) by eating (no) working (yes) and cold weather (sometimes). Psoric patient is relieved by scratching (yes) lying down (yes)
(4) Desires hot foods (YES I drink tea so hot it burns others) Always hungry (YES) Hunger is increased after eating (not increased but I continue eating for a while...I have a fast metabolism and comparatively to what I eat I am still a healthy size)
(5) Skin is dry (BIG YES) dirty (no) itching eruptions (sometimes yes) Burning sensation in hands and feet (sometimes yes)
(6) Headache is increased when lying down (rarely have headaches so I dont really know)
(7) Cannot stay still (restless) There are days where I need to walk for hours in nature, or else I get bored. I need constant stimulation.

Then there is under Boericke

Modalities.--Worse, coffee; (BIG YES coffee makes my mood HORRIBLE I get aggressive and bit*hy and have no fear to say anything or to pick a fight just horrible...) Psorinum patient does not improve while using coffee. Worse, changes of weather (I am sensitive to rain, blood pressure will sink), in hot sunshine (I hate when its too hot), from cold (also dont like too cold). Dread of least cold air or draft (YES if a door is slightly open and cold air comes in you can bet I will get that door closed). Better, heat, warm clothing, even in summer (sometimes yes! Used to be worse when I was younger)
mercyann 2 months ago

anuj srivastava 2 months ago
Thank you for your effort and feedback. Will do in a second.

In the meantime could you prioritize my husband?
He is sick with the same flu I got a few days ago.

Here is what happened so far:

Woke up with headache (dull) frontal area that extends to back of eyes sometimes
Stuffy/blocked nose with watery discharge
Slept poorly, insomnia due to discomfort
37.8 temperature (we consider fever at 38 degrees)
Sneezing (rare)
Pain in throat
Wants open air (window)
In bed, had chest uncovered for a while everything else was covered by sheets
Woke up with pain in stomach (only mentioned this symptom much later)

_ _ _ _ _ _ _

4 PM EUP PERF 200C single dose (tea spoon) didnt have 30C for muscular complaints associated with flu symptoms
5 PM Belladona C30 single dose (tea spoon)

I looked at Gelsemium (seemed like the best option at first) and Bryonia but wasnt sure.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


Headache gone after 15 min
Muscle pains improved
Temperature down to 36.6 celsius


(drank coffee a few hours ago)

Stomach Pain again, gets better when eating (he ate a big meal and still feels he needs to eat more because the stomach hurts (?) ate a chocolate and pain stopped.
Pain in lumbar region when he sits down (does not hurt when standing)
Cough sometimes
No sneezing
Right nostril blocked
MUSCLES FEELS WEAK (on a scale 1-10 says 5)
FATIGUE after small exercise (binging wood to house)
NAUSEA sometimes feeling of wanting to throw up (NEW)

Gave ARS C30 (half an hour ago, says no improvements in regards to burning pain in stomach but has increased eructations shortly after which give some relief).
Says stomach feels full after drinking 2 sips of tea...more eructations after drinking.
[Edited by mercyann on 2023-12-04 23:01:39]
mercyann 2 months ago
ARS didnt do much according to him, but drank a chamomile tea which helped and now burning sensation in stomach is gone.
A lot of eructations after ARS C30

Gave LYC 30C after that because he was complaining that the stomach was now feeling bloated. Again a lot of eructations after this.

Temperature: 38.1 (gone up again...)

Not sure what to do from here...
mercyann 2 months ago
So to sum it up:

Fever is back (38.1)
Flu symptoms
And gastric symptoms (NEW)
Generalized muscular pains
Stuffed Nose (both sides)
Lumbar pain

Lycopodium is improving stomach issues (newest feedback)
mercyann 2 months ago
Marked hunger with stomach pain. Is hungry wants to eat all the time. He says the pain he has in the stomach is the same pain when you are very hungry and have not eaten in a while.

WORSE when lying down

BETTER when sitting, also immediately goes into burping when sitting.
mercyann 2 months ago
2:23 AM EXTREME PAIN IN STOMACH (EPIGASTRUM) needs to eat all the time, speculating could be a stomach ulcer (?) cant sleep due to immense pain....Urgent help required.
mercyann 2 months ago

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