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4year old boy and his rash

My 4 year old has 'bumpy' skin which is a kind of rash on his torso, primarily on the chest, sides, upper back and now increasingly on his cheeks (face). It is noticeably absent on his tummy and legs. It started under his armpits and seems to have spread. They are very itchy and when he scratches them, he seems to scratch the top off them. They are then visible as little red spots. Heat makes it worse e.g bedclothes.
Any ideas for a remedy would be most welcome!
  Spotty celestial on 2006-05-11
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
how long have such rash as mentined?when (date) first observed?
John Stanton last decade
It's been about 6 weeks now - beginning of April/early April is when it started.
Spotty celestial last decade
when last illness(date)? what were exact symptoms experienced/observed?how treated?
John Stanton last decade
He had staph sores / boils on his buttocks (more the inside of them than the outside) about two weeks before he developed the rash. The sores/boils were bloody and oozing at the time.

He was successfully treated by an isopath with specific remedies for staph and strepts, agrichemical residues and fungal strains.

Last winter he developed a similar rough skin rash and it seems to be brought on in the cold weather due to extra layering of clothes/bed clothes, etc.

The rash has no colour it is more of a texture.
Spotty celestial last decade
what illnesses child have in health history?when(dates)?how treated?

what vaccinations child have?when?
John Stanton last decade
He had recurring croup from about 24 months. We found out he was allergic to nuts, peanuts, coconut and eggs - he was eating food with coconut and cooked eggs. The croupy cough comes on if he ingests some of those foods.
Treatment was originally with steroids (to reduce the inflammation in the bronchials), Ketotifen,, antihistamine. Now not much of an issue.

He was burnt on his chest when he was 18 months old. He pulled a cup of hot tea onto himself. The burns extended from his neck by his right ear, the bottom of his chin, over his right shoulder and down over his right nipple. Worst burning sustained to right nipple.
We gave him lots of Sol.

Vaccinations: polio drops at birth, TB, measles, HIB. All vaccinations between birth and 18 months old. No more after that.
Spotty celestial last decade
child breast fed?when stopped totally?when other foods/drinks first introduced into diet? child primary vegetarian?please explain food child eats at this time...snacks;drinks;...everything...

no illness prio 24 months?please explain
John Stanton last decade
No real illness prior to 24 months. He had ear infections when he teethed but always used homeopathic remedies (can't remember what they were). He had two occasions when he vomited and couldn't stop (he'd go into a spasm) and we had to use a suppository to stop him. Once was due to over eating and I can't remember the other time.

He stopped breastfeeding at 10months.

Fruit and veggies introduced into diet at 5.5 months and meat at 9 months.

He drinks bottled water, rice milk, milo with rice milk, chocolate soya milk.

He eats meat which is primarily lamb, beef, some chicken, fish, very little pork (not because of taste or anything, it's just because of what is cooked).

Rice, sweet potatoes, potatoes, Maori potatoes, onions, beetroot (canned more than fresh), corn, beans (green and baked), broccoli, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, carrots (prefers them raw to cooked), spinach, a little bit of lettuce.
Will not eat pumpkin, peas or zucchini.

Apples, pears, feijoas, pineapple, grapes, mandarin.

Bread intake has increased due to going to kindergarten. He used to have a hot lunch before and one sandwich a day, and now only has two sandwiches a day. Generally one with honey and the other with cheese and jam.

He has been sneezing of late (a sign of an impending cold) so we've taken him off yoghurt. But when he's 'dry' then he has organic honey yoghurt.

He likes noodles and other pastas. Biscuits (prefers bought to home-made :-(, marshmallows, chips (crisps), a little bit of chocolate (he has only eaten the ears and head off his rabbit he got for easter) and sweets every now and then. We try and limit his sweet intake as 30 mins after eating, he gets quite 'energised'. But they are not 'banned' or anything!

I think that's everything.
Spotty celestial last decade
what were the exact symptoms and characteristics envolved with the 'spasms' mentioned?hwat age (months)?please explain--
John Stanton last decade
Can't remember sorry. The one time I fed him pilchards, then gave him his bottle and about 20 minutes later he was throwing up all over his cot. He just couldn't stop. It was like his stomach went into a spasm. In hindsight I realised afterwards that he was just overfed - I was trying to fill him up so he'd sleep through. He never slept through the night until about 3 years old.
Age was about 11 months. He's now 4 and a half.
Spotty celestial last decade
what was sleeping pattern characteristiscs prior to change at age 3?please explain...fears..ok alone..waken often...etc
John Stanton last decade
Just restless really. He just wanted to get into our bed when he woke up and did. Then that became a habit....
He used to have bad nightmares too - still does every now and then. We moved him out of his room into a different bedroom and the nightmares have eased up. He used to dream about horrible 'beings' in his room, they'd be stuck to the wall. Now if he has nightmares, it's about tsunamis (?!) or large spiders.
Spotty celestial last decade
Oh and it was always about 3am (when he had the nightmares or came to our bed).
Spotty celestial last decade
what condition of child's fingernails and around fingernals?how many white spots on or under fingernails?

any warts in health history?

moles?how many?where?

what exact age learn walk?talk?please explain
John Stanton last decade
His fingernails grow quickly and in good condition. He has a couple of white spots but nothing excessive.
No warts
No moles.
Walked at 9months.
Talked at about 7/8 months.
Spotty celestial last decade
what are current stool/passing stool characteristics? urine/urination?

what complaints have in any of above arereas in health history?
John Stanton last decade
Regular every morning. No problems urination or stool passing. Ever.
Spotty celestial last decade
well there seems something i am missing in this case info..

is there any thing you can tell?anything peculiar?characteristic that exists that seem not relavent concrning child?child's symptomology?just write freely...
John Stanton last decade
REally nothing 'peculiar'. He just suddenly developed spots on his face and torso, especially under his arms, in armpits and down sides. The spots seem hormonal, they are raised bumps on the skin. The skin feels 'rough'.
The spots are obviously itchy because he scratches them and then each spot becomes red as a scab is formed.

Sometimes he gets itchy in the shower.

He has been given sulphur before.

I really don't know what else to write....
Spotty celestial last decade
Can you give medical history of both parents (mom and dad of the child).
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
what was the exact response to sulphur?what potency?how many doses?what frequency?
John Stanton last decade
History of mom
No vaccinations, except polio and TB.
All childhood diseases. Had tonsils and adenoids out when very young.
Prone to chest infections - had bronchitis many times.
All my grandparents died of lung cancer/problems (such as emphysema).
They all smoked.
I am not a smoker.
I have been given tuberculine before - don't know the potency, but it was one dose.
I have very, very mild asthma. It was picked up in a medical and I don't have an inhaler - I don't need it.
Have had tickbite fever. Age 28.
Have put my back out of alignment and seen an osteopath. The birth of the two children seemed to affect my hips.

History of dad
Infantile eczema. Treated with steroids.
Asthma. Really bad as a young child - hospitalised many times. Asthma has improved as gotten older. Now only need inhaler when sick.
Yellow jaundice when teenager.
Knocked over by a car and grazes all over body (20years).
Tonsilectomy when aged 22 years. Now prone to chest infections and have had bronchitis / pnuemonia numerous times.
Has a tendency to get black rings under eyes. prone to heaviness.

Questions on sulphur
Don't know the potency.
Given in powder form in an envelope. Don't even know the dose. I think it was one dose by recent homeopath.
No response to sulphur that I could see.

Has been given sulphur prior to that by another homeopath. It would have been 200c, can't remember the frequency/dosage sorry (it was more than a year ago).
Spotty celestial last decade
it is of question--there shall of been some response to sulphur--maybe not curative or lasting--but some change would have been seen.if not then--there may be a maintainingfactor envolved--whether diet;evirement;.etc-but as seen--so far it is uncertain..my thoughts atthis time is to use sulph again..and monitor myself--wih parents as eyes for me...this way i ascertain what is occuring..

start treatment 1 peelet sulphur 200c in 4 oz water in water bottle-(**A**)-shake/thump on book (count 3)--1 teaspoon of this solution in 4 oz water in driking glass..stir heavy--1 teaspoon dose of this mix in morning on empty stomach--at least 1 hour before eating...label (sulph 200c) and save water bottle solution in frig--dicard drinking glass mix-wash well..REPEAT (each morning) exactly from point (**A**) ..

STOP--and NO subsequent dose WHEN ANY CHANGE AT ALL occur..even slightest seemingly unrelated--this is a must..

all clear so far?

child is to avoid ALL SWEET FOODS --ALL..
no acidic foods or drinks (coffee;teas;carbonated soft drinks;pickled foods;vinegar;all fruits and fruit juices:...etc)
no foods with preservatives or additives.

no other remedies;medicines;herbs;skin coverings;NOTHING AT ALL remotly medicinal..

may ne start probiotic use..but uncertain at this time...

so as manage case effectivly have on hand..
nux vomica 200c
calcarea carbonica 200c
pulsatilla 200c
sepia 200c

all depends on how readily available remedies are to you...but his is best speculative list to haveon hand...


keep me very closely (daily best) informed
John Stanton last decade
Okay I understand that I must prepare a sulphur mixture and give it to him first thing in the morning.

Some questions:

He wakes up waaay before anyone else. And the first thing he does is grab something to eat. He has to eat breakfast first thing in the morning (like his paternal grandmother) and there is no way I can give it to him an hour before eating.
Is there another time that is more suitable?

Another question: I generally have remedies in a liquid form. How would I make up the solution then? Is it one dose of liquid (4 to 5 drops) in 4oz bottled water?

How long would I have him on sulphur for? I have heard that sulphur is one of the strongest remedies...

My bottle of sulphur has expired (!) so will have to get some more tomorrow.

Thanks for the help.
Spotty celestial last decade
4 year old ? well you get up before him--you are parent and asking for treatment and are guardian--so if cant stop eating first in moring --or catch him before--then how will you monitor closel during treatment---or have him avoid foods and substances mentioned..if cant do thid and keep from restricted items thenbest you do not follow tretamnet i told..and find someone more lax about treating....you wil be in good possibility for some unnecessary aggravations if dont watch foods mentiond if take sulph......

as far as preparation --1 tiny drop of remedy (liquid form) after shake/thump in 4 oz water in water bottle..

yes i suspect sulph will have response---and you MUST NOT FURTHER DOSE IF ANY THING IN ANY WAY OCCURS...

i am uncertain of how observant guardians are---in this case...may be very lax in that aspect--maybe ned treatment 1st so as get keen envolvement--but child is concern at this time..

before giving sulph thnk how much you wish to be envolved and IF unable to comply to terms set fro treatment--then let me know---and i will dismiss myself---it is ridulous to go further when not envolved deeply..ok?

John Stanton last decade

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