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Acne indented-pitting scars

Since a few days ago I have been taking silicea 6x: 4 globules twice a day (morning nights) and arnica 30c wet dose (right before sleeping). Is it ok to mix both medicines like this, in order to increase the healing process? thank you
  Almasty on 2006-05-15
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Are you happy with the results you are having? If so, continue. From the threads I have read here earlier, it appears that taking more than one remedy at a time should be separated by an hour.
Pat2006 last decade
honestly YES!!!!. silicea is apparently magical...yet I need some reassurement from someone knowledgeable in this area. thank you !
Almasty last decade
Hello Almasty,

Homeopathy is MAGICAL!!

Just let this remedy do it's job and once it wears out it's use then move on to another.

Be patient, your inner beauty is so much more important as well as your health. So take care of your health also.

Start a brand new thread once this one no longer serves you.

The only reassures you need right now is the one you are already getting.

Pat2006 last decade
dear Pat2006

Brilliant response!
Almasty last decade
Almasty and Pat.... How long have you been on silica? Just curious, because I thought it was the miracle potion for my first few months on homemade silica too, and then after that it turned into a nightmare for me. I wonder if it does for everyone after several months?

K. K. last decade

You need to pose this question to the person who suggested the homemade silicea as they have first hand knowedge.

It is possible that aggrevations occurred and that that is what is making it appear to be getting worse.

That is how homeopathy works, things get worse for a little while before they get better
Pat2006 last decade
Many Silica testimonies can be found at:
hoolio last decade

Thanks for the link.

Kaldeep certainly has a special connection to God for new discoveries.
Pat2006 last decade

I think you are right. But without knowing the potency, I could not give an 100 percent accurate answer and that is why I referred him/her to the person with the experience with the home made silicea.

In my personal experience, if the remedy is low potency, it takes a lot longer for me to get aggrevations. In my personal experience sometimes I get aggrevations worse than other times and sometimes they aren't even noticeable and sometime they come right away and sometimes they come very slow.

At this time, I cannot totally disagree with you. You might be on the right track with your advice. And hope that kk take into consideration what you are advicing.

I also think that maybe his/her situation may not be as bad as it seems. Best to consult Kaldeep also.
Pat2006 last decade

I alerted Kaldeep to this thread in hopes that he can help you. In reading his silecea thread, silecia responds differently depending on the acne.
Pat2006 last decade
Hi all!

First off, thank you very much for the different inputs on the silicea experience..

I've been adviced to drink silicea 3x wetdose for acne indented scars.. thrice a day
a fullteaspoon under the tongue.

Now down to my own experience ....I've bee taking this silicea 3x for almost 3 1/2 weeks...so theres not much to be said pro or against it...Honestly I see my face skin reddening less, and my indented scars are somehow improving. yet the during the second week I noticed that my pores were awfully widening whle my indented scars were more evident than b4!!. so I stopped taking silicea6x and shifted to silicea 3x WET DOSE (which as far as i know, its the best way to treat indented scars). It should be noticed that while my indentations and pores are somewhat uhmmm widened, it seems to me that its the way silicea expells foreign matter outta the body/skin...so i cross my fingers.
Another important fact is that since taking silicea i am feeling less gloomy, and more cheerful, its as if my body was saying hey I have eventually found the remedy.

Good luck to you all!

Almasty last decade
Hi Almasty. How you doing? Sounds like all is going well on the silicea front ! V. interesting about feeling less gloomy - I had exactly the same reaction as you and I believed that I was onto something more constitutional, so on Passkey's advice I shifted up to Silicea 1M which is high potency and took one dose . For me, it was the right remedy and the right potency - silicea restores the 'grit' into the character. But i had been on 3x wet dose for a couple of months before I shifted up .
The way to take silicea in the higher potencies is one dose and WAIT .. nothing else. As i said before it v. deep acting - can be in system for up to 3 months. If you repeat dose you flare up a lot of the old skin problems (ie aggravation) which (i'm afraid to say) i also did, because i had to learn this about silicea the hard way !
My advice to you would be to continue with what you're doing as it's working for you,and perhaps consider higher potency in months time - get advice from Passkey if unsure. He's good.

All best !
carlotta last decade
another thing - saw your post about something u r taking - whether antidote to silicea? Well, not heard of that so dont' know what it is at all, but regards silicea, steer clear of camphor as this antidotes silicea. Even in lip balms, tiger balm / muscle rub etc and in homeopathic form is camphora .
carlotta last decade
Thank you, pat and adyia. I agree to the fact that all this advice to 'keep taking silica", even though it became and aweful nightmare, was wrong. I listened to the advice fo a while, but then decided that I could not go on this way. Pat, when I say it was aweful, this is no exaggeration.

I made the homemade silica, exactly as the insructions read in these forums. I took it exactly as it said.

After about two months, I had severe, stubborn, macro-comedonal acne covering my cheeks and jawline (totally COVERED!!), they stayed for about 4 months or more and NOTHING I did helped them; more cystic acne caused many more scars (I would have been much better off before taking silica); a racing heart so badly, and so frequently that I went into the hospital emergency twice, because it wasn't stopping; vertigo (dizziness, room spinning); and constipation. I did lose weight! And it did improve the oiliness of my skin. It SO wasn't worth it, though. I felt like I was dying!!! No, I am not making it out to be worse than it was.

I finally decided that my only hope was accutane, because my situation became so much more stubborn and severe, and I was getting pretty depressed at this point. I would probably never have taken accutane if I was not left with the severe problem that this homemade silica remedy left me with.

SO NOW, I read these forums about how accutane will cause long term chronic illness in my life. WELL I KNOW it's not healthy stuff, but OBVIOUSLY I have tried everything (everything possible under the sun, for the past 15 years!!!) before finally resorting to accutane.

So far, the way I feel physically and mentally on 4 months of accutane is not half as bad as what the silica did to me...and it IS clearing up my acne for the first time in my life.

I guess I had to choose between a rock and a hardplace!!! I'm screwed either way.
(parden my language)

-a frustrated K.K.
K. K. last decade
REally have my sympathies over your experience with the silicea. You were obviously EXTREMELY sensitive to this remedy . It sounds like it did push it all out through your skin, which is what this remedy does and why it is invaluable for scars , so if i may ask - did you have active acne when you started the silicea or no acne , only scars?
Because I strongly feel that for 'live' acne, silicea should be taken with caution because it can have a marked inflammatory effect. Say if you have a boil, you take a dose of silicea to ripen it quickly so it comes to a head.

Potency was wrong for you KK. Perhaps it was not high enough to produce a quick turnover of acne and allow skin to heal. It just 'irritated' . In correct potency silicea works for depression. The fact you felt depressed suggests to me in was helpful remedy but wrong potency.

In any case, we all guinea pigs when we self-medicate and v. sorry such an upsetting experience for you. Please don't rule out that homeopathy really CAN help when prescribed correctly in right potency.

I would stress again that silicea may not be the right remedy when there is deep, live acne situation, and in defence of kuldeep, he does say this in the old silicea threads.

All the best KK
carlotta last decade
Hi everyone,
I am 15 and have had acne since I was in the 6th grade.My doctor gave me accutane 40mg and in two weeks helped alot but now the big problem is my deep scars. You guys really sound like you know what you are talking about so I was wondering if you could help me. What is fluoric acid and could I get it in any store. What is silicea and could that work? If so where could I find it?
Thank you for your time.
TOONEY1 last decade
Are you still on the Accutane?
carlotta last decade
yes I am. is that a problem.
TOONEY1 last decade
Accutane is powerful stuff. I've taken a course so I know from experience. I'd recommend you finish the course and then assess the state of your skin and work on the scarring situation. Accutane has a precise action on the sebaceous glands - I wouldn't take anything but Omega 3 oil and a good multivitamin/mineral. And take care of your liver , don't strain it too much with alcohol etc
carlotta last decade
THANK YOU Carlotta. I was wondering if you could tell me where to get omega 3.
TOONEY1 last decade
Hello Carlota and everyone !

Sorry if i delayed the answer, but I had had to change my screen and it took me a while to get updated on this thread which by the way I find quite read :). nice ppl.

Silicea in my opinion has been working for me more than anything, on the psychological aspect, I feel more cheerful ...in my opinion its like an inner energizer etc., as for the acne indentations, it seems to me that it will take sometime (dont know how long or how many months will i have to spent taking it) to see results. My skin is les oily granted, but the indentations seems to remain evident, however i cant complain at all. I followed your advice and have been eating tuna fish, and getting lots of fruits and veggis along with lemon juice which seemingly is aiding to clean my clogged pores. In addition I am applying the aspirin paste home treatment on my face and find it again useful to get rid off black heads and so on. I read in other forums about ppl experiencing a radical change by applying apple cider vinegar dilluted in water. I resorted to this also, but found it caustic enough. so i gave up and I am still on the silicea 3x wet dose stuff.
I was adviced to use scotch tape on the face skin, because it works like a mini peeling and have seen some magickal improvements however it may irritate the skin.

I have been searching for some homeopathic ointment that i could apply on the skin, do you know anything about graphites ointment? and if it doesnt antidote silicea 3x wet dose?

Finally, I am a bit mixed up regarding the period of silicea consumption, in some thread i read that one had to take it as long as a year to see results, yet on the other hand i recall you stating that a couple of month were quite enuff to shift to another potency such as silicea 1M. Could you please explain this for us?

Thank you again

Almasty last decade
hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone thought having a face peel would help me with my scars.
TOONEY1 last decade
Hi Tooney1,

a face peel is like playing the russian roulette.

It may actually improve the look of your face skin or...may make look it wretched and extremely photosensitive...(talk by experience).

There you got the pros and cons of face peels, the more you resort to them, the more sensitive your skin will get, : constant redness and stinging among other awful symptoms. Be very very careful with the sun, from then on, as well..a nightmare for those who love the outdoors indeed.
Almasty last decade
Hi Almasty
You're sounding really cheerful. It's good to read. : )

I would stay on the silicea for another month like you are doing.

Then evaluate situation. Perfectly feasible to order 1M and take a dose in wet dose method (dissolving in water like you are doing) , take 1 dose and WAIT, no more silicea at all.

This had big impact on me. Ask Kuldeep , email him about it - he knows a lot about silicea. This is his subject really.

Apple cider vinegar alkalizes the body, and many believe that acne is due to over acidity of the blood and too much heat in the system. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has much to say on this and it's v. interesting reading. I would avoid hot foods like curry and chillis, cayenne and coffee, watch warming spices too like ginger . I started drinking raw veg and fruit juice and this really helped cleanse the skin internally - amazing !

Careful of applying too many ointments because with silicea, it's pushing stuff out of your skin, ointments pusing back in, so not too many creams and ointments, i would't put anything but maybe calendula cream on unbroken skin. As i said before , microdermx is the best stuff to use to exfoliate. cannot recommend highly enough. much more effective and gentle than a peel.
carlotta last decade
Hi Carlotta.

I am a bit mixed up regarding the silicea 3x wet dose. In fact, this is getting a bit stressful, since I am being suggested by other homeo practicians that the silicea 3x wet dose is a big blunder because I would be basically attempting to apply decimal potencies in the same manner as LM's. Also that what I would be doing is merely sucussing a 3x, possibly beyond it's ability to stand further sucussion, and also in a non standardized rate of dilution. hence, the outcome may be most unpredictable for this reason.
This is getting me a bit dissapointed. Please let me know of your opinions about this. thank you very much!

Almasty last decade

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