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Ongoing sinus infections

I am a smoker and have had ongoing sinus infections for well over a year. I am also on medication for anxiety/panic attacks. I take .25mg of klonopin 2x/day. I have seen my naturopath during this time and we have been unsuccessful at getting the sinus infections to go away and stay away. I am trying to quit smoking.

Six months ago I took a job that required shift work (work days and nights) on a rapid rotation shift (2 days on, 2 days off, 3 nights on, 2 days off, 2 days on, 3 days off etc etc so my system has not had a chance to go back to its own inner clock during this time.

Since starting this job my sinuses have been really bad. Symptoms are: throbbing lower sinus pain, congestion deep inside the sinus that I cannot blow out, ongoing VERY thick post nasal drip that never seems to stop. I wake with headaches, feel very tired and lethargic. If left untreated by antibiotics it progresses to my upper sinuses (right side) and right ear. Antibiotics will usually work for the first 6 days but then stop working. Another antibitic is prescribed.

During the past 2 mths I have been on 4 different antibiotics for the same infection. 2 mths ago I had a terrible spell at work at 4:00 am in the morning. I had all of the sinus problems listed above plus suddenly I was struck with a dizzy spell that caused me to feel great weakness in my legs and body. I had shortness of breath, palpitations, headache, cold clammy sweat, nausea and the sensation that the world around me was moving but I wasn't. This spell lasted for about an hour.

I rested at home for 3 days thinking I had the flu. It dawns on me now that it was probably a panic attack (I think - I hadn't had one in years).

I went to my doctor who prescribed antibiotics. I felt better within days but then the sinuses started again, along with all the symptoms above plus weakness, slight fever, nausea. Another antibiotic was prescribed.

2 wks ago at work I was feeling ok but still have sinus problems and suddenly I was again struck with the same weakness/dizzy/nausea feeling. I made my way to the medical dept where they sent me home in a taxi. My family doctor has now booked me for a CT Scan and an appt with an ENT (ear/nose/throat doctor). I went to my naturopath who has put me on Nux Vom 1M for my anxiety because that was in the forefront (sinuses are still an issue) and he also put me on Candicin (herbs). What do you suggest I try for my sinus problems? I am sorry for the long post. I didn't know what to leave out. Feel free to ask questions if need be.
  Ontario on 2006-05-15
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
2 wks ago I had a sudden urge to blow my nose. This NEVER happens to me. I rarely blow my nose because nothing ever comes out of it. I could feel a tickle or something at the back of my throat on the left side. I blew my nose for a good 3 minutes and blew out a very large almost rubber like blob of green mucus. I couldn't believe what I was seeing.
Ontario last decade
I wanted to add that I have been off work for just over a week and that the naturopath also has me on melatonin to try and get my inner clock back in order. I am going to take another 2 wks off and get some much needed rest.
Ontario last decade
good you post much info----

well you will see naturopath wont help in long run.
already anxiety med--gives rise to curability in this case...no easy solution--without efort on your part...smoking is not causation but affects..

how often had sinus infection prior to this new job?when(dates)?how treated?

explain excat date started anxiety med?and reason for use?exlain all
John Stanton last decade
I have been having ongoing sinus infections for the past 2 yrs. Every 2 mths or so I would get an infection.

Ten days of antibiotics would be prescribed and the infection would go away. Then about 1 1/2 to 2 mths later I would get another infection and have antibiotics again. The antibiotics would supress the symptoms. I have been to the naturopath many times during this 2 yr period and we have tried many homeopathic remedies for my sinuses but I have had no relief. I can't remember all the different remedies tried but I have many different remedies here because our whole family sees him when we have problems.

For the past 2 mths however, antibiotics are not working. I have had a constant sinus infection during this time and have been put on 4 different antibiotics during this last month. Currently I am on a maintenance dose of a sulfa antibiotic to keep the worse symptoms away. It seems to be working. I wake up with a headache on most days. My lower sinuses feel heavy. They are slightly tender if I push on them. My upper right sinuss above my right eye is tender if I push on it. My lower sinuses feel dry and mildly throb with slight pain. My eyes don't feel alert and look tired. I can breath no problem. It is as if the sinuses themselves are blocked up but the nasal passages are clear. The right passage seems a bit clogged but I have no problem breathing through my nose. My right nostril is clogged every morning and unclogs over about 1/2 hr period. I have constant very thick post nasal drip and feel today like I have a lump in my throat on the right side.

Anxiety meds were started a long time ago in 1985 when I became a divorced single mother. I was working 2 jobs. When I felt overwhelmed I would get very mild anxiety. My doctor prescribed sublingual ativan (1mg) to be taken as needed. I rarely needed it. I had a 2 yr old daughter at this time.

I think anxiety runs in my family because my mother was on valium for a while when I was young, 2 of my aunts (my mothers sisters) were also on it back then. My cousin was diagnosed with anxiety about 8 yrs ago but doesn't believe in meds, so she drinks instead. (rolling eyes). I was only taking ativan rarely back then.

In 1988 my mother died of breast cancer. She was 54. One year after her death, I remarried. One year after that I had a baby boy. One year after that my father suddenly died of abdominal aeortic anyerism (spelled wrong). I did not need to take any anxiety meds during these times but I did feel a lot of stress.

Six months after my father died my husband was diagnosed with hodgkins disease. They didn't know what stage he was in so they treated him as if he was in stage 4. He required 6mths of chemo. At this time I had a 1 1/2 yr old son who I thought was deaf but five doctors told me he was fine. I began to think it was all in my head although deep down I knew I was right.

I went with my husband to a chemo treatment. He fainted while getting treatment and I had an anxiety attack from seeing him, and from the stress of him being sick, and seeing all the cancer patients (and the fear of his death) etc etc. I went to the doctor who gave me sublingual ativan (1mg) to be taken as needed. I needed it from time to time.

Six months after my husband was finished his chemo (one year after his diagnosis) my son who was 2 1/2 was diagnosed with nephrotic syndrome. He was very ill and almost died in hospital. He was in the hospital for 4 mths straight. I stayed with him the whole time because I could not leave a deaf 2 1/2 yr old alone in a hospital. He would not understand where I was because he couldn't hear me. He stopped responding to prednisone so they put him on cyclophosphamide. He responded to prednisone but was very ill and had all sorts of tests, and was poked and prodded and had many things done to him. He had a biopsy that revealed focal segmental glomerular sclerosis. We were told to expect a transplant within 8 yrs of diagnosis.

While he was in the hospital I had to fight with the doctors to send him to audiology. They thought I was nuts to think he was deaf. He spoke a few words and seemed to understand what they were saying. He taught himself to lip read. I told them this but they would look in his ears and say he was fine. He was uncontrollable and never did what he was told. He was like a wild animal really. Anyway, after yelling that I WANTED his hearing tested they finally sent him to audiology and he was diagnosed with severe/profound losss in one ear and severe loss in the other. He was prescribed hearing aids and has had them ever since. He is 15 1/2 now and he is on cellcept and 5mg of prenisone alternate days. He is also on many things prescribed by the naturopath. His kidneys are functioning very very well. The doctors are stumped as to why. I am happy they are fine so far.

After my son was released from the hospital at age 2 1/2 I got a bladder infection that would not go away. I was sent for test after test and given antibiotics time and time again but it would not go away. During this time I was driving my son daily to the hospital as an outpatient for IV albumin and lasix treatments.

My bladder infection was ongoing. After 18 mths of antibiotics and tests the doctor sent me for IV antibiotics. While waiting for the IV I had a massive panic attack. I was not on anxiety meds at this time. I didn't know what was wrong with me because I had never had an attack like that before. A short time passed and one day I was in the drug store getting a prescription for my son and I had another massive panic attack. I went home and became afraid to go out anywhere. After 2 wks of staying home I went to the doctor and had a panic attack right in front of him. This was in approx 1993. He prescribed klonopin .5 mg 2x/day and ativan (1mg sublingual) as needed. I then had attacks on a regular basis for quite some time but the medication helped. Eventually the attacks grew farther apart and I was able to reduce my klonopin dose and rarely if ever used ativan. By this time it was approx 1996 or so.

I have been on a small dose of klonopin (.25mg/day) for approx 10 yrs since. I have tried to stop taking it but my body is physically addicted to it. I cannot function AT ALL after 7 days of not taking it. I have tried on many occassions to stop it completely but my body just can't seem to do without the small .25mg dose daily. When I stop it I get attacks again. My doctor says it is because the anxiety is returning. I disagreed with him and said it was addiction to the drug. My naturopath agrees.

This brings me up to 2 yrs ago. My anxiety levels increased and decreased over the past 2 yrs depending on what job I was doing. I had 2 office jobs where there was a lot of stress so during those times I would take an ativan if needed and sometimes increase my klonopin dose from .25mg once per day to .25mg 2x/day with no ativan. I would have no problem reducing back down to .25mg per day. These jobs involved bosses that were micro managers, where I felt I was under a microscope. They were very negative people.

6 months ago I started this new job and I love it. I have a lot of fun and spend 90% of my time laughing with my work mates (who are primarily male). They are hillarious to work with. I have no anxiety about the job itself. This job is not an office job but is a manufacturing job and is a physical job. I have lost 10 pounds since starting. I am not micro managed. The employer is great to work for. It is a large corporation well known all over the world. HOWEVER, shift work has triggered my anxiety due to lack of sleep. I am unable to function and am sleep deprived because of the rapid rotation shifts. My sinuses have really been acting up since taking this new job I think because of lack of sleep. I did ok for the first 4mths (took antibiotics every 2 mths for the sinuses) but this past 2 mths I have been hit with severe anxiety/panic attacks again.

I see a pattern though. Years ago after much stress I developed the bladder infection that lasted 18mths and then developed severe anxiety attacks. This time, I developed ongoing sinus problems and then developed server anxiety attacks again.

My bladder infection (by the way) was cured by my naturopath who said that all the stress of deaths and illness had to come out somehow. I was cured of the bladder infection in 3 days using a homeopathic remedy. My family doctor said the remedy had nothing to do with it and that it 'just went away' on its own. I disagree. After 18mths of trying everything, the medical doctors could not cure me. Two hours with my naturopath, one tincture, one homeopathic remedy and much vitamin c later I was cured.

So, here I am. Having anxiety attacks again with sinus problems that won't go away.
Ontario last decade
Actually, now that I think about it, I have had sinus infections for longer than 2 yrs.

I have had them on and off for the past 5 yrs. Five years ago I would have an infection once or twice a year.

If I think about it, they have become more frequent and now have become ongoing.

During the past 3 yrs I have saught help from the naturopath using homeopathic remedies for these infections plus taken antibiotics (but not at the same time as the remedy). I have sort of given up on the naturopath being able to cure it and that's why I just go to the doctor for antibiotics.

Five years ago we had a new house built and moved to a small city. We lived near my brother before we moved. We moved because I got a new job in that small city and my husband already worked there. As it turns out, we made a mistake to move there because soon after I quit that job (it was in a call center where you are tied to a desk for 8 hrs and micro managed). We stayed in that small city for 1 yr and then moved due to noise. I missed my old town and still do. We couldn't sleep at night at the new place so we sold it and had the exact same house built in small town 30 min from the city. We are now in the country. We have been here 4 yrs.
Ontario last decade
Sorry for all this typing! I just wanted to add that I've had lots of jobs this past 5 yrs. I quit all of them and always find another. I like a job where the boss is laid back and relaxed, where I am not watched or micro managed, where I can work on my own without supervision.

I have had bad luck finding jobs like that but this current job is great, except I can't do the shift work anymore because it is too hard on me.

I have had 7 jobs in 5 yrs.

Jobs after moving:

1. call center - literally tied to desk for 8 hrs by phone cord, micromanaged. Stayed for 2 yrs I quit.

2. small call center supervisor - went bankrupt - 6mths

3. real estate secretary - very poor pay (minimum wage) for work involved - 3mths I quit

4. spa receptionist - owner was bipolar and manic depressive. Very hard to work for plus she was having affair with gardener. 4 mths I quit

5. spa receptionist - 3 family members as owners. Micro managed and were rude to all employees. Expected over time without pay. Employees were not permitted to speak to one another. Very high turnover of employees. Not pleasant atmosphere at all. 6 or so months - I guit

6.Bank Teller - liked working with the public, was micro managed by a boss who hated her job. Job has changed and is now mostly sales - 6 months I quit

7. Current job - love the job, love the people, have fun, physical job, work on my own, responsible for beginning of the line -have to quit due to inability to work rapid rotating shifts - been there 7 mths
Ontario last decade
And something more...

The birth of my son in 1990

I had trouble conceiving after being on the pill for many years. I took fertility pills and became pregnant.

The pregnancy was normal but 1 day prior to going into labour I had a bad pain in my abdomen and my entire abdomen shifted. I suspected the baby turned around.

I went into labour the following day. The OBGYN had to break my water. I was in labour for 12 hrs and the baby was breech. He was delivered vaginally, butt first with the cord around his neck. His scrotum was entirely dark purple. His rear was also bruised. His head was perfectly round though because it came out last. He was gray in colour. This is the same child who is deaf with hearing aids and has nephrotic syndrome.

I was going thru stress at that time. My in-laws didn't really approve of me. I felt like I was surrounded by lions when I was near them. To them I was just a divorced single mother who was going to soak their son for all he was worth (he had no money to speak of so I don't know where/why they thought that way). My mother had already passed away. I had no support system. My husband was caught in the middle of me and his mother.

I didn't breast feed because my son was severely tongue tied. No one suggested I pump and feed by bottle.

A few weeks after his birth, my left arm (I am left handed) became totally useless. No cause for this could be found after tests were done. I figured it was from straining during the birth. The doctors said no. I could not lift my arm but I could squeeze a ball. If I lifted my arm with my other arm and put it on my head to wash my hair it would stay there. I just couldn't lift it on it's own. After about 4wks use of that arm suddenly came back. I have not had a problem with it since.
Ontario last decade
i'm still reading...not forgotten
John Stanton last decade

I have something to add that might be important.

I am currently on nux vomica 1M from my naturopath. I take it once a day at the same time each day. I have been on it almost a week, plus I am on the maintenance does of sulfa antibiotic (from my family doctor for my sinuses, plus candicin (herb capsules from the naturopath). I forgot to mention that I also have slight toe nail fungus on both of my big toes so I have been applying cream from the foot doctor. The foot doctor said the fungus is not bad and it should clear up after 7mths of applying the cream daily.

Yesterday I went for a job interview at 9 am for an office position as receptionist. I felt good although I was a bit anxious and nervous about the interview. The interview went well though. Later in the day my sinuses really started to bother me. Pain and throbbing on both sides. I then got a headache that seemed to be the beginning of a migraine. I had a sudden flush of nausea and my vision wasn't quite right. Ususally, in the past when I had migraines I would get a sudden flush of nausea that lasts about 2 seconds, my vision would be off and if I didn't take a tylenol 3 within minutes, my vision would become bad and I would see jagged lines and have bad head pain for one day and sometimes up to 3 days.
I took a tylenol 3 yesterday after this start of what I thought might be a migraine (I have not had a migraine in many years).

Soon after I took the tylenol, my sinuses were really bothering me. My head felt like it was packed full of cotton balls....as if I myself (in my head) was behind a very dense cloud. I had to really concentrate to keep myself in the front and not go behind this dense cloud of dry cotton balls. I was outside picking weeds in my garden and by 4:30 I had another massive panic attack. Suddenly, my legs were shaky, I couldn't think, I was able to walk but I had to concentrate to do it. I had the urge to sit down right away otherwise I felt I would fall down. I was shallow breathing. I was sensitive to noise and VERY sensitive to anyone talking to me. I was VERY impatient and VERY crabby towards others. I didn't know what was wrong. This is the same kind of attack I had at work a few weeks ago, and a few weeks before that. My head was heavy, my eyes were heavy and my head was packed full. I took an ativan and within the hour felt 100% better. In fact, virtually ALL my sinus pain was gone. The cloudy head was gone. I had no sinus pain, no stuffiness, no pressure, nothing.

This morning I woke up with a pounding headache and mild throbbing in my sinuses. My left nostril was clogged this morning and I woke up on my left side.
Ontario last decade
when did you stat nux-v ?crazy that dosing...

get yourself started on candida diet.. net search and follow explicitly---and start use of probiotic--dailyat biggs meal (udo's choice super 5 probiotic)---start this NOW!

no acidic foods or drinks (coffee;al teas:carbonated drinks;fruits and fruit jices;all alcoholic beverages;pickled foods;vinegar;.etc)

NO foods with preservatives or additives

NO treated water at all

stop all meds also 3 days after strating diet and probiotic mentioned...ALL meds--nothing remotly medicinal to be used at all.

and take single (2 pellets) dose hepar sulphuris calcareum 30c

all clear? questions?

long road here..
John Stanton last decade
hepar after start new diet...
John Stanton last decade
There is a homeopathic medicine called IRIS VERSICOLOR

IrisVer. for short....take in 30C potency ..three doses in a day....no more than that.

Before starting on Iris Ver. on previous night take a dose of Nux vomica 200 ...to clear the -ve impact of all allopathic stuff you have taken.

Watch progress 3rd day onwards and let me know.

There will be others trying to mess around with this prescription....gud if you can keep them at bay.
Coz...considerable time,energy and expertise goes into making an accurate analysis and coming out with an appropriate recommendation.

Consider yourself lucky....many are waiting in the queue to gain attention.
Best wishes,
Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Ok John and Pankaj,

I have ordered everything you suggested. I will start the diet as soon as my books come with recipies. I ordered all of the remedies suggested as well. I will do everything you say and write back to you. I am happy that you have taken the time to help me. Thank you VERY VERY much!!!!!!!!
Ontario last decade
I started the nux-v on may 10 and the candicin on the same day.
Ontario last decade
You want me to quit klonopin cold turkey after all these years? If so, this REALLY scares me. VERY BADLY.
I have terrible terrible withdrawl when I don't take my usual 1/4 mg/day.
Ontario last decade
Ontario- I just wanted to comment and say I relate to alot of what you are saying.

I've had chronic sinus infections for over 5 years as well, constantly being thrown anti-biotics which never really worked. I started researching and found out a majority of my problems are most likely caused from Candida complex and started the diet as well. I'm taking probiotics for this too, also some natural anti-fungals (garlic, onions, cilantro, grapeseed is good too)
All of your anxiety sounds too familiar as well. You sound like you have gone through alot, and your addiction to klonopin I can relate, I was on Paxil for 4 years and had such a hard time getting off it. A year later I'm now having a relapse in anxiety and dealing alot with health issues. Have you tried cutting the pills even tinier and weaning that way? There will be withdrawl symptoms no matter what, you can take natural supplements to try and ease these like valarian root, chamomile, hops, kava kava, skullcap. I have an herbal complex from swansonvitamins that has most of those ingredients in them, it helps tremendously. Goodluck with your diet and homeopathy supplements they suggested.
bittersweet last decade
ontario---i dont mix treatments---start the diet--but DO NOT TAKE hepar....will not be effective when mixing remedies..as well hard to manage cas eas it is --

follow evry body elses advice-first --if must---if still need help--when done-and exhausted other options then-post back and we will resume ..ok?clear?
John Stanton last decade
Better stop all the medicine and go on continue the Kali Bich 6c daily three doses and see the result.
dr.deoshlok sharma
deoshlok last decade

yes ok! :)

Ontario last decade

The klonopin pills I have come in .5mg tabs so it is easy to cut them in half and get .25 mg and it is easy to cut the halves in half and get .125

It is when I get to .125 that I have terrible terrible problems with anxiety returning and after about 6 days of no klonopin at all I literally cannot function. I can't think AT ALL. I can't form sentences that make any sense. I made a mistake above saying I had trouble when I tapered off at .25 mg. It was .125
I can't cut the pills any smaller than .125 (1/4 of a .5mg). I have tried so many times to get off the stuff and just can't. I would like to continue trying though. Maybe once this sinus thing is cleared up and my anxiety settles down. I will also start eating more garlic. Believe it or not I like chopping it up and putting it on a spoon and swallowing it with cold water :) I have a couple of Candida cookbooks coming and a book that talks about it as well. I didn't even know Candida complex existed! I hope it and the prescribed remedies gives me some relief

Thanks for your thoughts!

Ontario last decade

If the blurring of vision comes just before the neuralgia begins ...it is IrisVer.......otherwise it is Kali Bich.

Best wishes,
Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Dear Deoshlok,
No desire to lock horns with you on this.

Seeking your opinion...why you chose Kali Bich. over IrisVer.....or do we need to go deeper with the patient and seek out other symptoms that would differentiate between applicability of one of the two meds.
Best regards,
Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
please do lock horns--it would be of interest--even taking homoeopathy to new levels ---the prescriptio to give is the doc whom is left standing alive after a fight to the finish...why didnt we think of this in past?so much easier than hard study and case taking...
John Stanton last decade
maybe kali bi and Irisare both wrong? just maybe?
John Stanton last decade
If you were given a complete say...John...you will always proclaim everyone else wrong....and your ownself right!!

But that is not the true situation....and many know it....fortunately.

Attitude !!
PANKAJ VARMA last decade

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