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This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
I believe that it is the TUMT (Trans Urethral Microwave Thermotherapy) surgery of your Prostate that is the reason why you have been afflicted with your present problem which your Urologist has very conveniently diagnosed as 'Bladder neck Obstruction'. If you did not have any such obstruction prior to your TUMT it is obvious that this is the real reason for your present problem which has been caused by your urologist inserting the TUMT probe too deep into your Prostate through the penis and thereby cooking the Bladder Neck in the process of heating the Urethra inside the Prostate with the Microwave probe.

I believe that you have a strong case to take action against this urologist for having left you the legacy of your present discomfort due to his negligence. I am not a Urologist and am not aware of the technique used to do this TUMT surgery but I would have imagined that it should have been done under the guidance of a Scan which would have shown your surgeon where precisely how deep he was pushing in the Microwave probe used to heat the Prostate inside to widen the Urethra.

Your Gonorrhea infection may have some bearing on your present problem but I feel that your TUMT is the real reason for your present problem. You may have contacted it after taking the advice of your urologist who you stated 'he gave me only vitamins and recommended me to have more sex.'

We can only hope and pray that the therapy I have prescribed will continue to help you and I would appreciate if you will please report your progress from time to time.
Joe De Livera last decade
I can't find Arnica Montana Liquid, in my country. I will use the tablets instead. I will try to join a gymnastic club , hope will work for me somehow. Al least for depression. Do you have any idea what kind of exercises I should do. Somebody told me the only chance to cure the condition its exercises because, because them bring a big amount of blood in to the affected area. Thanks again Joe.
adrianux last decade
wooow !! Joe is not a doctor, I swear he found the information about TUMT on Google !
Adrianux don't be scarred , consult a urologist first. The things are not as bad as Joe said. Arnica 30c may me usefull but not in this low dose !! You was right when you asked him about the dose because just 3 tablets on 500ml water, then drink only 3 teaspoons daily its absolutelly nothing. A sugest you to get them straight on the mouth ,2 tablets 4 times a day for few weeks then 1 tablet 4 times a day .
jean valjean last decade
Hi Everyone.

I was the person who first started this thread 5 years ago!! WOW, its really been 5 years?

Its a very long story how I came across this thread again. It was by chance, I was on another website, which led me to google something, which had this thread in the google listings, and clicked on it and was shocked to see replies posted in 2011?

Surprised I still had the username/passwd for this forum saved! Good to see people never forget! Joe is still here!!


Ok I am 25 now (So I was 20 when I posted this originally). I did take Arnica with Water 3x a day, and that did help a little bit, NOT hugely though. My Urologist gave me Flomax, but that gave soo much side effects, so I went back but another Urologist was there and he told me to stop taking that immediately as that is for men aged 50+ with BPH...not young guys with tight bladder necks. He said as long as you can get pee out, you should live life as normal - no medicine. So ever since then, I have been coping with going toilet on average 5-8 times a day. If Im out, I can manage 4x a day. But I cant drink water/juice as much as others. Just 1 glass is enough to set me off to go toilet 3x in 3 hours! TERRIBLE SOCIALISING TIME if you ask me!

But its the life I live, and have to get used to it.

Apparently, ejaculation helps? If you ejaculate, it allows you to last longer without going toilet (provided you urinated before you ejaculated). And if you do it before you sleep, then you can go whole night without peeing.
umer1 last decade
To Joe De Livera

I have urinary hesitancy and frequency problem since age 20. I am 65 years old now and consulted an urologist in 1998. According to the doctor there could be a problem in the bladder neck. Allopathic medicines did not help and discontinued after a few months. Since then the problem has remained more or less at the same level and I was in 'wait & watch' mode. Then I came across your remedy in this forum and started taking Arnica 30C in wet dose (3 times a day) for last 2 months. Daytime urinary frequency and flow have improved significantly though it could be still much better. However when I get up during the night (1 or 2 times) the flow is yet to improve much. I I have also noticed during last 3 years that voiding problem gets aggravated during air and train travel. Recent USG shows prostate volume approx 39cc. Kidney, bladder, PSA, creatinin etc - normal.
My question is - How long shall I continue Arnica 30C treatment and in what dosage? Any suggested remedy for treating voiding difficulties while on a long flight?
Sumitmut last decade
To Sumitmut

Glad to note that you have been helped by my Joepathy which as you perhaps are aware is not accepted by the classical homeopaths on this ABC forum.

As you may have already discovered I chanced upon Arnica 30 for my own Prostate 16 years ago and have taken a dose nightly or more often depending on need and am still around at age 82 to confirm to anyone who would like to listen that Arnica has proved itself to be the reason for my state of health up to today.

Continue with the Wet dose of Arnica 30 that I presume you are taking today and also add

Conium 6c in the Wet dose taken twice daily.

Report your response in a week.
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Joe De Livera last decade
Hi Joe,

I have been taking Arnica 30C wetdose for last 2 months thrice daily. Thanks to your Joepathy my urinary problem is much better as of now. Frequency has reduced from average 14 times a day to about 9 times (including 1/2 times at night). Flow as well as voiding is also much better except during night or inactivity.

As further suggested by you I am started taking Conium 6C wet doise twice daily for about 10 days. First 2 days things seemed even better - but after that there seems to be no further improvement over just Arnica 30C.

Should I still continue with Conium? Also how long do I have to continue with Arnica. Shall I try reducing dosage of arnica from 3 times to say twice daily?
Sumitmut last decade
I would like you to change over from Arnica 30c to the lower potency of 6c which you will take as usual in the Wet dose thrice daily for a month and twice daily thereafter.

It occurs to me that you may benefit from the lower potency and its experimental use may perhaps help you better.

Report results in 48 hours after the change over.

Stop the Conium which I do not think is indicated for you right now. You may however need it later as I have discovered 9 years after my Retropubic Prostatectomy. I now take 1 dose of Conium 6c daily in addition to the Arnica 30c.

I hope that you are exercising on a regular daily basis for at least 30 minutes as this is part of the cure.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hello Joe, Changed over to Arnica 6C since last 4 days. I feel there is probably some marginal improvement over 30C. I am on Arnica wet dose for almost 2 months and I am very satisfied with the progress so far. I will try to quantify it. My satisfaction level has substantially improved from say 5/10 to 8/10 (daytime) and to 6.5/10 (once in the night and first urination on waking up).

However I started having mild urgency incontinence problem (when toilet was not around) since last 1 month and had minor leakage 2/3 times. Could it be a side effect? I did not have this earlier. However pls note that at this time it is only a minor problem compared to the main problem. So long as it does not exceed this level I will be able to manage it.
Sumitmut last decade
Glad to note that Arnica 6c in the Wet dose has helped you better than the 30c. Many patients who were all post TURP surgery and were in your condition also preferred the lower potency. I may be able to suggest another alternative but prefer not to do so right now.

You will have to continue with Arnica 6c but taken twice daily for life and if anyone ever tells you that taking a remedy in the Wet dose on a daily basis for life is dangerous, please refer them to me. In any case you and my other patients do not have any alternative as the results are embarrassing.

It is likely that it is your mental state that was responsible for that feeling of anxiety you described:
'However I started having mild urgency incontinence problem (when toilet was not around) since last 1 month and had minor leakage 2/3 times.'

You may benefit from taking Nat Mur 6x dose 2 tablets twice daily and report in 48 hours.
Joe De Livera last decade
Are you exercising as requested on a regular daily basis?

Remember that exercise is an intrinsic part of my therapy.
Joe De Livera last decade
I am not a post TURP patient. I will continue with Arnica 6C as suggested. For the leakage I want to obseve for a few days more and then will try Nat Mur 6X if required.

Re Exercise: I do brisk walking for 30 minutes everyday. In addition I do free hand Yoga exercises for 30 minutes every morning. I think that will suffice.
Sumitmut last decade
To Sumitmut

My apologies for having mistaken you for a post TURP patient. There are so many on this thread that even I sometimes am confused.

You stated:
'I have urinary hesitancy and frequency problem since age 20. I am 65 years old now and consulted an urologist in 1998. According to the doctor there could be a problem in the bladder neck. Allopathic medicines did not help and discontinued after a few months.'

Yours is indeed a very unusual case which I am glad has responded to my default therapy aka 'Joepathy' which I have prescribed to many post TURP patients, and in your case, after 45 years of unnecessary suffering.

It is my hope that my classical critic will take note of this case.
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Joe De Livera last decade
Any Way 3 pellets is a low dose. , have you thought of putting five pellets arnica Montana in 500 ml water. It's worth a shot
neilnn2004 7 years ago
Hi, I am suffering for Bladder neck tight. Main symptoms are lower back pain, all muscle pain at leg and thighes, pain at kidney region. No feeling of bladder fullness, low urine volume, slow stream, takes time to start urinate, uncomfortable feeling, feeling like bladder is not emptied completely, no good sleep because of this, feel like heaviness and swollen at bladder region.
Please suggest medicine
sanky75 7 years ago
Even I feel my palms (hand and legs) are hot. Feel good when I put them under running water Tap.
sanky75 7 years ago
Hi, I am 27 old male, suffering from Bladder Neck Obstruction.
Main symptoms are:
Very Poor Urine Stream,
takes time to start urinate, feeling like bladder is not emptied completely,
Urinate frequency Low,
often cant urinate (after 6-8 hours, specialy during travelling in train) after putting so much pressure in bladder also,
(often) no feeling of bladder fullness.
I cant masterbate using my hand as it results into swelling so I use to rubb my penis upon bed or pillow.
During Sex mood doesnt last long & ejaculation takes too much time.
I have SlipDisc problem also in Spinal Cord (Lumber-L3,5).
Diagnosed by UROLOGIST :
Blood & Urine test normal,
USG (kidney/prostate) normal,
Urodynamic Test suggest for RADICAL or BLADDER NECK INCISION Surgery.

Please suggest medicine
because I dont need to go under surgery at this age which may results into Retrograde ejaculation problem (Inpotency).
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Srigo 6 years ago
hi joe is this page still available? i have also same problem urine retention
urineretention 5 years ago
Hi is this still forum still available
urineretention 4 years ago
hi joe....r u available on this forum..
meenocha 4 years ago
Joe is 85 now and retired from this forum. He still talks to people on his own site(www.joedelivera.com)
simone717 4 years ago

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