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10 week old with sleeping probs/reflux


My 10 week old son is a very restless sleeper and has a type of silent reflux that keeps him up. I went to a homeopath dr (im very new to homeopathy in general) and she presribed calc carbonica 30c 10 drops 2 x daily. Gave it to him fri, sat and sun - can someone pls tell me what constitutes aggravation/amelioration? He is spitting up less which seems to be an improvement but is still sleeping very badly. His eczema seems to have got worse, including his cradle cap. The dr has been unavailable all day and I don't know whether to continue or stop.

Please help!!
  Skhan on 2006-05-23
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
please stop the remedies for a few days and ask your homoeopath to review your case.
rishimba last decade
thks for your reply - do you agree with the calc carbonica remedy? what is the normal timeline for improvement with this remedy? Thanks!
Skhan last decade
calc carb may have been selected by your homoeopath based on the totality of the symptoms of your son and his personality type.

without knowing all the physical and mental symptoms and his general appearance, its difficult to comment on the suitability of the remedy.

one thing i would point out that you dont need to give 10 drops of calc carb 30c for a dose.

because you are using a homoeopathic dose, one or two drops are enough.

if his exzema has got worse, it may be a sign of aggravation. better consult your homoeopath and then continue.

also, if the child is not sleeping well, give one dose of CHAMOMILLA 30C one in morning and one in the evening. just for 2 days.
rishimba last decade
He seemed to be sleeping really well yesterday, took 2 hr naps which is virtually unheard of for him. But then last night he deteriorated again, didn't sleep at all, was very gassy and uncomfortable. Kept scratching his face and rubbing his nose.
I talked to my homeopath this morning and she said to try lycopodium 30c 2 x a day. I'm so confused as to what is right. I will try to give you a better idea of his symptoms:

1) has been spitting up milk
2) had his 2 mth vaccinations 2 weeks ago (dtap,hib,ipv)
3) very gassy, draws his knees to his chest frequently
4) milk 'gurgles' in his throat and he cries after feeding
5) constant swallowing, hiccups and also coughs from time to time when nursing
6) exclusively breastfed
7) generally happy baby, smiles a lot, doesn't cry unless really uncomfortable
8) likes to be carried around, is happy on my shoulder
9) Has a white coated tongue and sour breath - his hands and feet also smell sour
10) He has had a diaper rash on and off since birth and sometimes his stools are green

Do you need any more information? Thanks so much for your help
Skhan last decade
please excuse interruption --

mother of child--your homoeopath (WHOM PRSCRIBE CALC AND LYC) will not lead you through this---there is no 'try' in health treament--meds are prescribed and followed closely--if you do not have this service then--child and all envolved in for long ride--to ???

inform yourself what homoepathy is and how it is to be used --so as to ascertain that child is not geting guesswork...

agian please excuse interruption..
John Stanton last decade

the symptoms do not call for lycopodium.

i would advise you to change your homoeopath and go to someone else with fresh and unadulterated symptoms of the child after a few days.

check his stools and report back.

tonite just before the child sleeps, you can give him just one dose of NUX VOM 30C and observe his symptoms for the next 3 days.
record all the abnormalities and go to a different homoeopath in your locality.
rishimba last decade
John do you agree then that I should stick to what she said and give him the lyc?

Rishimba - his stools are on the watery side, very mucousy but the normal yellow b-fed colour
Skhan last decade
nux vom 30c one dose at night for 2 nights.

observe fresh symptoms of sleep, gastric, stool etc. and then go to a homoeopath.
rishimba last decade
no not at this time are you to give lycopodium....allow symptoms settle---if dire aggravtion come then nux -v --1 pellet nux-v 30c ok or 200c ---in 4 oz water---stri heavy --1 teaspoon dose-only one dose no need repeat --until acess-discard he rest...give in evening befor sleep....

but best no medicines at all--nothing remotly medicinal--and see where symptoms settle--othrwise be dog chasing its tail...ok?

if child is brestfed then --need know mother;s state of health..and in that case all remedies are o be given to mother only--not child--if need help and i dont post back then email...
John Stanton last decade
sorry, I did not get a chance to read the posts before going on holiday and I gave him a few doses of lyc. He seemed to improve throughout the time I was away, slept for long stretches of time (although he was in his car seat/stroller almost throughout, different to home) I stopped giving him the lyc when I noticed his green stools were increasing in number - they were bright green,small and frequent although not watery. After I stopped the lyc, he was fine for a few days but since yesterday when we came home, he's back to spitting up, not sleeping well and generally fussier. He's alternating between dark green stools and normal mustard stools but they are still very sticky/mucousy.

Is this because of the dual remedy? I don't mind letting his symptoms settle but what is the reason that he goes back to being a bad sleeper a few days after the remedy is adminstered? The same thing happened with the calc carb. Also pls note he was being given the remedies directly even though I am nursing. If I take the remedy for him, won't it affect my health? Sorry for all these questions - appreciate your patience in helping me learn how this process works

He's also sneezing very frequently and rubbing his nose constantly. His eczema seems to have disappeared from his cheeks - his forehead is still dry but no red spots like before. He scratches himself a lot, especially his scalp.

Skhan last decade
your state of health effect child through breastmilk...no seperation until child is weaned 100%..somanditory consider your health condition as well as child's--it is to be noted that strong emotions as well as foods/drugs/medicines..etc that mother envolved in-- can give rise to illness to child on the breast...just a note to keep in mind...

as for why relapse could be mother'[s indiscretion-or other maintaining causation...or remedies partila in homoeopathicty and not address underlying causation /ill...
John Stanton last decade
Thks for your reply - I understand what you mean.

I am in good health generally - since delivery though have had a low appetite and have been a bit worried mentally about my son's condition - cut out a lot of things from my diet, all dairy for eg which has me a bit stressed as I am finding it difficult to avoid it. I have a yeast infection right now - my son also has thrush. I have been taking acidophilus capsules for this.

Except for motrin straight after my delivery have not taken any meds.

My son has been spitting up since the morning, pretty much every hour and has not slept for more than 10 mins since the morning either. Should I give the nux vomica? I feel so frustrated - we were doing so well this past few days and all of a sudden, we're back to square one. I haven't done anything/eaten anything unusual.
Skhan last decade
Also: I do tend to have bad allergies myself, have done since I was a kid. Right now I'm reacting to something because my lips are red and sore.
Skhan last decade
no --do not give nux-v --need acess what i soccurring here...

how often taking motrin?whenlast had taken motrin?what reason you taking motrin?please explan thoroughly

how much antibiotic use in health history?when(dates)?reasons?
when exactly did yeast infection start?

why you avoiding dairy foods?

please explain you excat dietary intake thoroughly...include snacks /drinks/everything

what i syour weight?height?age?

child's current weight?lenghth?

100% breast fed?
John Stanton last decade
please explain chronologically in thoroughness order of events from before pregnancy on through to birth --up to currently---concerning mother and son's health history....include illnesses;accidnets;injuries;strong emotions;traumas of any sort (emotionally;mentallly;physically);all meds used;vaccinations;treaments of any sort (reasons why); ..include exact dates....---remember timeline data in thoroughness
John Stanton last decade
only took motrin after delivery for episiotomy pain. Took 1 tablet 2-3 times after birth. Not since then.

Also used aclovate cream for allergy on lips and nystatin for baby's thrush orally and also applied topically to breast. Am bfeeding 100%

During pregnancy, took antibiotic for urinary tract infection and aclovate once or twice. Took magnesium sulphate in iv after delivery as well.

Pre pregnancy - bad case of allergies - I react when I exercise, when it's too cold or hot outside (basically get hives) and sneeze a lot. Dust causes my voice to become hoarse and also allergic to grass and trees and cats. Have also had history of stomach imbalances, IBS - always very bloated and gassy and normally constipated- fruit makes me gassy so does milk and coffee. Even put on a lot of water weight during pregnancy which I lost soon after delivery. Developed mild preeclampsia towards end so was induced 10 days early. Had high bp and protein in urine. Both protein and bp are fine now. I also have a hemorrhoid that hasn't gone away since pregnancy. I apparently had the yeast during pregnancy but only took lots of yogurt. Noticed a lot discharge since about a week when I started taking acidophilus capsules.

Pre pregnancy, had a severe deficiency of vitamin d abt 2 years ago so was taking supplements for that. Went on atkins diet around then when I lost a lot of weight but my allergies became very bad, especially around lip area - very red, swollen - eyelids also affected. Usually happens when I put on nailpolish/remover or a lipstick that doesn't agree with me. If already irritated, becomes worse with tomatoes/acidic foods.

I rarely take meds, esp antibiotics. started avoiding dairy foods bc baby was gassy and had green stools and seemed uncomfortable - have read dairy is usually culprit so eliminated completely. For breakfast have eggs and whole wheat toast with ketchup. or toast and non dairy margarine. Glass of apple or cranberry juice (100%) - lunch/dinner usually chicken/meat curry and bread or turkey/egg sandwich again with whole wheat. Have been having some dark chocolate on and off though, that's my weakness. Snacks usually graham crackers and dry cereal. Have lots of fish too, fried usually. I am 28, weigh about 150lbs, and 5 ft 5 inches. My son weighs almost 13lbs, height about 24 inches.

My son was born 6lbs 3 oz without epidural, had agpar score of 10 but did develop jaundice. Lost over 10% weight after birth so dr made me give him a few oz of formula which i discontinued myself after a day. Has gained well since then but reflux has been bothering him - not a big spitter but always swallowing, appears to choke - pulls legs to tummy frequently. Also took nystatin solution for a week for his thrush but I think he still has it. Been bad sleeper since about 3 weeks old - before then he slept fine. Now he takes 1/2 hr naps and wakes up restless moving his head from side to side and his legs up and down. After the calc carb 30c, he seemed slightly better and I stopped giving it after talking to homeopath but then he deteriorated after a couple of days at which point she sugg lycopodium (she had indicated both when we visited her) I waited a couple of days, no improvement and gave him lyc - first day no change after that during my holiday he seemed much better - his eczema cleared completely on cheeks and almost clear on forehead - but he started producing bright green stools - called homeopath, she said to disc lyc if it continued which it did - so I stopped. He was fine for a couple of days, sleeping much better (although he was in his car seat throughout) and then since we landed at the airport, he went back to spitting up, hardly sleeping, generally very fussy - crying a lot more. He had his 2 month vaccinations on may 11th - hib/ipv/dtap after which he cried for 6 hours continuously and generally a week after that he was fussy, didn't smile/talk a lot. Went to homeopath, gave calc carb and he became much less fussy.

Think I covered everything - any other info needed? Thks
Skhan last decade
also - around 8 weeks, he had a sore throat and I developed a cold too. was sick for a week, no meds just vitamin c and honey/lemon.

My son also has nasal congestion pretty much all the time, makes sounds while breathing and seems to be stuffed up. He has started scratching his face/scalp a lot (has bad scales on scalp) and rubs his nose against my shoulder all the time. Since a day I've also heard him swallowing with a little pop like something was irritating his throat. Not sure if these are aggravations in response to the remedies? I still don't understand how both calc carb and lycop managed to make him better temporarily? Isn't only one remedy normally the 'right one'? How could both make some of his symptoms better? Thanks again
Skhan last decade
the area under his eyes has been puffy too and his left eyelid seems slightly swollen.Upper lip dry.

Today he coughed while burping and milk came out of his nose. His stools are not green anymore but still very gassy,mucousy and slimy.
Skhan last decade
skhan--temporary relief--wrong treatment--only partial homoeopathic to case---or maintaining block to cure as i previos mentioned...sometimes remedy selection is correct but manorof dosing is wrong---proper managment is required---

this case requires deep envolvement---better for me to do this by email---if need search out optins here at form first go head---and email me if wish me to continue---better for me to monitor closely.....
John Stanton last decade
Ok thks - since he was doing better under lyc (sleeping more, no eczema, generally more smiley/content) do you think an increased potency/dose might work? I only gave it to him for 3 days (2x a day 30 c a few drops)

When you say look for options on the forum,do you mean to research remedies?
Skhan last decade
i would be only guessing to tell you --go higher in lycopodim use...by what told so far --it is not certain ...what i see so far is mother's state is effecting case symptoms--by meds used and early forced birth --these are factors that need be addresse when deciding treatment---i will not take case on forum of this depth---email or in person best for me so as monitor and not lose track --in all the traffic that occur here....asfar as ''options'''--i was referring to prescriber's here at forum or local to you---if need explore those options firts--ok---but if wish me to get more envolved --you will need email me --saying so--and we proceed from there...no problem either way...
John Stanton last decade
My 6 month old has all the same symptoms (except we have not been using any homeopathic approaches) Have you figured anything out? we are at a loss and don't know what to do next.
sgward last decade

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