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hypoglycaemia, aggressiveness after eating sugar

Hi, I need advice on this one. I am 8 months pregnant and I MUST get off sugar immediatelly. I am expecting #2 child and I had the worst yeast in my breasts when I had my first and I have no desire to repeat that experience. I have been telling myself to get off sugar for years but I could never make it for longer than a month. Not the labor is approaching and I MUST do it and stay off sugar for a long time to make sure my yeast is under control.

I do not have uncontrolable cravings for sugar, i MUST eat sugar in order not to pass out and stop the shakiness when my blood sugar drops down. I tried to wean myself slowely, but it's just not working. I get horrible headaches and shakiness and I get VERY agressive if I don't consume some sugar.
I am not talking about white sugar either alone. I eat very healthy and if I do eat sweats they are made with less sugar and usually with some natural form of it.
The irony is that I get totally out of control if I do not replenish my blood sugar levels - I am very agressive and I am loosing my mind. But then I do eat some carbohydrates or sugar in some form, it gets better, but as soon as it starts dropping again, it goes right back to my wierd agressive mood. I HATE that. I stayed off suger for about 6 weeks once and I was totally different human being! I was loving and carring and calm, I slept good....then I slipped again and I am right back there.

I have very itchy anal, my breast are already starting to itch, I get sore throat, you name it.

I am currently under classical homeopathy treatment, with a local homeopath, but if I call him and ask him I know what he is gonna say. He's a strictly one remedy type of homeopath and he will not wanna give me anything else, but I feel like I really need help in this way.

So far I have taken 3 doses of Silicea 200C in past 2,5 months and it made an incredible differnece in my life, but it did not hit the sugar problem as much as I needed.

So I was wondering if I could just take Saccharinus officinale let's say 6C when I have these issues, like shakiness and such so I don't have to eat any sugar/carbs. Can I take it along with the Silicea that is already in my system?
Is it gonna intidote it?

I really need helo with this one or I will suffer tremendously after this baby is born again and I really don't think I can go through that one more time!

Thank you for any advise!
  Pavlina on 2006-05-23
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Saccharinus officinale is not going to antidote the effects of silicea.
rishimba last decade
It sounds like the hypoglycaemia is a symptom of Candidiasis - overgrowth of candida albicans. Pregnancy and the hormonal changes associated actually encourage candida overgrowth .

All your symptoms point to this, which is a systemic condition given how long you've had it and this is why sugar is such a big issue for you. To me, you have had this for a number of years, so all symptoms have become deeper - on the emotional / mental now , this is why it's become such an aggressive condition.

Candida albicans is a yeast that lives in all of us, but in some of us, especially women, it can get out of control.

SUGAR FEEDS THE YEAST so until you cut out sugar and elimate all yeast products from the diet, the candida will thrive.

This is why you felt so much better when you got off sugar for this time, what you were doing unknowingly was starving the yeast.

You can't begin an Candida cleanse at 8 months pregnant, but after breast-feeding I STRONGLY RECOMMEND you see a naturopath or natural health practiotioner and work through a candida cleanse. You must be strict with yourself and see it through to heal your gut. All the symptoms you are exhibiting are candida related. I'm sure you did have sugar cravings but these have become more serious now and you are on an emotional rollercoaster with your blood sugar. Same thing as cravings - just different expression.

To clear an infection, you need to starve it - so cut out the following: fermented drinks (including alcohol) and fungi, especially mushrooms. Reduce tea, coffee, and diet drinks. Aim for 8 glasses of pure water a day to flush out the bowel. No sugar. No refined carbs.
There are plenty of herbs to clear the infection which a good naturopath will guide you with. Garlic, for example, is a potent antifungal agent with a strong anti-yeast action. It inhibits the growth of candida and will prevent recurring infections if you take it long-term. Avoid garlic breath by taking odourless capsules that provide 900mg per day of the active ingredient (allicin). Aloe vera juice heals damaged gut lining. Drink a quarter of a glass, twice a day.

My favourite is GRAPEFRUIT SEED EXTRACT is a potent anti-fungal which will eliminate the Candida or CAPRYLIC ACID. Finally, replace the gut's good bacteria with a probiotic.

Believe me, when you get the candida under control , you will feel like a changed woman.

Until you can begin this CLEANSE, I would recommend that you replace the sugars with slower release ones that will still give you a sugar hit but a slower one than white refined one. Bananas, mangoes, papaya, dried fruit are all high in sugar.

Take a good quality probiotic - acidophilus and bifidus. Perfectly safe to take while pregnant and v. beneficial for baby during preg and while breastfeeding.
carlotta last decade
Thank you for your reply. I have had candida at least for 20 years, I know that. I grew up on antibiotics. Literally. I have been taking then since the day I was born till about 10 years ago when I discovered homeopathy and stopped taking drugs all together. I did not know I had yeast problems until my first child was born and breastfeeding became HELL. I breastfed him for 2,5 years despite of all the problems and I intent to do the same with this child.
Believe me I have tried everything possible out there for candida - everything you said plus more and more, but I never lasted long enought to kill it all. I do NOT dring ANY sodas, I do not drink coffee and teas, I do not add sugar to anything. I do eat sweats, but not that much! Really. My issue is carbs. I tried specific carbohydrate diet for while but the die off was killing me and I gave up. (I was already pregnant and could not take it).
I know everything I should be doing when it comes to diet, I have done lots of research but the physical symptoms are making it so hard!!! That's why I was asking about the saccharose because it suppose to help with all the symptoms I mentioned, so it would be easier for me to quit eating sugar.
Pavlina last decade
Rishimba, how about sulfur as intercurrent?, desire sweets and frequent use of antibiotics... And when the candidasymptoms have subsided then go back to sil. if still indicated...
Or would that mess up the case? And in what potency sachcarinus officinale?
kayhello last decade
I see , i see. You are aware of the candida. You didn't put a name to it, hence my long reply.

I hope you find some remedies here that help.

But you KNOW the diet is crucial to the case. When you up your protein intake, you don't crave carbs or sugars so much, do you know that? Tricks the brain. Lots of LEAN protein - chicken, fish, eggs, lamb ... all the best quality you can afford. Lots of veg. Not so much fruit though. Things like brown rice, quinoa, spelt flours, wholemeal . Lots more pulses like beans, lentils. Good fats - more avocados and Omega 3s.

Honestly I KNOW how hard this is, i've been there, but the diet IS the backbone to any treatment .

You say you tried all the usuals - have you tried a few in combination, or just one by one? MIght need to consider utilising an army, not just one soldier !!

Please , please don't despair and keep going with this. It's SUCH a pervasive health issue but overcoming it is SO incredible on all levels.

Keep posting.
carlotta last decade
'Pavlina' :
Nesha-India suggests the following, keeping in mind U R 8 months pregnant.

1. Saccharinum-200c (and NOT Saccharinus officinale), one dose liquid direct on tongue, just before sleeping, daily, till symptoms persist.
2. Silicea-12X (triturated Bio-chemic tissue salt) (and NOT Silicea-200c), 4-6 tablets atleast 4 times a day. PLUS Nat.Sulph-3X, 2 tablets atleast 4 times a day alongwith Silicea-12X.
BOTH (1 & 2) above to be taken simultaneously. Both are safe and do not antidote each other and will not cause any aggravations.

3. AFTER delivery of #2, consider taking Thyroidinum-200c, one dose, liquid direct on tongue, Daily, for about 3 odd months, for your chronic problems.

Since U R already under care of a Homeopath, please use appropriate discretion.

Remain Healthy & Happy ....... Nesha-India

Also read Other articles / posts by Nesha-India :
Nesha-India last decade

'I stayed off suger for about 6 weeks once and I was totally different human being! I was loving and carring and calm, I slept good....then I slipped again and I am right back there.'

I was diagnosed with reactive hypoglycemia almost eleven years ago. There might be some homeopathic remedy that will relieve symptoms, and it might be caused by candida or some other infection involving the pancreas, but the only proven way to eliminate the symnptoms is to eliminate most sugar from the diet on a permanent basis.

Whatever the cause, a hypogoycemic cannot process large amounts of sugar properly, as a quick rise in blood sugar causes an overreaction and too much insulin is produced, knocking the BS down too much and bringing on the HG symptoms you describe. Continue eating sugar and that becomes a continuous cycle, and symptoms can change and worsen over time if one continues using sugar.

I've read speculations that it might result from candida or other infections of the pancreas, and that might be true, but I don't think it's been proven to the satisfaction of most in health care. And I've also read that Oil of Oregano will eliminate candida, and some of the herbals mentioned by others who responded might help, such as Grapefruit Seed Extract.

But as you've said based on your experience, eliminating most sugar will eliminate the symptoms. And eliminating natural substances very high in natural sugar is also usually necessary, such as grapes, honey, canned fruit in heavy syrup, and any processed food with more than 2 or 3 grams of added sugar I avoid. Most breakfast cereals are loaded with sugar in the US. Regular soft drinks are a sugar bomb containing many teaspoons of sugar (up to 50 for super-sized drinks at fast food chains).

You might find other things that help with symptoms, but eliminating most sugar from the diet is the only thing proven to work, and it's the only thing that works for me.

But, I'd still try things that might help control the candida. I've used Oil of Oregano for several purposes, and it might have helped with HG.
Will88 last decade

Of course, there are precautions on most any drug or strong herbal concerning pregnant women. So, ask your health care provider whether anything you might try for candida is okay to take while pregnant.
Will88 last decade
Thank you thank you everyone for great advise!!

I will order those remedies and start using them.

Will Silicea also help with nipple problems? Like cracked and bleeding nipples? I think I will have that problem again when I start breastfeeding.
Pavlina last decade
better start your treatment with one dose of SULPHUR 200C two days before taking the remedies advised by nesha-india.this is because you have been taking a lot of antibiotics.

yes, silicea will cover cracking of nipples.
rishimba last decade
I was wondering why are some remedies that have been recommended here liquid? Does it matter if they come in pills or as a liquid? Is it just a personal preference or can I buy it in either form?

Does the liquid dilution last as long as pills? I mean for storage.
Pavlina last decade
OK, since I am at it and I have such great advisers here can I ask one more question?

At my last midwife appointment I had very low heamoglobin levels - 8.9!! I have been taking Floradix and eating LOTS of greans to make sure it gets better, also some colloid minerals.
Can I take something in homeopathic dilution to help this problem? Like Ferrum Phosphoricum 6X for example? (I am just guessing here)

By they way I managed to stay off sugar all day yesterday and I slept for much better and feel better today.

Once again, thank you everyone, I will keep you posted once I start taking the remedies.
Pavlina last decade
Iron is more easily absorbed from meat than from vegetables. So besides eating beans etc you can eat some more meat, also good for reducing sugarcraving... (if not a vegetarian of course...) also with the beans or meat you can take vit c. Don't take fruit juice, bad for your sugar-candida state. In this case better of with vit c tablets. Don't know if you're already taking vit c....
kayhello last decade
Vit c helps absorption of iron...
kayhello last decade
No harm in Ferr phos (Biochemic Cell Salt 6X) - helps form red blood corpuscles to oxygenate the blood stream + helps absorbtion of iron.

It's a matter of preference liquid vs sugar pills - some would argue liquid is faster and more effective form of absorbtion for remedies. Liquid usually in alcohol base rather than sugar/lactose so preferable in your case !
carlotta last decade
'Pavlina' :
Since you are 8 months pregnant, it could be inappropriate to take in many Homeo medicines.
FOR 'cracked and bleeding nipples', again avoid any medicines. The following alternative therapy will work wonders and is 1000% safe, for the mother and for the child as well.

Alternative Therapy : Immediately, after breast-feeding, apply a little pure 'Glycerine" (available in medical shops AND NOT readymade glycerine lotions) on and around the nipples. Massage a bit for a second. Leave it on. The cracked & bleeding nipples are taken care of within a week.
Nesha-India, assures you that this is the safest EVEN IF THE CHILD SUCKS ON THE Glycerine APPLIED NIPPLE. On the contrary, the child will have a safe & harmonious Gas free & Pain free bowel movement.

INCIDENTALLY, also during the entire lactating (breast feeding months), if the mother takes 30 drops, 3 times of AlfaAlfa-Q (pure Mother tincture and not OTC readymade formulations) then the child enjoys a vey very healthy and strong immune system, without the mother having to suffer any breast-feeding discomfort. AlfaAlfa-Q can be safely taken when on Thyrodinum, as suggested earlier.

Taking alcohol based liquid (potencised medicines) are more active in therapeutic action then taking in passive pills format, due to 1000% better drug-picture remedy absorption via the tongue receptors, which also takes care of any contamination residues on the tongue.

For increasing BloodIron levels : Ferr.Phos-3X (and not 6X) plus Calc.Phos-3X. 2-4 tablets atleast 3 times a day. Important : Do not change power of bio-chemics.

BTW, what is your BloodPressure levels, Thyroid Hormone levels and BloodSugar levels and BloodIron levels and BloodCalcium levels. Let's know if possible.

Do confirm / post over here, when you benefit from the above suggestions.

Remain Healthy & Happy ....... Nesha-India
Nesha-India last decade
Thank you Nesha-India for all your suggestions. I hope I am going to have much happier breastfeeding experience this time around!

Few questions - when you say don't change power of bio-chemics - you mean don't change the potency, right? Stick with 3X as you said, correct?
My blood pressure is fine, has always been rather lower then high. Last appointment was 118/60. HGB was 8.9
that's all my midwife does. It's a homebirth midwife, I've never been to a doctor during this pregnancy, because I am planning to give birth at home.

I've never been tested for Thyroid hormone levels which I probably should do sometime.

I just wanna make sure I understood correctly - when you mentioned Alfa Alfa-Q - I should buy mother tincture, ok? Not sure what OTC means.

Thank you again, I am looking forward to having troubless post-partum experience!
Pavlina last decade
'Pavlina' :
1. AlfaAlfa-Q is alcohol based Homeopathic pure MOTHER TINCTURE. It is tasteless without addition of Sugar syrup or intermediate excipients or other homeo medicines.
2. OTC = Branded Over The Counter medicines. OTC of AlfaAlfa-Q is added with sugar syrup and other homeo medicines. DO NOT take this.
3. Yes. Do not change the power means Do not change the potency (that's trituration power).
4. Good Luck and Good Wishes for your 'Home-Delivery' plans.

AGAIN, INCIDENTALLY, for stress & pain free and easy-slip delivery process : Think of Kali.Phos-12X plus Mag.Phos-6X. (Both triturated Bio-Chemic tissue Salts). Four tablets of each (total 8 tablets equals to one dose). Take such dose REPEATED EVERY 2 hours, ONLY ON THE DAY OF DELIVERY.

Please confirm everything with your existing local Homeopath.

Remain Healthy & Happy ....... Nesha-India
Nesha-India last decade
Dear Nesh-India,
I can't find Alfalfa-Q anywhere. I can find Alfalfa, but not with the Q at the end. Is it the same or something different?

Also about the glycerin - can I buy vegetable glycerin?

Thank you again!! I really appreciate your help.
Pavlina last decade
'Pavlina' :
1. Alfalfa-Q, is available thru this website (click on 'Alfalfa' on the extreme left). Also, your local homeo supplier would know it as 'Alfalfa-Q' or 'Alfalfa-mother tincture'. Buy a pound bottle, as you will need it for a long time. Anything else besides this is not feasible therapeutically for a breastfeeding mother. It is a simple medicine and widely available.
2. Glycerin - Vegetable Glycerin is just perfect and the safest. A 100 ml bottle would suffice for a year.
3. Let's all know when you offload, so that we all can send our remote smooches to the child.
4. To keep yourself in good humour, please regularly read the following link : http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/55158/
5. After you have offloaded, Ask Nesha-India, as to How to make your child have a Well-rounded Head.

Remain Healthy & Happy ....... Nesha-India
Nesha-India last decade
Hi Pavlina
how are you doing? Report back if poss with update...
carlotta last decade
Small update.....have been off sugar for over 2 weeks and I am totally loosing it.
Was not able to get the remedies yet (because of $$$) excpet the tissue salts so I am fighting it on my own.
Hoping it every day will get better but it's getting only worse. :o(
I am pure evil and I can't take it any more.
This makes me HORRIBLE mother who keeps yelling all the time and just wanna be alone and cry.
I gave up this morning and ha da very small hot chocolate hoping it would help to rais my blood sugar and not be so mean to my poor child, but it did not do much really. Everything seems too sweet now that I am off sugar. I don't even crave it to be honest. But it's so hard because my body is just not dealing with it well. Few days ago I was puking all day - I was SO SICK! Spend all day in the bathroom. But I did not give up I was convinced I am gonna fight this nasty candida, but I can't do it like this any longer.
Mornings are the worst before the blood sugar normalise a little bit. I try to eat lots of protein for breakfast but NOTHING is making much of a difference.
I am at the end but I am not giving up because if I do, breastfeeding will be hell in few weeks....I feel like I am trapped and I can't get out. I just wanna cry......
I WILL order the sacharinum hopefully in few days when we have $$$. I am praying it will make some difference. I feel worse for my little son who is suffering the most.
Pavlina last decade
'Pavlina' :
My heart goes out to you. I wish I could help you immediately with the medicines.
However, avoiding taking sugar at this stage of pregnancy is not advise'able, as far as Nesha-India analyses your case. Please continue your consumption of sugar, though minimum. It is risky for your unborn. Hope you understand.

As far as Candida is concerned, please do not bother for the current moment. Please post one month after your delivery and I'll guide you to solving the Candida problem.

Remain Healthy & Happy ....... Nesha-India
Nesha-India last decade
Thank you Nesha-India - I did resume eating sugar in very small amount - like yogurt for example or half of muffin for breakfast with other food. I decided not to push it so hard now and wait till after the baby is born.
I think I was doing more harm mentally by trying to avoid sugar so bad.
BUT I did order the remedies on Friday so I will get them sometimes next week and I am excited to try the saccharinum.
I will keep you posted.
Pavlina last decade
If you are able to get hold of Australian Bush Flower Remedies either on-line or from a good health food shop nearby, 'Peach Flower Tea Tree' is excellent for sugar cravings and has a balancing effect on the pancreas , and 'Green Essence' harmonises yeasts and sugars in your system to your own vibration.

I can vouch for both.

These are completely safe for you to take at this stage, also in conjunction with any homeopathy. Plus they work vibrationally / energetically and you will find as this is as much 'mental' as physical situation, will bring relief
carlotta last decade

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