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IS there any homeo medicine for reducing anger

My friend is very short tempered by nature. After marriage the problem has become severe. Sometimes he is too abusive and his wife is very soft. Is there any homeo medicine to reduce
anger problem or stubornness? She needs desperate help.
  rdutt on 2006-06-01
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Try in batch flower remedies for getting quick result i.e Cheryplum three times in a day.
dr.deoshlok sharma
deoshlok last decade
But there is no permanent cure. Relief is for short period.Nature cannot be changed.

sajjadakram635 last decade
Theoritically Colocynthis is the medicine, BUT nothing works, one must inspect one's mind.
Anyway he can try Colocynthis-30.
kuldeep last decade
I support Kuldeep.

Here is Boricke on Colocynthis:

Mind.--Extremely irritable. Becomes angry when questioned. Mortification caused by offense. Anger, with indignation (Cham; Bry; Nux).
Joe De Livera last decade
It depends on the origin of the anger. Maybe the angry person was an unwanted child or maybe something freightened him/her.

It's likely that homeopathy will not work if the person is unwilling to change.

I bet there are plenty of remedies that can help this person to some degree.

Hope others have more suggestions.
Pat2006 last decade
'rdutt' :
Let Nesha-India, take up the challenge,
Let us have some more mental pattern, in brief with appropriate examples.
Let Nesha-India, assure you that such problems can be reduced to normalcy.

A Quote by Jerome Perryman : 'When you are educated, you'll believe only half of what you hear. When you're intelligent, you know which half.'

Remain Healthy & Happy ....... Nesha-India

Also read Other articles / posts by Nesha-India :
Nesha-India last decade
Dr. Nesha India,
Thank you for help. My friend
is academically accomplished.. you understood what I meant.
he has good job and a Ph.D certi
ficate. But he has severe
anger problem and too abusive towards his wife. I dont what to tell them.

Can you please expalin elaborately how to help them?
As I understood he has double personality. When he talks to you very politely and very compassionate towards otheres. It is very difficult for us to understand but when I got close. I realised the problem.
I thought may be some chemical imbalance in the body makes him angry person.
Actually both of them are our neighbour and family friend. They are from India.
rdutt last decade
I am a bit confused, now who will treat whom.
homeo_fan last decade
May be something worked upon her, she has experience. Man.
lopez last decade
Hi Folks !!

There are many homeo meds that answer for anger.

Prominent are:

1. Bryonia
2. Natrum Mur
3. Iodium
4. Nux Vomica
5. Colocynthis
6. Staphysagria
7. Phosphorus

and some more.

The individual costitution has to be studied along with anger pattern, causes of anger or supression etc. plus physical symptoms ...to arrive at the correct medicine.

Best wishes,
Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
I agree with Pankaj. There are many many medicines for anger. Colocynthis won't help everyone. It could only be since marriage, it could have been lifelong, it could be something the wife is doing. It could be anger at being 'tied down' in marriage whatever reason he is angry then there could be different remedies.
Other high marked anger remedies include: Aconitum, Anacardium, arsenicum, aurum, chamomilla, hepar suplphuris, ignatia amara, kali carb, kali sulph, lycopodium, mercurius, nitric acid, petroleum, sulphur...., and the list goes on.

Is the anger from contradiction, from conversation, is it violent, is it causeless, does he have other physical symptoms, does he throw things, does he talk about it, does he yell??? So many questions we need to ask this man. Each type of anger may get a different remedy totally.

If he is angry about the marriage he could even be fluoric acid, because they don't like to be tied down, but again there are other remedies for anger at marriage.
There are also many remedies for the stubbornness!!!!!
So now I am ANGRY that people are just guessing what remedy he needs without knowing the whole story about this angry man!!!
Best speak to a practitioner who does the whole case history and /or lifehistory of this man!!! Best wishes Emma
emmanaturopath last decade
bravo ...emma !! you said it !!
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Now who will treat whom?

That is the question

How ironic!!

Two very angry people who are attempting to treat another very angry person.
buddahtemple last decade
Buddhatemple ...may we know about your contributions to homeopathy.
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Words of a sociopath

No guilt
buddahtemple last decade
I request no sarcastic here. if you do need help, then do not read this thread. I need to help my friend.
rdutt last decade
I would suggest Goji. Also know as the happy berry. It is an all natural juice that does a wonderful job of balancing our bodies. 888-832-6688
GratitudeGuide last decade
Dear Pal Buddhahtample, may we know your views in general?
kuldeep last decade
There was some typo mistake. I request no sarcastic comment here. If you do not need help on this topic, then pls do not read this thread.
rdutt last decade
rduff is that all you think about....your own self

just your way of keeping helper around.
buddahtemple last decade
'rdutt' :
Nesha-India, is not going to go thru your friend's individual constitution nor is going to ask for many questions, which obiviously will be difficult for you. I'm going to ask less and theorise more.

When handling such remote cases, I'm going to handle this case with some 'psycic intitution', which goes as follows, WHICH KINDLY CONFIRM, with a Yes or No and 'wherever possible' with examples and explaination.

Your friend :
a) Is highly sensitive to what people (specially wife) says or thinks about him.
b) Is highly systematic about his work, his principles, his methodology ...
c) Is highly expectant about precision from his own people, friends, relatives
d) Is having sudden acute flare-up type uncontrollable anger
e) cannot tolerate liars, cannot tolerate delays
f) is highly sensitive & emotional
g) prone to or has digestive distrubances, (mostly) with high acidic levels, Gas.
h) feels financially unsecure and worries about his financial condition.
i) sort of shabby personality, sort of unclean (can wear the same shirt for 2-3 days)
j) his sex life is unsatisfactory
k) is mentally overworked with lots of fluctuating thoughts/plans/building air castles ...

BTW, If you can get details :
What is his Thyroid levels, Blood pressure levels, Blood sugar levels, Blood iron and Blood Calcium levels.

THE HUSBAND, should start on the following ;
1. Hyoscyamus-200c, one drop liquid, direct on tongue, one dose only, the last thing every night JUST before sleeping for 15 days ONLY. This is potencised Homeo medicine. On the prescribed dose pattern, this medicine won't create any aggravation and can be taken safely.
2. Alongwith above, the following triturated bio-chemic tissue salts.
Kali.Phos.-12X (4 tablets) + Nat.Phos.- 6X (2 tablets) + Calc.Phos.-3X, (4 tablets)
Total 10 tablets equals to one dose. Minimum 3 doses (30 tablets) per day.
Dissolve all 10 tablets in half cup hot water. Sip very slowly, keeping each sip on tongue for a moment or two. Finish such dose. Repeat every 5th hour.
3. Do not change the potency / power of medicine. Do not change pattern or reduce / increase dose of medicines. Continue Bio-Chemics, TILL feedback to & from me.
4. Should drastically reduce all high Sodium foods, like Salt, Sugar, Cola type drinks, junk foods and ANY artificial supplements (vitamins, minerals, oils, herbs) & so on ....
5. STRICTLY : No milk or milk products, whatsoever. (for WHY : read this link : http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/52848/ )

IMPORTANT : The above therapy itself should provide nearly 50% relief. The next round of medicines (which will change his attitude pattern) will be totally different and would be possible after appropriate feedback from you.

THE WIFE : (till condition stabilises) should attempt to talk very very less, no agruments, no reasonings, no justifications, no attitude, Just be neutral. THIS may seem like voluntary penance, but in the long run, will be well worth in kilos of DeBeers diamonds, after a few months. That's an assurance from. who else, but only from Nesha-India.

Nesha-India, suggests that the couple, have a live internet chat with me for a one-to-one counseling and appropriate auto-suggestion. Details of contacting me is available, when you click on my login name.

A QUOTE : 'There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so'

Remain Healthy & Happy ....... Nesha-India
Nesha-India last decade
Look, who is treating whom.
lopez last decade
remain healthy & happy .......

yeah, & happy .........
lopez last decade
Pls stop and donot come here. you can create your own thread.

Dr. Nesha,
Thank you very much. If possible I shall communicate
through email.
In answer to your questions

1. I heard his childhood was little too strict. He is very very introvert and does not have many friends.

2. not so much of principle.

3. having sudden acute flare of anger. This is very very true and takes extreme step. before this was so bad. But now sometimes this has become worse. That is why she thinks may be due to some chemical imbalance. He is 44 yrs.
4. In answer to question # e.
this is just opposite. Sometimes he does mistake and tries to hide that mistake by lying instead of correcting. That is the start of argument. This makes wife also sometimes talking back.
5. He does not have digestive disorder but high blood pr.
6. never worries about financial condition rather very much spender. That is another reason of argument.
7. In answer to your question # i). true.
8. in answer to question #j)
I dont know.
9. question # k) he never expresses so.

He has history of high blood pr, thyroid never checked before, blood iron --normal
calcium -- not checked before.
The medicines you mentioned -- does he need to take in empty stomach or?

Thanks so much.
rdutt last decade
Sorry, OK. I will leave angry people alone.
lopez last decade

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