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blepharitis sufferers...

An online forum/support group for blepharitis has been created for you here: blepharitisforum dot com

Excuse me if I have posted this in the wrong place. I believe it is relevant here as I have seen blepharitischalazionstye related questions here. Thanks.
  blepharitis on 2006-06-02
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
I have blepharitis and have had for at least two years. it is not sure just very swollen, uncomfortable sometimes itchy. It seems to be connected emotion and my periods which are very light and short. have you any advice?
freya last decade
Check yourself for food intolerances, it was a big problem for me (now gone thankfully, through kinesiology and of course, homeopathy).

john34 last decade
I am suffering from blepharitis and in my research I learned that the homeopathic remedy Pulsatilla works to treat this. Has anyone tried this and how long before you get rid of the condition. I am taking this remedy and it seems to be working however I am looking for feedback from anyone who has additional knowledge with this condition. Thanks!
giggs last decade
I have done lots of research and experimentation. I havn't fully cured it but it is a lot better. I am taking fish oil as an anti-inflammatory. I bathe my eye morning and night with green tea and put a 30% calendula ointment on my eye at night. both are very soothing and help with the itch and are anti-microbial. I also think there is often a psycological basis to this things. in Japanese facial diagnosis the eye lids show the internal state of the spleen/pancreas meridian, which is about nourishment and connection to earth. I strongly recomend reading more about this. and also strongly recommend reading 'love your desease'. the author i can't remember.
freya last decade
To Freya
Thanks for the info I appreciate it!!
giggs last decade
Homeopathy has meds for blepharitis. But patient has to post complete case history.

The right choice of the med will eliminate the problem completely.

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
What kind of a case history do you need? constitutional type? symptoms? medical history?
freya last decade
Medical history from childhood till now. Current symptoms.
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
that is such a large thing to write down. i'll have a go. asthma from age three (now mostly cured through various alternative means). at this time my parents discovered alergys to wheat and dairy and low tolerence for sugar. but i didn't stop eating these things until 4 years ago. had glandular fever, or something similar, (it was never actually found in blood tests), at the age of 14, and had chronic fatigue symptoms until big change in diet mentioned before and introduction of lots of yoga. i was vegetarian until this year when i found that i was very aneamic so i am now eating small amounts of red meat 3 times a week and a little fish and chicken. my symptoms now are: residual asthma when i do vigerous excersise and very occasionally in reaction to something environmental, and this blepharitis. i first noticed it winter '05. it's my right eye only, symptoms are swollen eyelids,(worse in the morning) and under the eye, like a bag, itchy on lower lid, a little pink,if i don't keep it clean i develop scaly stuff a bit like dandruff on both lids. I also have this on the other eye but no swelling and eyelids on both eyes often sting when i'm tired. is that enough information? thanks for you time.
freya last decade
Where does the allergy show up and in what form ??
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
During 24 hours...at what time is the asthma worse ??
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
sorry i don't understand what you mean by where the allergy shows up. do you mean where is the blepheritis or is it a question about my asthma?
i havn't documented what time the asthma shows up. it seems to vary greatly. because it's a reaction to something. it is also definately connected to anxiety sometimes, physical as in excersize or emotional. but i also react to extreme cold, dust and some dogs and cats but not all. i also tend to get itchy eyes and general feeling of discomfort around some animals.
freya last decade

I am 30 years old and have been suffering from Blepharitis since Oct 2007. I used to get repeated eye infections for which I consulted an Eye Doctor and it was under ontrol. But my Eye Lash Falling has not at all stoped I have been on Homeopathy but nothing has worked out .My eye lashes
continues to fall .I have swollen lids and white dicharge form the eye. My Homeopathy doctor has not been able to help me. I really dont know what to do.I am loosing my confindence in Homeopathy. I know Homeopathy has a cure for this but have maybe have not found the right Homeopathy Doctor for the same.
I desperately need someone to sincerely help me with this problem. In case any more details are required from my side I will give the same.Please help.
meher last decade
I too have tried homeopathy for my blepharitis - with no success. Perhaps the tenuous link between the use of calundula (eye bright) and its use in homeopathic treatment is indeed far-fetched.

Don't give up on natural remedies, however. Look out for Manuka Honey (the sterile 15+ kind) and explore how to incorporate it into your Blepharitis treatment regime.
allanw last decade
well i've been well cured for some time now. and actually the thing that had miraculous effect was not homeopathy. so i'm not sure if it is appropriate to mention it here. but the Buteyko breathing method. cured my blepharitis and my asthma. and I highly recomend those without asthma to look it up. a great book to read is 'asthma free naturally'. for asthmatics, but also for people with so called unexplained illness. anything from cronic fatigue to skin conditions to digestive disturbance and more. simple breathing exercises to completely change your level of health.enjoy.
freya last decade
Freya - has the buteyko breathing continued to help with your asthma & blepharitis?
Do you know of others who have treated blepharitis successfully with the buteyko breathing method?

golfy last decade
Hello All,

Three different ophthalmologists diagnosed me with Blepharitis and prescribed the usual treatment regimen including eyelid scrubs, steroid drops, etc.

Unfortunately, it only got worse over the years. My eyes were always red - my co-workers probably thought I was drinking or smoking (I wasn’t). Dark bags under my eyes made me look 20 years older than I was, it was terrible.

After suffering for five years I decided to read everything that I could find on Blepharitis and found two guides that changed my life! The first was an ebook written by Dr. Banerji called “How to treat Blepharitis & Eye Allergies and live symptom free”. I found it at blephguide dot org. The second was written by Dr. Latkany on dry eyes.

After reading these two books, I actually made an appointment in NYC to see Dr. Latkany. It turns out that while my symptoms were that of Blepharitis, eye allergies was the primary cause and was contributing to my problem. I then tackled my eye allergies with the help of an allergist and an allergy shot regimen, and after six months am finally living symptom free!

I truly wish the same relief for everyone that reads this posting.

Blessings to all,
Christine A, Florida.
ChristineAnderson 7 years ago
To Freya,

Where did you get your 30% eye ointment? Is it sterile and what was the cost?

I currently am using the Refresh Preservative Free Nighttime Eye Lubricant Ointment but now I am getting increased blurred vision and sensitivity to light, even though it does help with the dry eye pain in the morning.
lbe10 6 years ago
Indian lilac leaves have antibacterial and antifungal properties. They are useful in treating dandruff on eyelashes and scalp. You will get rid of blepharitis when dandruff is treated. Also, you will find relief in eye itching and eye inflammation.
shashank1235 2 years ago
Just to say, i am a new comer to all this. I am presenting trying ACONITUM NAPELLUS 30 c.
This is the first that blepharitis became so acute. I am now readng about other people's
experiences, and that does help. It appears that it is mostly an allergy. Do you all
agree on this? It is also synonymous with dry eyes? Do you all agree?
I will report what my experience has been with ACONITUM 30C.
lillyri last year
lillyri said Just to say, i am a new comer to all this. I am presently trying ACONITUM NAPELLUS 30 c.
This is the first that blepharitis became so acute. I am now readng about other people's
experiences, and that does help. It appears that it is mostly an allergy. Do you all
agree on this? It is also synonymous with dry eyes? Do you all agree?
I will report what my experience has been with ACONITUM 30C.
lillyri last year

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