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This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Anyone heard about painting your tonsils with iodione? I'm schedueled for tonsillectomy next week, I'm a 29 year old mother i'm not too sure I want to do it, I heard such horror stories.
In any case iodione wont hurt right??
llugo last decade
I would like to share another story about this “Unqualified Homeopathy doctor who gave me the insight to treat tonsil stones”. In those days I was in India and he appeared at my door at mid-night and requested me to join him regarding an emergency.

He took me on his motorcycle in a poor neighborhood and there in a home a man with huge inflamed belly was lying, staring at the ceiling. Man was all blue-yellow. Whole room was stinking of bile. This is the standard practice in India that when a patient is about to die, hospitals reject him and send him home so a death would not be recoded in a hospital’s name.

That layman doctor asked me to help him, only thing he said to me to mark the approximate boundaries of his liver lobe on his tummy (like I am an expert). I did that (using my layman’s knowledge) and then he took out a thickest syringe and started pumping out green liquid from man’s liver (it was his first experience with the syringe but he was a bold courageous man) Whole crowd was watching us.

This layman doctor can’t not read English but can only read Punjabi so was unable to update his knowledge in human anatomy even in a layman’s terms. Only book he has a Boeirike’s translated Materia Medica.

He removed a gallon of liquid and then stared giving the patient a liquid of Naturm Sulphate. I left at morning and patient was a bit better and asked for some tea.

Today that patient is healthy and well.

I have some other stories about that unqualified doctor. He was the one who asked me to find Helix Hedera for a poor kid.
kuldeep last decade
Bringing it up in the interest of people.
girilal last decade
I have been trying to find answers for my daughters's tonsil and swollen adenoid problem for a long time. She is 6 years old and is scheduled for surgery next week. I was desperate to avoid surgery and saw your post. On my way back home I purchased both Merc Iod flavus and ruber . since her left side is mostly affected badly I was supposed to use ruber but I mistakenly gave her falvus 2 globules twice a day. they are big globules(3X).
Within a day I noticed that I could barely see the tonsil on the right side, the redness is still there but the left one is swollen and occupying all the place. Her difficult breathing is eased little bit when she sleeps on her rt side.

Pl tell me if the dose i gave her is too much as latter in your post I saw you advised dilutions of the 3X medicine. Further If I can start ruber now.
anamikagulati last decade
Postpone the surgery for the time being, we see patients in worse condition after any organ is removed. Adenoids, then tonsils then thyroids and once you start there is no end.
dr mehmood last decade
Dr. Mehmood is absolutely correct. AS I have said earlier too on another thread, the surgery can even make the case 'incurable' .
sameervermani last decade
Give her Merc Iod flavus and ruber in cycles but not in less than 6C potency.

Dissolve two small pills in half empty one liter clean water bottle, shake it very well at least 50 times. Drain off that water and keep just a spoonful, again fill the rest of bottle by half liter water and repeat it 4 times.

Now use this bottle as medicine, have two bottles for each Merc Iod flavus and ruber.

One spoon of that liquid thrice a day to your daughter. Most important is the dose at bedtime. Use one bottle as medicine for one week and other for other week.

Best indication is the relief in pain, any other visible change may menifest later on because it takes a while to notice tissue changes.

Merc Iod flavus and ruber are basically same thing but one is made by chemical reaction and other is made in neuclear reactor, cycle configuration is opposite hence they affect opposite areas.
girilal last decade
Thanks to all for the response

Yesterday was even better. i had given one pellet of ruber. She has never complained of pain or difficulty in swallowing. Our main problem was she had obstructed breathing and she would gasp for breath.Such episodes had become very common and we could see her put a lot of pressure on her lungs to inhale while breathing and that is why the surgery decision was taken.

The dilutions you have reffered to are to be made out of the 3x pellets or i need to have some other potency.
anamikagulati last decade
Please use the exact same medicine and make dilutions. Once this batch is working so do not change it, just stick to it.

This medicine is SOS, later on symptoms may demand different medicines.

Also Belladonna is complimentary to Mercury (I feel from my own experiences) so you can also give him belladinna when he is in discomfort.

Please postpone the surgery.
girilal last decade
An email to girilal


Things have occurred as you said.

a) two weeks of treatment
b) 3th week no visible results. Indeed she was pseudo-vomiting mucosa
with blood several times. First the blood was very fresh and red and the
last vomiting was with dry and obscure blood. Since that, no other bad
c) 4th week. She is in good mood and stronger. She says that the last
vomiting with dry (as scab) blood was the ejection of wickedness. In
summar, this last week very good in all aspects.

She is going to surgery following doctor recommendations by Feb. the
25th (the hiatus hernia is 5cm of diameter....) and now she has the hope
the doctor does not see so important the Barret's illness in her aesophagus.

You have give us a door to the hope.

We are very grateful with you. You can not imagine the good you have
done with your collaboration where nobody gave answers in forums....

In one month, when surgery arrives I will tell you the impression of
doctors after looking at the aesophagus.

God bless you.

Best regards

Pedro Sánchez

Praveen Wadhwa escribió:
> This recipe of medicine will definitely give her relief within a week.
> People suffer even after the surgery because it is the body that is
> rebelling. So medicine will help even if surgery is opted.
> But who knows, she might never need a surgery.
> On Dec 17, 2007 7:39 AM, Pedro Sánchez Palma > wrote:
> Today she will start the treatment.
> Any way, I suppose the surgery is not avoidable because the hiatus
> hernia sizes 5cm of diameter....is it?
> regards
> Praveen Wadhwa escribió:
> > There is still some time for the surgery. I you would like to pursue
> > the treatment aggressively, please do the following.
> >
> > Lycopodium 6C thrice a day.
> > Crotalus Horridus 30 twice a day
> > Nat. Phos 6x thrice a day.
> > Prefer Nat. Phos homemade it possible:
> >
> > If significant relief appears withing a week, no need for the
> surgery.
> >
> > Take care.
> >
> > pw (girilal)
> >
> > On Dec 16, 2007 5:18 PM, Pedro Sánchez Palma
> >
girilal last decade
Thanks... yesterday night we were up again as though the child was asleep we could hear obstruction and her gasping for breath. I have made dilutions and started with ruber yesterday night. Her throat swelling looks better but this constant obstruction due to swollen adenoids is maddening. Can you suggest some SOS or some homeo inhalers etc..
anamikagulati last decade
SOS are belladonna and arnica. Both are for inflammations and circulations. To treat him aggressively, try all three medicine but with at least 2 hr gap.
girilal last decade
OK Thanks. Which potency of Arnica and Bell, I have them in 30 . Is it fine.
anamikagulati last decade
Forgot to add... The was better yesterday. One thing I want you to know is that the tonsills are visibly better though the major problem obstruction during sleep is still there. I am hopeful it will get still better
Thanks for all your help
anamikagulati last decade
Not just the tonsils are inflamed, kid has inflammation in all mucus producing passage. Yes most inflammation is manifesting in tonsil area. Use Belladonna 30 and arnica 30 to get down the inflammation fast.
girilal last decade
Thanks so much, its getting better each day. Now there is absolutely no redness in her throat. She also has recurrent UTI which is at present managed thru homeo medicines only, other wise she was on antibiotic prophylaxis. Her other details and congenital problem are in another thread called ' sleep apnea'. If you get sometime I would request you to go thru it also. Or if you want I can again give a detailed account here.

...already started Arnica and Bell. please advise for how many days

Best Regards
anamikagulati last decade
Probably Arncia and Belladonna may cure the child.

Down the road Lycopodium is in my mind but it is a bit early.

Hope surgery has been postponed.
girilal last decade
Hello Dr i read you article on internet and was very impresses i have a big problem with my son who is 2 yrs 7 months he has some allergy (CHILDHOOD ASTHMA, WHICH THEY SAID WIL GO ONCE HE IS 6RS OLD AND ALSO ONCE IMMUNITY IS BUILD, WE DONT HAVE ASTHMA ON EITHER SIDE OF THE FAMILY) and had dry cough, off and on,which stays for long time, cold once in a while which goes 10 days or so, he also use to have throat congestion, infection, and in dec he had tonsilities, which was treated, was given antibiotics a lot of times and that affected his health, not that he is chubby, but he did stop eating and all
he is a very active child, happy child, but a fussy eater
now after 7 months on 9th july he had throat infection, no fever but only swollen tonsils with white spots on tonsil and throat and the inner passage too, he had no fevr only dry coug,and as if something stuck inside which he was trying to remove,
wondering why he did not have fever as he always had fever when he had infection but not this thime
and was on antibiotics a course of 10 days AGUMENTIN DDS 2.5ML TWICE

now he has red ,swollen tonsil and wet cough which is not going and slight cold with nose congestion, so i checked his mouth and saw tonsil, he always has this throat problem
mostly his right tonsil,even his ight ear had infection once

ALSO He is on

about my son who is 2 yrs 8 months now,he is happy very activ boy,can bear pain,only if its high fever he wants me to jhold him,or else he bears pain, he is fussy eater,also is on milk most of the time,its not that he does nt eel hungry but he wants all junk like choclate,biscuits etc which i avoide,he is very friendly,does not like if we say no to certain things,but ill soon say sorry and do as we tell, his unerstands 5 langugaes and tries to speak but few of his words are not clear yet
he sweats in his head much,he likes ac and cool climate,he is not distrcutive,loves cars, chotta beem, dry chicken,like tikka kabba etc,i had given him ice cream but he was not sick during summer
motions are ok unless he has chocltaes
drinks lots of water

pease help and advice if any more deatils needed i would given
please i want him to be free of all the trouble,he nevers gets tired so i hope he is not asmathic and ist just allergy which will go away
thank you god bless
neeta29 last decade
Hi ,
May i know the doctor address in india for Enlarged Tonsils treatment you mentioned at the begining .Thanks in advance
[message edited by bichu10 on Sat, 20 Aug 2016 02:29:51 UTC]
bichu10 6 years ago
Hi ,
Does the dosage same for 30x as well. Unable to get 3x , but managed to get 30x . Is there any change in dosage .
bichu10 6 years ago
sir these medicines can be given to 2 yrs child also
ridhimaawasthi 5 years ago

Yes medicines like Belladonna, Merc. can be used in young children too. But medicines like Psorinum and Tuber. mentioned in the earlier pages need to be used with caution.
maheeru 5 years ago
i have given tuber 1m only one dose to my 2 yrs child .she is not able to talk yet . very lean and thin. also i am giving her bartyacarb 1m weekly for her fearfull and irritable nature. and this medicine is working.she never goes to anyone . not like to play with others. having frequont cold and throat infections . her throat is congested everytime with cold allergies. now please give me advice.her nature is irritable, stubborn and crying most of the time.
ridhimaawasthi 5 years ago
If somebody who is good in homeopathy suggested Tuber 1M then it's ok or if it's self medication be cautious and be judicious in usage.

If you want help for your child you can open a new thread with more details. Or if you have already done that continue with that thread.
maheeru 5 years ago

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