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Getting pregnant - This is how it works

Dear forum members and visitors, Over the years I have encountered many woman who were trying to conceive, and it has not always been a pleasant ride, however most of the woman have learned and are now mother. Here is my teaching that I have learned over the past twenty years, may it shine some light on this topic and maybe you can recognise some stresses that are keeping you from getting pregant.

Babies are born from kisses

When I still was little I thought it to be a fact of life – something not even questioned. Growing up and learning to be a doctor I didn’t bother my head about it nor did I find it necessary to convince myself otherwise. I didn’t need another kind of truth. Some decades ago people found it hilariously funny that some Eastern philosopher had called kissing the most intimate contact between two human beings. As back then I had no personal opinion on that matter, so it is only now that I can say that the man was right.

How did I come by this kind of information? By treating childless women.

The first group conceived immediately after their first appointment. I had explained the mistakes in their way of thinking that had caused them a subconscious block against getting pregnant – the fear of not being able to have children in any case, the fear of being a bad mother, the fear of giving birth to a sick baby, the fear of not being able to grant the child’s material well-being, not wanting a child by that particular partner, waiting for more favorable circumstances, etc.

All fears have a blocking effect on a specific region on the body and the women cannot conceive. And even if she does, the foetus will be wasted out of the body by the first period. The most important thing for any woman is to love her husband and trust him to take care of the material side of life. I convinced those women to see the good in their husbands and in a matter of weeks or even days they all were with child.

The second group of women got pregnant within the next half of a year. They needed to be treated for the inflammatory diseases they had and their complications. I didn’t stop repeating the main thing – love works miracles. One has only to admit her bad thoughts, let go of them, love one’s husband and everything will find a way of working out. I had touched a string in their heart and made it sing a melody they subconsciously had already known. Most of the pregnancies were normal. Some terminated because the women were domineering, hysterical and un-motherly. By aborting spontaneously, the babies demonstrate that they were afraid to be born to a mother like that and that they’d rather leave.

“But how can this be?” you may think. “The spirit of the child is supposed to be all-knowing. He should know everything that’s going to happen to him in advance. Why bother coming at all then?”

The spirit has an overwhelming need to come to the physical life to learn about its laws. But as mankind prevents the natural flow of life by the use of contraceptives then the spirits don’t have a lot of choice. So they hurry to take whatever is available to them. Spirits are in the process of learning but as human spirits are on the level where mistakes are still made then such an incomplete and painful lesson is necessary, too. They can hope for something better but the mother who had changed her way of thinking just for the time being and for the reason of getting pregnant, only to get back to her old ways the moment she has conceived, will chase the baby away. The majority of children who aborted were boys, unable to bear their mother’s greed and aggressive feelings towards men.

The majority of modern women appeal to their husbands’ sense of duty – she is carrying his child so he should obey her every command. Rather than see his father humiliated for his sake, the baby will leave. A child is a great lover. His love is free and he will rather sacrifice himself than let someone else be enslaved.

The third group of women mostly consisted of businesswomen – all nice intellectual and well-mannered ladies. Like everybody else, they fell into two subgroups. The first had work as their number one priority. They didn’t like wasting time in anything they did. Time is money and thoughts serve no purpose of making it. Children and a consumer attitude towards life don’t mix and nothing of real value cannot be achieved in a rush. A child knows that being born in a family like that he would not have any parents at all but a pair of competitive athletes focused on winning in the chase of life.

The second half of those women were earnest and patient seekers. They agree that wealth and success are fine things but deep down they know that a child is better. Talking to the spirit of her future baby will draw the mother’s attention to the flaws of character she has to work on. Some women have to learn a sense of balance, some have to learn to be more accommodating, some – how to bake a pie, some – how to knit, some – how to love a child’s father, some – to correct her past mistakes. A lot of women have had more than one sex-partner. A child doesn’t like that because this tells him his mother still doesn’t know how to love.

Hearing all this startled the women. They themselves had never thought of those traits as flaws of character. But the spirits of children have a different opinion: they tell that these women are not yet ready to become mothers.

Feelings make a woman. A little girl in her naïve ways has not yet become a woman, a businesswoman with her wheeling and dealing has ceased to be one. A young woman adoring everything about her partner – including his mistakes – will have no trouble getting pregnant. If only other people would let her carry the pregnancy to term… Unfortunately this is often the time when parents choose to interfere with their daughter’s life, trying to force on them a lesson that is long overdue, doing their best to destroy the life of their grandchild and needless to say, that of their own child.

Pregnancy is symbolic materialization of love. When the woman gives the man love of her soul then the man can provide her with physical love, which in turn opens up the physical love of the woman and the love in the soul of the man.

Organs of reproduction belong to the soft tissue and thus indicate the mother’s outlook on the world. I will stress: the health of one’s soft tissues depends on one’s mother but it is up to everyone in person to increase or decrease his mother’s negativity.

Everything that exists has a wholeness of opposites in it – accordingly, every whole has a male and a female side to it.

A foetus grows in the uterus. The uterus or the womb is the symbol of motherhood and the mother. The state of your uterus symbolizes your mother as well as yourself in the role of a mother. The left side of the womb symbolizes the feelings your mother has about men in general, while its right side shows her feelings about women. The front wall of the uterus indicates your mother’s emotional state, the back side – her willpower. The upper part of the uterus points out the problems of the future and of spirituality, while its lower part speaks of problems connected with the past and the physical side. The health of the inside of the uterus is an indicator of your mother’s most intimate thoughts. The battle of life of the mother, including her shame and anger for the sexuality of her daughter crops up in the daughters womb in the form of neoplasm that will bleed, in case the mother openly fights her feelings and stay hidden, in case the mother wants to hear nothing about the problems her daughter might have. But if the mother is a woman, extremely withdrawn in her shame and disappointments and if the daughter brings that trait even further in her then she may stop menstruating altogether.

Excessive motherly qualities, excessive femininity or in other words – excessive emotions mean that all this excess has to be gathered in the uterus in the form of different tumors. The more visible such excessive femininity is, the more the growth tends to appear on the outside surface of the uterus. The more hidden this quality – the less a woman can be a mother – the more the growth will be directed towards the inside of the uterus.

When you get pregnant then the place where the placenta attaches itself to the wall of the uterus will indicate where your child is getting most of its nourishment. When it attaches itself to the front wall of the uterus, the child is fed by the mother’s emotional side.
If it fastens itself to the back side wall, it shows that the willpower is stronger in the mother. If the mother considers the most important factor in rising a family to be material wealth – that she and her husband devote every waking minute to accumulate without even thinking that the child could have any spiritual needs – then the placenta will attach itself to the bottom of the uterus and the child has to be born by Caesarean section. Otherwise neither the mother nor the child would survive. Today’s advanced ultra-sound diagnostics allows determining the precise location of the placenta and by correcting her wrong thinking patterns; a pregnant woman can change its location.

As every integral whole has two sides to it then the female side of the reproductory organs of women is symbolized by the fallopian tubes while the male side is symbolized by the ovaries. The state of these organs demonstrates the influence of domineering mother’s views on life on the rest of the family:
- the state of the right Fallopian tube illustrates the way the mother has wanted her daughter to communicate with women;
- the state of the left Fallopian tube illustrates the way the mother has wanted her daughter to communicate with men;
- the state of the right ovary illustrates the mother’s relation with her daughter;
- the state of the left ovary illustrates the mother’s relation with men in general, including her husband and son in law.

When the organ has been surgically removed then this is an indication of the mother’s denial of that particular sphere of life that the daughter had carried still farther until the thoughts materialized in a physical denial.

Extra-uterine pregnancy happens in case the woman wants to keep the child all to herself. This is a sort of motherly jealousy that denies anyone else the right to the child.

To have a normal pregnancy, the woman must physically have a uterus, a fallopian tube and an ovary.

The ovum matures in the ovary. By the moment the ovum is ready to leave the ovary the Fallopian tube will move towards it and touch its fringed end on the surface of the ovary. The ripe ovum is sucked in from the end of the tube and moved on towards the uterus, prepared for a pregnancy, by the wavelike movements of the tube. At the same time the mobile spermatozoa move up the tube to meet the ovum. The ovum is penetrated by a spermatozoon and the impregnated ovum moves on to the womb – the nest is ready to receive and love the one it has been created for – the child.

In the realm of the invisible reality, the uterus relates to the feelings of the woman’s mother to motherhood in general and in particular – the pregnancy of her daughter. There are mothers who wish for their daughter’s pregnancy as well as others who never want their daughters to get pregnant. According to her experience and views on life, every mother has her own beliefs. The majority of women can picture their daughter pregnant only on the terms acceptable to herself. The uterus of the daughter shows how the daughter is coping with her mother’s way of thinking, if she has improved on it or made it more negative. If Mother has denied her sexuality then the uterus of the daughter, too, does her best to keep off sexuality and of course, pregnancy.

There are a lot of physical healthy men and women who cannot conceive. Why can’t a man make a woman pregnant? What is keeping the spermatozoon from uniting with the ovum?

I got an answer to this question the day I observed the communication between the ovary and the Fallopian tube of a childless woman. I observed the situation outside ordinary time and space. I could see a ripe ovum in the woman’s right ovary. The Fallopian tube drew close to the ovary like a pretty young woman. The fringes at the end of the tube touched like fingers on the surface of the ovary, waiting for the ovary – the man – to do his job. It was like any other job where one party has her share and the other – his. The surface of the ovary stiffened with fright, its inside tensed up. The internal pressure of the ovary to burst forth the ovum. I hoped to see the Fallopian tube catching it and sucking it inside but it didn’t happen. The ovum appeared on the surface of the ovary only to roll off it like a sad little tear, into the darkness of the abdominal cavity. The tube didn’t even notice it – its attention was directed elsewhere. I was shaken by what I had seen. The organs of the same body communicated like strangers! In other words – the man and woman in the body of this woman communicated like strangers, too.

What was the message here?

The right Fallopian tube and the right ovary showed this woman – a sister – communicated with her brother. Their relation was tense and cool. The sister didn’t know how to hold her brother dear and therefore had no opportunity to learn from him how to be a woman. The left Fallopian tube of this woman never came in full touch with the left ovary, all the ova just dropped into the abdominal cavity and perished. This was also the way she communicated with her father – like two distant strangers. The inability of her mother to love her husband had made the relationship between family members cold and calculating. Her daughter didn’t know how to love her father, her brother not any other man. She didn’t know how to become one with a man. The ovum of a woman like that, rather than floating, will tear itself free from the ovary at the time of ovulation that can cause a hemorrhage of the ovary and the woman may find herself on the operating table.

I then had the chance to compare it with the activity of the reproductory organs of a woman with three children.

Her right Fallopian tube was like a warm-heated fairy who, drawing close to the ovary waited, trembling with expectation. She was sending out a signal of love impossible to resist. A moment later the ovary opened up –it had received the summons – and started to move forward to meet the tube. They united quickly and rapidly in an embrace as a loving couple. This embrace had a strange force to it that didn’t allow them to draw apart. Passion mounted until unexpectedly the end of the tube started to give off a sticky substance, gluing ovary and tube together, sealing the connection and spreading all over the surface of the ovary. The secretion contained ferments that melted down the membrane covering the ovary and the released ovum was rapidly sucked – as if by vacuum – deep up the Fallopian tube.

At this very moment I knew that it was the power of a kiss that had made the secretion flow from one end of the Fallopian tube the same way lips do. The tube of this woman kissed the ovary with love, the same way she kissed her father and brother and the kiss was fruitful. Love released a flow of ferments that melted down the obstacles on the road. The left Fallopian tube was more tense and shy but it still had the same kind of warmth and tenderness, asking for permission and when getting it, happily hurrying to be close. The parents of this woman had been divorced. Her father had been taboo to her – her mother never mentioned him to the child but the little girl still had yearning to be able to love his daddy. She had a secret dream where she was sitting on her father’s lap and kissing his worried face until all his troubles disappeared. Despite everything, she had kept the sanctity of her love for her father and still thought of him to be the best daddy on earth.

When a woman knows how to send all the love from her heart to a man then her Fallopian tubes are able to do the same. I have mentally observed the ability of kissing of childless women and have been surprised over and over again at the message they are giving their husbands with their kisses. Most often a kiss is speaking of routine, expectations, disappointments, bitterness, hopelessness, demands, direction, rejection, duty, boredom, a joke, acting out of fantasy, role playing. Couples who have fallen into a routine often give up kissing altogether – it is quite possible to have intercourse without having to kiss. The ability to kiss comes from childhood and, independent of gender, illustrates the individual’s ability to give love.

Sex without love is the peculiarity of our century. One may moisturize one’s lips and lubricate one’s sexual organs or grow a pregnancy in a test tube but this is not natural. Both the physical and spiritual body needs the right kind of nourishment. Natural secretions showing the body’s normal reaction to stimuli must also be allowed to leave it. in the opposite case they will stay inside the body and cause serious harm. It is possible to arouse emotional response by different artificial stimuli but natural intercourse cannot be imitated by their use.

When the woman is extreme in her negativity, denying the role of sex and because of her unpleasant experiences does everything to avoid it then each time her husband approaches her it will feel like rape. Sex without love will sooner or later cause the woman’s mucous membranes of her external sexual organs to dry up – a highly unpleasant condition. If the woman, in all her distaste and pain, now starts hating her husband and wishing him harm then she will develop a cancer of the external sexual organs, the condition of vaginism that a daughter of a woman like that most often is suffering from, can destroy her sexual life and her chances of becoming a mother. If only the mother, for her warped sense of morality, would not put a ban on the beautiful and spiritual love the daughter and her father sometimes share!

A little boy gets a kiss from his mother and learns to love a woman. A little girl kisses her daddy and learns to love a man. Learning to kiss is a serious matter, where the ability to give love is mastered. The game of love is played over and over in childhood to be able to play it right as a grown-up. Parents who forbid such games, fearing them to be sick and perverted, are in fact interfering with normal learning process. A fear for sexual deviations must not be allowed to destroy one’s life. A pure love of the soul will prevent anything unhealthy from happening.

When a little girl loves her father, she is not ashamed to embrace, caress or kiss her daddy. When the daughter grows up, the form of her endearments will change but her love will not. A daughter’s love will make the father happy. This is demonstrated by the perfect co-operation between the left Fallopian tube and the left ovary. A warm and perfect love between a sister and a brother will never develop into something unsound. A sister’s love for her brother, her embraces and kisses is the manifestation of her love but at the same time it is still a woman’s love for a man. This is how the brother is learning to receive a woman’s love – by the example of his sister – and the experience will make him a happy man when he grows up. This allows a perfect co-operation between the woman’s right Fallopian tube and her right ovary. Who has not been able to learn these things in his childhood can think himself back in time and correct his mistake, to be able to become a mature adult. And if you don’t have a brother or if he had to leave by abortion then learn to love him and ask all the involved parties to forgive you while forgiving them for their mistakes.

Female organs of reproduction are characterized by their constantly changing action. To be able to receive the physical love of a man, the woman has to keep on giving him love from her heart. The male organs of reproduction are capable of stable performance up to an advanced age. The state of health of these organs depend, above all, on the man’s way of thinking which, in turn, is based on the convictions of his parents that nobody else but the man himself can change. If the man feels the need to constantly proof his sexual ability then he will not be able to do this for very long.


Please also read early posting by my on this topic, about conceiving a child and childbirth.

  Alexthink on 2006-07-18
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
I have always loved fairy tales and this falls into that category.

This does not detract from its power to influence events.

As any Taoaist will tell you , everything is connected .

Jungian therapists recognize that with the concepts of Anima and Animus all of us have a male and a female aspect.
Also that we all take part in the Universal Unconsciousness which Jung postulated.

There are Pacific 'Medicine Men ' that can reach inside the body and take out problems. IE there are more things in Heaven and earth than are recognised in the philosophy of modern medicine which is profit based

It has beeen shown that the wheat on one side of a field is aware when the wheat on the other side is being reaped..

But why BEEK ? reminds me of the old rhyme about 'the pelican whose beak can hold more than his belly can'

But yes -- generally like the 'feeling ' of this item.
walkin last decade
Dear Walkin,
As always I am pleased with your comments, they show the diverese possibilities that are lying within once mind, and of course they elaborate on the many possibilities life wisdom has to offer us.
I know a story of one pelican whose beak was so big that one day he swallowed himself, just to find out that there was another side to him!

Alexthink last decade
Susan p

follow this link please

Alexthink last decade
Dear susan,

there are many reason why parents are like this,but
the hard truth is that parents are the first to do violence to the child’s body and soul and, accordingly, are also the ones who have to bear the bitter consequences later. But parents whose favorite pastime is grumbling about their children have a difficult time admitting this. Denying one’s mistakes, however, has never done anything to improve the situation. The only way to free yourself from sickness is to ask your children to forgive you, and if you are too stubborn and proud to do that, then you will just have to keep on suffering.

good luck
Alexthink last decade

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