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Gastric juices - Flatulence and Belching

Gastric juices – Flatulence and Belching

Dear Bodopati – Dear Joe De Livera

The topic of Gastric problems and juices

Remember all sickness is coming from stress. The three main stresses are;
Guilt, Fear and Anger.

Every human being longs for perfection. If you started your meal with sour food you’ll probable soon feel the need to have something sweet and soon after, you’ll find yourself wanting something salty. A person under stress will always eat more than necessary, his body will fall out of balance and after eating salty food he feels like having something sweet again, then something sour, etc. his appetite won’t be sated in this senseless effort to balance stresses with food, - it is just his stomach that won’t be able to take any more.

When almost equal amounts of guilt, fears and angers are raging within an individual, he will need regular meals with every kind of taste in it to calm his mind. Such a person will not get fat even with constant overeating. The amount of each of those three stresses in the individual will dictate the moment’s craving. According to traditional understanding, regular meals will grant good digestion and a high capacity to work. Actually, if your thinking is correct then the time you take your meals is of no importance. All you have to do is to treat the meal and your digestive system with love and respect whenever you are hungry.

We could go deeply into connections between appetite and specific illnesses. For example, it is possible to tell by the disease what kind of foods the patient is used to eating, what he cannot eat and without what he can’t do. However, this is not the topic of this post. If you get the general idea, you can take it from here and figure out the rest on your own.

For example, when someone is gathering guilt and has been eating a lot of sour foods then at a point he will find that he cannot even put something sour past his lips, to say nothing about eating it – it feels as if there was a live volcano in his stomach. He has developed an ulcer as his feelings of guilt have grown into accusing. The only thing to make him feel better now is to eat meat and milk. If he doesn’t his stomach will start devouring itself. The excessive gastric juices angrily attack any meat within their reach, no matter if it is the steak or the wall of the stomach. This is also the way the ulcer patient himself acts. When starts to bleed then the anger has become bloody.

I belief that a prescription as given by Joe De Livera of Nat Phos 6x in case of existing stomach problems will help to bend and to resolve the problem in the beginning, the characteristics of Nat. phos. Is one of Schüssler's introductions, I will first quote what he has to say about it: 'Nat. phos.

It is contained in the blood-corpuscles, in the cells of the muscles, of the nerves and of the brain, as well as in the intercellular fluids. Through the presence of Nat. p. lactic acid is decomposed into carbonic acid and water. Nat. p. is able to bind to itself carbonic acid, receiving into itself two parts of carbonic acid for every volume of phosphoric acid. When it has thus bound the carbonic acid it conveys it to the lungs. The oxygen flowing into the lungs liberates the carbonic acid, which is only loosely attached to the Nat. p.; the carbonic acid is then exhaled and exchanged for oxygen, which is absorbed by the iron of the blood-corpuscles. Nat. p. is the remedy for those diseases which are caused by an excess of lactic acid, this can cause flatulence, It therefore answers to the diseases of infants, who, having been fed to excess with milk and sugar, suffer from redundant acids. The symptoms in such cases are: Sour eructation’s, vomiting of sour, cheesy masses; yellowish-green, so-called hacked diarrheas; colic, spasms with acidity. The above shows the properties of Nat p, but now look at the following.

A balanced individual doesn’t need excessive food or spices.

The spirit doesn’t need physical food. The body, on the other hand, has to be fed. However, without a spirit there would be no body. The body feeds itself by directions of the spirit.

Although the topic about digestion is rather large and I have not even fished it yet, I would like to say the following about it.

The stomach symbolizes the starting point of a task. The person who is scared of beginnings most often have a nervous stomach. Who is unwilling to start a new thing, will have trouble getting his gastric juices flowing. Someone who angrily takes to a task will develop gastritis – an inflammation of the mucous membrane of the stomach – as his first warning. If his anger increases still further, the second step will be an ulcer that can turn into a malignancy if his anger doesn’t stop growing and turns malicious. Feelings of guilt, growing into accusations will cause an over=acidity of the stomach no matter if the patient is accusing others or himself. The only difference is that in the latter case the ulcer is much more serious and painful. The person who sees any given order (or his boss) as the enemy to be fought – may it even be in his mind – cannot possibly have a healthy stomach. You force yourself to do a job you don’t like but forcing is methodical violence – violence against yourself. And if you have the habit of mourning for the good old times than your stomach will react by throwing up all its contents.

FLATULENCE IS THE SYMBOL OF A READY-TO-FIGHT ATTITUDE. A kettle boiling on too high heat (as nobody has thought of turning it down) produces a lot of steam. Flatulence is like steam – with a different smell at each stage of the boiling process. The more a person hurries, the more gas he has. And the more he rushes on to new victories, the more foul-smelling the cloud wafting behind him.

BELCHING SHOWS THAT THE PERSON HAS AN ANGRY SCORN FOR BEGINNINGS. Communication problems at work when a person has to force his will or his favors on other people can cause a situation where his belching grows so bad that he has to find another job. This way the body saves its owner from abuse of power. It may also be that belching is keeping him from going too far.

I hope that the above will be enough “food for thought” and with releasing your stresses and a little Nat. phos. from Joe De Livera you will be soon free of your ailment.

  Alexthink on 2006-07-19
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Dr. Beek,
You sound like the private homeopath.
Pat2006 last decade
Dr. Beek,
You sound like my private homeopath
Pat2006 last decade
Alexthink last decade
Dr.Dinesh Sharma

This forum has brought many people relief and comfort, it should not be a competitive side amongst those who are practicing Homeopathy or who are giving help in any other form.

We are here to learn and to share our knowledge; we like to explore the points of view or even the wisdom of an old lady that over years has grown wise. Criticizing each other brings nothing and will only create chaos.
Think and listen, understanding is also a medicine.

Alexthink last decade
Dr. Beek,
What is 'chaos' for one, is medical justification for the qualified medico.
Certain people tend to capitalise Age with stray experiences to manipulate.

There are hundreds of factors for Stress.
- Similarly there are hundreds of factors for indigestion, acidity & gastric distrubances.
There are different factors for concluding a medicine for different stress conditions,
- Similary there are different factors for concluding a medicines for different gastric distrubances.

Generalising Nat.Phos., as a HOLY medicine for ANY & ALL Gastric distrubances, is in-appropriate and is on the lines of Allopathic medicine prescribing regime, even if it means helping for free or whatever ...

The Homeopathic CAUSATIVE factor should be found out before recklessly prescribing Nat.Phos. for ANY & ALL digestive disorders. OTHERWISE, it is just placiebo'cally only a palliative (only temporary relief leading & cumulating to more powerful & dangerous symptoms later on, in the long term). Better to stop playing MAKE-BELIEVE Games with Homeopathy. The Allopathy world too is watching such homeopathy forums and they are always on the look-out to down-grade homeopathy and people with such placiebo prescriptions gives them the data and material to use against Homeopathy.

The cause of each physical and / or mental, has to be determined to obtain a perfect cure which takes care of anger, stress, guilt, and all digestive disturbances.

Dr. Beek, I request you to refrain from addresssing Dr. Dinesh Sharma, with a mono prejudiced mind. Please expand your thinking and come out of that closed-ended fixed attitude (small talk)

QUOTE : Get your facts first, then you can distort them as you please'

Remain Healthy & Happy ....... Nesha-India

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Nesha-India last decade
Naturm Phos. 6X may do either Good, Bad or Ugly.
-- certainly not a placebo.
girilal last decade

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