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fao john stanton - advice on ignacia aggravation pls

Hi John.
Value yr advice so could you guide me on this. Ignatia is very well indicated for me and on v. deep level/constitutional/ many of the mentals. Took one dose 30c yesterday . Was right. WAS well indicated. Felt extremely calm and slept extremely soundly. Repeated the remedy this morning. Then an incident happened this afternoon which brought up some past issues actually revolving around this remedy - centering around rejection and a mirror of a rejection that happenend in my childhood. Threw me right out and emotions all over the place. In fact i reacted MORE emotionally than i think i otherwise would have done. Now I feel i'm in an aggravation - I feel not so much emotional as irritable and edgy and my head feels stuffed and heavy and aching.

Where to go from here? Was this the right potency to start with - could it have been to high or even too low, possibly? I do well with a not often repeated 200c or 1m when the remedy is right. In my experience 30c can be a bit of an irritant of a potency for me, if u know what i mean.

Thanks for your guidance
  carlotta on 2006-07-19
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
please wait do not increase the potency. Aggravation is the 1st step of cure .

wait for futher advise of dr. john stanton. He is a quite competent practioner.

dr.deoshlok sharma
deoshlok last decade
what new (never occurred before in health history ever) symptos have occurred since doses of ignatia?please explain

as far as dose--when immediate amelioration is had expect swing back--equal opposite--particular is this natue of ignatia..and then swing back other--so on til settle...the 2nd repititon hurried the secondary response --and boost further into that state---

when last time experienced head -stuffed/heavy/aching feeling ?please explain
John Stanton last decade
Thanks for your responses. Update today - aggravation has subsided and feel much better, slept very soundly and deeply last night. No constriction in the head - john, this is the main symptom that is new and resulted from aggravation. I've never experienced any head problems before - no headaches, tightness, tension. It felt like a tight rubber band over head yesterday and was unpleasant. Better after eating. Also we have had v. hot weather here and it broke yesterday night with rain - storm had pacifying effect i think. Feel calm. No doubt cos aggr. has subsided too. Not irritable at all today.

Where to go from here?
carlotta last decade
Also noticed remarkable increase in energy and mental clarity.. Went to gym today and was like the bionic woman - kept going without fatigue. I ran a good half hour more than i usually do.
carlotta last decade
the relation to storm and head symptoms not occuring before ignatia dosing and the feeling very good (energy and such)---this indicates the remedy chose was very close to central issue--not certain if addressed enough not for relapse--new smptoms--are either pointers to next remedy --or your own persoal idiosync response to ignatia--if passed away and still not exist--could be that way...the storm relation is interesting and not something found with ignatia---i suggest noting how long this good vibe lasts--strat diary--dates -symptoms and such...also keep note of all litle symptoms that arise ---basicaly everything that occurs--start diary dated from first dose of ignatia ---and symptoms experienced....

next---no further dosing til this ameliorated state starts its swing back--even then be hesitant to prescribe immediately---here is where any new characteristics will begin to appear--so observe careful--may be new remedy needed...meanwhile---if ignatia actually going to be needed--obtain ignatia LM1--and 4 oz amber medicial bottle with dropper...get smallest vial in this potency...

what questions have i created?
John Stanton last decade
Thanks John. I'll make notes as you suggest. This is easily the most pronounced reaction I've had to any homeopathic, so let's see where it goes. The amelioration today feels v. natural b.t.w , not like a 'high'. Just wanted to clarify as this feels like a new level of superior health -mental/phys/emot and it is something that is uniquely positive to be experiencing.

I'll check back in with you when / if change of symptoms.

Regarding the storm, don't think that was to do with the ignatia. For a while now I have felt calm from rain, thunderstorms and cloudy weather and slightly agitated by extreme sun and hot weather.

Lastly, RE. potencies . I have the Ignatia 1M . IF need to use in future, would this do rather than LM ?

Thanks again !
carlotta last decade
use LM potency--start with LM 1 ...also could use 1 pellet 30c in aqueous solution..4 oz water in water bottle--succuss 5 times---1 teaspoon of this in 4 oz water in drinking glass--stir--1 teaspoon dose--in fact same aplies for LM1 preparation --or any other potency used---200c -1M-6c...etc-

read up on causticum...no take --just look into ..
John Stanton last decade
am i right in thinking that LM potencies are higher than M but gentler at the same time?

what's difference between taking remedy straight and succussion method? Is latter more effective because you're altering the potency slightly?

Causticum ...hmmm... weather seems to feature here - better wet,cloudy weather ...worse fine clear weather. Interesting John .. !
carlotta last decade
no not higher than in sense you ask...due to ratio of dilution--represents its own manor of excpression--gentler --less aggressive than c potencies--but doesnt mean no aggravtions wll occur with use---as far as using all remedies in aqueous solution --there are some views on why---my reasoning is due to how it was set down by hahneman to use as such---this in itself alows a greater degree of variance --adjusting possibilities --working around sensitiviies ---and such....this method i have adopted as such.....i am strong advocate of following hahnemanns methods--so this my choice of experience---each susequent doe of repaeted remedy is to be modified in form ---again aqueous solution alows this---this metod is applicable to c as wel LM potencies..

not knowing case info---2 other remedies possible will show in treatment--pulsatilla and/or lycopodium...

going over pathogensis of ignatia--does have the heavy-stuffd-aching head thing.....

pulsatila alos has this more so than lycopodium or causticum---as well as the sunlight/heat aversion...

soif folw symptoms carefuly--be not to eagar---watch and note when symptomology settles down--this sets the pace of treatment--for you as individual--and repeatng dose at this interval--is to be the guideline...watch for new characteristics and such....
John Stanton last decade
is it worth ordering Ignacia LM1 or hang tight for a while ? No changes to report from yesterday... thanks for all info etc ..

lycopodium was the previous remedy I took - i consulted you about it a while back cos i took a dose of 1m while i had an acute , but at time did not know acute would mask symptoms i was taking the lyc for.
After my cold subsided i re-took the dose and this was effective. Fantastic results on abdominal bloating / constipation - which is what i took it for. Although i believe the lyc is fairly deep acting so not to be oft repeated..

With regards to my weather sensibilities, this seems to be levelling out a bit as my nervous system calms down - do you think this is result of ignacia ?

thx again : )
carlotta last decade
hard to say if worth or not to order---i would if i thought i was to repeat ignatia again sometime ...

weather sensitivitoes--i dont see ignatia changing this---if have had for long time---may change/deviate the intensity--removing yor aggitation to it-more like this is it--lessened irritability--and therfore not the hang up as was---but hard to say--depends on what is he main issue--the heat or irritability.....if things are still changing---will know better once things setle down...
John Stanton last decade

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