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fear while driving

I was involved in a major car accident 10 years ago and did not have symptoms of this trauma, at least while driving until about 5 years ago. Since that time my symptoms have worsoned to the point where I can't drive right now. At first it started out as flinching from thinking a car may lunge out of a stop sign or light into me, I was sensitive to movement and didn't trust cars to stay in their own lanes, etc. I also started having thoughts of 'forgetting' how to drive, these started as just waves that would pass and as time has gone on they are longer in duration. Driving long distances used to be a time of relaxation for me and now I have trouble driving out of town or in town on the freeway because it just feels too fast for me and I end up feeling like I will leave my body and lose control. Driving at night is also difficult because of poor night vision.

Many of the symptoms seem to have escalated when I returned to college, a task that added a lot of stress to my life. I put a lot of pressure on myself to achieve my high expectations. I just graduated so that stressor has been alleviated, but the driving issues seem to have reached ann all time high where I have experienced panic attacks and had to pull over, just barely making it home. My boyfriend used to drive a lot for me and now we are separating so I desparately want to transform this fear that seems to have taken over. I need to drive to work!

Does anyone have suggestions?
  waterglow on 2004-09-03
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
what medicines use /used?when?reason(s)?

what drugs use/used (..i.e..cannabis;lsd;xtc;cocain...etc)?when?

please explain as thorough as possible life health history(dates --or some chronological order) ...ie...illnesses;injuries;accidents;emotional traumas...etc...
John Stanton last decade
The accident was in January of 1994. I broke 3 ribs and fractured 2 vertebrae. I was taking Zoloft at the time and had been since the previous winter after a close friend's sudden death. I continued the Zoloft until early 1995. In 1995 my sister started exhibiting signs and was diagnosed with bipolar disorder with schizophrenic tendancies. The withdrawal symptoms coupled with my sisters issues gave me extreme anxiety and panic attacks.
For a short period I also used prescription pain med, maybe vicodin, after the accident (1994). I drank and smoked cannabis on a social basis, more consistantly right after the accident as opposed to now where I don't smoke and rarely drink alcohol. Over the years I have seldomly taken mushrooms. A month ago in fact I unknowingly ate a chocolate with hallucinogenic mushrooms in it. It sent me into extreme panic because I was home alone and didn't know what was happening to me. (I called my boyfriend and found out what it was. )Having all the stress in my life (break-up, moving, finishing college) lately and the panic attack while driving just weeks before I was feeling like I was losing my mind! It was terrifying.

Throughout the past 4+ years while I've been in school I've suffered migraines and reoccuring back pain (sitting so much!). I was having the migraines at least once a week, I take Excedrin migraine for them which is the only thing I've found to work as of yet, lest I be bedridden feeling naseaus and sensitive to light with a pounding head. I am pretty shy, cautious when first meeting people in nature-well at school especially-- fear of exposure, of making a mistake...I get panicky when I have to speak in front of a class, so contributing to discussions was frustrating for me because of the panic feeling. I think my breathing suffered (shallow)because of it, the anticipation of being called on or being hard on myself because I didn't feel comfortable/safe speaking up and contributing. Self-talk never seemed to help me through those times, even when I desparately wanted to feel more confident. Small group speaking was much, much easier.

Does this give more input?
waterglow last decade
NO medicines used currently (besides 'excedrin')?

when last migraine occur (date)? how associated with menses?

please expalin ,thoroughly, menses characteristics and any complaints -symptoms -pecularities associated with menses (just before,during,just after...etc)..
John Stanton last decade
No other medicines used.

The last migraine I had was almost a month ago. I haven't noticed any correlation to menses, they seemed to have occured at any time throughout my cycle.

As far as my menses, I am on a 24-25 day cycle, lasting six days. The first three days are extremely heavy with intense cramping (for this I use advil) the last three days are lighter with much less severe cramping if any. The first three days there is clotting. Usually the two days previous to my menses I begin to feel 'out of it' , in a fog and become extremely sensitive and reactive to criticism and/ or conflict.

Thanks for your help.
waterglow last decade
when is next menses due?

any white spots on/under fingernails?
John Stanton last decade
I have one small white spot on middle finger right at the edge of my nail, otherwise no other spots.

My next menses is due Sept. 6 or 7th, in a couple of days.
waterglow last decade
I wanted to add that I was having trouble with concentration, memory retention, my mind feeling 'out of it' throughout school and while at work. I am extremely sensitive to energies around me and I work in classrooms with sometimes heavily medicated children with Autism, Down's Syndrome and mental retardation, this seemed to make me feel 'floaty and spacey'. I have stopped drinking forms of caffeine, a month ago, which I used on a daily basis. Sometimes my sensitivity to driving, social situations, work, being in 'bad' neighborhoods, in or near conflict is overwhelming! I would like to be able to acknowledge these things, but be better able to manage (have boundaries) being around them if need be- instead of just being a psychic sponge! And also trust that I can take care of myself.

I also have feelings of restlessness and get irritable/impatient easy. I seem to have reached an all time high with these symptoms and really want/need help!
waterglow last decade
single dose "only" natrum muriaticum 30c..takes this now before menses

MUST AVOID--herring;milk;salt,honey;sour foods;all acidic foods and drinks(...i.e...coffee;tea;coca-cola,pepsi,and the like;vinegar;fruits and juices;alcoholic beverages;..etc)...

NO!!! other medicines-aspirins-pain killerts-skin cremes/ointments-eye washes-remedies-treatments...etc

post back
John Stanton last decade
The intense anxiety I was experiencing for about a week (a week ago) prevented me from sleeping the entire week. I would have extreme burning sensations in my heart and stomach regions. The sensations after that initial week began to dissapate and move to the back of my shoulders for a couple days, then to the center of my tongue for a day, then the back of my tongue and the back of my head for a day. I don't feel the tingling sensations anymore but my sense of taste is much more sensitive. I was not able to eat spicy or rich food for that week most intense, now I am able to eat mildly spicy foods again, heavy/rich foods do not appeal to me. I prefer salty over sweet food. Hope this helps.
waterglow last decade
I also wanted to add that I have a clear plasma-like/slimy vaginal discharge a couple days after and before menses. This has only started this past year. Sometimes it will be associated with cramping and occasionally a thread of blood can be seen in the discharge.
Do recommend the same remedy?
waterglow last decade
NO! natrum -muriaticum yet..

ever been treated for any veneral diseases?
John Stanton last decade
what is quantity of 'vaginal discharge"?

is cramping ALWAYS there?
John Stanton last decade
please explain thoroughly what had occured prior to the symptoms that occured one week ago (above mentioned)..
John Stanton last decade
I've never had any venereal diseases. I have had regular paps always. I had my last one less than a year ago. To my knowledge my boyfriend had not been with anyone in the past year besides me.

The discharge is 1/2-1 tsp.
Cramping is usually there when I have a strand of blood, though this is not always present in the discharge.

Previous to the anxiety symptoms...*June- I graduated from college. *Then I spent several weeks in Central America where I got a sinus infection. I took antibiotics for this. *While there and coming home I had diarrhea that lasted for a month. I took charcoal for a couple days then began acidophilis that I still take. It started to get better but then started again with the anxiety and panic attacks. *July- I had a panic attack three weeks after being home while I was driving home from a family reunion 2 hours from my house. It was getting dark and raining, I have poor night vision, and driving oon the freeway felt way to fast.*A week later my boyfriend and I decided to separate. *The next week I tried to make a 45 min. trip to my friends house and had to turn around because I felt that I would leave my body/lose control, again everything seemed to fast on the road. *Upon coming home from my friend, I accidently ate a chocolate filled with halllucinigenic mushrooms. I was completely panic stricken, thoughts of losing control/my mind were at the forefront until I found out what it was. *The next day I left to go visit friends out of state, it was on that trip that I had another severe panic attack, thoughts of dying, heart palpitations, the works. *When I returned home almost a week later the intense anxiety began, no sleep for a week, I lost 12 lbs., I couldn't stay at my house out of fear/anxiety (seemingly irrational). *I didn't feel safe almost anywhere. I was scared and it felt irrational or out of proportion. I started to fear hurting myself if I lost control/my mind. Everything looked strange for that intense week. I felt foreign in my own home, town, body. I was waking with extreme anxiety about the future, leaving my boyfriend, being alone, being able to take care of myself, being sane. I have been staying with friends.

I really appreciate your help!
waterglow last decade
I did have a blood test and stool sample test for the diarrhea. Tests came out normal.
waterglow last decade
better start treatment with single dose 'ONLY!" phosphoricum acidum 200c..

MUST AVOID!...all acidic foods and drinks(...i.e...coffee;tea;coca-cola,pepsi,and the like;vinegar;fruits and juices;alcoholic beverages;..etc)...NO! carboated soft drinks..

NO!!! other medicines-remedies-drugs (cannabis ,shrooms;cocaine...etc)-aspirin; painkillers;skin cremes/ointments.....etc

post back response or lack of response to phos-acid
John Stanton last decade
What do you think of Arsenicum Alb for my symptoms?
waterglow last decade
not my suggestion.
John Stanton last decade
For fear of driving due to car accident, see my post regarding "Children of Beslan".

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
what was/is response to phosphoricum acidum?
John Stanton last decade
I'm feeling conflicted. I am consulting a homeopathic doctor here in town that has said to just take one remedy at a time. She prescribed Arsenicum Alb. for my symptoms which I took one dose 30x 2 weeks ago. I have not noticed any considerable emotional/mental effects, although intermittant physical symptoms have arisen. Pressure in my ears, ringing from one ear to the next, low grade headaches on the left side-sometimes after meals, restlessness in legs, still anxiety and panic, burning sensation in heart region. These symptoms fluctuate.....
I have a sensitive system and am not sure if I should take the other remedy yet...your suggestion of Phosphoricum Ac....can you advise?
waterglow last decade
concerning the symptoms mentioned after arsenicum 30c---which symptoms have you experienced at some point in life before?when?
which symptoms never experienced before?

dont take phos-acid yet...need to access reponse arsenicum -prescribed by your homoeopath...
John Stanton last decade
I have experienced the restlessness in my legs before, it was usually if I had too much caffeine that day or right before bed. I have not drank any caffeine for 5 weeks now. The ringing from one ear to the next, I don't remember ever experiencing, just a slight ringing in one ear. The pressure I don't remember either, although I have sensitive ears to cold and wind but that is more of an aching sensation, not so much a dull pressure. I don't ever recall having anxiety in the chest region always it was in the stomach area-but that started pre-remedy. Just before my menstrual cycle I felt a slight onset of a bladder infection but that went away when I started bleeding. I have had two bladder infections in my life, 7 years ago. The dull headache that lasted for 3-4 days was unusual, it went away after I began my menstrual cycle. Though I do get some dull headaches after meals sometimes and tiredness.

Have you heard of anyone experiencing intense anxiety and panic after taking hallucinigenic mushrooms? I feel everything is heightened and overwhelming compared to before taking them-which was an accident, I didn't know I was taking them. It was 5 weeks ago but could it still affect me in some way? My mothers side of the family and my sisters have all struggled with anxiety disorders at some point in their lives, some take prescription meds for it. I have had panic and anxiety in the past but NEVER this severe or long lasting.

Thank you for your help through this scary time for me!
waterglow last decade
has menses cycle (time period--days in between) been affected ?

yes--mushrooms have that effect 'taint'...based upon individual 'make-up'..anxiety attacks very typical in such cases...
John Stanton last decade
What do you mean effect 'taint'? Can homeopathy restore balance again?
waterglow last decade

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