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Diverticulitis / Abdominal Pain - Prompt Help Requested

Hi All,

I need some quick help. I think I am starting to have another episode of diverticulitis. Anybody has experience with this? I am starting a new post to focus on this aspect of the treatment, my details are also on my other post with link provided at the bottom of this post.

Current symptoms:
1. Abdominal Pain on the Left Side. If sitting around just feel mild pain. Pain is also felt on pressing locally in the area and is also felt sometimes on movement etc. There may already be some inflammation locally because of the infection.

2. I have been lately very gassy & have taken Eno fruit salt which has helped in gas & acidity. Abdomen is bloated and distended.

3. Was feeling extremely tired and exhausted yesterday but a little better today.

4. Forehead feels as if I have fever, but no fever. Thighs and lower part of legs have on & off mild pains as if having flu, worse yesterday, little better today. Pain condition is worse from yesterday.

5. No other symptoms, no blood in urine or stool, not constipated, no nausea & no vomiting etc.

Thanks for your prompt help. The Remedy Finder suggestes Ars Alb, Pulsatilla, Calc, Carbonica.

Kind Regards

Link to my other Post (All the details)
  RandyTX on 2004-09-05
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
My other post is:

Help Needed - Multiple Problems

The link has been provided earlier.

RandyTX last decade
heat (fever) + abdomen pain + abdomen distension

ars;carb-v;chin;nux-v ;sulphur

YET --if abdomen pain DEFINITELY affected (worse) by movement and pressure---then nux-v 200c followed by sulphur
John Stanton last decade
Pl .see "drug pictures" of:

1. cupurum Met


2. Argentum Nitricum

on ABC Homeopathic Remedies Store

and see if your symptoms match.

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
if it has happened after a recent display of anger, then see "drug picture" of Chamomilla and compare symptoms.

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Check also :




these are medicines fro "colic" i.e. abdominal pain.

My posts are coming to you in a stream and not as one message as I am doing a flip-flop between my office work and replying at ABC Forum.

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Hi All

John, thanks for your prompt help. I had taken Ars. Alb 200C single dose before your reply came. The flu like symptoms (typical of diverticulitis) like pain/heaviness in forehead, chills (on & off) and pain in legs is gone. I think, the abdominal pain has decreased & is under control. The pain was earlier extending to the left side of the groin area and is gone too.
The funny part is that before I took the Ars Alb, the overall symptoms were getting better (may be because I was resting) but the pain/discomfort in abdomen was increasing, which is better now.

As from past experience, the pain/discomfort would slowly increase but then once the infection would spread out even in few hours the condition would deteriorate very fast, but I am now waiting to see how it progresses further, will keep you posted.

Pankaj, thanks for your replies, but like mentioned above, I have already taken Ars Alb & waiting to make a full response, judgement of Ars before I take anything else. You may want to see my full case and then make recommendations as I felt you were not clear on my symptoms... if due to anger..medicine recommended etc. This problem is a chronic problem in my case & these episodes are only acute stages of the underlying problem... as per my judgement, you may want to read my full case history from the other post and let me know what you think for the full picture.

Thanks John & Pankaj for all the help.
Kind Regards
RandyTX last decade
OK, I think I am not getting any better. I am getting the sick feeling again, very exhausted also. The pain occurs slightly on movement but is slightly higher intensity on pressing... so probably not getting better. I am not much gassy currently.

Should I repeat Ars or take Nux, but Nux will antidote Ars? If I take Nux when do u suggest to take Sulph?

Thanks & Best Regards
RandyTX last decade
if you think ars is right choice then go up to 200c--if you had already taken ars 200c ,then single dose nux-v 200c this evening or now (if too intense at this time)--in morning single dose sulphur 30c..

watch and follow dietary restrictions--you know the list --

keep in touch
John Stanton last decade
NO SWEETS!! at all--this goes for artificial sweeteners also..
John Stanton last decade
Randy !

I did over look your other post while replying earlier.I have seen it now.

However, the guidelines given by me were in the right direction.

Strongly recommed that you take Dioscorea 200 C.

Take three doses at intervals of 2 hours each.

Then repeat at the first instance the abdominal pain begins to show up again.

(Mind you , each time it shows up again the intensity will be much lower. Gradually it will disappear).

Also take Mag Phos 6x (four tabs) with warm water four times a day. This should be as a matter of routine.

John and Astra have tried their level best. However, they are over looking the association of unique symptoms in your case. Hence they are unable to suggest a remedy that meets the challenge.

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Hello John / Pankaj

Thanks for your replies & help.
RandyTX last decade
Hello John / Pankaj:

Thanks for your replies & help. My pain is gone & the infection is on way to be healed.

John, I took NV 200C single dose after I saw your reply, same day. Within few hours of taking NV I became very gassy & started passing gas. Please note that earlier before taking NV there was absolutely no gas. Anyway, next morning I could tell that the pain is almost gone (pain felt on pressing locally & on movement sometimes).

The pain is gone but all my symptoms have come back again which were missing during my pain/infection time. Symptoms I mean are bloatedness, lots of gas, flatulence, itchiness on my legs, tiredness / exhausted feeling, pain in neck/headache (had mild pain for last 2 days in the evening but would go away when I wake up i.e. after resting) etc.

Thanks & Best Regards
RandyTX last decade
single dose "ONLY" sulphur 30c

NO sweets..
John Stanton last decade
what is current condition?
John Stanton last decade
The pain in the abdomen (on pressing local area) is gone as mentioned before. Although, I have been feeling mild pain, on & off, in the same area but does not hurt on pressing, so I was not much concerned.

I did not take Sulph based on past experience and let the body settle down on its own & it did. Although, all the old symptoms are still there... no changes, gas may be a little less. But last evening my neck & head started hurting & then kind of started getting better still thought needed a Tylenol (feel that Tylenol does not antidote homeopathic remedies) so as the pain does not increase & went to sleep. I had to get up in the middle of the night (2:30AM) with a severe pain & had to take Advil among other things to control the pain.

So to summarize, the abdominal pain for which I started this post is over but the rest of the symptoms are there .. no significant change felt.

Thanks & Best Regards
RandyTX last decade
randy--please explain thoroughly what is menat by "..past experience..." in reference to sulphur..
John Stanton last decade
Nothing special in reference to Sulphur. What I mean't was that whenever I had taken NV in the past I thought it might be helping but with addition of next remedy immediately I was not too confident if NV is helping or not so this time I wanted to wait a few days before I took another remedy to see the effects of Nux Vomica, nothing more.

RandyTX last decade
when feel confident then single dose "only" sulpher 30c
usual restrictions--coffee.alcohol....etc ..and no sweets
John Stanton last decade
hi - i am in a similar position to the one you are describing - would like to know are you better. do you think you can avoid the use of antibiotics
annesmith last decade
I'd like to make people aware of something called AMP. It is a concentrated form of the active ingredient in Aloe Vera.

Here is link


I developed diverticulitis in last two years where i had cramps and nausea.

It took about month and a half for symptoms to go away. The time to work will vary depending upon severity. It essentially is a healthy and natural antibiotic without side effects. The pockets can heal also.

It is a little expensive but you won't regret it when you avoid surgery and complications of antibiotics. As you get better, you can cut down to a maintenance dose.

Not only does it address diverticulitis but a whole host of digestive disorders.
prioris last decade

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