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Lycopodium Clavatum (potency 30C ) dose for 4 month old baby 1


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Lycopodium baby

Lycopodium Baby
From JMalik on 2006-08-02
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Hi All,

Could someone pls give me a description of the lycopodium baby - a lot of the symptoms match my son but I'm still a little unsure since he's only 5 months and it's difficult to form a true personality picture. He's a very bad sleeper, seems to me that it's gastric related.


A Lycopodium baby particularly feeds little and often -- taking only small quantities.
If you are breast feeding YOU take the remedy about 2 hours before a feed.
Also is worse between 4 in the afternoon and 8 o/c.
Take 30c to start but you may need to go up , only take twice a day.
  walkin on 2006-08-02
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
To the administrator ....

I only posted this because I could not reply to the orignal posting.
walkin last decade
Thanks for your reply - he definitely feeds often (every 1.-2 hours) and hasn't ever been a long nurser, feeds on average about 5-6 minutes. The 4-8pm isn't completely applicable, does that mean it's not a suitable remedy?

His sleep is what concerns me the most, tosses and turns a lot, only naps for 1/2 hour at a time and wakes up very upset. At night, he is up every couple of hours again very disturbed and restless.I don't think it's hunger that wakes him up.

Interestingly, I wanted to take lyc for my hair loss since I believe it's related to childbirth. I also went grey quite early and have a lot of bloating/gas issues.

How long should I take it for?

Thanks again for your reply
JMalik last decade
Yes use Lycopodium -- the 4 - 8 is not vital.

Take it for a week and wait for a week to see what has changed .

At a later date if you still have bloating try Podophyllyn
walkin last decade
Hi Walkin,

I also visited a homeopath for my son who has suggested Staphysagria 30c. Do you know much about this remedy? She said that it matches his eczema (very itchy) and regurgitation (he spits up curdled milk) but I looked at it on this website and am very double minded about it. Any thoughts?
JMalik last decade
J Malik

Staph is useful for ulcers, for urinary problems for teeth with black marks, wtaery stool after eating -- also vomiting .

Would not normally think of this remedy for eczema.

Would suggest Calc-silica 6x once a day for a week and wait 2 weeks to judge result----


Silica - careful this site spells it silicea - 6x
walkin last decade
Thks for your reply - tried silica 30c given directly to the baby- one dose and waited 2 weeks, no change unfortunately.

The itching is quite bad and his disturbed sleep is really worrying me. He is such a happy baby otherwise, has developed very well and very quickly. He weighs almost 18 lbs at 5 months and so is growing well. He did have his 2 month shots but I have put off any further vaccinations and have decided not to give him the pertussis shot at all.

You don't think lyc fits? His eczema is predominantly on his forehead and cheeks. He also has a lot of gas.

Thanks for your help
JMalik last decade
Well if he feeds little and often -- small quantities at short intervals then Lycopdium would be suitable.
walkin last decade
Thanks. What are your thoughts on Phosph? He has become so itchy on the forehead, lots of cuts and bleeding all over.

He also developed a bit of a cold - had low fever but runny nose alternating with dryness - sore throat. He's also miserable at night, screaming loudly when he's disturbed in his sleep. That's not normal for him. What is the homeopathy standard on treating acute problems while treating constitutionally?
JMalik last decade
Really do think Lyc is the thing but you could look at Hepar Sul if he is a cool child , Sulphur if hot.
walkin last decade
thks have decided on lyc

Cd you tell me the diff between me giving it to him directly and taking it myself? My homeopath believes in adminstering one dose and waiting for a week or so to judge. In terms of results how does this differ from taking the remedy continuously for a week?

Sorry for all the qs, am new to homeopathy and trying to educate myself as much as possible.
JMalik last decade
Deènds on the potency -- with low potency you can take frequently --- hi potencies only one dose.

If you are breast feeding it is ususally easier for you to take the dose and he gets it with the milk.

But up to you .

Bast wishes.
walkin last decade
Hi Walkin,

gave him the lyc 30c directly yesterday. 3 pellets crushed. He seems to be in a better mood, sleep has become somewhat better during the day but at night still quite disturbed.

His spitting up has also greatly decreased but itching/eczema is still the same.

Do the symptoms generally improve one by one? What do you make of it? Thanks for your advice so far!
JMalik last decade
Give it time -- if you have used 30c then wait for a few days to see the result --- do not expect everything to happen at once.

If you had used - say 6x you could use it more often.
walkin last decade
thanks, will keep you posted.

Today's been pretty much the same so hoping time will make the difference! So hard to just wait and watch :)
JMalik last decade
Hi Walkin,

My son deteriorated again a couple of days ago - vomiting, waking every hr during the night and so I gave him another dose of lyc 30c which had the immediate effect of a more restful night. I'm wondering whether this means we have to go to 200c maybe? It seems as though he didn't last very long on the 30c. What is your suggestion? Thanks
Shewar last decade
In view of what you say it seems reasonable to use the 200c
walkin last decade
Hi Walkin,

Haven't as yet used 200c - just waiting as no further deterioration since the latest dose of 30c. Having said that, his itching is still the same as is his eczema.

I know the more common teething remedy is cham but have you ever presc mercurious for teething? My son salivates a lot - his drool is all over the place. He wets his clothes, the bed and me! The saliva smells sour. His fingers are constantly in his mouth and he has recently taken to clamping his gums together on anything he can find. He's also passing 2-3 stools a day, quite watery and yellow, seep through the back of his diaper. His ped has felt a ridge so wonder if a tooth is in the near future.

I didn't previously consider teething as a possible cause for his sleeping issues/fussiness. Wonder whether this is why lyc isn't working 100%. He still has sour stools, a white tongue and although better his sleep isn't yet fully improved.

Should I continue to wait? How long should I give it do you think?

JMalik last decade
Sounds like Merc to me
Use a couple of doses of 30c

Then to help dentition use Calc Phos 6x once a day for a week.
walkin last decade
Hi Walkin,

Hope you are well. I am feeling very confused about how to handle my son's case and would really appreciate some advice. I haven't as yet given him merc 30c - my homeopath insists on waiting as she thinks lyc 30c is stil working and we should give it time. She is right to an extent, his eczema is much better, less itching (although this has shifted from his forehead to his scalp - she says this is the eczema going 'back') but he is still spitting up curdled milk and his sleep is all over the place.

All in all I have given him 3 doses of lyc 30 c 3-4 days apart and each time his sleep seems to improve immediately. It's been over a week since I last gave him a dose and he hasn't been sleeping as well.

I'm just so double minded as to what to do. I watch him toss and turn and squirm during the night and it really bothers me. However I also don't want to undo any positive effect that the previous doses of lyc have had.

What are your thoughts? Thanks so much!
JMalik last decade
Probably best to give another dose of LYC 30
walkin last decade
Thanks Walkin,

I was not able to access your post in time and my homeopath told me to give him a single dose lyc 200c because he was getting quite bad. I gave that to him on Sun morning - he seemed more restless that night but yesterday was a bit better.

I am regretting not waiting now that I've seen your post and others you have written regarding your views on the 200c potency :( Should I now just wait it out? What are the potential dangers of the higher potency?
JMalik last decade
Not really danger-- just that sometimes - only sometimes --the 200 ends up proving itself-- and because of that I avoid it-- thats all.
walkin last decade
Does it normally settle on its own or is there a need for intervention? Does healing still occur despite the proving?

Thanks for your quick reply :)
JMalik last decade
Hi Walkin,

My son was really upset last night, screaming very loudly at regular intervals and inconsolable at times until I carried him for a few mins and then nursed him back to sleep. He did this every 2 hours or so and the screaming was very high pitched. I am not sure what happened, does this sound like a proving of lyc? I gave it to him on sun morning, should the effect have worn off by now?
JMalik last decade
The effect of a dose of 200 CAN last for 3 to 4 weeks.
walkin last decade

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