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Liver Transplant

I've posted my jaundice conditions.
Got help. It worked. I thank you all who helped. But now my doc suggest me to have a liver transplant. Due to my long prothrombin time they postponed it. Can anybody help me to have a normal blood clotting time?
  sammy1 on 2006-08-08
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
At almost any cost avoid a liver transplant.

It is a difficult and risky op and if successful will mean that you are on immunosuppressants for the rest of your life.

This means that your natural immune system cannot protect you from infection and also you may have allergies.

Listen to your body it is saying I dont want an operation1.
walkin last decade
Yeah I also don't want to have it. Really scared. But is there any other way? Can I be cured?
sammy1 last decade
I agree with Walkin completely.

A liver transplant is only done as a last resort and you are advised to consult other specialists in your city to evaluate the reason for your surgeon suggesting a transplant which you state was only averted because of your clotting time being too long.

I find this attitude on the part of your specialists absolutely shocking !

You indicated that you have posted your jaundice conditions. Please repost them again on this thread so that those who can help you will do so.
Joe De Livera last decade
I have traced your other post on Jaundice.

I see that many others have prescribed remedies and you should use them and I feel confident that you will not have to go under the knife which will only mean a long period of unnecessary suffering throughout your life which will be shortened considerably.

It would be of interest to learn how you first noticed the problem with your liver and what treatment you were given for it by your consultants.
Joe De Livera last decade

If you live in the USA, I highly recommend you seek medical help from a University Medical Center in your state. They are the best and can even come up with innovative ways to help sick people.
Pat2006 last decade

Yesterday, I met a woman with a rare liver desease and her doctors wanted her to have a liver transplant.

She is one of the very wise one who went to the University of San Francisco Medical Center where they dilated her ducts. That was five years ago and she has not had any problems since.

I have more miraculous stories about the University Medical Centers, but for now this one relates to you.

So seek out some major government hospital if there is one in your area.
Pat2006 last decade
Thanks for your help docs. You people gave me some hope. And I'm sorry Joe De Livera for wasting your time to trace my last posts. Thank you all again.
sammy1 last decade

1984-Born with jaundice. Cured.
1990-Jaundiced again. After that, every year as summer starts, jaundice symptoms get worse.
1996-Diagnosed with Hep. B. Treated with Interferon + Rebetron Inj.
2001-Fractured my two lower ribs on the right side which affected my liver badly. Had a liver transplant. Blood transfusion. Hepatic coma for two years.

Hopeless now.
sammy1 last decade
'sammy1' :
Since you have got only small talk support, till now for your question and pathological condition, ALLOW 'Nesha-India' (who else) to take up your case CHALLENGE to a perfect logical cure.

ALLOW me to say this :
1. It is perfectly safe to have a Liver transplant, IF REQUIRED and lead a perfect normal life when in comparison to your existing disease condition.
Nesha-India, also says this :
2. YOU can easily avoid your Liver transplant and FULLY rejunevate your liver to its fully capacity.

If you are interested in TOTALLY REJUNEVATING YOUR LIVER, please post your CURRENT SYMPTOMS ('as of today') (OVER HERE) which should include
- precise and specific details of your food ingredients,
- your gastric & acidity symptoms,
- detailed physical and mental symptoms and entire spectrum of mental attitudes,
- family, lifestyle, excercises, work .......
- Any aversions or cravings for specific food. Your intake of Bakery products, fermented foods.
- If you have maintained details / records of your fever for the last few years, please mention them here.
- You say Every summer you get a repeat problem ... Which place are you every summer and what foods you consume every summer and more details on the same.

Before you post your case, have the following SPECIFIC pathological test done
'TEST : 25(OH)D (Vitamin D)' (and not any other similar test)
& post the values OVER HERE.

TENTATIVELY, I suggest you to take Kali.Phos.12X plus Silicea-6X, 4 tablets each per dose, 3 - 4 times daily. (kali.phos & Silicea are Bio-Chemic triturated tissue salts and highly safe for extended use)

In the event you wish to contact me via email or Chat live via Internet, my contact details are available when you click on my log-in name.

CONSIDER THIS : 'You cannot change your life by changing your life. You can only change your life if you change your thinking.'

Remain Healthy & Happy ....... Nesha-India

Also read Other articles / posts by Nesha-India :
Nesha-India last decade

Are you saying that the doctors want you to have a SECOND liver transplant?
Pat2006 last decade

Don't give up.

You have many options.

Have you attempted to locate a homeopath in your area who can help you?

Homeopathy is known to make MIRACLES.

Have you contacted any major hospitals in your area? Preferably as I mentioned before a major government university or school hospital?

Ask God for guidance also.
Pat2006 last decade
I came here so hopeless. Homeopathy is the only hope. I've heard a lot of miracles of homeopathy. Maybe a miracle happen to me. Hope so. I've stopped using allopathic medicines now. Hope all you docs here help me as you already do. Thank you all. Can I survive a second transplant if I ever go for it?
sammy1 last decade
I had my 25 hydroxy D tested on august 2, 2006. It's 9 ng/ml and I'm given Vit. D supplements. If you want me to have tested it again so please let me know.
sammy1 last decade
I hope Nesha-India will discuss this case here as usual for the benefit of all.

sajjadakram635 last decade
Here's wishing that GOD existed and the Pope did not suffer from Parkinson's disease.

'sammy1' :
No repeat test required.
As expected your Vit-D, levels are dangerouly very low (upto 4 times) and the liver CANNOT be rejunevated under this deficiency condition.

APOLOGIES, BUT even if a Liver transplant is performed, the liver will not be able to handle the system detoxification process at such a low level of Vit-D.

Your oral intake of Vit-D supplements or Fish oils WILL NOT help you to replenish the Vit-D levels, in the manner the body auto-immune system requires (in your current condition).

I urge you to 'FULLY' read the following link to briefly understand how the body system works.

http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/40731/ titled :
'CALCIUM - Why is it not absorbable in the human body'

If you feel like, please reply to my questions-specific about your case history (as of today) for me to guide you appropriately. Please do start the Bio-chemic medicines as suggested earlier, with which, you should start feeling better with each passing week.

Nesha-India, is NOT going to suggest any Miracle cures (as is obviously done or expected by few miracle cure prescribers over here), BUT ASSURE you to total medical professionalism and cure.

QUOTE by Nesha-India : 'A strong person and a waterfall always channel their own path'

Remain Healthy & Happy ....... Nesha-India

P.S. : Please read this link to raise your 'happy' hormonal levels :
Nesha-India last decade
Hey there funny girl.

Maybe the pope doesn't pray to God. Afterall he is considered a political figure . LOL


Always so good to see you on here.

Glad you are helpiing this very sick person. I tend to agree with you that another liver transplant may not solve her problems.

Have a great day
Pat2006 last decade
Thanks for your support Doc Nesha-India. Usually my teperature is 39 degrees Celcius for the last 5 or 6 years. Sometimes it goes down to 27 degrees Celcius sometimes rises up to 41.1 degrees celcius. Now it's stabled at 39 degrees Celcius. Using paracetamol twice a day.
Pain on the right side, under lower ribs
Yellow skin and eyes
Blood in vomitting
Body aches
Sores on my tongue and in my mouth under lips.
Joint pain

Used Chelidonium Q(mother tincture) 10 drops in 30-50 ml of drinking water twice a day NOW using Chelidonium Q(mother tincture) 10 drops in 30-50ml of drinking water thrice a day as prescribed by Dr. Dinesh Sharma for the symptoms I told him that time.
sammy1 last decade
'sammy1' :
The data is not sufficient for me to guide you appropriately. Please re-read my first post dated 8th August and seriously answer in details (and not in brief).

By taking paracetomol, you are further inflamming & damaging your already distressed liver. You will have to maintain your body temperature at 37 degrees cel. Please DO start the bio-chemics as stated earlier.

The following bio-chemic combinations CAN BE USED EASILY TO REPLACE PARACETOMOL (for fever)

Kali.Mur.3X, Nat.Sul.-3X, Ferr.Phos.-3X.
Take 2 EACH tablets of the above bio-chemics (total 6 tabs as one dose).
Take such dose every 2 hour for a week or till fever symptoms stablises.
Do not change quantity or power of above medicines.

Remain Healthy & Happy ....... Nesha-India
Nesha-India last decade
- precise and specific details of your food ingredients,
soft drinks, sodas, usually junk foods

- your gastric & acidity symptoms,
it makes me feel nauseaous everytime i try to eat. Can't help myself vomitting after eating. Also pain in stomach and liver.

- detailed physical and mental symptoms and entire spectrum of mental attitudes,
not willing to have an activity. Just wanna fall asleep all the time.

- Any aversions or cravings for specific food. Your intake of Bakery products, fermented foods.
aversion: milk, vegitables, fruits, juices, meat
craving: soft drinks, pizza
sammy1 last decade
How can I have normal 25(OH)D levels?
sammy1 last decade
Yesterday, my coach just called me in and asked me if I can play a game of basketball. Last time I hardly played for 2 or 3 minutes and had severe liver pain + blood in vomiting, fatigue and fever. I told him about my condition but he still wants me to play. Besides, he says playing basketball for 40 minutes is not gonna kill me. Could/should I go for it? Would it be harmful? Plz suggest. My coach also wants me to participate inter-school basketball and swimming championship.
sammy1 last decade
To Sammy

I am really surprised that a person in your present condition can even consider playing basketball especially since you have reported that on the last occasion you did so you felt a severe pain in the liver and vomited blood.

For heaven's sake girl please be sensible and do not be the cause of giving me nightmares tonight as I often think and pray for the people whom I have tried to heal on the forum.
Joe De Livera last decade
You remind me of a story I heard on the news a while back.

The young high shcool boy wanted to play sports and he went to the doctor for an ok because he had a medical condition. The doctor said he was healthy enough to participate in sports, and the boy started playing in sports right away and he died right away too. The boy knew he had a heart condition and because the doctor said it was ok he played sports.

No one is going to take care of your body better than you. You know you are sick so why do you do things that make you sicker? Do you have a death wish?
Pat2006 last decade

I was in a hurry when you last wrote to you.

I think you should see your doctor so he can write you a note dismissing you from Physical Education at school. Let him know that you get very sick after a minute or two.

Don't expect people to be understand towards you. You need to get a note from your doctor and keep a copy of it for your records.
Pat2006 last decade
Thanks for your time Sir Pat and Sir Joe.Your clues make sense. I already got a note from my doc regarding that but I thought maybe he's wrong so that I thought to discuss it over here just for an 'OK' but it seems like 'NO K'. Though it's in my favor but still it makes me cry.
No need to worry Sir Joe. Im not gonna be the cause of giving you nightmares. You're right Sir Pat. I had had a death wish before becoming a part of this forum. You people here, especially Ma'am Nesha-India helped me a lot to change my thinking. Thanks to you all.

If there are any angels, this forum is gonna be the one for me..

Thanks for your time nad help..
sammy1 last decade

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