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I don't understand my problem,neither docs?? will you? acidity, gastiritis??? dilemma

I am now 78 kgs. i have problem around 2 years
What i feel now is giddiness/falling sensation when sitting, standing,sleeping but not when walking.
pain allover the body.
I also have high B.P 190/110. now reduced to 120/80
I have no other problem, only the above.

The interesting thing is if i have heartburn, i don't feel giddiness/body pain. if i feel body pain, i don't feel giddiness/heartburn. if i feel giddiness, i don't feel bodypain/heartburn.
Its usually like this
mid-day-body pain.
evening after coffee-heartburn.
I took staphysagria 6,30,200,1M. 3 times a day in pills form.
It seems to reduce the giddiness & body pain, but my doc refuses to give me 10M...
The strange thing is i don't feel hunger, if i feel hunger, my hunger is very very much, & i don't have giddiness,body pain,heartburn.

It all started after taking ayurvedha medicines.
I gone to a ayur doc for constipation(have 2-3 bowel movements in morning). He gave me ALSAREX & athraya rasayanam(1 tablet & 1 teaspoon).
On that night i got up around 1 a.m night & have severe heartburn(my first time), i asked doc he gave me add. medicine, & advised me to take medicines.
I daily got heartburn at 1 a.m night & then i even began to get heartburn in evening. i usually take cofee in morning & evening.
If i didn't take coffee in evening it gave me headache. if i take coffee i got heartburn.
After 45 days, he gave me asthachurnam which started the body pain.
after one day taking dried ginger with tea gave me giddiness.
I eat more food than i usually do about 35%
My body weight increased from 68kgs to 78 kgs in 1.5 years.
Vegeterian, no fat,oily,spicy now even gaseous foods

For now i have learned that
Due to the unneccary ayurvedha medicines i took,
I have very much appetite/hunger.
But instead of feeling the hungeriness, my body produces GAS, which fills my entire body giving me pain & it enters in to my head,gives giddiness. Due to gas i don't feel hunger.
If i took SOOKTYN it relieves gas by belching 50-100, then i feel very hungry, & i don't feel giddiness,body pain, heartburn.
1.But what to do to reduce my hunger?
2.and to stop producing gas?
Can anyone understand my peculiar problem??
  dishwara on 2006-08-20
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Your symptoms indicate GERD (Gastro Eshophagal Reflux Disease) which can also cause your elevated blood pressure and other ailments.

The remedies that you can use are Nat Phos 6x dose 3 tablets taken after every meal 3 times daily. This will help with your digestion, deflate your stomach and also help with your constipation. It will also help to reduce your weight by up to 1kg per week.

Arnica 30c in the wet dose will help with your blood pressure and body pain. The wet dose is made by inserting 3 pellets into a 500ml bottle of spring water which is succussed (shaken hard) every time before you sip a teaspoonful twice daily.

In your own interest you are advised not to overeat (35% ???) and eat small meals and exercise to sweat it out for at least half hour daily. Also drink plenty of water.

It is understood that you will NOT take all other drugs and remedies and NO coffee.

Please report your response in a week or earlier if you so wish.
Joe De Livera last decade
Thanks for replying.
you have mentioned GERD.
But i searched net for GERD & comparing symptoms for gerd with mine seems confusing.
I am now going a treatment called neurotheraphy(a kind of massage by foot).
after their treatment only i felt hungry, which REDUCED all other symptoms pain all over the body,giddiness,heartburn.
Since i felt so hungry(NO STOMACH PAIN)yesterday, i took staphysagria 1M 1 dose, & i got back body pain, giddiness from this morning & no appetite.
It seems i have a high appetite & i am digesting too fast, which is due to the ALSAREX medicine i took in jan-feb 2005.
dishwara last decade
Also someone mentioned natphos will make the food to move fast in the stomach, if it happens i will feel more giddiness.
because if i took onion, it gives me more bowel movement & giddiness.
Also i have no other symptoms mentioned in GERD.
If i took gaseous foods like beans, i get more giddines, but after a lot of fart & the next morning have bowel movement, i go back to stage before taking gaseous food.
Sorry for my gramm. err english.
dishwara last decade
also if i belch its empty, no smell, no bitter taste
what i feel is that i have a high appetite , but a lot of gas producing in my stomach(NOT by foods) & moves upward to give me body pain & giddiness, reduces appetite.
If i take sooktyn it reduces gas , so feel more hunger.
also what to do if i get headache, stoping coffee(or taking tea) will give me headache.
Please advice me.
dishwara last decade
May I suggest that you start on the therapy that I have recommended and we evaluate the response and the progress from that point onwards ?

I note that you are asking a lot of questions about the 2 remedies that I have prescribed without even getting them and using them for at least a day.

If you are suspicious of the therapy that I have indicated you are advised to forget it and stop your barrage of questions.
Joe De Livera last decade
I today took nat phos 6x bio after lunch & continue....
I got arnica 30 in 20 size globules(pellets) which is only 1/4 of bio,
is 3 globules in 500ml boiled & cooled drinking kaveri river water ok?
or i have to add some pellets due to small size??
I took 1 teaspunful of arnica instead of coffee.
When i have to take arnica? before or after meals?
I usually take 3 biscuits(britannia marie) with coffee, can i take it?
I am firm believer of homeo from my age of 6.
Due to the ayuerveda medicines i took i have to double or triple check my docs & medicines.
Sorry for toooo many questions.
I told my nerotheraphy(a type of massage by foot) about homeo & i am not going to take massage.
they have lowered my B.P to 120/80 with out B.P. medicines. If i took arnica will it further reduce B.P?? there is no way to check B.P.
i also have very loong night dreams. its like watching a movie
dishwara last decade
I regret that I dont have the time to reply all your questions.

I have prescribed the therapy that I have used with many patients which has helped their GERD and overweight problems which you can read about on the ABC by using the Search Forums cage on the left of this page.

If you are interested in following my advice you can report your response after following the therapy I have indicated for a week for further evaluation and advice.
Joe De Livera last decade
sir I took Natphos & arnica 30 from 22/8/06 lunch.
on 23/8/06 night i felt like my neck is sorrounded by a band(choke??)
that i cannot swollow(not instense but light sensation)
Also i felt giddiness, body pain in adddition slight hunger before meals.
After taking arnica i belch ~25 times, & my body pain, giddiness reduced for an hour.
But due to choke, i stopped all medicines.

U can also read my entire history in new post
dishwara last decade
It is obvious that Nat Phos has helped you judging by your belching 25 times. You have indicated that your belching was aftter you tood Arnica but I do not believe this as it can only occur after the Nat Phos. This remedy will help with your GERD and the Arnica will help heal the problem with your throat which you described as:
'i felt like my neck is sorrounded by a band(choke??)
that i cannot swollow(not instense but light sensation) '

You will have to keep on taking the remedies prescribed for some time in the future if you wish to be cured.
Joe De Livera last decade
Sir, i double sure, i got belching only after ARNICA.
and i got the feeling i cannot swallow around 7 p.m 23/8/06.
I have very high appetite.
dishwara last decade
If you are so certain about Arnica being the cause of your belching you can stop takeing it temporarily.

You are advised to keep on taking the Nat Phos 6x as this is your primary remedy. You can take 4 tablets after each meal 3 times daily.

I note with some concern that you state:

' I have very high appetite'.

You should know that your problem may be due precisely to this fact as overeating causes problems in the digestion and it is up to you to make up your mind to reduce your intake of food which you must only eat in a sufficient quantity to be comfortable. The cure from your ailment which I believe is an advanced case of GERD (Gastro Esophagal Reflux Syndrome', is in your own hands. This problem is due to the gastric juices leaking up your esophagus which is not designed to handle acids and the reason why you cannot swallow is because this acid has attacked the delicate muscles which control your swallowing reflex. If you continue with your present regimen of eating in excess, you will soon find that you cannot swallow food at all and you may have to undergo surgery which will make a bad situation much worse.

The Arnica which you state caused your belching is to help your esophagus which is obviously badly scarred by the gastric juices right up to your throat muscles, to be relined and returned back to normal. This may take a few weeks or even months but this requires your own cooperation and a desire to be healed.

I can only advise you and it is up to you to decide whether or not you wish to use the therapy that I have indicated and be cured.

Remember the saying:

'One eats to live and not lives to eat.'
Joe De Livera last decade
First i like to clarify you.
I am not a person who lives to eat.
I even hate eating. 3 times taking food really boring to me.
I feel MORE giddiness if i reduce my food.
I got all my problems only after taking medicines as i said earlier.

Also only after taking NP & arnica i felt choking(a band in neck is it right) first time in my life.
Normally all day 24/7 i feel giddiness or moving pain allover the body. the pain moves from one place to another in no time.
In evening some day i have throat burn, then i don't have giddiness or body pain.
I don't feel hunger allday, only giddiness, & giddiness increases & reduces after food, if i didn't take enough food in time.
Even though i am taking more food, i always have giddiness.
Only recently i found (by sooktyn or by nueroterapy..a massage by foot)
i have more appatite & i can't handle my appatite that i have to take food every ~2 hrs or so. & i don't have any giddiness or body pain or throat burn if i feel appatite.
All these are started only after taking Ayurvedha medicines on nov 2004. & all the medinies seems to increase appetite.

If you want to help me read my full story in
Heartburning by medicines. Dishwara live or die

I even doubt i have GERD. What i feel is that the medicines i took has increased my appetite so much.
If i able to reduce it i will be better.
dishwara last decade
I regret that I am not able to help you as I can see that your case requires personal contact with you to identify precisely what ails you and to give you a remedy for your problem.
Joe De Livera last decade

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