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Confused Rubric

I have been in homeopathic field for many many years. Dr. Azhar Cheema told me to join this forum as well. I am happy to see another running forum. As many forums will be available to homeopaths, ultimately the homeopathy will flourish.

My question to all homeopaths is:

What is the difference between these two rubrics.

Vomiting - Milk
Vomiting - Milk, after

I thank you for taking pain in resolving this issue.

(Jhelum Pakistan)
  Dr. MAS on 2004-09-13
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
using an example to clarify---refer to kent's rep under stomach:vomiting : milk
you will notice aeth(3 grade)--now go to materia medica (vermulen's concordant)under aethusa cynapium (aeth)--go to food and drinks-- and it is written "..can't bear milk in any form;milk is forcibly ejected...."

that explains vomiting:milk which is same as vomiting due to milk ingested---which is same as vomiting after milk...
John Stanton last decade
Thank You john for your quick reply. You said "that explains vomiting:milk which is same as vomiting due to milk ingested"

Sorry john I am not convinced with this reply. If you say vomiting milk is same as vomiting milk ingested then where this rubric "Vomiting: Milk, after" is applicable.

Looking forward to hear more
Dr. MAS last decade
no need i sway your thinking--do this for yourself---compare each remedy in rubrics you ask about with various materia medicas--
John Stanton last decade
Don't be annoy! I am still confused with both rubrics.
Dr. MAS last decade
not annoyed at all--just encourage you to learn--showing you a process that apply to other situations---compare materia medica with reperetory information..

what reps you use?
what Materia medicas you use?
what books readily use to serve in homoeopathy?
John Stanton last decade
Don't be annoyed!
Dr. MAS last decade
ok i understand --a joke --good one..i trusted you were true--but i see..well have a nice time..
John Stanton last decade
I like many repertories but I don't use them at all due to confused symptoms. (Just trying to calm you down)

Please teach me this is my understanding on these rubrics.

Vomiting: Milk

what ever the patient eats but he always vomit only milk. He toleterates other items of eating food but vomits only milk.

vomiting: milk, after

What ever patients eats but he tolerates everything but as and when he drinks milk he vomits.

Now you can see the difference, in both cases there is slight difference only difference is what does he vomit? (The key difference)

In "Vomiting: milk, after" he can vomit milk plus other (food)items but "vomiting milk" means he only vomits milk but not other items.

May be I am much confused then you!
Dr. MAS last decade
If you (or me) :) still confuesed then this is my habit to put homeopaths in confused state. Here I go again. ;)

"Vomiting Milk". the patient is only vomiting milk but he is eating many food items. Other food items are not present.

"Vomiting: Milk, after" means when he vomits it contains other food particles but he vomits only when he drinks milk.

Hah Hahhhh Hamm (I am laughing) on my stupidity.
Dr. MAS last decade

You was not confused but created confusions. Why you talikg to yourself by questioning & awnsering yourself. Were you taking a test? It can happen as you was previously & specifically prepared for it.
Logical last decade
Nothing wrong in questioning and then answering.

That way you would have tried to solve the puzzle,and after sometime, if you were told the answer,you will remember it well.

Assume you were told the difference of these two rubrics in the beginning itself,you might have had a cursory glance at it.

But now you can't forget it.

bandarbabu2000 last decade
It is true. Good/real people carry on this way & with this intentions. But people may not realize it accordingly. Thanks.
Logical last decade

I think you never read introductory notes which are written in most of the discussion forums.

Discussion forum means to ask question and provide answers. This does not mean that you just question and wait for someone to reply. NO. Even you can also reply or present your views on your own questions and others too have rights to present their views. This is called discussion.
Dr. MAS last decade
Thanks Bandarbabu20000 for your kind and good reply. This I read the method when I was doing ph.d in education. Still my last semester is not clear because of non-payment of dues which are Rs. 30,000 which as a family member, I can't afford.
Dr. MAS last decade
Discussion forum means to ask question and provide answers. This does not mean that you just ask question and wait for someone to reply. No. (Thanks for ur understanding ... Logical)
Dr. MAS last decade
You are always right at the end of discussions.:D I was just confirmind if my similar habit is correct or not. Thanks.
Logical last decade
Kindly use the Forum to educate others and to share your knowledge.

Do not use it fortesting the knowledge of people visiting the Forum.

For testing knowledge, there are examinations.

Many thanks,
Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Dear Pankaj

In the end knowledge is shared.Is it not?

The goal is important,not the means.

bandarbabu2000 last decade
I think, I have already clarified that my purpose was not to check someone's credential but to discuss different homeopathic issues in most frankly and funny manners without disturbing the flow of discussion. In think, members have understood what I was trying to say by asking a question and then replying on the same question. You can't say, the forum rules were breeched in this type of discussion rather I would say, members will feel more comfortable when they will give response (if they desire or have courage) to my threads.

In the Ph.D (Education) thesis, My supervisor told me to activate the mind of your listener, you first float a tricky question to educate your friends, students, colleagues and professionals. These type of tricky question enhance your knowledge and activate your mental capibilities. This does not mean to disheart or discradit any member. I can't even think of that because i myself is still a student of homeopathy and not reached at its mystry.

DHMS, BHMS (Prev), Ph.D (Alternative Medicine), Ph.D (Still scholar in Edn)
Registered Homeopath
NCH Ministry of Health Pakistan
Dr. MAS last decade
Symptoms aggravate in open air <
Symptoms ameliorate in open air >

Both are arsenic album, Is this correct? If yes then why?

I am confused. :(
Dr. MAS last decade
yes-correct----both < and > in open air.

each symptom must be qualified by particular modality(s)

excluding temperature of air: some data as example of having both < and > open air

nausea/vomiting < and > in open

cough > open air

chill shuddering without thirst < open air

headache < open air;heaviness in head > open air;

burning ,excoriating coryza is > in open air--yet hay fever/coryza is < in open air..

ears humming > in open air

confusion > in open air
John Stanton last decade
Logically, it may be relevant to lower & higher potencies as in Silicea. It supprate in lower potency but restrain/absorb in higher potencies.
Logical last decade
Pain in L L (Lower Limbs)

Pain in legs

What is the difference between them? Both have different remedies. Why?
Dr. MAS last decade
..part & whole.
Logical last decade
Julian Winston quoted Dr. Stuart Close WISDOM

"The idea that only experts in materia medica can succeed in cases of the class we are considering is a fallacious and demoralizing one, which is often made the excuse for shirking a plain duty. It is true that success is usually proportionate to the skill of the prescriber; that the simillimum will accomplish more than the merely similar remedy. But it is also true that the results obtained by even a moderate degree of skill, loyally and consistently exercised, are vastly better than the results of other methods. It may be that only the master can select the simillimum, but even the tyro can select a similar, if he tries, and accomplish some good. Certainly he will do no harm, as he will if he resorts to other measures. Let him but do the best he can, and strive always to do better, and all will be well. Let him know, also, that to the one who performs his work in this spirit, "inward revelations" are sometimes given, by which he is richly rewarded for his faith and loyalty to principle. The simillimum has sometimes been found by the humblest among us, who make no pretensions to expertness, and marvelous cures have been thereby effected when they were least expected. Such rewards come only to those who are in "The Way", ready and worthy to receive them."

"He must know the method of finding the similar remedy for every case. This does not mean that he must have the entire materia medica in his head as some pretend to think; but that having the materia medica on his library shelves, (he will have some library shelves, if he is wise, and books to fill ´em) he must know how to find what he needs. He will therefore require at least one good repertory and the ability to use it. With this modest technical equipment, and a modicum of brains, he will be able to do very well."

From this WISDOM you just need a repertory and you can start practice. :( You don't need to understand any thing, If you can afford to purchase a repertory. Further reading is available on www.lyghtforce.com mailing list.
Dr SS last decade

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