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avoid such homeopaths

'He claims he has found his own method, necessary because these are trying times and therefore even Hahnemann would have approved of his inventions. Yet, this 'important looking satement only hides his incompetence and laziness to truly study this difficult topic continuously. He [has attended a few seminars and--alas, Joe has not even done that, I think] now thinks is possessed of a knowledge that no longer needs fine tuning. He prescribes for every patient a 'protocol', similar to his well learned allopathic physicians, forgetting that to cure a patient the individuality must be taken into account. According to his conviction, for Disease A, there is 'protocol A', which should be applied for several months. It is a secret wish of someone who wanted to be an allopathic physician or at least attain his stature, as he seeks to imitate those who practice contrary to anything that stand for homeopathy. But of course he tells you about the enormous 'successes' he had. In reality, he does not know what a 'true cure' stands for: the freedom of any mental, emotional or physical suffering and the prevention of recurernce of your disease. He is sure that his 'genius' will be recognized...'
  ripas on 2006-08-23
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
The best post I ever read on this forum!
Sjaak last decade
ripas last decade
Joepathy = A.D.D.

Homeopathically Rules Explained : 'PLACIEBO method '

A medicine given JUST to SIMPLY MAKE-BELIEVE satisfy the patient that he is taking some medicine for his problems / diseases. Mostly, these medicines are do not have any physically curative effect. BUT to only INDUCE & satisfy the patient INTO BELIEVING psychologically that these medicines are working on him. The patient by psychological law of Expectation (anticipation) starts believing in the placebo medicine and experiences some psychological relief, BUT THE INTERNAL DEEP-SEATED CAUSATIVE DISEASE FACTOR REMAINS THE SAME and further dangerously cumulates into a powerful inter-woven complicated case disease.

CONSIDER THIS (by Winston Churchill) :
'A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to put its pants on'

Remain Healthy & Happy ....... Nesha-India
Nesha-India last decade
I don't think it's placebo - its usually palliation.
Where are those poor asthma patients anyway? When troubles start to crop up, they quietly disappear? Mustn't further mar the alleged 'record' of 'hundreds of (allegedly) cured cases.
ripas last decade
NATRUM PHOS...recommended by Joe to many people is a Tissue Salt. ...belongs to Bio-chemics field.

Dr. Schussler..the one who propounded the theory of Tissue Salts...himself said ...'THIS IS NOT HOMEOPATHY ...THIS IS PHYSIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY' in the last essay he wrote on this subject before his death.

Those making fun of Joe here on this thread...should examine their own knowledge base first !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Natrum Sulph 6X . ....recommended by Joe ...is also from Bio-chemistry...not Homeopathy.
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Dear Pankaj

Prescribing Nat.phos for acidity can be understood.

Perhaps even a daily dose of Arnica in liquid, after succussing it every time, for old age patients, is defendable.

but his insistance of Nat.Sulph for asthma can't be supported.

It is definitely a dangerous prescription, and even if the patient gets palliated, he is going to be in much deeper trouble later.

We have seen cases of suppression by homeopathic remedies.

I encourage everybody to read 'The theory of Supression' by Dr.Vijayakar.

It is available from Bjain, and is priced around Rs.100.

All those who are interested in a complte cure through homeopathy should read it.

bandarbabu2000 last decade
I think joe recommends Nat.Sulph 6c. It is not biochemic.!!!

bandarbabu2000 last decade
Dr. Schussler says....more diluted the Tissue salt..easier for it to enter the blood stream.

His theory is based on the compostion of blood.

Homeopathy ...talks of hitting the brain nerves....so their is a conflict of theories.

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Dear Pankaj

as far as my knoweldge goes, I never herad of 6c being called a biochemic medicine.

The method of preperation of a 6c, and a tablet of 6x are totally different, and one can't be substituted for the other.

bandarbabu2000 last decade
How Do Homeopathic Remedies Work?

Many of the homeopathic remedies are so diluted that according to the known laws of physics and chemistry, they couldn't possibly have any effect. Once you get beyond a certain point-24x or 12c -there is probably not even one single molecule of the original active substance remaining. This fact is often pointed to by critics of homeopathy as they dismiss the effect of homeopathy as merely due to placebo effect.

And yet, according to homeopathic doctrine and experience, the more diluted the solution, the more potent it is. Homeopaths contend that the remedies work and they see no reason to stop using them simply because we do not understand how they work. They often argue that pharmacologists cannot explain exactly how most conventional drugs work. For example, even aspirin is not fully understood in terms of how it works, but physicians have no difficulty in recommending its use.
Over the years several theories have been proposed to explain the action on homeopathic potentization.


The effects of microdoses have been known for a long time, and there are a number of examples that support the idea that very diluted concentrations of a substance will have a measurable and sometimes profound effect. Scientists call this phenomenon: hormesis.

Scientists from Michigan State University have shown how hormesis work in nature. They used microdoses of a fertilizer to stimulate crop production. In a dose equivalent to a 9x dilution, the fertilizer increased tomato yield by 30 percent, carrots were 21 percent bigger, and corn yield increased by 25 percent.

Our own bodies secrete minute amounts of hormones that have powerful effects. Thyroid hormone is present in our blood at only 1 part per 10 billion-yet this is enough to regulate the rate of our entire metabolism. Many animal studies show that low doses of some substances elicit a beneficial response while high doses are harmful. This phenomenon has been documented to occur with radiation, antibiotics, and heavy metals.


Pheromones are powerful aromatic hormone-like substances that creatures secrete to attract one another. One molecule of moth pheromone is so potent, it will attract another moth from miles away and trigger a cascade of physical reactions. Though well documented, the exact mechanism for pheromones remains unknown.

Homeopathic Remedies Work in Spiritual/Energy Plane and Not in Physical Plane

Homeopathic remedies are believed to work in the spiritual plane as opposed to the physical plane as we are used to think and measure. Hahnemann believed that dilution and succussion released a spirit- like power that worked on the spiritual level of the vital force in humans. We are familiar with the formerly invisible, immeasurable, unknowable energy forms, such as electromagnetic radiation and subatomic particles. Magnets exerted their force long before science could explain the mechanism. Physicists are still trying to explain gravity and the nature of matter, still discovering phenomena such as the 'strong force' and the 'weak force.'

Homeopathy is an energy medicine, as are acupuncture and therapeutic touch. Homeopaths believe that although the physical molecules of the original substance may be gone, dilution and succussion leaves something behind-an imprint of its essence, or its energy pattern-that gives it a kind of healing charge. Potentization does not occur if you simply dilute the substance, even if you dilute it repeatedly. Nor does it occur if you only shake the substance vigorously. There is something about each process that builds sequentially upon the other, causing the power to be retained and progressively intensified.

But how does the information in such a minute amount of substance get transferred to the body? Some theorists suggest the repeated succussion creates an electrochemical pattern that is stored in the water carrier and then spreads like liquid crystallization through the body's own water; others say the dilution process triggers an electromagnetic imprinting that directly affects the electro- magnetic field of the body. This concept is used in other therapies also. For example, Ayurveda suggests taking water that has been potentizated by precious metals such as gold. The water is believed to possess curative power as a result of coming in contact with gold and other gemstones although no molecular transfer takes place. The healing power of crystals and magnets are believed to come from their effect on the energy pattern or vibration frequency. So, the suggestion of the homeopathic remedies as working on the energy plane may not be as far fetched as we may think at the first glance.

Homeopathic Remedies Activate the Vital Force

Homeopaths believe that it is the energy or 'vibrational pattern' of the remedy, rather than the chemical content, that stimulates the healing by activating what Hahnemann called the Vital force. Vital force is the healing power or energy that exists within us all. It is called by the name Chi by Chinese and Prana by Indian Ayurveda. The vital force fuels the mind, body, emotions and mind. It keeps us healthy and balanced. When the balance of the vital force is disturbed by factors such as stress, pollution, improper diet and lack of exercise, it becomes weakened resulting in the person getting sick. (For a description of the Chinese philosophy of the vital force, please refer to the section on Acupuncture. For the Ayurvedic concept of the vital force, please read the corresponding section of the Ayurveda.)

Scientists who accept the potential benefits of homeopathic theory suggest several theories to explain how highly diluted homeopathic medicines may act. Using recent developments in quantum physics, they have proposed that electromagnetic energy in the medicines may interact with the body on some level. Researchers in physical chemistry have proposed the 'memory of water' theory, whereby the structure of the water-alcohol solution is altered by the medicine during the process of dilution and retains this structure even after none of the actual substance remains.

Source :http://www.holisticonline.com/Homeopathy/homeo_how_it_works.....

bandarbabu2000 last decade
Do Biochemic Salts Act As Placebos
National Journal Of Homoeopathy 1994 Mar / Apr Vol III No 2.
Bansal V P.

Homoeopathic graduates are taught a lot about Materia Medica, but there is a lack of weightage on Biochemic remedies. Is Biochemic science a placebo therapy? Dr. Bansal and Dr. Rana put forth their points.

(Editors Comments: In the following article a well qualified and observant physician asserts on the basis of his 16 years experience that 'Biochemic salts are nothing but Homoeopathic medicines in the decimal scale. These low (decimal potencies show results only in acute diseases.' These views entirely confirm the statement of no less a person than Dr. Dewey in his introduction to the Twelve Tissue Remedies' that 'tissue remedies actually work on the principle of Homoeopathy.')

Bio = Living (life)
Chemic = Chemical.

It means chemical activity in living or life. In Homoeopathy whatever the drug that we ultimately use contains chemicals which may be organic or inorganic. The source may be from vegetable, animal kingdom or may be mineral, sarcode or nosode. For example, Colocynth which is derived from vegetable kingdom contains Magnesium phosphate (Mag-phos); Arnica and China contain Potassium phosphate (Kali-phos); Lycopodium contains Silicea and so on.

The so called Twelve Tissue Remedies or Biochemic salts are not only Biochemic medicines but they are active chemicals in life. In my opinion, Biochemicals in the real sense are low potency Homoeopathic medicines, though used in Decimal scale such as 1X, 3X, 6X, 12X etc. Many practitioners use Mag-phos 200X or 100X and they claim it to be Biochemic, if we compare with the Centisimal scale used in Homoeopathy then.

6X = 3C
12X = 6C
30X = 15C
200X = 100C
1000X = 500C

According to my experience and logic, Biochemic salts are nothing but Homoeopathic medicines in the Decimal scale.

Many doctors think, that as claimed by Dr. Schussler, Biochemic medicines work on deficiency theory. Take an example of a patient who has Calcium deficiency. Can you remove it by giving a few molecules of Cal-phos. No, the deficiency cannot be removed. In fact Cal-phos works on Homoeopathic theory only if symptoms match, and only then can the change in metabolism take place, after which the body accepts the desired Calcium from the regular diet itself. All anaemic patients cannot be cured by Ferr-phos 3X or 6X. One may try as long as possible but it will not increase the Haemoglobin level of blood. If the Theory of Deficiency is right, the cure of all cases of anaemia by giving Ferr-phos in small doses should be possible.

Take another example of Mag-phos. In heart diseases like Acute Myocardial Infarction, Mag-sulph is used routinely by the allopathic school. The required dose is 8-10 grams of Magnesium Sulphate which may prevent Arrythmias and also limit the area of Myocardial Infarction. But Mag-phos seldom works in such a case unless symptoms call for it.

Recently, I had to treat 10 patients of Necrosis of the head of Femur with collapse. After taking cortisone, these patients developed deformities in the femoral head. I tried Calc-fluor, Silicea and Calc-phos according to the Biochemic theory, but I got results in only 2 out of ten cases. In the other eight cases (after Homoeopathic repertorisation) two were cured by Silicea CM, two with Phosphorus 1M and two with Aurum-met. The question is why only two cases showed the desired results with Biochemic drugs? The reason is that the symptoms of the two cases are exactly similar to these biochemic drugs. Another important question is whether it is possible to treat all diseases with only 12 remedies? Many Homoeopaths give single remedy according to Homoeopathy and at the same time blindly prescribe any Bio salt or Bio combination. In such cases the patient is cured actually by Homoeo drugs and Biochemic salts work as placebo. Then why do we not use a placebo itself in place of Biochemic drugs? Further, the Biochemic drugs are more expensive.

In chronic cases, I think Biochemic drugs are of no use. They show results in some acute diseases only. In acute diseases, you give any medicine that is potentised and 60 percent of symptoms usually get better. This is because quite a few of the acute diseases are self limiting.

For some time now, I have tried all Biochemic medicines in 6C or 30C in single form and this produced better and long lasting results in comparison to 3X and 6X potency. In 6C and 30C the action is more rapid.


Biochemic salts are Homoeopathic medicines in decimal potency and low potency.
Due to low potency (3X, 6X) and palliative effect, they are useful in acute diseases only.
When given with Constitutional drugs in medium to high potency, a Biochemic salt is like Sac-lac only.
Biochemic salts give better results in 6C, 30C or 200C. (Try them; once you use them you may not like to use decimal X potency).
Biochemic salts in 6C and 30C are much more economical compared to 3X and 6X.
To an experienced Homoeopath, Biochemic salts in 3X, 6X and mother tinctures may not be required because they have no curative power for chronic diseases.
Whenever you use decimal Biochemic, mother tinctures or allopathy, in most chronic cases they are all palliative.
Biochemic combinations mean to treat a disease not the patient. So it cannot be Homoeopathic in principle (Similimum) is the only curative principle)
As some Masters have written, 'The mere fact that drugs are manufactured by a Homoeopathic pharmacy, or are sold by Homoeopathic chemists or are prescribed by homoeopathic physicians do not make them Homoeopathic. (Biochemic and mother tinctures including).'

Note : The views presented above are based on my 16 years of critical experiences and not based on speculation.

The Other View point

The newer generation of Homoeopaths call one orthodox if he uses both homoeopathic as well as biochemic drugs separately. When one does not use two or more medicines in a patient at a time he is looked down upon as backward. The question however is Can anyone homoeopathically justify the use of polypharmacy or use of biosalts along with homoeopathic medicines?

Homoeopathy does not agree with the use of any other drug be it biochemic, allopathic or even homoeopathic simultaneously with another homoeopathic, medicine (i.e. Homoeopathy advocates single drug at a time). The homoeopathic principles that have stood the test of time suggest the use of Similimum, minimum dosage and a single medicine. The biochemic system as well as the homoeopathic system are both very similar as regards their preparation. The only difference is in the method of application. The biochemics are indicated by deficiency of a particular salt in the body while the homoeopathic remedies are given on symptom similarity.

Hence, the administration of the two should be separate and never simultaneous. It is also very different to ascertain for the second prescription as to which of the two should be repeated to ensure better results when given simultaneously.

No improvement can be made in the study of effects of drugs by the physician engaged in such prescribing.

Source: http://www.njhonline.com/1994/mar_april_94_vol_111_no_2/misc....



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bandarbabu2000 last decade
To Ripas,

I note that you have again repeated the many insults that you have heaped on me in the past which I have dealt with in detail in other threads on the ABC.

Since you still persist in hounding me I am taking the easy way out to copy and paste a few of my replies on other threads which will serve to respond to your accusations even though not directly.

Before I do so I would like to take this opportunity of expressing my gratitude at your bringing this matter to the fore on this forum and I hope that you are aware that by so doing you are only providing more and more exposure to my therapy which has now been classified as 'Joepathy'.

You have done so in the fond hope that you can perhaps silence me but I would request you to read the comments that patients whom I have helped in some way have recorded on this forum to realize whether or not my own concept of using homeopathic remedies has been successful or otherwise.

I do hope that you will stop hounding me and my Joepathy as I can assure you that as long as I live, I shall strive to promote this direct attitude to the use of homeopathic remedies to cure suffering humanity.

I shall now copy the articles which were addressed to you on other threads below and hope that you will desist from further repetitions of the same theme.

Re: Why 'Joepathy' works in many cases From Joe De Livera on 2006-10-18
To Ripas,

If you are really interested in investigating my attitude to Homeopathy I would request you to visit my post entitled 'In defense of my attitude towards Homeopathy' which strangely enough was addressed to you and which you can find if you do a search under this same title on the ABC. I shall copy it below but after I have replied some salient facts that you have questioned which I feel I must reply to first.

The post that is dated July 21 2006 addressed to you gives you almost all the answers that you have posed in your post above but I shall pick out a few matters from it to give you short answers to them for purposes of clarification as requested by you.

I have always refused to accept the classical theory that remedies must never be given on a daily basis. I do agree that ALL remedies cannot be given in this manner but I have no hesitation in using Arnica 30c in the wet dose (or the dry dose in pellets) on a daily basis. I have used this remedy myself for the last 11 years and I can assure you that if I stop the daily dosage for about 3 weeks I will find that my years hang on me and my BP also shoots up by about 10mm on both Systolic and Diastolic levels. My pulse also goes up to around 90 at rest. FYI my BP today is 117/76 with pulse 63 checked a short while ago. If as you fear I was to suffer under the standard warnings given by only classical homeopaths about the repetitive use of Homeopathic remedies like Arnica, I would not be writing this reply to you right now.

I note your concern about my using just plain water instead of the remedy nightly but right now I am using 3 No 30 pellets of the remedy that I have made in common with all remedies as I get the liquid remedy in ethanol and activate the lactose pellets myself. There is absolutely no possibility whatever of anyone interfering with my Arnica which is today the only remedy that I take daily.

I do admit that it may seem strange that I have a penchant for Arnica and for Nat Phos and the reason why I use these remedies so often is because I have discovered that the majority of cases that I handle on the forums have benefitted by them. You can read the research that I have done on Arnica by doing a search for 'Arnica the miracle remedy' and you may be surprised that I have listed many more ailments that this amazing remedy can be used for which are not listed in the MM's. As for Nat Phos I have used it extensively for GERD related ailments and it has worked in the majority of cases if they were caused by hyperacidity with some being relieved in a few minutes after taking this remedy.

I believe that the reason that the majority of classical homeopaths use this long drawn out case taking procedure is because they wish to ensure that the patient is suitably impressed by their exclusive prowess which eventually results in a single remedy which usually does not give the patient, say in a GERD case, the relief that he wants ASAP. This also ensures that the patient has to return to the homeopath on a weekly basis to be given the next remedy and all visits are not free. I have had many patients who have been fooled by their homeopaths for some months who posted their ailment on this forum and in the case of GERD type ailments I invariably have prescribed Nat Phos 6x and the patient reports almost instant relief and usually is cured in a few months of this daily routine.

The point that I wish to make is that while classical homeopathy may have its uses in the hands of experts in the science like Dr Luc de Schepper whose name is mentioned on the opening page of this forum today and whom I know personally as he was here with me shortly after the Tsunami in Sri Lanka, and others of his caliber, the average homeopaths especially those who practice in the Indian Subcontinent who have over 25 patients on a daily basis, cannot possibly pretend to use the classical system as the time they will have to expend on each patient will make it impossible for them to see the over 100 patients they treat on a daily basis. I can vouch for the fact that this is the standard form adopted in Sri Lanka by the homeopaths whom I have discussed this matter with and I am also assured by my friends in India and Pakistan that this is indeed the norm except of course in the case of the few classical homeopaths who are exclusive and of course expensive to consult. I do not blame these classical types for using their skills in the manner that they were commanded to do by their superiors also of the classical school but I reserve the right not to follow their example simply because my 'thisforthatpathy' now also known as 'Joepathy', seems to have stuck as it has been picked up by the Search Engines, which is a fact that I was not aware of till a few days ago.

I have proved that there is no danger of the remedies that I use generally do not constitute any hazard when prescribed in the manner that I use them. They have invariably served to help the patients who have used them and you can refer to the comments of patients who have benefitted from my treatment. It is interesting to record that some patients were at first suspicious of my non classical ideology and preferred to use the remedies prescribed by classical homeopaths with no positive response. This was the case of an asthmatic boy whose mother did not use the Nat Sulph therapy that I use extensively for Asthma and when she discovered that the remedies that a classical homeopath did not help him she gingerly gave him just 1 teaspoonful of Nat Sulph 6c and within a few hours he was asleep without the usual congestion in his lungs which had been treated for many years with steroids and later with classical remedies and finally with the Nat Sulph. He is, I believe, still on a split dose of this remedy as the mother has not posted any news for some months.

As you may know, I am not a professional homeopath and only use my skills free of charge to help anyone who consults me in Colombo and on the forums. I have sufficient confidence in my own Joepathy to be able to help anyone and if I am not certain of my ability to do so, I always refer them to others who may be able to help. I believe that my attitude to homeopathy has been felt in classical circles as I have recently been the target of many classical homeopaths who have attacked me with unusual ferocity which I presume they have leveled at me because I have rocked their precious homeopathic boat just a little too much. As far as I am concerned I shall continue to use my skill in the manner that I have done so far and you are invited to read the many tributes from grateful patients who have been at least helped and many who have been cured by me.

I believe that it is time for the classical types to also help the patients who post on this forum instead of compelling me to waste my time in responding as I am now doing to their attacks as their attitude is not designed to promote the science that they have spent a lot of time in acquiring but prefer to use to deride my efforts to help others in the manner that I have done for many years, with outstanding results as evidenced on the ABC.

I shall now copy my post of July 22 2006 addressed to you below:

In Defense of my attitude to Homeopathy

From Joe De Livera
on 2006-07-22
0 replies
In defence of my attitude to Homeopathy From Joe De Livera on 2006-07-21
Dear Mr Ripas,

I note that you are responding to a post that I made on July 12 in response to yours of the same date.

From the general trend of your argument I believe that it is my direct treatment of the ailment that you seem to resent, perhaps because you have seen that many patients whom I have responded to on this forum have confirmed that they have been helped and in many instances cured. This routine of cures does not only pertain to Asthma and I must admit that I used the direct allopathic method in prescribing the remedy with the success that you can read about on the respective threads.

I am amazed at the reasons that classical homeopaths like you can offer and I can see that you are only interested in defending the classical attitude to homeopathy which I too resort to with my Radar software if I am not familiar with the ailment or the response from the patient to the remedy that I prescribe has not been satisfactory, which occurs very rarely.

I do not object to classical homeopaths using their classical knowledge in treating any ailment. I do resent however when these classical types go to the level that Dinesh Sharma went to yesterday to attack me in his uncontrolled fit of rage which is only too transparent on the ABC which you can read on:


I shall copy my response below and this will also answer some of your own reservations on the direct method that I use to prescribe any remedy to my patients. It must be borne in mind that in the case of these patients, the resultant effect which leads to a cure has almost always been positive. There have been absolutely no instances of any remedy that I prescribed causing any form of distress or aggravation.

Re: Gastric Problem.
From Joe De Livera
on 2006-07-20
To Dinesh Sharma

I was appalled to note that you had addressed your post to me personally and deliberately repeated it 3 times over which I believe you did in a fit of anger as a result of my commenting on your prescribing what you fondly believed was your 'classical constitutional remedy' to relieve the patient's obvious distress from hyperacidity which sadly did not have the slightest effect in helping him for a whole month but only resulted in a serious aggravation of his condition when he was under your supervision.

I believe that types like you who are so obsessed with your own importance which you have assumed as a result of your obtaining your diploma in Homeopathy should stop to consider that the primary reason for your spending a few years in the study of this precious science is to heal suffering humanity. It is only when people like you are forced to accept that the remedy that your classical training has taught you to prescribe which did not have the slightest effect in helping the suffering patient but instead had aggravated his condition to a degree that he was so obviously suffering from it, that you explode and then proceed to insult me and command me in UPPER CASE to 'MIND YOUR WORDS' or in other words to SHUT UP.

I regret that I cannot oblige you by doing so as I strongly feel that types like you and a few others who play around with the lives of those who visit this forum in the manner that you have done for Bodapathi should be compelled to tender an apology to him for the damage that you have done to him by making his complaint which I believe is GERD infinitely worse during the last month. It is important that those who visit this forum should know the real person you are --- haughty, self opinionated, and obsessed with your own interpretation of what you feel is Homeopathy which has done irreparable damage to at least one member.

I believe that what you need is the humility to accept that you have made a serious error in your prescription of Lycopodium 200 and to bow out gracefully from the thread and thereby permit others who are able to help, to do so in peace without having to waste time in resorting to this form of defense in replying to your tirade as I am now doing right now. In spite of the constraints of time that this form of defense involves I still felt that I should give you some food for thought to teach you how to prescribe at least in the future.

You will have observed that none of us who have been advisors on the ABC for many years and long before you even knew its existence and joined it, have upbraided or criticized you directly when we had reason to do so in previous lapses on your part. I do remember a previous instance when I had to advise you in a case similar to the present and you undertook to behave in a more acceptable manner.

It is the sheer arrogance that you displayed in your tirade that I find objectionable when you state:
'I tried to help him and infcat if you can read earlier post Lycopodium had helped him.But to change constitution requires time but you can not understand all this stuff as your are not a Homeopath'.
As far as I are aware Bodapathy did not show any positive response to your constitutional remedy Lycopodium 200 which sadly backfired on him and you were directly responsible to help him when he pleaded that it was not helping him when you insisted that it must help him perhaps because you had prescribed it and you were of course the last word in Homeopathy ! You then proceed to insult me with your broken Indian English stating that ' you can not understand all this stuff as your are not a Homeopath'.

You must understant that if you persist in maintaining this arrogant attitude you may risk the wrath of other members and the management and may be banned from this forum permanently.

Bodapathi has decided to consult a Gastroenteriologist as the agony that you have caused him is too much for him to suffer. In doing so he will obviously be following his path to disaster as the specialist will no doubt prescribe the standard drugs used in medicine that inhibit the production of acid like Nexium, Prilosec to name only two which will only serve to palliate his ailment and will continue to send him on the path to GERD from which a return is extremely difficult as you can read from the experience of others who have been rescued even on this thread.

You must remember that it does not take that piece of paper which I presume you possess, which you like to flaunt to the other members of this forum with your title of 'Dr' which you have used as a prefix to your name, to enable those who practice Homeopathy to help members who post their ailments. It is more the dedication of the prescriber to this science and the experience that he has accumulated throughout the past years that is important and not the careless attitude that you and many others in your profession cultivate when they discover after a few years in practice that they can safely assume the status of a petty god over their patients. You have only to read the post above from Pat to appreciate the level that some homeopaths descend to, merely to maintain that haughty devil may care attitude at the expense of the poor suffering patient. I am aware of some who deliberately do so in order to ensure that the patient has no alternative but to visit them even weekly to obtain relief from their ailment which could have been cured with perhaps a single remedy in a single consultation.

As you probably know, I have been deeply involved in this science since 1970 and after a period of study it is now my hobby which I practice free of charge both privately in Sri Lanka and on the ABC as I feel a deep sense of satisfaction to help in the alleviation of human suffering in my own way which you may have read in other threads on the ABC. Some of these cures have been commented upon by grateful patients as being miraculous.

I do hope that you will not repeat your hypercritical arrogant attitude as evidenced in your last post which you have repeated 3 times over and that you will not interfere in future with my sincere attempts to help in the alleviation of human suffering.

Joe De Livera

If as I presume you are a qualified classical homeopath who insists only on working within the narrow confines of the classical method that you have been inculcated into accepting during your studies, I would suggest that you spend some time on this forum which as you will see is easily the most prolific of Homeopathic forums in the world and is used by over 50 patients to post their ailment daily seeking a cure. I presume that many hundreds, perhaps many thousands of visitors also frequent it as they obviously can find matters of health discussed in it which may be of interest to themselves.

I would recommend that you use your time more fruitfully by helping to cure human ailments posted by patients on this forum rather than just picking on dedicated Homeopaths like me and force me to use my time to defend my attitude to Homeopathy which has invariably resulted in a cure in comparison to the cures that are achieved by the classical types whose antics are only too transparent on this forum.

Answering the matters that you have discussed in your post, I too agree that a virus cannot affect anyone for 2 weeks. We are however presuming that Fauzia's children were affected for this length of time, which you will read from her response was not the case. She indicated that after she had her children's throat swabs analyzed it was discovered that they were in fact infected by the Beta Haemolyticus Streptococcus for which the required antibiotic was used and she later confirmed that both her children were cured of the infection. Their Asthma was also being controlled by the Nat Sulph.

I would like to comment on your mention of the other remedies some of which I too have used in the cure of Asthma:

You state:
' The removal of suffering, as in asthma, is by itself a big achievemnet, but it is not a cure. I use Aconite 6 or /and Ipecac 6 or Blatta O 6, and a host of remedies from Arsenic and Carbo Veg to Nat Sulph- and others, but among these, Aconite, for instance, willnot be curative. Blatta 6 will have to be given in high potency in between - if it is the matching remedy. However, like your nat Sulph prescription, by and large Aco and Ipecac relieve the symptoms. '

I have used Blattta Orientalis but in 30c potency in the dry dose for the treatment of Asthma in the case of a professor of Physics in our university in the hills in Sri Lanka. He stated that he was OK at sea level in Colombo but that when he went to his university located in Kandy that he often was unable to breathe. Blatta O fixed his problem and it did that permanently about 2 years ago and he can be considered fully cured. I have used Ipecac for a patient who was on Nat S but had a persistent cough which was resolved by the remedy.

I have recommended the use of Ars Alb 200 in the dry dose when the patient is unable to breathe when he would reach for his Inhaler. FYI I have noticed that within about 20 minutes the patient who is gasping for breath, is able to breathe without any discomfort. I have not however used Carbo Veg and Aconite and would not like to do so as I only prescribe remedies that I have used myself, or in this case as I am not an Asthmatic, remedies that I have discovered evoke a positive response from the patient.

You may like to know that almost all cases of Asthma that I have treated have responded positively to Nat Sulph 6c in the wet dose and later the split dose which I use after about a month on the remedy direct from the bottle.

You state:
'When a palliative remedy is used, leave aside the usual concerns of what other effects it might have, the thing is that a closely matched remedy which might cure is ignored. The principle of a doctor or practitioner is to heal. To heal you need to know all you can about the system you are using, its theory, its tools - all the remedies. I am not against you because you are a lay practitioner. I am against your practice of not attending to the principles because you have found what you think of as success and don't care to rock the boat except in defiance of what you think are a bunch of fuddy-duddies raining on your parade. '

I do not agree with you that the remedies that I use are only 'palliative'. It just depends on how you choose to interpret 'cure'. If it is permanent it can be considered a cure but otherwise it is palliative. In the case of Asthma the cure especially in the case of chronic cases is sometimes long drawn out and may take some months. The healing process continues throughout the period the patient sips the one teaspoonful of the remedy daily and this is a far cry from the tablets and inhalers usually multiple inhalers all of which are loaded with all the choice steroids that the patient has been used to using for a lifetime.

A teaspoonful of NS does not in any way harm the patient and even I, after so many cases of successfully resolving cases of chronic Asthma, often wonder how this minuscule dose of this chemical Sodium Sulphate also known as Glauber's Salt can possibly have this beneficial effect on a patient who was as I stated has been an asthmatic during most of his life.

I do not agree that I as a lay practitioner must know ALL about the remedies I use which are the standard remedies that anyone can get from a pharmacy. It would be quite impossible for me to study ALL about the ailments that I prescribe for. I believe that it is that streak of originality that I seem to have been born with that makes me deviate from your obvious classical outlook which has resulted in my identifying many remedies in the classical Homeopathic texts for ailments that are not listed in them . If as you state you have read some others of my post on this forum you may have noticed that I have responded to the majority of the posts that patients have made and it would be safe to presume that the real reason for my success is that patients seem to appreciate my methodology in helping them as I believe that they have realized that they have resulted in more cures than those that the classical homeopaths have offered in terms of constitutional remedies and other experimental use of remedies which in a recent case was carried on for over a month when the patient was virtually screaming in agony while this homeopath continued to insist that the aggravation was part of the curative process, which in this case seemed to be unending. As you may have read the patient decided to seek an allopathic cure in sheer disgust at the homeopathic aggravation.

It is also a shame that some of these classical homeopaths use this forum to drum up business for themselves by contacting the patients directly. Their modus operandi is to pose a questionnaire to the patient within a few minutes of the original post and when the patient responds the reply from the homeopath is often delayed. Excuses are made that the ailment is under consideration as the selection of the remedy usually takes time. The patient in the meanwhile is desperate for a remedy as his ailment is causing him distress and then contacts the homeopath directly who states that the curative process will take a few months and offers to look after the patient for a handsome fee which has to be paid for the first consultation and a monthly fee to be paid for a year or more depending on the severity of the patient's ailment.

Some of these patients have contacted me and a few of them have even copied the original emails of these homeopaths. I also have evidence of the direct approach to the patient from the homeopath with the offer to help for a fee. This ploy is resorted to when the patient does not have his email address in his profile when the homeopath requests the patient to send him photographs of the ailment to enable him to treat it better and thereby obtains his email address. It is a matter of some concern to all of us who treat anyone for the joy it gives us to see a patient cured which in my opinion is far greater than the money that others who practice for a fee professionally derive from curing someone in distress.

You state:
'I am against your practice of not attending to the principles because you have found what you think of as success and don't care to rock the boat except in defiance of what you think are a bunch of fuddy-duddies raining on your parade.
I earnestly request you to please take some time to study, to use the repertory and, since you have the time and the inclination, to serve better.
It is not my intention to offend or put you down. I give you credit for trying, but you are not optimizing.'

As no doubt you are aware, I practice my own version of Homeopathy which has been recently branded 'Joepathy', I am convinced that my method is more direct and is less hazardous to the patient and what is most important, it results in a cure.

All I ask of you classical homeopaths is to permit me to continue with my mission of healing in the manner I choose which I feel is best for the patient. You are aware that this is a forum which is open to anyone who would like to voice an opinion and I would welcome any constructive opinions instead of the destructive insults that I have often had to suffer in the past (this does not include you) on this and other forums dedicated to Homeopathy.

In conclusion I would like to refer you to the first 2 Aphorisms of the founder of Homeopathy which I shall quote below:

? 1
The physician's high and only mission is to restore the sick to health, to cure, as it is termed

? 2
The highest ideal of cure is rapid, gentle and permanent restoration of the health, or removal and annihilation of the disease in its whole extent, in the shortest, most reliable, and most harmless way, on easily comprehensible principles.

The mere fact that I have to brave the criticism from people like you and even insults from others who pose as classical homeopaths shall not and will not make me deviate from the manner that I believe I am correct in following.

I shall end this essay with a quotation from Arthur Schopenhauer

All truth passes through three stages.
First, it is ridiculed.
Second, it is violently opposed.
Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.
--- Arthur Schopenhauer ---

Joe De Livera
Joe De Livera last decade
Hi Ripas

Joe will not change at this age.Best thing is to concentrate on educating the masses,start treating our way, and showing results.

However hoarse,we may cry at the top of our voices, that joepathy can be dangerous,there will be some, who won't believe it.Let us leave them to their fate.

what is important is to reiterate our convictions with sound reasoning, time and again.

Prescribers like Joe has made it look so easy all these years, here on ABC.
Even the patients who visit here regularly got tuned to their methods.

We can only help them by telling the truth. Another way is by highlighting failed cases. As you say, many failed cases won't come back here to say so.

Hence the excuse 'silence means got cured.'In fact most of the times the reverse is true.Silence means got fed up.

The recent episodes on ABC are an example to this fact.Many of the regular prescribers here remained silent during th past few days.

Reason.. they are fed up.

So, unless a person says he is cured, and remain cured, particularly regarding chronic problems,we can take these claims of cure with a pinch of salt.

In the interest of the patients, and as part of true service to homeopathy,let us concentrate on educating the public in general,rather than targetting a few prescribers.

We keep telling that, their methods are dangerous. we keep giving sound examples. We keep telling how to solve the problems otherwise.

sooner than later,patients themselves will refuse to get trated by these 'this for that'prescribers.

bandarbabu2000 last decade
Dear Murthy,
No matter how many pages you cut and paste here....the two theories of Tissue Salts and Homeopathy are different.

And I have seen some marvelous results with just Tissue salts and their repeat administration.

Palliation...Allopaths also do not believe in it. So there are a lot of non-believers or half-believers around.

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
'some' marvelous results.

Yes. It is possible. But, the medicine would have been a similimum for those few patients.

Right from Hahn..to the present Dr.Vijayakar, all homeopaths reitereated many many instances of palliations and subsequent dangerous after affects.

We tell people not to use allopathy ,because it suppresses.

Homeopathy too, in enept hands supresses.

bandarbabu2000 last decade
Those interested may go here, and see how suppression progresses from one layer to another.

I am not able to upload the image, as the size is abov 64K.


bandarbabu2000 last decade
Click on 'the theory of suppression' link, on the main page.

bandarbabu2000 last decade

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