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many warts still present after trying thuja 30c for two weeks

Hello awhile back I tried thuja 30c for 2 weeks as instructed and I did begin to see some progress but even after continuing for another week the progress stopped and I have since stopped the treament. I know there are other options for warts and any additional help would be welcomed.
  thatkid on 2006-09-04
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
someone please help with this....
thatkid last decade
I read a while back that the virus that causes warts will effect people with a pottassium deficiency. Everything listed as a wart remedy naturally is high in pottassium. My daughter had 11 warts between her hands and legs. Id tried everything from freezing to acid, last spring I had her pick dandelions and rub the juice on the warts everyday. After about a week I asked how they looked and when she lifted her hands to look they were gone, she hadn't even realized.. she quickly checked her knee and that was gone as well.
Maybe a pottassium supplement may help as well.. good luck.
muthanatur last decade
Thank you for the idea, I've tried many suppliments over the past year or so and I've have some success. My warts are smooth and flat, not bumpy at all and are on my lips, genital area, and anus. I also have some on my face but its more of a disoleration of slightly yellow or red when it gets irritated. I know these are some sort of hpv but some remedies seem to work better than others. At this point I just need my body to realize it is a foreign virus and get rid of it for me because I don't think at this point there is any other way. I will however try a potassium suppliment.
thatkid last decade
Take Thuja1M one dose every month and take Antim Crud 30c alternating with nitric acid 30c two doses each for two weeks and report response
robina last decade
by two doses do you mean two pills alternating every week or two pills a day alternating every day for two weeks?
thatkid last decade
So after two weeks I am starting to see some progress, parts of the infectected area turn red and peel away after a day or so.
thatkid last decade
Dear thatkid.

There is a very mistaken belief by Homoeopaths that Thuja is a cure all for warts, it is not. It does have warts as part of it's sphere of action, but these are of a very specific kind, usually resulting from supressed gonnhorea or other discharges. There are actually no fewer than SEVENTY-TWO remedies which have warts as part of their drug picture, and one will not do for the other.

If you have not gained any benefit from Thuja 30c, then a higher potency will not be of any benefit either, it is simply the wrong remedy. I would also advise caution when taking this remedy, as it is one of the strongest remedies in our entire materia medica (so far, and should not be used lightly, and certainly not for periods as long as two weeks.

You should also only be using ONE remedy at a time, as the effects of taking a group of remedies together can never be certain, and of course if one is providing benefit and the potency needs to be increased, you simply will not be able to tell which is acting curatively, above all though, this is NOT Homoeopathy.
Hahnemania last decade
Now try raw thuja.
kuldeep last decade
So I recently realized that after taking nitric acid something interesting started happening to small blackheads I had on my skin, first the skin became slightly less oily and it seemed like the black heads where being pushed out from my skin it came to a point where I could run my finger over my skin and the small amounts of puss in the blackheads where being wiped off. As I've never had this happen to me I looked it up on the remedy grid and this is fact (at least what the grid tells me) is good for pimples. So I am curious is this just a coincidence or does that seem to fit what would actually happen?
thatkid last decade
What is your progress in your warts? Yes , nitric acid removes blackheads and makes the skin less oily
robina last decade
Hi Robina

So, you too are one of those prescribers fond of multiple prescriptions/alternations.

May I know where did you learn homeopathy from?

Before you counterquestion me, let me answer..I learnt it from Organon.. : )

bandarbabu2000 last decade
Please try GARLIC SOFT GEL 3 soft gels in the morning and 3 soft gels in the evening.It will eliminate all that warts especially internal warts in your genitals and anus.
atticcat last decade
The warts are going away slowly I think, but I will try the garlic and see if that makes a difference
thatkid last decade
I have suffered from flat warts on my hands for about 2 and half years, I got them when I was still in high school and into college. They looked like flat little circles, kind of white or pink depending on the day.
I tried EVERYTHING to get rid of them, and nothing worked. Even a number of homeopathic treatments failed to make any effect at all, other than irritate the skin around them. I have finally found a rememdy that I think works extremely well, and has finally made them disappear rapidly.
1)Take Thuja occidentals in the dissolvable pellet form, as directed on the package, daily, for as long as needed. Months, in my case. The important things is to be consistent.
2) Pau d'arco tea, about two cups a day. You have to boil the tea for at least about 10 minutes to release the antifungal substances in it for it to have much effect. It tastes bad, but works!!
3)Frequent application of thuja ointment to the warts

I don't know if this will work for others, but mine were so stubborn I started to lost hope that they would ever go away. Finally, here's something new to try. I wonder if taking the tea and thuja together is what makes a difference?
Morning Moon last decade

'...first the skin became slightly less oily and it seemed like the black heads where being pushed out from my skin it came to a point where I could run my finger over my skin and the small amounts of puss in the blackheads where being wiped off.'

can you please respond with the prescription for this? i would really appreciate it.

jrkoppelman last decade
I took nitric acid 30c two to 3 times a day over the course of a few weeks. But as another remedy try lemon juice which recently has worked wonders for me. I just squeeze fresh lemon juice onto my face and let it dry for 20 to 30 mins then wash off. I've been using it for a few days now and i can really see the difference it seems to close up my pores by slowly dissolving blackheads. Whatever it does it really does work.
thatkid last decade
What is the status of your warts? What medicines did you take and for how long. Please report .
robina last decade
THUJA 1M,1 dose a day and repeat every fifth day a single dose.
STAPHISAGRIA-200, 1 dose every third day.continue the prescription after fifteen days and consult again.
Barkaat last decade
why isn't there more clarity between different strains of hpv?
bela28 last decade
if 70 or so kinds are floating around why isn't their 70 different names, and then when a treatment works it could be specified to the one out of seventy that is present, it seems like every time someone says they have a wart, all of the advise sounds the same, there should be 70 different strains of treatment as well. maybe even documented on paper ??

Is there really no one organizing these into 70 different folders? every web site I have seen is full of the same, 'have you tried this? how about this? maybe this, and a little thuja on top'
bela28 last decade
Dose anyone know with the garlic soft gel for how long or is that just one day of it i have only started taken the thuja 30c how long dose it take to work
Phoillainoi 7 years ago

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