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Behavioural / Concentration / focus problem with a 10yr old

The following are the symptoms of the child, Will appreciate any/all help-
- itching - esp scalp
- nailbiting
- timid
- sallow / thin appearance
- sometime picks (& eats ) nose(used to do more)
- not careful of apppearance; dirties clothes much more than necessary / compared to other students; will keep (unnecessary) acrobating while playing soccer/cricket even in dirt, doesn't care about getting injured
- doesn't do what's told / doesn't come when called (therefore gets scolded a lot)
- addictive - to tv / computer games ...in other words doesn't know when to quit e.g keeps watching wrestling on TV + computer + keeps acting like wrestler
- doesn't want to sit down and study...keeps getting up on one pretext or another
wastes time in front of a book / home work(or any work) even though the work is little (and he has a choice of completeing his work and go out to play with friends, which he loves to do) he still keeps wasting time...in other words doesn't realise / is not conscious of his own benefit / interest / time
- same as above with any other work like taking a bath / eating to go and watch TV
- gets distracted very easy while doing anything...e.g after taking a bath instead of wearing his clothes and then doing anything, he starts fruitless activities
- loves all kinds of sports ;
- talks a lot; talks too much in detail of any small achievement /activity e.g scoring a goal / taking a wicket, even to the extent of lying (of imaginary game at school) to impress; talks nonsense / illogically; talks vulgar
- (used to ) wake up at night with nightmares ; sometimes talks in sleep (sits up mumbling)
- afraid of dark / open (e.g bathroom) door behind him ...must turn light on
- Bedwetting since 4-5 years of age (after birth of sister)
- can (& wants to ) stay up till late at night, mostly doesn't take more than 3-5 mins to sleep ,indicating that while he is tired he's not in touch with his feeling of being tired, similarily he keeps delaying his visit to the toilet untill he can hold no longer OR its time to sleep; sleeps (like unconscious) till very late...wakes up somewhat irritated (as if sleep wasn't relaxing)
- uses toilet twice (mostly must go before sleeping)
- problems with eating , milk in the morning has an excuse that my stomach hurts ; eats all kinds of junk foods chips etc; loves pizza / burger ; sometimes is more hungry than normal
- sneezes unstoppably early in the morning (mostly) around 4-6 am . needs to blow his nose for sneezing to stop
- lack of self-respect
- Likes to bathe with very hot water while wants to drink very cold water
- Likes smell of petrol / diesel / glue

While we can discount a few symptoms as age-related but it feels like he's missing the mental maturity milestones.
  dogooder on 2006-09-05
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Sound like psoric. What type of fears. What makes him mad
Sycotic last decade
Nailbiting = worries
Developmental delay

MAybe CalcareaCarb.
Sycotic last decade
What makes him mad is 'not getting things his way' i.e does'nt like to be disturbed when watching TV & channel is changed(i know, ...who does :-).
Often doesn't remember what he was told e.g has to be told every time how to do things the right way... sort of learning disability spanning from studies to everyday tasks.
Obsessive, wants instant gratification.

Fears - going alone (mostly in the evening/night) in the next room, even when the lights are switched on. Fears dark unlit rooms. wants his 4 yr old sibling to accompany in such situationor simply refuses.

Thanks again.
dogooder last decade
Calcarea types sre slow to assimilate . This can refer to the intake of knowledge. He talks in great detail about irrelevent things because this is his way of digesting what has happened. What do we do when our digestion is poor ? We take small bites and we chew a lot. This may be how his mind functions. So be patient. The fear of being alone in the dark certainly fits well.. It would be interesting to see what one dose of Calc Carb would do?
Ps. Do I understand correctly milk disagrees?
Sycotic last decade
I like your analogy of mental digestion. Another bit of info (perhaps is unrelated and requires separate line of treatment) he has adenoids which were more trouble couple of years ago than now but i know for sure they are still lurking (especially since a few of the symptoms -thin, poor eating , wakes up tired can be related to adenoids/tonsils also) .
- Milk is a problem only in the morning could be due to 1) lack of apetite 2) (genuine) stomache ache; Its not like he's allergic to milk

coming back to mental symptoms - what should be the potency & dosage for Calcarea Carb ?

dogooder last decade
Calcarea has adnoids too.
Perhaps a 200ch. Give it one or two pellets only one time and wait. Changes can be so subtle so observe .
Best wishes
Sycotic last decade
I am assuming that by 'pellets' you mean globules as i couldn't find it in tablet forms at the store.
Will report the changes in a day or so....
Another question - To the uninitiated (in homeopathy) like me, more = better i.e '1-2 pellets' sound less :-) + how long would the positive effect stay ....or is it something that can never be foretold and only be observed?
The reason I ask is 'cos i read somewhere that - start with low potency and go higher as the body starts getting used to the lower dosage?
Thanks doc.
dogooder last decade
The only reason we might give two pellets is the off chance that one was not properly medicated. Very unlikley. The idea is the minimum dose. And yes in long term treatment once you found a good remedy and it NEEDS to repeated we generally go to a higer potency. Ive treated cases in which improvement contiued for months and months after only one dose.As long as there is impovement and no new symptoms developing I dont repeat when using c potencies. You are right it cant be accuratly fortold.
And yes globules is what i was refering to. I always like to remind people to give a better understanding. the remedy is only a stimulus - its the re-action of the individual that is curative.
Sycotic last decade
while i can't say that it is an overnight success but it sure seems to be working somewhat (and thats no placebo effect even on me)! This is what I love about homeopathy!
Thru my readings and experimenting with it I find it to be very very confusing branch of healing. But oddly enough, especially for the mental symptoms, it works wonders when it does! Don't know for how long, as i have experienced the homeo meds to stop working after a while.

when I say confusing I mean imagine the odds of finding the one salt that would stimulate significant change , that too based upon the 'symptoms' presented by patient (which could very well have just 1 real symptom the rest could be 'false signals') :-). In the billions of different human body (chemical) compositions, to find such a remedy is nothing short of looking for a needle in the COSMOS!!
GOD (in all its incarnations) has to be siding with the patient to achieve this feat :-)
Thanks again 'Sycotic', will keep posting observations periodically.
will check with you in case of stopping of positive change.
dogooder last decade
My sister was recently killed in a car accident. She left a 9 yar old boy orphaned. He's now living with me. He has most of the symptoms you describe and was diagnosed with severe ADHD at a young age. He has unsuccessfully been treated with Ritalin and Adderall. Too small of a dosage doesn't work and the next one up turns him into a zombie. These drugs should not be given to our children. They're causing heart damage and death due to the fact it affects the body the same way cocaine does.
This behavior is caused by vitamin deficiencies. I took him off his medication and now give him a good muliti-vitamin,1000mg Omega-3 Fish Oil, and 200mg magnesium.
He has calmed down and can concentrate a lot better now.
I don't have to tell him to do something 25 times! Do the research.
ADHD kids are sensitive to all kinds of outer distraction - other children in particular. Sometimes you have to remove them from a situation to calm them down. (in their room - no tv, video games, or toys. Give him a book)
The main thing is, he's 10 and you're the boss! Speak to him in a low voice. High pitch irritates them. An ADHD child generally can't remember to do more than one thing at a time. More than that, he gets confused (it's real) and he forgets. Make him a list and have him check it off as he goes. Daily routine is very important! Wakeup, meals, homework, shower, bed - same time every day! If you can't calm a fit down, try pouring a cup of cold water on him!
Your child is without a doubt,
destined to be a very powerful person. These kids have to focus harder to accomplish anything. They take that with them through life. It's up to you in which direction he takes that power.
It's easier to yell 'go outside!' than it is to invest the time it takes with these kids to guide them in the right direction.
Good luck.
brendaonearth last decade
Thank you . Yes . Please keep me posted.
Sycotic last decade
its been a while since i posted a message on this thread primarily due to experimenting with different meds.
calc carb works for a while say less than a week (perhaps theirs just too many antidotes for the stuff kids eat in today's environment)
Brenda, i don't know about rest of the stuff you wrote but magnesium seems to be a surprise discovery that works. you may wanna try homeopathic magphos 6x for same also. Fish oil gives me acidity and am sure would do the same to him (same constitution) although he can't express it effectively. looking for lower dosage caps since that works too.
P.S: Sincere condolences on the tragic death of your sister.
Thanks all of you... will keep posting observations and researching.
dogooder last decade
Thanks for posting. So if you are inclined you could give the same remedy but in a higher potency-1m. Again if you decide to do so just give the remedy one time.

Take care
Sycotic last decade

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