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abdominal bloating

My abdomen protrudes like I'm pregnant. I am pretty well sure it's something intestinal, as upon rising in the morning, my tummy is much flatter, save the little fat pad around my navel.

I'm a little overweight, at 165 lbs and 5'7', 42 years old, 4 pregnancys, 2 natural, 2 ceasarian due to gential herpes outbreak around due date. Tubal ligation 6 years ago, normal periods, though somewhat longer than when younger, some clotting, though not much. Very little pain with period, maybe a bit of diahrea a day or two before it comes. I was underweight most of my life, at 115 lbs untill my last pregnancy, where I managed to get down to 150, but now I've gained weight back. I have clear skin, healthy hair, though my finger nails are thin and brittle and ridged.

I have a healthy diet, though rarely have anything but coffee and cream and sugar before lunch. A balanced lunch and dinner, and maybe a night snack on occasion in the evening. I crave buttery, creamy, carb filled sweet snacks over salty.

I've been known to have bouts of irritable bowel syndrome, no blood, loose stools immediatly upon rising. Sometimes I have gas pains that dissapear after a bowel movement. There is no rhyme or reason, and no one particular food group bothers me, though alcohol def. triggers a bad case. I avoid this. I was skin patched by an allergist when i was a child that showed a milk, egg and choclate allergy, as I had severe eczema on my feet. I did grow out of the eczema at puberty. I have now developed patches of blistery eczema on my hands, though that is most likely related to my job with frequent handwashings.

I know I need to lose some weight and quit the coffee, but i am tired all the time and the caffeine helps with that, and I seem to dread even a little bit of exersize.

Any suggestions or words of advice?
  bettybeautiful on 2006-09-05
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Hi you could try Lycopodium. See if that helps the bloating. (of course there is many remedies that produce this). Ps noticed you are from canada in another post. Where aboots? I m in ontario.
Sycotic last decade
To Sycotic

I am aware that you do not agree with my therapy but in this case I would prescribe Nat Phos 6x for her bloating and other gastric symptoms and it will also reduce her weight by up to 1kg per week if taken in the recommended dosage of 2 tablets twice daily. Arnica 6c in the wet dose will help her Eczema. Dose 1 teaspoonful taken twice daily.

She is also advised to do the obvious by stopping Coffee, Cream and other fatty foods if she is serious about reducing her weight. A strict dietary regimen is also essential. Regular exercise to sweat it out would also help.
Joe De Livera last decade
To Joe
I have no problem with your work. You are helping people here That cant be bad. I think theres a time and place for different methods. Ive read your plight Im on otherhealth board too. and I know theres alot of rigid people. I see there side too, they wish to preserve a great art.It s like anything else. You use wet doses thats of course Hahnemanian and the most gentle. Good job. We are here for an interchange. Nothing wrong with that. Some of the best prescribers in history were lay prescribers . Thats what I think is so unique about homeopathy. regards
Sycotic last decade
To Sycotic

I am glad that you appreciate my viewpoint and the manner in which I use what I believe is a gift of healing which I believe I have inherited from my Great Great (...?) Grandfather who was a famous Ayurvedic physician who had cured the last King of Kandy Sri Wickrama Rajasingha of some illness which made him famous here in Ceylon as Sri Lanka was known in the 17th century. I cannot believe that I can otherwise have the courage not only to try to help people in my own way but to also have to take on the classical homeopathic fraternity single handedly, who as you no doubt are aware have often derided me, as they seem to resent the love and devoted care that I extend with the therapy that I prescribe, which in almost every case has worked wonderfully well, much to the chagrin of these classical types with their constitutional remedies.

You may also have observed that I have invariably deviated in my use of remedies from the classical MM's and Reps by using existing remedies for ailments that are not officially listed like Arnica for Diabetes and Nat Phos for Obesity to name only two.

It is just that I am a very forthright person by birth and when I am certain that what I am doing, not only in homeopathy but also in life is right, I do not hesitate to put my foot in even though it may cost me a lot of time and effort in maintaining it there. I believe that it is this streak of originality in me that makes the difference and it is perhaps the fact that I am not qualified but have this background of healing in my blood which impels me to take on the opposition at some cost to me of my limited time.

I believe that if one is certain of the healing power of any remedy, there is absolutely nothing wrong in using it even though the current Homeopathic 'Law' does not permit this luxury. I believe that it is the eventual cure that matters and if you have read my thousands of posts on this and other forums you may have observed that the large majority have invariably lead to at least alleviating the problem and in most cases, cures.

It is important that we all share our successes instead of keeping the remedy used for an aliment a secret which was unfortunately the case of my forefathers whose works were only handed down from father to son although there is some record of their work being recorded on the old Ola Leaf 'books' which I do not unfortunately possess.

I do hope that the classical homeopathic fraternity will open their collective eyes and consider the use of remedies in the manner that I choose to do which has been termed allopathic while others have termed it 'Joepathy' in contrast to their classical Homeopathy.
Joe De Livera last decade
nat phos 6x - how long might it take before i get results?

Most supplements give me diahrea, but i suppose i should just suffer through that, as it might help with weight loss.

This morning I woke with a very distended abdomen and lots of pain, even after a BM. Lots of gurgling noise. I ate homemade pizza last night, and I'm am becoming convinced I am lactose intolerant.


betty from Alberta ;)
bettybeautiful last decade
You should normally experience relief from that feeling of fullness that you have been experiencing in the past in about 15 minutes after you take the Nat Phos 6x. You may take up to 4 tablets after a meal and reduce the number as you find it helping your symptoms.

You will also have to watch your diet and only eat food that you know will not cause you any distress. It is also essential that you STOP your coffee to which I believe you are addicted if you are serious about curing yourself.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dr Joe,

the arnica you suggested to use, is this the same arnica one might use for caffeine withdrawal?

I will quit caffeine tomorrow, or atleast cut down. Bad headaches are a problem for me for 3 or 4 days after stopping caffeine. Do you recommend a slow reduction, ie weaning off the drug, or would you think cold turkey would be best? I usually drink 3 cups before noon of fairly strong coffee.

Also, in the event that I am infact 'lactose intolerant', is that natphos suspended in a lactose base?

thanks in advance

bettybeautiful last decade
Arnica has been reported to be useful for weaning people who are chronic smokers and alcoholics but I have never had occasion to use it for withdrawal from coffee.

It is not impossible that it may work in the same manner that it has helped smokers and alcoholics but one problem is that the coffee may antidote the remedy before it even starts to help you.

The Nat Phos 6x will look after lactose intolerance but you are advised to refrain from drinking milk and milk products.

The main requirement right now is to stop theorising and to start with both remedies immediately.
Joe De Livera last decade
ok, sage advice

I'll let you know how it goes


bettybeautiful last decade
I purchased the nat phos 6x, and arnica 30ch, in tablets. The store doesn't carry arnica in it's wet form.

I have taken so far, 10 tablets of the nat phos and already I feel better. My tummy stopped gurgling, and I feel way less bloated. I woke at 5 am and had to urinate really badly, and I can tell that the nat phos has reduced water retention overnight.

I took one arnica tablet and crushed it and disolved it in a wee bit of water, rubbed it on a few inflamed spots of eczema last night. This morning, there's barely a trace of any inflamation, and the sores have dried up well.

I am drinking organic green, imported from China';s eastern province of Jiangxi also.

No coffee, no milk products.

I am so far very pleased with the results. I weigh in this morning at 165lbs.

Thank you

bettybeautiful last decade
The response from the Nat Phos is quite normal and was expected.

However your response to the Arnica which you state you dissolved in water and applied directly on the lesion is very interesting and even incredible. I have never used it in this manner and I would appreciate your reporting on this extraordinary cure.

Keep up the dosage of 1 teaspoonful Arnica 30 sipped twice daily.

Maintain a written record of your weight. You should normally observe a drop of 1kg per week depending on how overweight you are.
Joe De Livera last decade
Good morning,

I missed a BM yesterday, which is very unusual, and this morning I had what I might describe as the first 'normal' BM in years. When I urinate, the volume has def. increased.

Miraculously, my weight is at 161 lbs this morning. My skin is nice and firm and my tummy is shrinking.

I had to take some pain relief for headaches yesterday afternoon, due to caffeine withdrawal, and I felt generally tired and weak and light headed, but again, I'm sure this about the coffee.

Another blistery spot on one finger this morning, so again, I dissolved one arnica 30ch, and applied. Instantly the stinging went away. I can't seem to find any arnica in it's wet form, I'll call a few more shops today.


bettybeautiful last decade
I am interested in your report of how the direct application of water in which Arnica is dissolved has helped your Eczema yesterday and again your finger today. As I stated before this is a phenomenon that has never to my knowledge been used and I would like to have full details on how many pellets of Arnica 30 your dissolved in how much water. This will be another new discovery which you have been responsible for and I would like to have details also of your lesion which you state was Eczema. If so what treatment were you using before you used the Arnica and how long have you suffered from Eczema ?

I am glad of course that the Nat Phos therapy is helping you and there is no doubt that you will be OK shortly.
Joe De Livera last decade
I was skin patched by an allergist when i was a child that showed a milk, egg and choclate allergy, as I had severe eczema on my feet. I did grow out of the worst part of the eczema at puberty. I have now in later life developed patches of blistery eczema on my hands, though that is most likely related to my job with frequent handwashings.

I was one of the very first topical corticosteroid users in my country, dating back to the very early 1970's. I have used the cream for most of my life. The eczema is now just on the top of my fingers, and it's watery at first, intensly itchy, and once the sores are open from scratching, they bleed a bit, crust over, and dry up, leaving a slightly thickened, painless, rough patch.

The arnica 30ch which i obtained from my local health food store, is in tiny tablets, and they taste like candy. I just added a tiny bit of water, say 4 drops in a spoon, which i had previously crushed one arnica tablet. I mixed what one might call a 'slurry', it didn't disolve readily, and rubbed it on the patch of tiny blisters on my ring finger. This felt good, as the hard particles provided almost a scratching sensation, and I rubbed it in well, perhaps breaking open a few of the blisters in the process. Within one minute the itch was gone, and this afternoon, the patch is dry and almost healed. usually, after scratching open the sores, they bother me for several days.

I haven't used any cortisone cream for several months at this point, as I have concern that it is causing my skin to look thick and old, like an elephants legs might look.

I am taking 16 arnica 30ch orally per day at this time. 4 tabs, 4 x per day.
bettybeautiful last decade
Thank you for your detailed account with background details of your experience with Arnica and how it cured your Eczema which is more like Dermatitis caused by the detergent you use when washing up. However it is obvious that the application of the Arnica water on your skin a few days ago cured the Eczema on another part of your body which you did not specify.

I am concerned that you are now taking 4 pellets which you refer to as tabs 3 times daily/ This can be an overdose. I would prefer that you dissolve 3 pellets in a 500 ml bottle of spring water and take a teaspoonful of the water thrice daily as you will see for yourself that this method is more effective than the dry dose in pellets.

I presume that the discomfort you had in your stomach is now history. You may reduce the dosage of Nat Phos 6x down to just 2 tablets after a meal and you will soon see that you do not want it any more.
Joe De Livera last decade
This method (above) is termed 'therapeutic homeopathy' and widely used in France and elsewhere. Advocated and well discussed by such as Jouanay, therapeutic homeopathy works. Classical homeopaths don't believe that it doesn't--and it isn't necessarily allopathic. It just uses an allopathic model of summative diagnosis.

Classicists are concerned with three things. (Although I may not speak for all, so IMHO:)

The first is that remedies leave their mark on the organism, Hahnemann and Kent wrote about this, as did others. So the casual use of high potencies is believed to come with potential risks if used often.

The second is that therapeutic homeopathy, while fairly safe in moderate potency, when subjected to clinical trials and meta analyses, fares barely better than allopathy or placebo (which says something about allopathy!) (see Zhang et al. NEJM). Thus, homeopathy ends up looking worse than it ought--not good right now. But not the end of the world (since I think homeopathy is about to be eclipsed by clinical genetics.)

Third, classicists (at least I believe would argue) that the peculiar nature of homeopathic analysis and prescription--the whole treatment paradigm--relies not on similarities of disease among organisms, rather their differences. This leads to a paradigm that attempts to understand the life in its arc. Such an understanding is aimed at redirecting the health over many years, even decades. Although I would also suggest that even therapeutic homeopathy has at least a somewhat salutary effect on the health over the long term, vs the regular use of allopathic medicine.

I respectfully submit. (Probably bad for business, but am at a point where I don;t need to worry about that. Ah)
RED-NP-CCH last decade
thanks Joe,

I will reduce the amount of Nat Phos 6x to 2 'pellets', and change teh way I take the arnica.

My digestion has returned to a normal state, not one single upset since the first dose.

My weight is down to 160 lbs this morning, and my stomach is much, much smaller.

How long might I take this Nat Phos and arnica safely?
bettybeautiful last decade
You can take 2 tablets of Nat Phos 6x twice daily for 2 weeks and see how your stomach can do without it thereafter. You should however keep a few tablets handy for immediate use if you have any gastric distress when you can use a few tablets to settle your problem.

As for Arnica you can use it safely twice daily for a month and then reduce it down to just once nightly.

You may like to know that I have used it nightly since 1996 and am convinced that I owe to it my state of wellness today at age 77.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hi Bettybeautiful
you might want to try carbo vegetabilis, it has aggravation from fats, likes sweets, also helps bloating and noises.
saltOftheEarth last decade
To Salt O E

I have used Carbo V in various potencies but have not succeeded in obtaining the effect that Nat Phos 6x gives almost immediately and certainly within 15 minutes of taking it after a meal.

I am aware that Carbo V is the classical remedy used and it is strange that they do not mention Nat Phos because, I presume, it is a Cell Salt which is not considered to be a classical homeopathic remedy.
Joe De Livera last decade

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