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The Arnica Miracle continues

Many classical homeopaths who have followed my progress in the past especially on the Forums that I visit have voiced their reservations about the manner that I adopt to help anyone who consults me. They have often criticized me for using Homeopathic Remedies in an allopathic manner which some have labeled 'Joepathy'. They have also often wondered why I seem to use Arnica in a manner that is not accepted by them because it is not listed in the MM's as being the remedy for the ailment that I used it for. I have however continued to carry on in spite of this opposition and my attitude has resulted in some amazing cures which quite frankly even I cannot believe. Reference to the link below will give an indication of the many uses that I have made of my default remedy Arnica.


This is the case of a lady 50 years old who consulted me for a cure of her constant bleeding which she had experienced for the last 2 weeks. She had not had her menopause so far. She informed me that she was feeling weak and lethargic and often had headaches. She was usually a very dynamic type of person and I was concerned to see her in the state that she was in when she saw me 2 days ago. She told me that the blood discharged was bright red and was constantly staining her sanitary pads which she was compelled to replace very frequently.

I informed her that I was not qualified to help her and suggested that she consults a gynecologist immediately as I suspected that she was having fibroids, which from her symptoms, I felt would qualify for immediate surgery. She then told me that she would only consider surgery as the last alternative and pleaded with me for a homeopathic remedy to help her problem as I had helped her in the past including Hyperacidity.

I informed her that there was a slender chance of the remedy that I could give her, being of some help and gave her Arnica 30c in the wet dose the first one of which I gave her in my office and instructed her to take a teaspoonful twice daily after succussing the bottle. She saw me this morning all smiles and thanked me profusely for having healed her with just one dose of Arnica. She informed me that all bleeding stopped the following morning after her first teaspoonful of this remedy. She assured me that she will take it for the rest of her life.

The Arnica Miracle continues !
  Joe De Livera on 2006-09-09
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Dear Joe. Here is an article from Arnica.com which agrees with you fully.

Arnica Montana
Known for its mind and body healing properties, the herb Arnica has been harvested for centuries from the mountain pastures and lowland marshes of Europe and North America. The perennial plant with orange-yellow, daisy-like flowers has a pleasant spicy smell and is renowned for its curative and restorative powers. The flowers and rootstocks are dried, the most valuable part being the flowers. This amazing herb, sometimes brewed as a tea, but often made into a lotion and infused with oil or cream for injuries such as falls, is a known homeopathic cure for stress, impotence, sleeping problems, baldness and emotional shock and trauma caused by past incidents.
Arnica once almost completely disappeared because of over harvesting but is now grown and gathered sustainably to ensure that the herb remains in use for future generations. Arnica Montana is now available for general use.
It is estimated that 70 per cent of our immune response is emotional; to be unhappy or depressed lowers our resilience to illnesses and we become more susceptible. Arnica Montana, taken daily when necessary, will help to prevent this occurring. A sudden death of a family member or friend, a prolonged illness, business worries, the stress of working and running a home, working long hours, struggling to pay the bills or worrying about other's problems are things many people have experienced.
Arnica Montana can help to heal emotional and mental stresses.
Homeopathy's founder, Samuel Hahnemann discovered in his experiments with the herb Arnica over 200 years ago that it could relieve emotional and mental problems caused by past trauma. Hahnemann discovered that by taking Arnica, other remedies would work better because the body was in a balanced state, and that further healing could take place. It is as a homeopathic remedy used internally where it has far greater healing powers.
Hahnemann, pioneering a system still used by homeopaths today, experimented with Arnica on hundreds of subjects and discovered its powers were vast, particularly in the realm of emotional trauma. He asked his human subjects - unaware of what they were taking - to note the effects of Arnica over a long period of time. He found it helped heal everything from baldness and impotence to incontinence, cramps, bruises, general soreness, forgetfulness, travel sickness, sleeping problems, gout, rheumatism and emotional problems.
Arnica was made into a homeopathic remedy in the 18th and 19th centuries following Hahnemann's research. Today, Arnica Montana is the first remedy used by homeopaths to heal people affected by shock, trauma or injury to the body, and is as appropriate for a mental, emotional or spiritual shock as much as physical injuries.
In first aid homeopathy Arnica Montana is safe to use as often as is necessary. Hahnemann found that illnesses relieved by Arnica included:
• mental or emotional symptoms,
• stupor, forgetfulness, memory loss,
• delirium
• hopelessness and indifference
• a fear of being struck by others or of being touched
• vertigo
• severe headaches
• mechanical injuries resulting from concussion, skull fractures or compression of the skull
• meningitis after concussion, bruising or falling where there was partial paralysis of the tongue, Irisor limbs
• eye inflammation
• retinal hemorrhage
• eye troubles resulting from blows and injuries
• hardness of hearing since concussion
• nose bleeds
• toothache
• bad breath
• vomiting blood and soreness after injuries
• indigestion
• offensive flatulence
• diarrhoea and bladder problems
• fevers
• dysentery
• acid urine
• swollen penis and testes after injury
• threatened abortion from falls or shocks
• soreness after labour and birth
• sore nipples
• asthma from fatty degeneration of the heart
• coughing causing bloodshot eyes or nosebleeds
• pleurisy after injuries
• strain of the heart from violent running
• fatty degeneration of the heart
• low pulse rate
• paralytic pains in all joints while moving
• feeling too hot or too cold between frequent attacks of violent convulsions
• general sinking of strength
• sleep apnoea
• chills • malaria
• Typhoid conditions
• concussions and contusions
• septicemia
• gout and rheumatism
• skin tender when touched
• sprains
• bee or wasp stings
• compound fractures
• pressure from stitches
• boils
• recent or remote trauma
• sore muscles
• neuralgia
• twitching tendons and muscles
• osteomyelitis,
• surgical operations,
• anguish attacks
• angina
• easily frightened
• ear problems
• stomach cramps
• impotence
• breast tumours after injury
• respiratory ailments
• palpitations
• neck pain
• hand strength
• bed sores
• sleeping problems
• nightmares
• fever
• chills
• travel sickness
• tumours following injury
• violent coughing and sneezing
• chronic bronchitis
• bitter taste in mouth
• baldness
• toothache
• stiffness weariness of the limbs.

What makes Arnica Montana work?
The herb has excellent healing effects but it is not known which substances are responsible for them.
Arnica Montana contains 0.1 per cent volatile oil containing thymol and thymol ether in the florets. Other components are alcohols (arnidiol and faradiol), flavone glycosides and carotenoid pigments.
The constituents in the stems, leaves and rootstocks have a different composition from those in the florets.
The nonirritant extract is used in anti inflammatory and regenerative creams and in hair cosmetics. The extract can also be used in cleansing creams, skin lotions and as an ingredient in facial steams before the application of face packs.
maya_hari last decade
Hi ..

thank you all for this great forum ...

I have read about this Arnika ....

But i have one question
i can get Arnica Montana CH 15 or CH 30 pills,,And Arnika D6 D12 D30 pills Which is best to start with and for how long time can i take this without and side effects ?
greensparrow last decade
To Maya H

Thank you for the information contained in your response to my post. It is this form of exchange of information that makes Homeopathy interesting and I enjoyed reading it.

If you have any case histories that illustrate the many varied applications of Arnica please share them with members of the ABC.
Joe De Livera last decade
To Greensparrow

I use the nearest to your CH 15 potency which is the 6c and of course the equivalent of your CH30 which we know as 30c. These two potencies are used for specific ailments and if you wish to use them it may be in your interest to indicate for which ailment you wish to use Arnica.
Joe De Livera last decade
My son have Asthma and sinus ..He dont like to take Asthma drugs because i`ts habit-forming ..And i have read about this Arnika from your posting and i think i`am ready to try this remedy but as i ask before for how long time can i take this without any risk and how much ...

I have plan to test this for me to for many health problem 'whiplash' after 15 years this accident i get sick stomach muscles neck shoulders dizzy in my head everything in my body hurts .
i have Pain sole foot to ?

I have been recomended to try
cimicifuga D12 and Bryonia D12,three times daily for neck and shoulder pain
from this forum ...?

My wífe have 'whiplash' to she have muscle bumb back of neck , Lumbago and some nervs hurting from back to her hip ..

as you se we have much to work with ..:) But we manege to control this problems with quality food and reflexology .

My son is 16 and my wife and me are 40 years

Thank you for this good work :)
greensparrow last decade
To Greensparrow

Please visit the Asthma thread on


Nat Sulpy 6c in the wet dose is the remedy for your son's asthma. Please follow the instructions on this thread and report response.

You may like to know that I have used Arnica since 1996 on a nightly basis.
It is absolutely safe to be used daily and I do hope that others too will do so and experience the improvement in their general state of health which will follow overnight as you can see from this post where the continuous bleeding of the 50 year old lady was stopped overnight.

I hope that Arnica can help both you and your wife with the aftermath of your motor accident. Your dosage will be 3 times daily for the first 2 weeks and twice daily thereafter.
Joe De Livera last decade
Joe, from the article posted by maya hari:

'Hahnemann discovered that by taking Arnica, other remedies would work better because the body was in a balanced state, and that further healing could take place. It is as a homeopathic remedy used internally where it has far greater healing powers.'

Of course, you know I'm talking Arnica 30C twice per day in the wet dose. Because of the caution often seen to not take two remedies at once, I've often wondered if there is any problem taking other remedies while still taking the daily Arnica 30C.

According to that statement attributed to Hahnemann, that should never be a concern. Do you agree that one can take Arnica daily and still take whatever other remedy might be indicated?
Will88 last decade
It just depends on what the other remedy is and for which ailment you are using it.
Joe De Livera last decade
joe ..!

what is nat sulpy ?
greensparrow last decade
Can i use arnica D6-D12-D30 ?

is Arnica same as Arnica Montana
greensparrow last decade
To Greensparrow

Please specify your ailment and the reason why you wish to know what 'nat sulpy' is.

Do you suffer from Asthma.

Also for which ailment do you wish to use Arnica ?
Joe De Livera last decade
hi ...
you have recomended that to me :)

read above .....

Nat sulpy for astma and sinus
for my son ,,

and Arnica for me ...

i can`t find nat sulpy
greensparrow last decade
My apologies for inadvertently adding the 'y' into Nat Sulph.

I did not realize I had done so and it is not wonder that you could not get the remedy.
Joe De Livera last decade
My wife got cesairian baby. Can she use Arnica 30 for post operative operation and fast recovery. even if she is feeding. If yes what should be the dose.
iffi123 last decade
I am glad that you came to this forum and saw the Arnica story.

Your wife will benefit by recovering much faster with Arnica 30 which she can take in the wet dose 3 times daily for the first 2 weeks and twice daily thereafter.

The wet dose is made by inserting 3 pellets of Arnica 30c into a 500 ml bottle of spring water and shaking the bottle hard every time before she sips a teaspoonful daily as instructed.

Homeopathic remedies are safe to be used when breast feeding. They will be passed to the baby who can only benefit from the Arnica.
Joe De Livera last decade
hey !

natrium sulfuricum

glaubersalt ! he he ...
greensparrow last decade
Daisy43 last decade

i have found Arnica D3 D6 Liquid is this to strong ?
for me and my wife ...
greensparrow last decade
I hope that you realize that in Homeopathy it is essential that the potencies prescribed are faithfully observed.

The D3 and D6 are the equivalent of 3x and 6x and are of no use for her quick recovery. It must be the 30c.

I presume that you found the Nat Sulph 6c for your son.
Joe De Livera last decade
hi ..

No i don`t found any Nat Sulph 6c only D6 :(

so hard to get products ´...

and arnica i found CH 15 AND CH30
greensparrow last decade
Nat Sulph D6 = 6x This cannot be used.
As an alternative can you get Blatta Orientalis 6c ?

Arnica CH30 = 30c This is OK

Where do you live ?
Joe De Livera last decade
hi ..

are you sure about arnica CH 30 they say that CH30 is like D200 and CH15 is like D30 ?

i live in sweden and Homeopathy is not so popular here ,,, they think homeopathy is q_uackery ..:)

i need to bye outside sweden i don`t no if abchomeopathy can send witout card i dont have any card :)
greensparrow last decade
I believe that it is best that you get your supplies from the ABC in London where they have a store.
Joe De Livera last decade
hi ...

i found arnica 30c :)need 3 pills ?

so i can start on friday ...
greensparrow last decade
maya hari,

I've tried to go to
Arnica.com, but only find a site that contains many links to other sites. I'm very interested in finding the original article you posted here, and particularly finding this statement:

'Hahnemann discovered that by taking Arnica, other remedies would work better because the body was in a balanced state, and that further healing could take place. It is as a homeopathic remedy used internally where it has far greater healing powers.'

I'd like to trace that to the Organon, or whatever original Hahnemann source it came from. If you can provide any help in doing that I'd appreciate it.
Will88 last decade

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