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Mercury and Autism -- vaccines

ll vaccines that containg Mercury or Aluminium compounds used as preservatives/ stabilizers are harmful to the body esp. children. Particularly triple vaccines MMR. Quote from a report:
' Thimerosal, which consists of approximately 50% ethyl mercury, has been used as a vaccine preservative since the 1920s. As the numbers of mandated vaccines for children have steadily grown, the quantity of mercury has also grown culminating in the 1990s, when children commonly received 187.5 micrograms of mercury during their first 6 months of life (62.5 mcgs at 2 months, again at 4 months, and again at 6 months). At current safety limits by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) (6), which allow a maximum of 0.1 mcg of mercury per kilogram of body weight per day, children during the 1990s commonly received up to 100 times the safe dose of mercury during 3 separate occasions during their first 6 months. According to standard toxicology texts, the
brain is a prime target for mercury (7). For these reasons it is not surprising that the current epidemic of childhood autism and learning disabilities reached
their peaks during the 1990s, with 1 in 166 American children now recognized as autistic, 1 in 6 as learning disabled by the U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC).
( http://www.ewg. org/reports_ content/autism/ pdf/AutismAlarm. pdf).
  walkin on 2006-09-16
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
If Mercury has been injected into all of us, would we all not benefit from homeopthic treatment targeted specifically at eradicating this?
Jay 15 last decade
The following is solely my opinion which for many will mean nothing! :) I posted this on a listserv yesterday as we were discussing this very idea.

I think it is not tried first because it is not considered 'true' homeopathy. It is technically isopathy. Homeopathy is like cures like. Isopathy is same for same. There is a difference. And it will depend upon your homeopath's approach to treatment. Many classical homeopaths do not believe in using isopaths or even nosodes (a remedy made from a disease) to treat that disease. And perhaps with good reason. I think it all depends on the practitioner and the case. Like with many things about homeopathy, it is a very individual medicine.

Using Thimerosal as a remedy to some would be considered allopathic thinking. It's treating the cause of the illness. In homeopathy, sometimes 'why' is not necessarily as important. Classical homeopathy addresses the symptom picture and finds the one simillimum to match. Unless you consider the thousands of children who have been vaccinated with thimerosal containing vaccines and the resulting disorders the proving, thimerosal would probably not be considered a simillimum. (For those new to homeopathy, the simillimum is the one remedy that best matches the constitutional picture of the person. A proving is a trial done of the remedy where a group of healthy individuals take the remedy to determine common symptoms.)

I would argue that these children *are* the proving of Thimerosal. And while it may or may not be their simillimum, I think it is a false picture of who they are. In other words, the thimerosal masks the true constitution. I believe a person's constitution can change and never more so than when an artificial substance has effected them. I am a completely different person drunk than I am sober. But I wouldn't say alcohol is my constitutional remedy. But the alcohol would cover up who I really was and what my real traits and characteristics are. Unless I am perpetually drunk, the effects of the alcohol are temporary. This cannot be said for the effects of Thimerosal (and other vaccines).

There are some homeopaths who have had astounding success treating children (and adults) the very way you describe. Check out Tinus Smits. However, many disagree with his approach. And admittedly, he does use some very high doses. But he also has some truly impressive cure stories and his understanding of autism is admirable (check out the new article on autism on his site, including a good grasp of glutathione). And there are also homeopaths practicing what is considered sequential homeopathy who address the vaccine insults. I cannot attest to their successes as I have no experience of it although I have read reports of improvements from other parents on various lists. But their approach is very different than classical homeopathy.

Given my son recovered from an 'isopath' (the DPT remedy), I can only attest it worked for him. However, it has been his 'one' remedy for a little over 3 years. It could be reasoned, the DPT remedy *is* his simillimum which some would argue is the only way the isopath would bring true cure. As a side note, I find it curious others refer to the DPT remedy as a nosode as it is not made from the diseases themselves. It is made from one ingredient like other remedies. It is made from the actual DPT shot with thimerosal. I know there are homeopaths who feel this isn't good homeopathic practice and in their experience, people treated with a nosode or anything other than a traditional constitutional remedy may not experience the long lasting, permanent 'cures' but a temporary amelioration. Only time will tell if that is true for us.

In the mean time, it is my own personal opinion that like anything else, with time, we learn to improve upon our knowledge. To be rigid in treatment, may miss an opportunity for healing for many. Hahnemann himself (the founder of homeopathy) revised his methods during his lifetime leading to several editions of the Organon. (Note to newbies: the Organon is the book written by Hahnemann outlining the principles of homeopathy and its practice.) Water dosing was a 'new' development from him which went unnoticed for years and years. Now, many homeopaths will only dose in water because it is seen as superior to dry dosing. This doesn't mean dry dosing doesn't work. Of course it does. But what it means is that Hahnemann was continuing to learn and improve upon his craft. I believe this type of learning and growing should continue in homeopathy.

Never before in our time, have our children been subjected to such an assault to their vital force. The majority have been injected with unclean antigens and adjuvants in the form of vaccine at birth! Most major hospitals in the US made it policy to inject Hep B (which did contain thimerosal) into babies within 24 hours of birth. Additionally, almost all babies in the states are injected with Vitamin K which contains its own adjuvants. Their immune systems are not only fully undeveloped, but they are not even as yet fully incarnated. Add to that the routine use of ultrasound, pitocin, brethine, and all the other drugs and interventions given to women during pregnancy these days and it is no wonder we are facing a nation of ill children. Couple that with air pollution, fish pollution, and the unhealthy state of many diets, it is almost inevitable.

Moreover, as each generation evolves, I think we are seeing children who are 'more' of everything - more sensitive, more intelligent, and more susceptible. We need to evolve with these changes and how we address them.

This does not mean I think every parent should run out and give their child Thimerosal remedy. It is so important to work with a qualified homeopath who has the training and experience to know what to do. We are only at the tip of the iceberg when it comes to treating spectrum disorders. But I do think keeping an open mind is critical for success.

Phew - that was probably way more info than you wanted! :) I hope that answered your question. Hopefully others will respond as well.
busymominme last decade
That wasnt more than I wanted, that was great!!!

I can only assume that it is quite difficult to know if Thimerosal has affected us and to what extent. What would the possible down side be of taking such a remedy? Could it interfere with other treatments or have negative side effects on an individual?
Jay 15 last decade
Whilst I have reserves about homeopathic Isopathy . I go along with Compton Burnett who believed that if anything worked it was an addition to our resources.

There was a case by a very great homeopath , woman doctor, who used the pus from a wound that would not heal . From this pus she mad a homeopathic remedy and cured the patient.

I think that there is too much reliance on computer technology and too little use of imagination and inventiveness,
walkin last decade
Dear All,
We're very keen on trying the DPT remedy for the treatment of our autistic kid, as I clearly remember things going wrong after the DPT and Hepatitis B shot. Would you please be able to guide us on ehere we could get it in India? Or atleast would you be able to guide us on where we could import it from. We're based in Hyderabad, and are decperately trying to find a good Homeopath who could guide us in person.

(This post contains an image. To view the image, please log on.)

Nikita S last decade
Nikita S

Pankaj Varma may know a homeopath or two in India. Might want to ask him.

Also, Elaine Lewis does consultations over the internet.

She has written many article on the internet as well. Go to Hpathy.com to find some of her articles.

copy and paste the link to her website to your browser.

Pat2006 last decade
walkin, I have sent you an email, did you receive it?

Jay 15 last decade
Erica, I appreciate your long description of your experience with treating your son's autism with an isopath.

I am curious though about this being the only remedy he has been given in 3 years. I assume he has been sick with a cold or something in that time. Is he given that every time no matter what his symptoms are?


ruth45 last decade
Good question. As is the case many times with people who are very sick, their bodies do not get the typical colds and flus that every one else does. He had many health issues from the autism but did not get frequent 'acute' illnesses until after recovering.

Our homeopath feels it is best to not give remedies for acute colds, etc. unless absolutely necessary. It is only in the past year or so (since he has been completely well) that he has received an occasional 'acute' remedy for a bad cold or flu.

What I meant was, DPT was his only 'constitutional' remedy for 3 years.

Interestingly enough, my 9 year old daughter (who has a different homeopath now) has only her constitutional remedy - even for acutes. And by golly, she is the only one that will successfully fight off whatever the cold or flu is we are fighting. One dose of her remedy and she fights it off and is back to health. (Her remedy is for ADD behaviors.) The new homeopath believes the constitutional remedy is the only thing needed even in cases of acutes where the symptoms do not match. So I have done some reading on this and found two camps (like many other things). Some people think this is not appropriate as the symptoms of the acute don't match the constitution and others believe it is all that is needed if it is the true simillimum. Although I doubted it, this has proven true for my daughter's case.

Hope that is useful.
busymominme last decade
I believe it to be true that if you can locate your 'constitutional ' remedy , that will allow the body room to -- as Prof Kent often observed -- to cure itself.

Because this is all that homeopathy does -- is to remove the blocks that stop our evolved inherent ability to cure ourselves.

This is the problem when allopaths step in and push aside this natural ability ,
certain that they know better than nature.

This then results in compounding the problem and results in chronic incurable conditions.
walkin last decade
Dear all,
Even I'm very excited to have spotted the DPT remedy (isopathic), at the Hahnemann-Labs' website. Thanks a lot for the support. There's a little confusion though. They have listed two remedies with that name, one being DPT (acellular), the other being DTP (Dipth, Tet, Pert).
Would anybody please be able to guide us on which to order in the case of an autistic kid.
I'm also looking for the remedies of the other vaccines, namely Hepatitis B, HIB, MMR and Typhoid.
I do intend to do a thorough treatment with the constitutional remedy (most probably Phosphorous), but I sincerely believe that the effect of the vaccines HAVE to be reversed , as is sugestted in Dr. Tinus Smits' website. It's a mistake to vaccinate kids.
Also, would Pankaj Varma(PLEASE!) be able to guide us to a good Homeopath in Hyderabad, or Kolkata, in India, who would have some exposure to these isopathic remedies.
Thanks again and do keep up the good work all of you.
Sujattha last decade
I have found a site with many of the Nosodes you are looking for. They have: Thermisol, MMR, DPT, DT HIB, Polio, Hepatitis.


luckylot1999 last decade
Thanks a ton. You know I'm actually looking for remedies (as in antidotes) for the vaccines that we've already administered to the child. Those nosodes on Elixir seem to me to be more like homeopathic ALTERNATIVES for vaccines. Thanks, nevertheless, for the support.
Sujattha last decade
For Christmas, my sister got me a FoldTuk bakeware container. The reason I share is that she actually explained to me that this new product doesn’t seem to release any harmful chemicals when put in the microwave. So, really, the material that the FoldTuk product is made from is ideal for autistic children who have sensitivity to the toxins released by typical bakeware products. The product goes from freezer to oven, and I’ve found it a huge help to have this option in the kitchen. Hope the info/ brief review helps. Happy New Year! (She ordered the foldtuk right off of their main site, but apparently Target and Amazon’s websites carry it, too)
foradam last decade
Homeopathy International 1 last decade
The isopathy remedies are available at remedia homeopathy. I myself am suffering from mild autism and have tried carc. It works well. Also as tinus smits suggested the potentised vaccines will reverse the effects of the original vaccinations given. It is now a common fact in UK that a lot of children have turned autistic after MMR shots. SO u can buy the potentised vaccinations from there. I tried elixirs but they do not carry the higher potencies.
pushi1 last decade
That is great you have gotten better. However, people
should have supervision with these things, or they
can get into trouble. There have been several people on here
who knew just about zero about homeopathy but wanted
to find out where to get LM's of carc and who knows what
they were going to pick out or dose the child with.
simone717 last decade
Yes..thats right. I have very mild symptoms of Autism so ive been able to manage them myself. Supervision is a must for such treatments. I think that many classic homeopaths are still not aware about inspiring homeopathy and CEASE therapy since the isopathy remedies exist nowhere in the classic literature and these researches have been done in the recent past. The best thing to do is to locate a cease therapist and discuss the case with them and take the meds. In case any one wants to buy them internationally they can always buy from remedia homeopathy. they have all meds and potencies available.
pushi1 last decade

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