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Irritation and itching on genitals and butt

I have this itching problem on scrotum,lower base part of the penis where it touches the scrotum and on butts for about 5 years.i went to so many dermatologists, but did not help.Initially i caught up with this by using
one of my friends soap(i am sure).I was treated with some anti fungals and the rashes and itching went away.The itching came back again from then it is bothering me and started itching on my butts.The skin on my scrotum turned dark.From next 2 years i started sweating on butts and on scrotum.I had been on steriod creams for 1-2 months .I had biopsy done by dermatologist and confirmed that it is lichen simplex chronicus.He says it is all in my head.I don't agree with him.I know that lichen simplex chronicus is a form of eczema, but i got this by using some body else's soap.How can eczema be contagious?.I believe it has become stubborn with the prelonged usage of anti-biotics and anti-fungals.I could be wrong.
I have also used following homeopathy medicines each for 4 months over 1 year prescribed by homeopathy professional.
The medicine prescribed for the first time is ' Carcinocin 200'.
2nd Time: Psorinum 1M
3rd Time: Thuja 200
4th Time: Thuja 200 & Kali iod 200
5th time:croton tig ,thuja 200
but these medicines did not help me much.I also have sticky,pricky and crawly sensation sometimes on both areas.I sweat only on my butts and scrotum.I am not allergic to any food.Can any one help me?, i am dying with this.I also consume alcohol and occasional smoking, will there any affect on medicine by these habits?.please,Can some one help me for itching and irritation on scrotum and butts?.
  cooldude06 on 2006-09-18
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
There is a faint possibility that Arnica 6c can help you.

I noticed that you mentioned that Lichen simplex chronicus is a form of Eczema and I have cured many chronic case of Eczema with this same remedy Arnica 6c in the wet dose which is made up as follows:

Insert 3 pellets of the remedy into a 500ml bottle of spring water which is shaken hard every time before you sip a teaspoonful twice daily.

You can also dab the affected area with the water from the bottle but do not contaminate it by using the same cotton wool as this will destroy the remedy. Pour it out into a container and use just what is needed for dabbing it on the affected area.

No coffee, alcohol and smoking.

The Arnica will help to reduce your craving for a smoke.

Report your response in a week or earlier if you have positive news.
Joe De Livera last decade
None of those medicines will help you...as listed by you in your post. Arnica also may provide relief for 10 minutes if at all it helps in any way.

You have to take :

Nux Vomica 200C ...one dose ..every night.

Urtica Urens .mother tincure ...5 drops in 1/8th glass of water (glass the size of a coke can)......3 times a day.

Take it for a week and post feed back.
Best / Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
which one should i go for first
Arnica or
Nux vomica 200c and Urtica Urens.Can i try Arnica first and then for the next one if it deosn't work?.
cooldude06 last decade
Joe is already saying 'there is a faint possibility Arnica will help '.

It seems you are true to your name.
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
I found two medicines with arnica name on them.Is it Arnica montana that i should use?.
cooldude06 last decade
Thanks pankaj.I will try your prescription first and i will let you know.I just ordered
Nux vomica 200c pillets and Urtica Urens mother tincture on this website
cooldude06 last decade
Pankaj is quite correct in his quoting my statement and I have done this as I do not wish to be dogmatic in my prescriptions especially in this case which pertains to a massive irritation of the skin on the genitals and buttocks which may or may not have any connection with Eczema. If indeed it does qualify, the Arnica will help within a week.

The large majority of my prescriptions are based either on experimentation on myself or if this is not possible on observation and evaluation of the response of the patient to the remedy like in the case of Arnica for Diabetes where I was very interested to observe the response of a type I diabetic to the remedy which I had given for his non healing wound in his toe.

Answering your question about Arnica it is the A Montana 6c that you need. If you do not experience results within a week you are advised to use the remedies prescribed by Pankaj.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Cooldude.

Some erm...interesting suggestions here to say the least. Your condition would suggest to me the emergence of a chronic miasm, most likely Psora, and although this may have been somewhat subdued by the application of Psorinum, this has obvioulsy not cured the complaint, and um, you will not find permanent relief from the application of purely acute and non-miasmatic remedies such as Arnica or Nux vomica, heh.

From the information given, the remedy which immediately springs to mind is Rhus-Tox, which covers virtually all your symptoms, and is often indicated in this condition. My advice would be to start low 6-30c, one single dose, preferably in water, and observe the reaction before moving on.

Good luck ;)
Hahnemania last decade
I got nux vomica and Urtica Urens only today.Do i need to on diet while using these medicines?.I eat non veg(once ot twice a week ) and consume alcohol(once a week)
cooldude06 last decade
Avoid Alcohol and spicy food.
No garlic, coffee.
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
I have been using urtica urens and nux vomica for about 7 days according to your prescription.After i started using my days got better and some how nights got little worse on itching.I am confused whether the medicine is getting better or aggravating the condition.It some times makes feel good during the day time, but i am not really sure of the feed back.I had been on normal diet, just ate chicken once.Sweating on the genitals is normal as it was before.I would say it did not gave me 100% relief on itching but i see some change.I have enough medicine to carry on for another week or so.Please advise on what to use next.
cooldude06 last decade
I forgot to tell you one more thing.I used to have rashes when i got this initially but eventually went way.So,there are no rashes on my genitals now, just some decolorisation on scrotal part.Now i have only itching,crawling,stingy(some times), sweating on the butts, scrotal and bottom of the penis where it touches scrotum.I cannot really wear anything tight, it gives some kind of feeling.
cooldude06 last decade
Stop Nux Vomica
continue Urtica Urens ..for one more week.

then post result.

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Hi cooldude

Do you feel relief when you wash the affected area with hot water?

If the answer is yes, Rhustox is your best bet.

The other probability is Petroleum.Read about it.

Rhustox and Petroleum are the frequently indicated medicines for problem like yours.

bandarbabu2000 last decade
Without case taking ...

You were giving big sermons about blurting out medicine names!!
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Well..If people don't know the difference between acute prescribing, and chronic prescribing, I will make efforts to make it clear on a seperate thread one day.

Acute cases cae be prescribed on a single symptom.

If you have the location, sensation and modality that is a single symptom, and you can prescribe upon it.

In the query of the patient the modality is missing. That is why I asked for clarification.

Yes..I too started blurting out medicine names to show the world how easy it is..

However there will be education for the patients in most of my posts..

bandarbabu2000 last decade
Say Murthy, you're not like...one of those classical Homoeopath dudes are you, you know, the ones who actually take cases and make INFORMED remedey recommendations? You people are wierd man, everyone knows the best way to treat an ailment is to throw lots of totally unrelated remedies at it and hope for the best...
Hahnemania last decade
Dear Jacob

Your post is not clear to me.

bandarbabu2000 last decade
Come now Murthy, you should know my sarcastic sense of humour by now ;) I was being satirical...

Hahnemania last decade
The guy has had the problem for 5 years....that is his opening post !!
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
For that long..the cause of the disease has to be the presence of a miasm...hence chronic !!
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
'Well..If people don't know the difference between acute prescribing, and chronic prescribing, I will make efforts to make it clear on a seperate thread one day.'

I think this went over someones head...
Hahnemania last decade
Well, i have seen light improvement but i screwed it up i guess.I had few beers on weekend and now i feel the same old way it was.I don't know if alcohol has made any difference or not.I am strictly on non-spicy diet.I was eating meat(not red meat) only once a week.Can i eat chicken when i use homeopathy?.I am out of medicine , what should i try next.How long does it take, if a medicine works in my condition?.I am getting frustrated.Please help.
cooldude06 last decade
Please try also garlic soft gels and rub virgin coconut oil on the site. Before doing so please browse the net garlic could even kill genital and anal warts. goodluck.
atticcat last decade
Dear cool, NEVER apply anything to the skin unless it is also being taken internally. Basic rule of Homoeopathy.

Hahnemania last decade

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