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auditory hallucinations


My name is Mia and I live in France but. I'm looking for a french homeopathe but not a must for my problem.

Name Mia
age 31
sex female
weight 68 kg, sorry I don't know how to convert
height 166 cm, sorry I don't know how to convert
country France
climate very hot in summer (in my region) and the weather changes suddenly very often. In autumn abd winter it's not getting to cold, just a bit.
Mountain region, lots of clouds.

List of complaints

1 auditory hallucinations (biggest problem!!)
2 feeling of shame (because of psycological problems)
3 very poor selfesteem and confidence
4 strange sensation in throat. That makes me swallow constantly.
5 constant anxiety in stomach
6 constant anxiety, of what other think of me and that people will notice that im nervous or having psycological problems
7 panic attacks, when with people or outside walking, buss...public transports
8 constant need to swallow, when talking and feeling anxious (especially among people)
9. Think that people talks about my mental health and about me. I cannot relax because I always think that people speak and gossip about me, and always negative things.

All above 8 years
Non diabetic
Desire sugar and salt. Chocolate and hot chocolate. Crackers or chips.
Often very thirsty. Can drink alot of water. Mouth gts easily dry when nervous.
Tip of tongue and up to half of the both sides, red. On the tongue there is white 'stuff'...like small pimples and all of the tongue is coverd with white stuff.
Low according to tissue mineral analysis. But at the doctor normal.

Since I experienced a severe culture shock and deep depression I cannot get rid of many feeling and thoughts of myself and others. I think that people speaks about me constantly and totally unbelievable things. And always negative. I'm stuck with these thoughts and hallucinations auditory mostly. I have very difficult to accept that where I live now is different from my birth country and I just feel angry and get irritated with the country and people here. Feel guilt because of what people told me that I have to do here. Scared to be myself (as I was in my country in acting among people) becaus of these 'you have to act like this here'. Cannot relax and always anxious be me, acts like poeple here but really unhappy. Missing birth country, I can't settle down even if I wan't to. Constant comparing with my birth country. Very frustrared with differences in the country.

That I just wan't to get rid off these problems that I have had for 8 years. To be well in my mind again and be myself without all these hallucinations and 'have to's'. I don't wan't to feel that I have to be like some poeple here told me, just wan't to have to courage to be me. And not to take bad comments from strangers so serouis and blame me for it (because I'm not from this country and I'm not like them). Mostly get rid off these psycological problems that came with the deep depression and huge culture shock...move on and put this behind me.
.There are many. But all this started with the deep depression with hallucinations, images and auditory. Also irrational thoughts that appeared. Big culture chock that just last and gets worse.

I have never felt so bad in my life as when the deep depression came. The terrible shame I felt and still feel because of what others can think if they knew. The worst was the hallucinations and irrational thoughts.
anger, frustration very big, anxiety constant, tension (entire body), hoplesness, deep sadness (when thinking of problems), suspicious, easily irritated

Isecurity,tension and dejected
No medication. Psychiatre wants me to take a medication called 'abilify' for my auditory hallucinations that are the worst problem. But as I wan't to get pregnant I can't take this medication at the same time. Hoping to be able to find a homepatic remedy and eat it while pregnant.
Parents still married, 2 brothers and one sister. Parents moved from another country to the country I was born in.
Looking for a job since a long time now. Working as a cleaner before.
No work
Desire for unhealthy food, even if I know it's not good for me. Cakes, crackers and so on.
Don't know. Haven't noticed.

Angry, impatient, hurry (gets very irritated if others do not), constantly anxious of what others think of me, cannot stop thinking more then one thought in my mind sometimes, thoughts can get loud...like my brain thinks very loud and I'm not in charge, sometimes I feel like carbonic acid would rise on the top of my head, very easily irritated, mood changes suddenly, panic attacks among people and outside, clinging to husband and parents, dosent like to be alone but wants to be alone to be able to rest mind, perfectionism, blushes easily especially when spekaing with people and embarrased, shy.

Aggravation/incraeses: sitting at home and having nothing to do, speaking about problems (only with family memebers or husband), stress, when someone dosen't understand me and how I feel, summer...hot weather, morning and afternoon
amelioration: resting, occupied by reading or doing something(mind), talking about problem with someone who understands, crying, doing sports, walking in open air in nature...with not many people
  lascandinavie on 2006-09-28
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
forgot to write in list of complaints one of the biggest problems after auditory hallucinations. I think that other poeple think I'm not normal in my head...insane.
lascandinavie last decade
Don't worry, nobody here thinks you're crazy or insane. You've come to the right place, because these are exactly the types of problems that homeopathy can help with.

You mentioned that you have visual and auditory hallucinations. Can you give any description of these? Do you hear voices? Do you hear your name being called? Do you see ghosts, spirits? Anything like this? Do the best you can to explain what you're experiencing, knowing you're not going to be judged and we'll do the best we can to help you.

Best Wishes
homeopathyguy last decade
Thank you. It feels good that you do not think this. It mostly the feelings of shame and guilt that came with the depression that gave me this 'idea'.

I just started thinking that everyone looked at me because they thought I was crazy, and it dosen't stop this thought. Also that everyone is looking at me, and I can't stand when people do that. Just get angry at them, because I think it's negative or mocking.

My auditory hallucinations is about people, when they speak. I think/hear they speak about me and say I'm not normal (in my head). That they think/say my behaviour is strange. If they laugh, it's at/because of me. Think/speak less of me. It's like people have nothing else to do then speak of me and rude things. I have the impression people are just rude and not nice. My opinion of others has become very negative.Don't trust people anymore. Again these thoughts came with the depression and also because I moved to another country. I feel guilt because I can't be like them. So I try too act like them but I'm angry and unhappy because I wan't to be myself. So many people told me that I have to stop acting like in my country (in some public behaviours) and adapt. So I feel guilty of beeing myself. Some said that if I act like in my country people will think I'm crazy. So this thought of craziness did not get better when hearing this. And already thinking that I was like this because of the depression. So follows that I'm scared to be likein my country here because people think I crazy otherwise.

I have experienced some bad situations with people here and I feel very hurt. I can't stop thinking that everyone is like these people. And I feel very angry all the time at people. Always on my guard. Overly sensitive. My husband can't even joke with me and I take eveything bad. My thoughts are just absorbed with what others think of me and maybe is talking about me, it's really strenuous. I can't relax and constantly tensed. Just wan't to enjoy life again.

If there is anything else you need to know I can give more information to help. Hope you understand any of my writing.

Thank you :-)
lascandinavie last decade
forgot to write about the vision I can get. It's mostly when I'm very stressed, with depression or anixety. I can get sudden images that flashes in my head. Sometimes it's about blood, that water running in water tap was blood. That someone next to me, if itwas a man would touch my legs, really embarassing but sometimes I can see men with erection, even if they are wearing clothes.

These are really emabarassing thoughts, and I'm sorry if someone have read this.

Just wanted to add that I have also persistant thoughts when I see police or crime series at tv. I feel I'm like a murderer also, and it's really horrible. Because I know I'm not. Came along with depression. I think I'm like people doing horrible things.
lascandinavie last decade
You mention Panic Attacks in your original post. How often does this occur? What circumstances?

Tell me more about emotions, how often do you get angry, under what situations does the anger come?

Anxiety, is there a particular day or situation when this is worse or better?

Are you a person who likes to be organized?

Do you have any particular fears?

Answer as best as you can and we'll take it from there. Don't worry about anything that you feel is embarrassing. These things are often the most important to understanding your case. No judgment here, so feel free to say whatever is on your mind.
homeopathyguy last decade
The panic attacks occurs when I leave the house. When I have to be among people. In the train, bus, aeroplane. In all areas where I have to be among people.

I get angry often. It's not easy to tell how often, but once a day always. If i go out among people it's several times. The situations are for ex. when people look at me, when my husband contradicts me or make jokes about me even if they aren't meaning bad, when people are rude towards someone or myself with nasty comments (this makes me boil inside), when I hear people laugh or talk, when I think of past events where people hurt me, before menses and under (get really angry for nothing! and I can't controle my mood), when somone dosen't understand me and with me because I'm stuck.

The anxiety is better in the evening, when I'm in a calm place like my appartement and it's silent, when I'm occupied with something (don't have time to think), doing sports, walking outside in the nature.
It gets worse when I think of my problems, rest in a silent place alone, when I'm not occupied, when I start to imagine/hallucinate that people talk of me and look at me(always when I get these strange thoughts or visions), when I think about my future, when I think that my husband maybe could leave me. The anxiety always gets worse among people and especially strangers.

Organising is important for me. I'm a maniac and perfectionist. Everything has to be done well or very well. Very high expectations on me and also others....that I don't like.

My fears are mostly...highest on the list that people think I'm not normal psychologically, of not to be able to take care of things on my own...cling to my husband and parents, not to be well psychologically, being by myself, what others think of me and when they look at me.

Thanks again
lascandinavie last decade
I notice you mentioned you get very thirsty often and you can drink a lot of water. How much do you drink at a time? Do you prefer hot/cold drinks?

Would you say you are a romantic/sentimental person?

How is your sleep? Any unusual dreams lately?

Let me make sure I understand you correctly. You feel worse in crowds, but you also like to have maybe one person around who you're close to rather than a whole bunch of people? Is this correct?

Do you ever get jealous?

You also mentioned there is tension in your entire body. Is this muscular tension?

Any physical symptoms that come on from the anxiety/nervousness?

Do you notice any changes in your symptoms based on the weather? Does anything weather wise make it worse or better?

How about fears of death/heights?

Your sensitivity, is this emotional only? How do you react when you're around chemicals/odors?

Are there any foods you strongly dislike?

I'm asking a lot of questions, but want to make sure I'm getting all the information we need to help you.
homeopathyguy last decade
When I drink water it's usually mostly when i eat. It's usually 1 and a half liters of water. 1 entire bottle of mineral water here in France. Sometimes I can start another bottle because the thirst continues. When doing sports and also when the weather is hot I also drink alot, outside the meals. The same amount ,1 and a half liters. I prefere cold drinks, at times I crave a lot of tea.

I'm a very romantic and sentimental person. Extremly sentimental.

My sleep dosen't feel good. Because I wake up several times at night with a feeling of not being tired anymore. And I sleep again after a while. But I never feel fresh and good in the morning. I also have very vivid dreams, mostly nightmares. About past events, my situation and problems now, very strange imagination dreams. Sometimes I have woke up because I make a noice in my sleep, like moaning.

I prefere to have one person next to me, that I know good and since a while. Don't like to be alone. So yes your right.

I have gotten jealous. This wasen' the case before. I started comparing myself to other women, because of my low selfesteem. I don't wan't to be jealous. When it comes to my husband I think it's totally normal that he looks at others. Just if he comments to much it makes me little jealous. Also for a reason I'm scared that other women thinks I'm jealous of them.

The tension is only muscular. When I'm among people I tense especially my shoulders, neck, breathing. Mostly my back and chest, solar plexus, ung and stomach.

Physical symptoms is that I swallow, constantly. When I'm anxious, when I think that people look at me or speak of me, think or speak about my problems or feeling nervous.
This started with the depression. Anxiety in my stomach. Like a 'ball' of anxiety moving around in the lowest area of the stomach (under the navel), vision gets blurr and eyes gets tired, diarrhea or opposite, hairloss, weak feeling in body, rapid heartbeat, difficulties to breath because (I'm so tensed in the solar plexus area), vertigo (feels like I can't walk straight).

When it's hot weather, I don't feel good. Prefere cold weather but not windy. It's better when it's not sunny and not to hot.

Don't feel fear especially for death and heights. But one strange thing is that when I'm on a high place I get scared because I think or 'see' that i will fall down. This came with the depression.

My sensitivity is mostly emotional. When there is very strong odors I start to sneeze violently. Like food or chemicals (washing powder for ex.).

Food that I strongly dislike is seafood. Also ham, some type of meat. Every kind of cooked meat, it makes me feel I'm going to vomit just by looking at it.
lascandinavie last decade
There is a remedy called Argentum Nitricum which is very well indicated for Panic/Anxiety in public places. It also has the desire for sweets and salt which you mention, and covers some of the anxiety in the stomach.

The ball sensation in the stomach is also interesting. There are a few remedies that cover that.

It seems to me that your panic attacks started after you moved to another country, am I right? The longing to be back home where you feel comfortable?

How long did you live in your home country? When did you move?
homeopathyguy last decade
ok, thank you. I will look for that medecine.

The panic attacks started...it's a little complicated. Theyt started while I had the depression. I started to get nervous to go out becacause they thought I was not normal. And this is still the problem. Also when people here told me that I have to stop to act like in my country, and adapt to the way of acting here. I started to get nervous to go out. As epople told me not to smile or look at people in the street...where I come from this is normal. Some also said that if I do this people will think I'm insane...so I started really to think that that's why people look so strange at me. And I started to have feelings of guilt to be me and unhappy to act like them. So I have the panic attacks because I have the impression everyone just stares at me because they think I'm a total alien and not normal. Also because i feel this pressure of adapting and I just want to act like in my country.

I don't feel at home here and i think about my country all the time, so yes I'm really longing home. But I wan't to be able to live here and move on. It's like you said where I feel comfortable...it's what I miss here.

I lived in mu country since-75 and moves to France -96. The depression and culture shock came one year after, -97.
lascandinavie last decade
Do you notice any influence on your symptoms from Hormonal Changes?

Many remedies for panic attacks including Argentum Nitricum tend to be worse at night, though it sounds like you aren't worse at night, just whenever you go out in public. So if you were to go out in public at night you would be worse at night and vice versa, if you were to go out in public in the morning you'd be worse then, am I right?

If you decide to get Argentum Nitricum look for 30c. I'm thinking though that you may need a remedy to address the longing for home that seems to have triggered these symptoms. You don't have this panic/depression in your home country, right?

Do you get any headaches? What type exactly.

How do you feel about sympathy? How do you respond if someone tries to console you?

Are you sensitive to noises at all? Do you get startled easily?
homeopathyguy last decade
I wanted to tell you that I went to see a homeopath here. But that I'm interested to know your point of view and medication you would suggest. If this is ok with you. My relationship with my husband got so bad that I had to do something fast. If you wan't to know the medecine he gave me it was Aresenicum Album 15CH (especially for feeling of beeing observed) and St John's worth pills (for depression symptoms). He also gave me a 2 preparations that I will go and get at the pharmacy today. I can tell you what they are afterwards.

I don't know if my symptoms are influenced with hormonal changes. Just the more I got near to my 30:ties the worse my periods got and I got a terrible pms. My mood is very irritable. I get angry for small things that makes me boil inside. And I snap at my husband. And I get overly sensitive and cry alot. Get horrible...

Recently I did a tissue mineral analysis. And it indicated that my metabolic type is fast 4. And it indicated that my thyroid gland is very slow when working (my mother has Hypothyroidism). Also that my hormonal kidney (sorry don't know the name in english) is working to slow. Apparently I'm burned out because of a chronic stress, but I'm not surprised.

The moment I feel worse and when the panic starts is among people. It can be inside also, it depends just on people. It's worse when there is alot of people and in open spaces outside. If i would go out at night it would be worse. So you are right, it depends just if I go out among people.

Actually I have the panic and depression in my home country also. I don't know how to explain how it all started because it's complicated, but I will try my best.

It started with my deep depression. The fear of being insane. I can't get this thought out of my head since. I started and still think people look at me because of this, especially here in France. And with this i discovered that people here use more hard words when commenting or speaking. One day I had a woman who just told me that I'm insane for no reason, and I got so chocked...because in my country we don't use this kind of hard words and especially tell them to people like this....after this I thought that 'ok, now it's shows that I am insane'. It was like a proof. I got really scared to go out after that because I was scared someone would tell me the same thing. And that people here in France just looks and thniks this of me. Thats why I got the panic attacks. And they stay because these thoughts that people look at me because of this wont go away. And also this pressure of adaptation and be like them.

Sometimes i get headaches. It's mostly in the frontal area at the forehead. It feels like electrical flashes sometimes.

I liked sympathy before. Since a while I feel that I have to be strong and not to show that I'm sad and so on. Yesterday I wanted to cry and I did, but when my husband came to console me I stopped. Because I don't want to show to anyone that I cry. If I do it it's alone. I don't want to feel weak, because that is what i do if I cry infront of someone. Before I did not have this problem, I cried in front of my husband and parents. I do feel better when someone understands and that I can talk to this person.

when there is a noise I get started very easily. This started after the indicident with the woman that I told about before. I got so tensed to go out and scared. So if a car honks, my body reacts to strongly.
lascandinavie last decade
Arsenicum Album was one that I was considering myself, and that's why I asked you if you liked to be organized. I was also thinking Natrum Muriaticum if this was something that happened from moving away from your home country. But looks like that wasn't what caused it.

How did you respond to Arsenicum Album? Did you notice any changes? Even minor improvement?
homeopathyguy last decade
Ok, so you thought about the same type of medecine :-). The cause wasen't the move. It is more the reality that it's not like in the begining, like vacation, everything is beautiful. And so i miss my country.

I have been taking the Arsenicum Album 5 pills before bed, and I already feel better. I don't feel this constant feeling of beeing observed and I can be more calm while in the buss or even at the appartment. It's such a good feeling. Also I feel more happy, and this was a long time ago that I felt like this. It's like I'm coming back to my old self. Smile more and this feeling of despair and depression in less present alos. Feel more cofident also. When i went outside walking my back was straight and I looked infront of me. Usually i used to look down in the ground. It's like a heavy cloud has gone and the thoughts of what others do or think is less stressing. I'm really happy.

Earlier today I got the other medication. And they are:

aurum metallicum D30+myrrha D6+olibanum D12, it's a small bottle(drops)with all the 3 mixed together in the same.

Pulsatilla 9CH+15CH+30CH, they are also all together in several small tubes, in round pills form.
lascandinavie last decade
Wow, sounds like you got a really positive response to Arsenicum Album. Generally when you notice such a drastic positive change like that you don't want to interfere with the work that the remedy is doing by taking others, but that's just my suggestion.

Pulsatilla also can be a good remedy in your situation, but you don't want to take too many medicines at one time.

Are you taking the Arsenicum every night before bed? If you are taking a remedy continually you have to be careful about proving the remedy (causing the very symptoms that you're trying to cure). If you notice improvement after a remedy it's always best to stop taking it and wait and give the body a chance to respond.
homeopathyguy last decade
Yes, it has really helped and very fast. I have heard other people tell also that it's not good to take too many remedies at the same time. How can I do as the homeopath has given me all these remedies for 1 month?

As you say it's alot at once.

The arsenicum is every night before bed time, 5 pills. Should I stop taking it now as I feel better already?

In the day time I take the st john's worth tablets, 2 in the morning. In the evening 1. Maybe it's also this that makes me feel better.
lascandinavie last decade
Yeah, St. John's Wort also could be helping which is why it's best not to take multiple remedies so you can tell what is working and what's not working.

Every night before bed for the Arsenicum is too much in my opinion, so I would definitely try stopping and see how you progress. If after you stop and the effects wear off and you start feeling worse again then you can try moving up to a higher potency and see how you respond.

It's up to you as far as whether or not you want to take the other medicines your homeopath recommended. Personally I would not take all of those at one time. As someone who used to take this remedy then that remedy and yet another remedy I have seen the effect of taking one remedy and waiting and reassessing versus taking lots of remedies at a time and just hoping something works. (Known as the shotgun approach).

Maybe you could discuss this with your homeopath and if they are not willing to try the one remedy at a time approach then maybe you should see if you can find someone else. Not necessarily that they aren't knowledgable or able to help you, but there should be some caution in taking all kinds of different remedies and combinations at one time. Ultimately the choice is yours :)

Hope this is helpful.
homeopathyguy last decade
I did not take any arsenicum album beofr I wnt to bed, to see how I would feel in the morning. The reaction was that I restarted to wake up several times at night, and this morning I did not feel as yeasyterday. All day I have been felling down and not in a good mood. Don't know what's happening really, if it's because I did not take the remedy before bed, or other things.

I will speak with the homepath to ask if i can take a higher potency or change the way I take the remedies. Because today I feel like crap...sorry but it's the right word :-).
lascandinavie last decade
You could try taking it again before bed and see if you notice a difference, and then if you do, stop taking it and wait and see what happens the next day. It may be that you need a stronger potency. Also it's usually best to put a pellet into 4 oz of water, let dissolve, stir it and take a teaspoon and then wait as opposed to taking several pellets in the mouth. But definitely talk to your homeopath about this.
homeopathyguy last decade

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