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Virus Attacked Soon Die Abchomeopathy

Dear sufferer,
some virus i.e. silent killers are entered in this forum without any medical qualification these are not medical professional man. They are very jealous about my work. They never cure the person in life. They have no any documentation proof of cure. Be care full. Moderator does not want to take any action because he is fearing to take the action of these virus effected people or some body wants to create the problem in this forum to ruin this forum and good medical professional person will leave this forum very soon and they will shift any other forum . We are 3-4 no. of person is going shift to another forum very soon if moderator unable to take this action within a day.
Dr. deosholok Sharma
  deoshlok on 2006-10-26
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
GM's will be there too. : )

I think there is already one GM there.

ABC is popular not because of its prescribers,but the prescribers are getting popularity through ABC.

See, the number of posts Dated 25 th October. They crossed the sixty mark,despite many of the regular prescribers being silent.

There are many good prescribers available, who are willing to do self less service.

A forum will never get succumbed to these blackmail tactics.

Prescribers may come and go, but, the forum remains, and will be as popular as it has been.

All the best fo your new forum.
gavinimurthy last decade
You may have to work on improving your English to be understood better. Good communication skills are important for the doctor,particularly on internet forums,for a patient to understand what the doctor is telling and vice versa.

Otherwise, you may tell one thing, the patient understands it differently, and there will be chaos.
gavinimurthy last decade
Bandar's last laugh.

He is serving someone else's interests.

As a general manager to finish this site.

Wake up Simon.

Last Call.
kuldeep last decade
Dear friends,

I don't think that the abchomeopathy forum is so weak as to succumb to a virus or two.It has a strong anti virus package scanning and eliminating them as they arise.

Dr.Deoshlok or his friends are free to decide what they wish to do with their free time.But i don't think it is ethical trying to gang up and try to force the moderator to give in to this sort of a ridiculous demand.I don't think that it will work.

Besides, on the internet, where there is free traffic and the rules of participation at each forum are quite well laid out, trying to arm twist some forum by these tactics is a very silly idea.To me at least.

I remember many prescribers who were regulars here a few years back.People like Sabra, Passkey, John Stanton etc.They are no longer active on this forum.But this forum has only become stronger and better with time.

So, i don't see how a few people choosing not to participate is going to affect it in any way.

People come and people go but life keeps flowing.Those who learn to flow with life, reach their destination while others don't.

Any way.All the best.

rajivprasad last decade
Most people who threaten viruses on the internet are spotty teenage boys who couldn't hack their way out of a wet paper bag, I wouldn't pay it any attention...
Hahnemania last decade
With much pain I come across unwanted postings in this forum which target personalities who dedicate a lot of time to suggest remedies to the needy people. It is the interest of the patient that counts a lot than anything else. I understand that many of you have success stories behind you. So, people believe in you and desperatley need relief from ailments. There is no room for in-fighting which will spoil the very purpose of this forum. Each and every one have their own approach. So, if any one has any reservations on others approach, that can be discussed with the person concerned and get it clarified in a polite way. If you feel that somebody is disturbing/irritating you, just ignore them. That would be the best option to avoid this problem. If you keep on answering such postings, then they will continue to irritate you. Just ignore them and keep going with your recommendations and followup. I expect that you all will be back again immediately taking into consideration the interest of the needy people. Don't just take any such hasty decisions. Take it in a positive way as everyone has the right to express their views since it is the open forum. If you don't like just ignore, jump over and continue your service. We believe you very much.
muruganrsa last decade
Yes Rajiv....Sabra, Passkey and John Stanton left on their own.

Here is a situation ...where two people are trying to push others out to make commercial benefit by sending people to some linked Classical homeopath of theirs who will then charge a fee.

In the process they are telling the patients that all other advisors are bad.

Which side are you on ???

Because if you are not part of their scheme of things...you will be axed too ...sooner or later...after your utility to the two is over.

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
The forum you are talking about is not bad.Charging fee is not objectionable. Now a days there is one front runner blindly backed by another one.They do not like me because i always suggest to the best of my knowledge.

sajjadakram635 last decade
Nobody is against or ganging up against anybody personally.

AND for what anybody would gang up against anybody personally.

TILL, people like 'kuldeep alias ..........) and his man-friday cum side-kick's who create dozens and dozens of multiple login aliases, for self-glorification and perverted sadism, are the reasons where professional homeopaths get over-whelmed into submission and leaving this forums.
(BUT not Nesha-India, inspite of being banned for 8 times).

IN CONTEXT with this topic, few members (who do not have any self-respect or any moral values) and (who prefer the self-glorification route), have created dozens of multiple login i.d.s, where in they will ask questions and answer themselves and praise themselves again and repeat the process over and over, again and again. These member with multiple aliases will also ridicule and demoralise other serious participating members and ALSO complain to the moderator to have others banned and create other nuisance.

I FULLY SUPPORT 'Dr. deosholok Sharma', in what he says. However, Nesha-India says, to leave this forum and join another forum would be incapability to fight these nuisance perverts like kuldeep ......., SIMPLY because in all the other forum's too THERE IS BOUND TO BE FEW PERSON'S LIKE 'kuldeep'.

SO, Dr. deosholok Sharma, just simply stay back with the professional prescribings and professional handling of patients. Why stop for a 'braying' donkey or a 'oink'ing' pig.

INCIDENTALLY, there are thousands of multiple login I.D. alias that are used for self-glorification and promotion of 'joepathy (sic)', which maybe the Moderator (Simon) would some day disclose over here and as he disclosed about 'kuldeep alias hoolio, lopez, homeo_fan, stanzione, girilal, Steve Atur, lanif, pw3000, alchemist, laura11, silverman, varun14,l uxmi, kapil, jeevan, jeniffer, vinnie, and about a dozen other names. JUST IMAGINE THE WAY A PERVERT MIND CAN WORK.

CONSIDER THIS once again. (by Winston Churchill) :
'A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to put its pants on'

Remain Healthy & Happy ....... Nesha-India
Nesha-India last decade
Dear Sajjad Bhai,
Charging fee is not unethical. But calling others 'bad' with an ulterior motive of taking the patients to their preferred Classical Homeopath and then charging a fee from the patients....is certainly unethical.

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
This is what Murthy and Company are doing.
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
If it is the part of their policy then it is bad.

sajjadakram635 last decade
As the moderator pointed in some other thread I never recommend any homeopath by name or by site.

Only one instance is there where someone asked for a good homeopath in Hyderabad, and I gave his address,which Pankaj too had done manytimes,to provide addresses of doctors in Bangalore and Delhi.

There is no motive what so ever, in my efforts to help the patient, except his/her well being.

I spent countless nights without sleep in the last one month,on this forum,to educate ,inform and advise people on the correct methods of homeopathy.

It is not done with any ulterior motive, but purely out of love for 'pure' homeopathy.

As a crusader, I took a vow to take the 'pure' homeopathy into the masses, and my joining these internet forums is towards acheiving that objective.

I did retaliate when personal criticism was made,and that is to protect my self respect.

Anyway, I explained many number of times, and this will be te last time,when I will defend myself in such great detail.

I will continue in my own way with 'missionary' zeal,despite what others feel about me.
gavinimurthy last decade
I have not given addresses or names of any doctors.....I have given only locations of pharmacies....when asked for.

Murthy ...you are manipulator.

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Murthy....if your methods are the only correct ones...then...how come Dr. Deoshlok (a qualified homeopath) prescribes in a way which is totally different from your way ???

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Simon u should take an action so that persons like dr deoshlok will not be leaveing the forum.I dont know why u r waiting!strange
pankajnarang81 last decade
Hi pankajnarang

I was waiting for you. Why were you so late? : )
gavinimurthy last decade
This thread is effectively a duplicate of:


I have replied there.

Please continue this discussion on that thread.
moderator last decade
Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Kuldeep/girilal and now Chief Executive they all are same.

Since innovation and experience is not needed here but a book and a reportery so kuldeep/girilal is not needed here.

Roles has changed so kuldeep/girilal rehires himself here as CEO at the Circus General Manager, (who is going to about all posts (50-60 a day) and working very hard like an Insurance-Sales man) is relieved of some work.

So new scene, new roles.

Simon can delete kuldeep/girilal names, BUT they may come back when virus cycle is over (as Dr deoshlok Sharma has stated).

Chief Executive
Kuldeep last decade
As I posted elsewhere infighting is part of the human condition and a true professional will see it as such.Knowing this, a true professional chooses how much heat they are willing to deal with and are definitely not martyrs by nature as they are aware that it effects them personally,client care, etc.I personally had two therapists who were no longer willing to see me because of the level of arrogance I projected as a result of ongoing psychotic problems.If anyone were to ask them what the problem was they may have very humanly said,'The guys a jerk' or 'The guys frightening and unpredictable'They would have been right on both accounts.The catch 22 of the human condition especially in the U.S.A.is that people have rights to service but each and every provider has an equal right not to be the specific one who provides.(Go figure)One potential solution is putting up or more specifically debating approaches to treatment rather than personality. This way all who venture on the forum can see openly who knows what they,re talking about and who doesn't.The winner gets a sigh of relief and the loser a script for anarc.(Can't always be serious)
PatteeRan last decade
This site needs a nosode.
Kuldeep last decade
Here is a post made by a third person on ABC ...about combinations:

Re: Homeopathy prescribed Allopathically - THIS FOR THAT From Alfalfa Q on 2005-08-21
Welldone Nisha !!!

I believe that you have touched a very very important point in a very amusing way. I am personally very confused about this practice of prescribing homeopathy allopathically.

I know some very very renowned and respected homeopaths who prescribe like this and still people flock to their clinics like bees on honey...they must be getting some results???

Also the combination remedies confuse me a lot....some homeopaths say that they can CURE, some say they can only suppress the symptoms temporarily, and some say 'dont even touch combinations' they are useless..........Some combinations are so well known for certain diseases that people swear by their efficacy eg, Gold drops (by madaus) for heart troubles and high BP, and Kalkurenal drops for kidney stones. What do you say?

I read a recent very scientifically done study done in Israel where they gave Traumeel (a combination of arnica, rhustox and about 8 other remedies by Heel pharmaceuticals...a homeopathic antiinflammatory) at accupuncture points to cows who had udder infection (mastitis) and compared them with placebos...and guess what! the cows who got Traumeel had their mastitis much reduced or fully cured!!!
those in the placebo group did not show any response.

It is only this kind of thoroughly sclentific research that can ultimately prove or disprove the utility of combinations as well as other homeo meds prescribed allopathically. What do you say?

I also read another study in which arnica failed to reduce the pain and inflammation in post op patients.


I am very glad that you started this topic. We should not taunt each other . rather we should try to teach and learn in a healthy spirit. Keep it up Nisha.

Good Luck and DO KEEP POSTING.
i would also encourage other experienced homeopaths to write on this very important topic.

Research...is what I have been asking for in all the debates....and there is research to prove that combinations are effective.

Are you also so naive to think that the Combiantion making Companies (Reckeweg....as example)...do not have qualified homeopathic doctors to guide them ????

Your problems is a 'closed mind' and a 'wide open mouth'.

And you speak from bookish knowledge....and little or no experience. Try to impress people by cutting and pasting from books.

Stupidly...you trample on posts of experienced Doctors like Dr.Deoshlok Sharma...instead of learning from them.

You ridicule him by saying he has low english skills....can't you see he has great homeopathic skills and experience!!!

It will take a closed mind like yours ....another lifetime..... to get to his level.

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Problem is that he is a General Manager here and he has to say something at each and every post.

Even if he lacks experience, skill, knowledge in a perticular subject but he got to do it.

Man go to do what a man got to do.
Kuldeep last decade
Man got to do what a man got to do.
Kuldeep last decade
Hi Guys

Ignore jokers and move on.

gavinimurthy last decade

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