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an article by Dr Luc De Schepper on selecting a Homeopath

  loree on 2006-10-29
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Thanks Loree

Some excerpts..

On the Choice of a Homeopath

Two hundred and fifty years ago, Hahnemann, the Founder of Homeopathy, wrote to a Prince who was his patient and asked for advice as how to select a reputable physician, a letter on the subject, “On the Choice of a Family Physician.” Hahnemann’s words ring through now just as much as then for anyone who must choose a homeopath or other health practitioner. I have taken the liberty to use his essay as a foundation and adapt it to modern times, when you have the all-important question: “What do I look for if I want to consult a reliable homeopathic practitioner?”

As Hahnemann stated, “Without being yourself a physician (homeopath), it is impossible to form an immediate judgment respecting the scientific attainments of a homeopath. Therefore, as a layperson, in order to select a really good homeopathic practitioner, you must have recourse to some facts which much guide you to your object with no less certainty than if you had attended a homeopathic school yourself.”

Here are some of the homeopaths you should not visit:

Homeopath A. answers your questions with a disdainful air and a few short words. He talks about the important persons he treated in his office and pays little attention towards heartbreaking and serious situations of his patient, as he continues to have the same air of the important man he is in every situation, at home, in the street or in the office. Not even the greatest misery of his patients produces any change in his frigid professional manner. He has the stethoscope dangling around his neck and his white coat bears his important name and credentials. While taking your case, he is too immersed in studying his computer, looking important and barely paying attention to you, the patient. His questions are short and demand a “yes” or “no” as he is not interested in the details of “how you became sick.”

His office is the model of fashion and his furniture is in the best expensive taste. Such homeopath plays a role: he is an important actor who has rehearsed his character on a daily basis and surely finds it tiresome to listen to all the details of your disease. But all he does is hide his limited homeopathic knowledge behind a thick mask of his profession: any uninvited inquiry obtained by the patient’s own research is arrested immediately with, “Did you go to medical school or homeopathic school, or did I?”

Homeopath B. seems at first a better catch and I am almost half inclined to advise you to select him. His daily calendar is full of patients for which he has set out ten minutes a visit. After all, he is a superior practitioner who can understand you and prescribe for, in the small amount of time set apart for your personal case.

Additional questions at the end of your ten minutes are waved away “as not being necessary” as the remedy is clear to him. He tells you that he has been twenty years in practice and that he can recognize the remedy you need upon setting eyes on you. The receptionist hurries you in the office and the homeopath asks you a couple of questions, and hardly waiting for a reply, he reaches for pen and paper, and after seemingly deep reflection for two seconds in his chair, he suddenly dashes off the elusive secret remedy and politely hands it over to you. He rubs his hands together, waves you goodbye and sends you packing in the waiting room that seems to be fuller than ever. Of course, he already had received a warning from the receptionist that your ten minutes were up.

His presence and help is in such great request that he is perfectly unable to devote a longer period to each patient. Even in your assigned ten minutes time slot, he had to be interrupted by five “urgent” calls. All day long, he seems to dispense in profusion prescriptions, advice, recommendations—like tickets for the theatre. What you need to know is that such a homeopath cannot attend to any of his patients properly, cannot in a few minutes maturely reflect upon all the circumstances of your case, and still less find the proper remedies for it, in spite of having the latest computer software. Even for the “infallible” computer, the dictum is, “Garbage in, Garbage out.” Without any doubt, this is the homeopath who you will consider to be a fleeting phantom: he never returns your calls, does not answer any emails and berates you for your “irrelevant questions and concerns.” Well after this short discourse, I presume you will be inclined to look out for someone else.

Homeopath C. Perhaps you should have a look this one. After all, he will let you know that he has attended the best homeopathic school, studied “under” the greatest homeopaths, although it simply means “that he studied his books, but has not made the effort to really attend any or very few of his lectures.” This does not stop him of dropping the name of the world renowned homeopath, connecting his website to the master homeopath as to make sure you understand his own intimate connection to greatness. He assures you that he practices exactly like his teacher has dictated (according to truly classical homeopathy), but upon simple investigation he sins against every principle of true homeopathy. He claims that he has found his own method, necessary because these are new and trying times and therefore even Hahnemann would have approved of his inventions. Yet this “important” looking statement only hides his incompetence and laziness to truly study this difficult topic continuously. He attended a few seminars and now thinks is possessed of a knowledge that no longer needs fine-tuning. He prescribes for every patient a “protocol,” similar to his well-learned allopathic physicians, forgetting that to cure a patient the individuality must be taken into account.

According to his conviction--for Disease A, there is “protocol A” which should be applied for several months. It is a secret wish of someone who wanted to be an allopathic physician or at least attain his stature, as he seeks to imitate those who practice contrary to anything that stands for homeopathy. But of course he tells you about the enormous “successes” he had. In reality, he does not know what a “true cure” stands for: the freedom of any mental. emotional and physical suffering, and the prevention of recurrence of your disease or transference to another disease. He is sure that his “genius” will be recognized and that the next Nobel prize in medicine is his. There is no lack of delusions here.

These stories might be amusing but they are actually derived from many situations I have seen and read. These pseudo-homeopaths are a disgrace to the profession and surely will turn away many patients from much needed help.

What must you look for?
Search for the plain man of common sense, who takes great pain not only to take note of all your complaints, but also takes time to explain them as he sees it. He might recommend a book to read as to foster communication, and therefore the chance on finding the right remedy, greater. He gives you clear and condensed information respecting everything that belongs to the art of homeopathy. He never shows anger, irritability or impatience when you ask him questions. He listens attentively to the complaints of those who seek his help and does not pronounce an opinion without mature reflection.

In order to find someone who has learned the most advanced methods in homeopathy, pay attention to the following:

The good homeopath prescribes ONE remedy only.
He puts your remedy in a bottle of water, quantity to be determined by the homeopath. Those who advise to take your remedy in dry doses have not studied and mastered the most advanced homeopathic methods, and therefore not only slow down your cure, but often prevent it.
The good homeopath tells you to take a test dose that evening and to report within the next two days as to the result. Do not repeat before you hear from him.
He will at this point determine how often you can repeat this therapy, as to make sure your illness is resolved in the fastest and most gentle way.
Avoid those who claim, “You must first go through a strong aggravation of your symptoms before you can get better,” as well as those who claim, “You must stop first your allopathic medication” before I can treat you. This is not only untrue, but right-out dangerous as the patient will suffer withdrawal symptoms. A good homeopath recommends changing the amount and dose of the allopathic meds ONLY after improvement on the homeopathic remedy is perceived.
Avoid those who give you the single remedy dry (take 3 pellets on the tongue) and let you repeat this every month for a year without changing the strength (potency) of your remedy. This “watch and Wait” period is NOT Hahnemann’s most advanced method, although practiced by most homeopaths.
The homeopath wants to see you in his office at least every month once but also insists on getting a report (telephone, fax, email) every week. This way he can do changes when he needs to do so.
Avoid those who claim when you bring them informed knowledge of advanced methods, and say, “I already know all that,” but his actions contradict his words.
Avoid those who never return your phone calls or emails or leave on an extended vacation without having anyone backing them up for emergencies.
Unfortunately in general, names of schools attended, degrees obtained and masters under whom they studied, means little. Even the assurance that “he has been in the business of doing homeopathy for twenty years,” does not assure success. Some homeopaths remain beginners for the rest of their lives. As in any profession, everything depends on the consciousness and industriousness of the practitioner and their true desire to help people. Listen to those patients who he has treated: What was the outcome? How much was he available? How did he treat you? How was he as a human being? Could he connect to the suffering of the patient?
Avoid that homeopath who changes your remedy at every visit or who prescribes several remedies in rapid succession within weeks. Most likely he has no idea what your remedy really is.
Avoid the homeopath who claims that there is no need to treat serious acute events and that your chronic remedy will take care of any acute situation. It goes against all principles of good homeopathy. But don’t make the mistake neither to treat every physical trifle with a remedy from your remedy kit. While under chronic treatment of a good homeopath, communicate with him as to what acute events need an intervention. Don’t start your own treatment.
Avoid the homeopath who tells you that you only need ONE constitutional remedy for the rest of your life, no matter what happens. This goes against all the principles of homeopathy.
Avoid the homeopath who during your consultation is continuously interrupted to take calls. You paid for that visit, you deserve the attention.
Avoid the homeopath who in spite of no progress after one to two years, refuses to retake your case and rather continues with the same remedy in the stubborn belief that he cannot be mistaken.
A good homeopath tells you from the beginning what to expect. He tells you when the next in office visit should take place, and gives you means of communication in between successive visits, in order to assure the best possible follow up. Help him through careful observing any change in your symptoms, pen it down and communicate this once a week.
Avoid that homeopath who spends half of your consultation time with berating his “incompetent” colleagues in a malicious review.
Avoid the homeopath who gives you two remedies, one to be taken in the morning and one to be taken in the evening. He assures you that even Hahnemann alternated remedies (He did so for a short time to find that it was NOT helpful and abandoned the idea within the year).
Avoid any practitioner, homeopath included that is judgmental.
The excellent homeopath is humble, industrious, and sympathetic to your plight; he is patient and alive during the consultation and not preoccupied with things not pertaining to your suffering. In other words he loves homeopathy and people. He treats the poor just like the rich, and spends some of his time to give to the unfortunate, in his own country or abroad.
And when you, dear patient, have found such a person, no one will rejoice more than Dr Luc!
gavinimurthy last decade
Dear Loree,

What a wonderful article.Thanks for sharing this.The compassion of the man shines through each and everything he writes.Convey my regards and appreciation for Dr. Luc if you can.

With warm regards.

rajivprasad last decade
That is a very nice compliment, and I forwarded your post to him.

loree last decade
From the article above:

The excellent homeopath is humble...

(......not arrogant !!).
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Well said:

Avoid that homeopath who spends half of your consultation time with berating his “incompetent” colleagues in a malicious review.
kuldeep last decade
Dear Pankaj,

A true homeopath is a student of life as it is with the help of the life giving and life sustaining 'vital force' he seeks to bring health and healing to people.I can never imagine anyone becoming a true student of life without humility.

Dr.Luc De Schepper is definitely one of the greatest contemporary homeopaths and yet at the same time very humble and compassionate.His books are a must read for any homeopath. Again my opinion only.Of the over 100 books that i have read his two books 'Hahnemann Revisited' and 'How to achieve and maintain the Similimum' have had the most profound influence upon me.Only the Grand Old Man's Organon and The Chronic Diseases have affected me so deeply as a homeopath.

To any one who happens to read what i am writing here, I very happily recommend that they read these two books and their eyes will open to the very highest quality of homeopathy.For example, many of the dogmas that the so called classical homeopaths hold to their chest because of ignorance of what Hahnemann taught in the 5th and 6th edition Organon, fall away.

After reading this book, at least 10 of my most stubborn cases have started improving rapidly.Three of them are taking remedies in the 200, 1M and even 10M much more frequently, diluted and succused before each repetition.Sometimes as frequently as daily one dose.This was not possible with the dry dose method of the 4th and pre 4th Edition Organon.

rajivprasad last decade
Thanks Rajiv...may Sai Baba bless you with the ability to restore to good health many many individuals on this earth.

My wishes are with you .

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Dear Pankaj,

I am touched to the core of my heart.Always consider me as an younger brother.

May peace be restored at this forum.

rajivprasad last decade
Dear Rajiv

Peace is the one we all are seeking. Once upon a time we were all living here in peace. Dr Deoshlok Sharma, Joe and all were welcome here. We were a family.

Earth needs many colors, many kinds of trees, many religions many of everything. With just one color and earth would go ugly. With just one pathy, health system would be insufficient.

Diversity is utterly necessary. Nobody wants an editor or a constable to look to edit one's work and nobody wants a communist state where a Constable is staying at you shoulder, always straying and braying in your path.

I admire Dr. Luc, however I fall in his pseudo homeopath catagory but I love his dedication, experience and capability.

Like you each day I stumble across a new thing and I realize my past mistakes. Also many of my cures were just accidential and co-incidential. It only happened because I took the initiative to serve a patient.

Now a well organized experience and data is available. some medicines are complimentary to each other, some must be given in a low potency... Some can be used like allopathy.. Some can resolve yellow discharge or some greeen. Some work on right and some on left.

Few years ago one sect in India started killing other sect because both were following the same Guru. Problem was that a sect told to other, not to follow that Guru or follow him totally.

This is what started happening here.
kuldeep last decade
If I agree with you, YOU are peaceful.
If all agree with you, YOU are peaceful.

If I agree with your nuisance, YOU are peaceful.
If I agree with your multiple login i.d.'s , YOU are peaceful.

THAT'S THE TYPE OF 'P E A C E' , you want this forum to have. Isn't it.

CONSIDER THIS (by Winston Churchill) :
'A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to put its pants on'

Remain Healthy & Happy ....... Nesha-India
Nesha-India last decade
'Avoid that homeopath who spends half of your consultation time with berating his “incompetent” colleagues in a malicious review. ' .... Dr Luc De Schepper

'The excellent homeopath is humble' ... Dr Luc De Schepper

NOW, was that statement an arrogant statement or a 'humble statement' from an 'excellent homeopath' ?

NOW, did Dr Luc De Schepper, review his colleagues with a non-arrogant attitude ?
- Was that a berating statement for his colleagues in Homeopathy ?
- Was that statement a malicious review of his colleagues in Homeopathy ?
- Who was assessing / criticising whom & for what ?

ALL SWEETIE-PIE philosphical statement.

Consider this from Nesha-India :
'Great minds discuss ideas; Average minds discuss events; Small minds discuss people'

Remain Healthy & Happy ....... Nesha-India
Nesha-India last decade
Hello Nesha !!

...the 'arrogant' word was not used for Dr. Luc.....but for some one else. Better to forget it now.

I agree with much of what Dr. Luc has to say. However, knowing human nature as it is...how many people will have all the qualities that he desires that a good homeopath must have??

Besides, different people have differing motivations* for their actions.

No one is perfect. You can only grade people on a zero to ten scale and evaluate who is better. Nobody scores perfect ten....it is God's way.

Best wishes,
Pankaj Varma

*I posted this elsewhere on human motivations:
You have to know people very closely to discover their motivations in life.

A women walking on the street with her face covered with a veil...is easy to assume ...that she is from the Muslim faith. Maybe she is not...instead her reason:

she got a scar on her face.

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
The statement on motivations has been made as a matter of discussion and is absolutely not directed towards anyone here.
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Dear Nesha,

'Avoid that homeopath who spends half of your consultation time with berating his “incompetent” colleagues in a malicious review. ' .... Dr Luc De Schepper

'The excellent homeopath is humble' ... Dr Luc De Schepper

The first statement is a suggestion to people who wish to undergo homeopathic treatment.A doctor who spends half of his time in berating colleagues is sparing that much less time to that patient and also displaying poor self esteem.Poor self esteem comes most of the time from lack of profiency in one's profession.So, the advice which I think is based on a simple observation of human nature.

The second statement is just a 'value' which he holds and hence is expressing that.Most of us have high sounding values as ideals at least.Holding a lofty value does not mean one is arrogant.It just means an ideal state of mind and personality which a person is striving to achieve.

Any way, this is only my opinion about these two statements.Always good to have both sides from which a thing can be looked at.

rajivprasad last decade
Dear Rajiv,
Finally...everything boils down to (as I stated earlier) :
'No one is perfect. You can only grade people on a zero to ten scale and evaluate who is better. Nobody scores perfect ten....it is God's way.'

May be you want to further grade people in 'Mean, Medien, Mode' manner after doing the zero to ten grading. (i.e. statistical analysis).

Best wishes,
Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Dear Pankaj,

I more or less agree with you.I am not too much into statistical explanation of each and everything.Though i have to use statistics in my research work.

I don't know what gave you this impression.

rajivprasad last decade
Yes Rajiv....

Actually, data collection and statistical analysis help to see 'trends' in economic behaviour, human behaviour etc. ....things that cannot be measured otherwise or experimented with.

That is why I suggested.

Best wishes,
Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
'PANKAJ VARMA' & 'rajivprasad' :

'Avoid that homeopath who spends half of your consultation time with berating his “incompetent” colleagues in a malicious review. ' .... Dr Luc De Schepper

'The excellent homeopath is humble' ... Dr Luc De Schepper

PERCEPTIONS OF 'nesha-india' : (on the discussion, in context)

- The above statement of Dr Luc De Schepper, reeks of his self-arrogance and NOT of his humble'ness or his high values. In the above statement itself, Dr. Luc himself is assessing / criticising AND berating his colleagues in Homeopathy. The motive behind such statement (whatever) is inappropriate and uncalled for and neither is he that competent to pass such comments on other homeopaths, many of them who are veterans and far more knowledge'able and experienced then Dr. Luc.

- Now why would any patient, approach Dr. Luc, when he himself is assessing / criticising AND berating his doctor colleagues in Homeopathy.

- Dr. Luc's was a balant & malicious review of his colleagues / doctors in Homeopathy.

- Dr. Luc was assessing / criticising / berating his colleagues in Homeopathy, UNDER THE GUISE OF GUIDE'ING PATIENTS TO A HUMBLE homeopath.

- A lecture of Dr. Luc, appeared in a small time BJain published Indian Homeo magazine (August or September 2006 edition) called 'Homeopathic Heritage', which reeked of his arrogance to his colleagues in Homeopathy AND other professional doctors of Homeopathy. Try to read them.

Every second year, there is a Homeopath in this world who will take out his hare-brained theory on Homeopathy and start self-glorification of a vague idea of Homeopathic treatment AND trying to change or dissect the way of Homeopathic concept of treatment / repertorisation and symptom'ology.

Small time qualified Homeopaths around the world or non-qualified homeo people who have half-cooked & self-educated themselves with few Homeo books and Software ARE the ones who start devoting on such authors like Dr. Luc. There are lots of them today and more will keep coming up with new and vague self-glorifying theories / thesis. Such people follow the common HERD mentality and make them their Homeopathic Godfather, TILL THE NEXT GODFATHER COMES OVER.

- Is he lecturing something new, which we are not already aware of ?
- the 6th Organon is always suspect among the veterans of Homeopathy and hence was never really accepted, one among them is in context to the Wet dose treatment regime, which was really there for everyone to follow for the last 200 years (the 6th Organon), but it was never followed, duly to the highly suspicious conditions that prevailed around Dr. Hahnemann expiry.

Even Boenninghausen, Hering, Kent, Lippe & others hardly followed the 6th organon and wet dose treatment regime.

ALL SWEETIE-PIE irresposible & philosphical statements of Dr.Luc.

Consider this AGAIN from Nesha-India :
'Great minds discuss ideas; Average minds discuss events; Small minds discuss people'

Remain Healthy & Happy ....... Nesha-India
Nesha-India last decade
Nesha...my compliments !!
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
The 6th edition Organon was not published for over 60 years after Hahnemann's death.By the time it was published, the dry dose method of high potency and wait and watch had become very popular and well established.Due to Kent's influence in America (the one country which really took to homeopathy in a big way), and due to Kent's refusal or ignorance to follow the 5th Organon methods, the wet dose method never picked up even though Kent had access to the 5th edition Organon.

All this is history.There is another side to it and that is personal experience.I have tried the 5th and 6th Organon methods on myself and a number of my patients.And found it to be much more effective and less aggravating than the dry dose method.Many cases which i was unable to cure or help with the dry dose method have started to improve with the wet dose method.So, i am convinced and hence support for this method.

This is my opinion based on my experience.Others are free to choose their opinion.

rajivprasad last decade
Compliments apart, tell me. Did you ever practice the Wet dose treatment regime.
If yes, lets have your comments. Based on your comments I would further ask a few simple logical questions (for discussion sake - if thats okay with you.
If No. Give reasons for not practicing the wet dose ...

'rajivprasad' :
You stated :
'The 6th edition Organon was not published for over 60 years after Hahnemann's death'

60 years were very long years for the organon to be manipulated, as usual, as even now people tend to do so, so very quickly.

Kent, the then Godfather of Homeopathy, was a 1000% superior authority on Homeopathy when in comparison to Dr.Luc. Kent religiously followed the hahnemann's way of homeopathy and was more successful than all Homeopaths combined worldwide. Kent's intelligence & reasonings on Homeopathy saw him thru all the later Organon's, the wet dose methods and he practiced wisely which we currently see, use and teach everyday.

If the dry dose method was useless when in comparison to the 'wet dose', all the colleges and institutes worldwide would be teaching the culture of the wet dose of homeopathy. However they never did since 200 long years. Why ?. Were these teachers / lecturers / masters all biased towards the 'wet dose' or are they ALL FOLLOWING THE 'dry dose' HERD MENTALITY. The answer to this would be equally surprising to professionally qualified and the non-qualified homeopaths.

Kent was not alone in the above hahnemann's way of following homeopathy. Boenninghausen, Hering, Kent, Lippe & others and even 99% of current Homeopaths, worldwise, use the original way of Homeopathic prescriptions. If the 'dry dose' homeopaths are all wrong, then the whole concept of Homeopathy is futile.

Anyway, congratulations to you for your success in the treatments using the wet dose regime.

Remain Healthy & Happy ....... Nesha-India
Nesha-India last decade
Dear Nesha,

If you read the old cases of many masters, for example, Nash, just to name one, they often gave the remedy dissolved in water and even repeated the 42M, 72M, CM etc. hourly, 2 hourly etc. till a reaction set in and then waited for the remedy action to exhaust itself.We have hundreds of such cases in these old journals.So, there is nothing wrong with the efficacy of the wet dose method.

I can personally testify from my experience with my patients.May be you can just try with one or two of your patients.

It is a tribute to Kent's genius and stature that his style of homeopathy (based on 4th Organon) has dominated the world scene for close to 100 years.What can i say in this regard?

But i can share my personal experience.Others can just try with one or two cases and see if it is effective.

Dr.Luc comes across as a compassionate person to me also judging by his activities.When the tsunami cam, he visited the worse affected areas of Sri Lanka trying to help people with homeopathy.For a busy doctor like him, it must have been a lot of loss in monetary terms.He also travelled across China last year for over a month trying to establish homeopathy there.He went there on his own again foregoing the income from his clinical practice which must be quite significant given his fame.These are the things which i like in him.

But then as Pankaj said, no one is perfect.We all are human after all.By the way, i have been guilty of not telling you in the past that i have liked and learned quite a bit from your multiple posts on this forum.

With warm regards,

rajivprasad last decade
'rajivprasad' :
Thank you for learning 'quite a bit' from my multiple posts.


I further offer you to learn this too, which is 'a small bit', which will sum up, as to why people go to SriLanka or China and so on, even if it means forgo'ing money and other things :
Also, China is a fresh ground for Homeopathy, WITH VERY FEW numbered HOMEOPATHS, with easy-come-fame and money.

HARD TO HIT 'hidden' FACTS :

Some people do it for Money.
Some people do it for Fame.
Some people do it, but Anonymously - (not for Money & not for fame)
Rest do not do anything.

Punch line 1.: Fame equals money
Punch line 2. : Fame sells. (books, seminars, status ....)
Punch line 3. : Fame = Self Marketing gimmicks.

FAME : There's a whole chapter on the SriLanka visit on that website. Check. Why would anybody want to put personal achievements on ones website, when the criteria for the website is Homeopathy and Patients case history and teachings ? = FAME.

Remain Healthy & Happy ....... Nesha-India
Nesha-India last decade
Dear Nesha,

May be you are right.May be you are not.

I tend to have a more optimistic view of people.I have nothing more to say on the matter.

Regarding learning from you and others, all of us can learn from one another in a 'nice' and 'friendly' manner.

All the best,

rajivprasad last decade
Hello Nesha...this is with respect to your post addressed to me.

You must have seen that I have seldom advised anyone here to use a wet dose.

Yet, there have been reasonable successes here with my suggestions. Also, in my suggestions to people outside of ABC I adopt the same way. The successes have been more frequent out side of ABC...coz the patient is before me.

I have a method of reading a lot of symptoms on the face of the patient.

I don't claim to be some great homeopath. Far from it.... I am only a homeopathy enthusiast. I keep learning new things everyday. But whatever percentage I have learned till now, I have done it with depth and diligence.

In application of homeopathy I pick and choose...which is based on what brought success to me. It may not be the same as the preferences of others.

There are posts I don't reply...coz I am not confident of making a meaningful contribution there. Sometimes, I may be feeling that the person needs to go to a homeopath personally rather than seek suggestions on a Forum due to the complexity of the problem.

If some one teaches me a new thing...I am always grateful to him/her and quick to compliment.

I only oppose those who criticise for the sake of creating controversy to make personal advantage overlooking the interest of the patient. Also those who pass snide comments...coz I am sensitive to such things. In such cases my reactions are quick and pointed.

And I follow a mixed system of homeopathy...not the exclusive classical system.(Because of this...if someone is not interested in receiving my suggestions...I have no issues with him / her).

I just posted a new topic today here at ABC...Combination Homeopathy vs. Classical Homeopathy.

'There have to be all kinds to make the world'.

Best wishes,
Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade

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