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High Blood Pressure and Eye vision

Hi I have chronic blood pressure and eye problems my eye doctor says your eye problem is due to your high bp headache sometimes double vision flickering heaDACHE is it true can it be cured in homeopathy pls reply
  pankajnarang81 on 2006-11-16
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Pl. explain your entire position..with detailed symptoms.
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Veratrum Viride 6x will reduce ur blood pressure.

But before begining take a dose of Adrenalin.
drprodip last decade
Dear Pankaj Sir ok i will mail u soon
pankajnarang81 last decade
Veratrum viride should not be given simply to 'bring down the pulse,' or 'control the heart's action,' but like any other remedy for the totality of the symptoms.

Allen key notes.

gavinimurthy last decade
If you are getting double vision, pl have an MRI done.. I am a fellow sufferer.
maya_hari last decade
mri means and why?
pankajnarang81 last decade
Magnetic Resonance Imaging.

It is a test commonly used to findout any problem connected with the brain.

It has other uses too.

gavinimurthy last decade
True... there may be a chance of problem in brain.. I went to many occulists but was not diagnosed till I got the attack. Then on net I found out that diplopia may be a sin of.......
maya_hari last decade
i think my case not matches with u i have chronic high bp
pankajnarang81 last decade
Now I do have HBP. heridity. but then my BP had SHOT up.
maya_hari last decade
To Maya

I have just read your post on this thread and feel that you too can benefit from Arnica 30c in the wet dose taken twice daily.

Arnica has been known to relax the body and thereby increase the blood flow in the arteries and veins and I have many patients who have reported that their BP has reduced in an amazing manner.

I also have many patients who were using Nitroglycerine for their angina who have stopped the drug which they used to carry on their person for years and use a teaspoonful of Arnica 30c instead, twice daily.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe,
I did take Arnice 30 in the wet dose for some time, but the person who took up my treatment told me to sto it for the time being, so stopped.
maya_hari last decade
To Maya

I am copying below the posts on Hypertention on the Homeopathy & More forum which are relevant as Sajjad has confirmed that he had prescribed Arnica 200 for a patient and he discovered that his BP dropped.

Re: Arthritis - An overview
Edit/Delete this post Delete this post By: sajjadakram
Posts: 58
Joined: 08 Sep 2006
November 19, 2006
A patient of mine is suffering from hyprtension for last many years.On rising in the morning he feels severe headache and heaviness of head.He is using various allopathic medicines without any positive response.I gave him Arnica 200c morning and night and since that time no problem.Twice because once was insufficient.He is happy now.


Re: Arthritis - An overview
Edit/Delete this post Delete this post By: Thill
Posts: 53
Joined: 22 Sep 2006
November 19, 2006
Very good news for Joe and me. I am trying with various other remedies for this problem. I will try first Arnica 200. I think Arnica 200, a new finding never heard before. However, I don't think arnica will cure HBP. Should continue as wet dose?.

Thank you sajjad


Re: Arthritis - An overview
Edit/Delete this post Delete this post By: Joe De Livera
Posts: 62
Joined: 08 Sep 2006
Location: Sri Lanka November 21, 2006
To Sajjad

Thank you for recording that Arnica 200c was able to bring down the Hypertension of your patient. I have not used this potency as I have invariably used the 30c which I have used myself for the last 11 years nightly. I have often repeated that my BP is
Joe De Livera last decade
Hi joe sir
i am taking ignatia got a bit relief but should i use joepathy will it help in eye problems
pankajnarang81 last decade
Dear Pankajnarang

Did you test your eyes for glaucoma?
maheeru last decade
To Pankajnarang

If you have experienced relief with Ignatia you do not need to change your medication unless you wish to experiment with Arnica 200 which as you see has proved to be more effective than the 30c potency that I have always used.

If you do decide to use the 200c potency, please use it only in the WET DOSE as this is very safe to be used daily even in high potency.
Joe De Livera last decade
Arnica will help those people, who are susceptible to arnica.

It won't help all the people on this earth.

gavinimurthy last decade
To Murthy

No one including me has ever stated that Arnica will 'help all the people on this earth.'

As you can see from the posts that I have copied above, Sajjad has reported that Arnica 200c helped to reduce the BP of a patient in a manner that Arnica 30c which I have used has not equated. I am naturally interested in this news which I have copied for the information of Pankajnarang, who I believe can also be helped by Arnica 200c.

I do not also understand what you mean to imply by 'susceptible to arnica'

It is a pity that you have already started your interferience with my posts and the posts of others including Pankaj within 24 hours of being warned by Simon.

If you have anything valid to state on a post that I make please do so nicely but do not adopt the attitude that you are the only classical homeopath on this earth with just 4 years experience in theoretical Homeopathy, and presume that you are the final arbiter on whether or not any remedy we prescribe can help a patient who wishes to be cured.

I am beginning to wonder what the real reason is for your constant belligerent interference against our posts, which we have done for almost 4 years on this forum with an unbroken record of successful cures.
Joe De Livera last decade
Joe i will start wet dose after stopping ignatia after 4 days and will send my symptoms personally to u for eye problems better to discuss via mail murthy will create a new non sense otherwise
pankajnarang81 last decade
Susceptability is a very important subject in homeopathy.

I will open a seperate thread shortly.

I am sure you read this from Simon.

'Joe, Murthy has the right to post in threads where you have already answered.'

gavinimurthy last decade
Joe, Murthy's post does not breach any forum rules.

Murthy, your posts would be more useful if you suggest an alternative, or ask questions which enable you to do so. As you can see, from posts where you have intervened, people generally carry on with advice they have got in the absence of an alternative. In this context, your posts serve no purpose.
moderator last decade
No Dear Simon

I don't agree with your view.

My posts make the patient atleast to pause and think, on what is 'proper ' homeopathy.

Some may not bother about what I say, but, many go and read those links, and get some idea of what is classical homeopathy.

My posts will be at the back of their mind, and they will think again, when 'this for that' therapy fails.

So, they serve a purpose.

Anyway, as you say they won't breach any forum rules, and it is upto the patient to listen to me or not.

gavinimurthy last decade
I won't prescribe on scanty information, and if the patient comes forward to give the info required, I will try to help them.

In many cases, I ask for that information.

In some cases, I leave it to the patient with subtle hints, and expect him to follow the advice of getting treated as per principles laid out.

gavinimurthy last decade
Regarding the warning by Simon, I want the readers to tell the fact that all the three of us Joe,Pankaj and me are warned by Simon, in the last 24 hours, on different threads.

I am only trying to give you the complete picture, as to the warnings.

I can copy and post those warnings, but, I will do it, only if required.

Anyway, warnings are not new to me.

gavinimurthy last decade
To Simon,

I am glad that you as the moderator stated your views in public on the forum as we feel that it is high time you made up your mind if you still want the resident prescribers who have helped thousands of patients on this forum to continue on it, or otherwise. Pankaj Varma copied an email that he sent you a short while ago informing us that he is taking leave from the ABC for 2 weeks which he is doing due to the infernal interference from Murthy which he experienced today to which he responded. Murthy tried the same tactics during the past few days against me but I was able to take his inane posts in my stride and gave him even better than I got and paid him back in the same coin with interest.

You stated that both parties are to blame in your post yesterday but before you made that statement I believe that it was your duty to trace the origin of all this unpleasantness which lead to an escalation of the situation when many posts which were irrelevant to Homeopathy were being bandied. I believe that if you stepped in and cautioned the perpetrators of this dissent that the situation would never have reached the proportions that it has reached today where I personally have to spend all my free time in responding to the posts of Murthy, Jacob or Nisha at the cost of not responding to the posts that new members have made with their ailments.

You will note that we did not have this infernal situation till the time that Murthy decided to quit his Hpathy forum for reasons best known to him and to infest the ABC. He shadowed each of my posts which he would do within minutes of my post appearing on the thread. I have often wondered what reason a man can have to do so on a basis that seemed to be unreal and I came to the conclusion that he is going all out to do so with the avowed intention of ensuring that the ABC implodes on itself by his onerous posts where he resorts to only displaying his own interpretation of hyper classical homeopathy when strangely enough he seldom if ever uses his supreme knowledge to help any patient who posts on the ABC in the hope of a cure.

You must understand that it is most onerous to be compelled to respond to the ravings of Murthy at the level that he compelled me and Pankaj to do and you have only to read the posts made by him yesterday against me and his posts against Pankaj today to realize that he is a person who badly needs a dose of his own medicine to heal himself to ensure that his brain does not as he stated, 'boil over'. I have had to weather the unpleasantness of having to respond to his posts which I did in my own inimitable way yesterday and I hoped that he would take a lesson from your chiding of his behaviour which you did in common with me yesterday. However my hopes were shortlived and he is back in action today even more virulent that before, especially with Pankaj.

It is indeed most trying for people like me and Pankaj who only practice Homeopathy for the satisfaction that it gives us to help anyone in distress, to have to respond to the ravings of a person who seems to have taken leave of his senses ably supported by Nisha who delights in insisting that I will not live to see my 78th Birthday as according to her, the charms that she had done when she was in Colombo will ensure that I do not live to see it. She should be only too aware that her devilish charms have a habit of returning to the charmer if they do not succeed in harming the victim and they have been known to boomerang on the author. I can hopefully live to have the last laugh when this does occur. It is indeed very surprising that she boldly states her expertise in charms, which I do not in the least believe in , and this she does so in public. I am indeed very surprised that you the moderator tolerates it on your forum which is a Homeopathic forum.

This is the type of licentiousness that you as the moderator is in duty bound to delete, the moment you see it as it has no bearing on the subject of Homeopathy. Nisha has openly boasted on this forum how she was banned by you 8 times over and how she succeeded in using her charms ( by email ! ) to ensure that she was permitted back by you. This to me seem a disgrace as I remember that she was last banned when she made out a 12 year old girl whom I was treating for acne, to be a prostitute. This was so very disgusting that even you promptly banned her for a very short while.

You must remember that it was we the resident prescribers who contributed towards the astronomical growth of your ABC during the past 2 years and you have only to see the many thousands of post that we have made with the unenviable record of success in our own methods of healing which in my case has been derisevely referred to by Murthy and others as Joepathy. It seems strange that in spite of all the criticism that is heaped on Joepathy, it does work and that magnificiently as many thousands have been cured. I believe that you owe it to us to fulfill your duty as the moderator of the ABC to maintain the peace that we once enjoyed on this forum up to a few weeks ago. You also owe it to the members of the forum and visitors to it, to maintain a balance on the ABC and not permit licentiousness in any form.

I would like to conclude my post by copying my last post to Murthy below which is relevant to your own post addressed to me:

' If you have anything valid to state on a post that I make please do so nicely but do not adopt the attitude that you are the only classical homeopath on this earth with just 4 years experience in theoretical Homeopathy, and presume that you are the final arbiter on whether or not any remedy we prescribe can help a patient who wishes to be cured. '

You will observe that I have not queried his right to post but only the manner that he invariably insists on using in doing so. I note that you have also corroborated my advice to him to be constructive in his posts rather than adopting that high faluting attitude that it is only his own interpretation of classical homeopathy that can help the patient.

I do hope that both you and Murthy will take my advice.

I await your response.

If you have anything valid to state on a post that I make please do so nicely but do not adopt the attitude that you are the only classical homeopath on this earth with just 4 years experience in theoretical Homeopathy, and presume that you are the final arbiter on whether or not any remedy we prescribe can help a patient who wishes to be cured.
Joe De Livera last decade

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