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Asthma in 4 year old Want to try homeopathy after singulair side effects

My son had asthma since he was 4 months old. Had RSV and would cough a really hard cough to the point of almost vomiting. We lived by a asphalt plant where all the kids on the block had asthma.Still coughs a little at night. Possible short of breath with too much exercise. Does fine in the summer usually. When he gets a cold, turns to asthma.When that happens, it is a hard cough to the point of vomiting. I am so sad at the side effects of singulair. I would love for someone to give me advice as I am a true believer of natural remedies. Thanks !
  alimarie on 2006-11-16
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
The remedy that I have used in many cases to help Asthmatics, especially children affected by Asthma, is Nat Sulph 6c in the wet dose.

Please visit the 2 links that I shall copy below and if you have any questions after reading them, please feel free to ask.

Joe De Livera last decade
Nat.sulph works only if there is aggravation from humidity.humid air,humid atmosphere.

There are more than 50 medicines for asthma, and what helps your child can only be known, after taking a complete case.

Read the thread

The theory of suppression from the first page.

Some medicines may palliate, but drive the disease deeper inside, and create more complications later.

If you are interested to get treated in the proper way,let me know.

gavinimurthy last decade

Please permit the mother who reported this case yesterday to read the 2 links that I gave her and decide whether or not she wishes to use Nat Sulph 6c for her son. There are many cases on these threads which will provide ample avidence to the mother as to which remedy she can use.

You must understand that your constant interference in every post that I now make on the ABC is a matter of concern to all members and confuses the patient who is not aware that you are a rabid Psychotic who by your own statement is awaiting that final 'boiling over of your brain' which may perhaps silence you permanently.
Joe De Livera last decade
You are addressing me on a patient's thread, and talikng all nonsense.

I am addressing the patient, and telling her, my opinion about the prescription, she got.

People will themselves know, what adjectives apply to whom.

I will not join your war of words on a patient's thread, however hard you may try.

gavinimurthy last decade
He does well in humidity , has always had a problem with dry and cold air. Im starting to feel concerned because winter is tougher for him. He has been on singulair and it has caused personality agression and anger..So,he has been off for about a week...he coughs heavy once a night. Use the Nat Sulph 6c?? Thanks for your responses ....I figure I would add more to get a better idea about my son. Thanks ! Ali
alimarie last decade
My youngest son had asthma. He would get croupy and I'd sit in a steamy bath with him till his breathing cleared up.

Then we found an Allergy Clinic: Allergy Assoc. of LaCrosse, Wis. and their drs. are M.D.'s who use homeopathic remedies to cure asthma, which according to them is: allergy based.

We took our son to LaCrosse and he did have to undergo the skin scratch tests and he was allergy to dog and cat dander, dust, molds and I don't remember all his allergies now. Anyway, he started on the homeopathic sublingual allergy drops and took them: one drop, three times a day from the age of 5 to 12. He had checks ups once a year at the allergy clinic and he would get re-tested for sensitivities.

The underlying factor in allergies, leastwise the way I understand it is: that children can have multiple allergies because their digestive systems are not fully mature until the age of 12.

Well... that's what I read 'somewhere' and can't remember where.

Our son is doing well now and has no problems with allergies. He has never used an inhaler although he did have one prescribed and we kept it on hand 'just-in-case.'

Melva last decade
Remember homeopathy treats NOT the disease , but the individual. This child did well because he was treated as such. 'This remedy worked for so-and-so. So it should work for me. ' NO. Thats not the way it works. Seek individualized treatment with a homOeopath in person
Sycotic last decade
Here again, I can see that my suggestion that you Ail and you Melva is being criticized by, I presume, a classical homeopath on the grounds that Homeopathy treats not the disease but the individual. He does not seem to have read the many post on the 2 links that I have given you which will show him the response of the patients who were the son and the daughter of the two mothers Fauzia and Shiny who were both skeptical about my ability to help them in the only way that I use of the direct system of treatment that is common to the majority of homeopaths in the Indian subcontinent. This is by no means my 'invention' although many have termed it as Joepathy for reasons best known to them.

I believe that the interest of the patient comes first and the remedy that I have invariably used , Nat Sulph 6c in the wet dose has invariably helped to first alleviate and in some cases cure the Asthma that others who are adults have suffered from. The children whom I have treated do not according to their mothers use their inhalers and steroid tablets any more and I believe that the use of a teaspoonful of the NS in the split dose where a teaspoonful is taken from the remedy bottle
and stirred into a small cup of water from which a teaspoonful is sipped, is a very small price for the patient to pay to avoid suffering from his daily routine of inhalers and tablets.

The mothers have confirmed that their respective children are quite normal but it is only when they contact colds that their condition sometimes is of concern.

If you do decide to use my therapy I would appreciate if you will please post your children's response in a week after you start the therapy which I can reassure you is absolutely safe, which may not be the case if you visit a classical homeopath who may give your children some classical remedy which may be counter productive.
Joe De Livera last decade
There is no explanation as to how Nat.Sulph can cure all asthma problems on this earth.

Had it been so, allopaths would have gladly put it to use, and by now, there would not be a single case of Asthma.

The basic difference between allopathy and homeopathy is individualisation.

If you forget that and start giving homeopathic remedies, in the allopathic way, it is called a 'mongrel' therapy.

you are neither here, nor there.

Either believe in proper homeopathy, and get treated as per that, or, go for allopathy.

Never for these 'cross' therapies, which will do more harm than good.

The decision is yours.

gavinimurthy last decade
To Melva

Please ignore the ravings of this homeopathic parasite who feels that it is only his cassical brand of Murthypathy that can help an Asthmatic patient.

You have chapter and verse in the links that I have given above and you can decide if you wish to follow Murthy;s ravings or my own brand of Homeopathy also referred to my Murthy himself as Joepathy.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Alimarie,

Nat Sulph is no doubt a good remedy for asthma, but in your son's case, he does well in humid climate.That is the keynote of Nat Sulph asthma.Asthma better in humid climate is a keynote of another well known homeopathic remedy.But since i do not believe in 'this for that' homeopathy, i would like you to answer these questions.

Is his asthma worse at night?Worse by drafts of cold dry air?Has dry cough and cannot cough deep enough to raise phlegm?Is his coughing better by a swallow of little water?

If the answer to all the above questions is yes then Causticum would be a more appropriate remedy.

rajivprasad last decade
Dear Rajiv,

Would you mind permitting the mother to use Nat Sulph 6c in the wet dose for a week before you ask her to change over to Causticum ?

Joe De Livera last decade
No.Not permitted. He is better in humid climate.

Nat.sulph will make him wose.

gavinimurthy last decade
correction worse..

gavinimurthy last decade
Thanks for all your concern and responses ...Im still not sure what to do as I have two different answers. From sleeping in the night , when he first wakes up ( only if he is symptomatic ) he will not be able to raise phelm and it will be stuck.It is a hard ,cough that he cant stop too easily....helps to drink something but sometimes that does not do the trick . Dry air does seem to aggravate it ....although during cold wet days , he is more prone to it too. Never had trouble in the summer ...(Thank goodness)Thanks again !
alimarie last decade
Dear Joe,

I don't mind either way.Ultimately the patient decides.But i always say something when i feel something is correct.I am one of the people who truly loves and respects your spirit of service.But then, i possess the same spirit and hence feel that should share what i know.

It is very much the case that Nat Sulph asthma is never never better in humid climate.Von Grauvogl, one of the greatest homeopaths ever has brilliantly described why Nat Sulph is absolutely the best remedy to cure asthma worse in humid climate.I explained in one of my earlier posts that the success that you have had in treating asthma successfully in most cases in Sri Lanka is because of the extremely humid climate of your country and Nat Sulph is the indicated remedy for such cases.

But perhaps you may like to increase your knowledge of remedies for asthma and hence i am sharing this.Causticum is by far the best remedy for asthma when it is better in humid climate and worse in cold dry weather.The number two remedy for such cases is Nux Vom.

Please don't be ofended as i am only sharing this for patient's benefit just as you are.I have treated at least 5 cases of asthma ofthe type that this child suffers from with Causticum or Nux Vomica.

With warm regards,

rajivprasad last decade
Dear alimarie,

The symptoms that you confirmed are clearly indicating Causticum.But choice is yours.I have given my reasons for suggesting Causticum.In case you are convinced, let me know and i will suggest how to take the remedy or do as Joe suggests.

It is a rule of this forum that different prescribers suggest remedies and give their reasons for suggesting that remedy.I have done that and hence my duty is over.

All the best,

rajivprasad last decade
Dear Ragiv,
Thank you for participating in trying to help my son . I am trusting that causticum sounds effective. Joe seems very helpful too although I live in NY and the primary times my son has trouble is during the cool months .So, how do I go about the causticum remedy.Thanks !
alimarie last decade
Buy Causticum 200.Add 2 drops or globules to 600 ml of clean water in a bottle.Let the globules dissolve.Then shake the bottle very hard 10 times.Then give 1 teaspoonful (5 ml) to your child as a dose.Initially you can give 1 teaspoonful every time he has an asthmatic attack.But each time before giving the remdy shake the bottle very hard 10 times.This is very important to avoid unwanted and prolonged aggravations.

As the situation improves, give the remedy less often.Be in touch on a day to day basis and i will guide you.

rajivprasad last decade

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