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Strongest way Ive ever found to heal diseass and injuries- free ans simple

Hi gang. I postd two other ways to stimulate my/our immune and allother healing systems in the past here and have just found one that beats thelast two ways which were both , I believe, more effective than any other known method.

These three methods all stimulate our immune system and all of our healing sysgtems for our brain and body, injuries and illseases or all sorts, across the spectrus. I have tested these methods on about 40 people..THe first two I posted about regularly cure a cold in less than 3 hours , for example.

The principle is if we do now any behavior or activity that we did over and over during our evolution, wver millions of years that activitiy is now a trigger for this extraordinary healing effects, such as assuming the same position of the fetus' hand positions in the womb

This new finding merely involves another such activity, that of staring at any spot on our body, most conveniently done by staring at a spot on our hand or foot. THat is obviously something we did over and over for millions of years.

We look at parts of ourselves a lot and we do it at a time we would need healing, like examining an knjury, so I should have realized earlier that this would have evolved into a trigger too, and as I said it is the stronges way of all that I have found and do not expect that there is any stronger of these methods.

Yes it is tedious to have to stare at our hand or foot etc. for a long period, but it has the advantaqge of being so effective that you can achieve some amazing things in short periods of time, ninutes.

Example, it has an immediate effecgt on anxiety, very fast for depression, try it for , say, 15 minutes for migraine, allergies, asthma,pain, infections of all sorts. I have caused a tumor like growth on my nose that had been growing steady for five months to drop completelyoff my nose after about ten hours over five days of doing this and the same for a precancerous keratosis.

See if you can cure a cold in a half hour is my guess of how long that would take. And it helps heal old injuries that have never healed, and quick. You can feel free to try it for anything because the effect is oll over the body, all parts, all functions are benefitted. Any kind of mental illness too because those other two methods worked in Mania, schizophrenia , visibly in people who did them for only a few minutes.

For us to be able to have our functins stimulated we need to recreate to some extent the conditions these triggers evolved under, I have found. THus you must be awar from all radiation, radio, cordless phone, cell phone, computer and monitor, flat screen tv, normal tv is ok at normal distances, power lines.

Also best to take off your rings and watch. If you like it I can suggest a few other things yiy can do to make it even stronger, that I do, like keep away from synthetics or geneticlly engineered cotton clothing but I can exoplain that later.

The effect will of course be compromised by any immune suppressive drug you are taking like steroids, cortisone type, or pain medication,like oxycontin type. It will also enhance the circulation and thus will enhance any drug effect, so tread lightly if you are taking a dangerous drug.

Is ninety percent ineffective if you smoke. I think its the nicotene that prevents the effect.

So try it out if you want.

Steve Lord, Santa Barbara, California, USA
  stevelord on 2006-11-16
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
'stevelord' :

As far as Nesha-India, is concerned, the above is a hare-brained 'santa-claus' type suggestion. The hands can also be replaced by 'knees' ... and so on, and anything on which the fetus focus on.

The same is nothing new and is a disgruntled version of 'Batti-Dyan Asan' in Yoga parlance. That is it is self-stimulating by harmonising your thoughts by gazing at a Candle-light flame, or a full-moon or for that matter gazing consistently at any object, when at peace.

Of the various Meditation techniques in Yoga, one of them as above, your system is nothing new and is a age-old therapy. In Psycho-Hypno-Therapy it is called 'Self-Auto-Mono-Suggestion'

In the above 'auto-suggestion' therapy, many wonders can be worked out, time & other factors permitting.

You can teach a parrot to talk, by repeating the following words 'baying mob', repeatedly, and gradually one fine day, the parrot gets tuned to it and keeps on baying the 'baying mob' words repeatedly over and over again and again.

The precautionary parameters which you mentioned, wherein your system would work, is by-and-large a standard with all therapies and is nothing new to the medical world.

We will discuss more, depending on how this thread works out ...

'It requires a very unusual mind to undertake the analysis of the obvious'

Remain Healthy & Happy ....... Nesha-India
Nesha-India last decade
Hi Nesha,

Several points. THis did not evolve in humans in the womb , as fetal hand positions did. It had to evolve in huhans out of the womb because in the womb I dont think there is enough light to see the hand etc , am I correct you womb experts?

And you are not absorbing fullly the reason these techniques work . You compare it to staring at a candle. BUt for something to evolve,as all the evidence I have ammassed about these methods point me, and I am talking about the scientific term eveole as it Darwin, people would have to do this many more times throughout our history than the times we would have looked at a candle. It would have taken something we did every day, day after day to be a good candidate for evolution into these triggers, and all such triggers I have found have this in common.

Another such trigger I found is the breathing of the air near a plant , due to the negative ions of oxygen emitted by plants, Its probably on of the reasons people love to hike, its exhilarating. I have made all these discoveries because I have an unusual factor in my blood that allows me to know when and by how much my immune system is being stimulated by anything.

Are you able to cure a cold in a couple of hours by staring at a candle? You see how these methods differ in results from candle or moon staring.

Also the fact that these things have obviously evolved , they should be effective in everyone, and testing it in others I can confirm that that evidently is true, that it appears that everyone has this stimulatory reaction to these behaviors in their genes.

Although for this last one of staring at a spot on our body, I just recently noticed it and so I am the only one to have tried this one so far, but like I said 40 people have tried one or more of the others and I am claiming from all my responses that this method is superior.

Its not going to take much to find out if this works in everyone though. Can someonw let us know, if and after you are inclined to try it?


Steve Lord
stevelord last decade

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