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single dose cure for swine flu and chikungunya 8


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Single Dose Cure for ChikunGunya

Dear friends,

I have come across this information about a single dose cure for this menacing epidemic raging through large parts of India.It has reportedly cured thousands of people (I have not used it till date.I am just sharing this information for the benefit of people in the affected regions.).

The name of the remedy and potency used is Polyporus Pinicola 200C.Another name for this remedy is Polyporus Officinalis.Both are the same remedy.

Just 1 dose (2 pills or drops) of this remedy cures Chikun Gunya irrespective of age.In rare cases, say one in 300, if the joint pains continue, but the fever subsides, then 1 dose of Kali Mur 1M cures it.There should be a gap of at least 1 week between these two remedies.Most people won't need the second remedy.

This tip is coming from Dr. V.Krishnamurthy, a very well known and respected homeopath from South India.

If some of you come across this thread and try this remedy, please let us know of the cures or otherwise.

I personally have treated 15 cases of ChikunGunya but i was not aware of this remedy' utility in these cases.I mainly used Eupatorium Perfoliatum 200, Rhus Tox 30 & 200, Bryonia 30 & 200 to cure all of them.All of them were cured with in two-three weeks.

  rajivprasad on 2006-11-22
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Thanks Rajiv, for this tip.

gavinimurthy last decade
Dear Rajiv,

This Chicken Guniya has affected almost 70% of the population in Pondicherry.
A well known paediatric Doctor( allopathic ) has adviced us to take Euaptorium Perfoliatum 200c. Doctor adviced us to take it as a preventive medicine and it can be also taken by those who have been afflicted by this disease.
It was a pleasent surprise to me that a allopathis doctor is prescribing a Homeo medicine.
I checked the medicine in a materia medica and found that the symtoms are almost similar to that of Chiken Guniya

Daniel Iype last decade
Dear Anil,

Now do me a favour.Get hold of this remedy and try it with some patients actually suffering from ChikunGunya and give me feedback about whether it is as effective as is claimed by Dr.Krishnamurthy.It is very important because then we have a very potent remedy on our hand for this as well as future viral epidemics.

If you have any problem in getting this remedy, i will try to get it and send to you or tell you of some palce where you can get it.

rajivprasad last decade
Thanks Rajiv for the new and good information.

BUT is not this on the way of Joepathy?

Just one generic solution for one fixed problem.

Actually I am thinking that Joe De Livera should give you certificate because you are the first person who DECLARED 'How Joepathy Works'.

Anyway I love all new things, please keep up good work.
kuldeep last decade
Dear Rajiv

I had used this remedy with success and I had already posted this information on this forum. please read up the following links:

maheeru last decade
Acute problems, which present similar picture in ALL the patients, can be cured by the same medicine.

ALL the people who meet with an accident are in a state of shock, most of them are not aware of what exactly happened, talk incoherently, try to get up and say, 'nothing wrong with me' even when they are seriously ill,and hence Arnica suits them all.

Similarly all the persons effected by Chicungunya exhibit the same symptoms, and the closest that comes to the mind is Eup.Perf, and hence many doctors are using it.

However, if further study shows a much closer fit to the chicungunya symptoms, it is to be welcomed.

This 'this for that' is different from 'this for that' for chronic problems like diabetes.

Each person's symptoms will be different, and a medicine has to be chosen based on his symptoms.

There is no confusion between the two types.

gavinimurthy last decade
Dear Kuldeep,

I love Joe as much as you and i have said this so many times.But i will say it again here.I think he is a most wonderful human being.Of course i will be very happy to receive his certificate that i am an equally fine human being.Also his blessings so that i too can serve people as he has done.

But in this case you are making a mistake perhaps because you are not aware about the history of epidemics in the past and the homeopathic use of the 'genus epidemicus' to cure them.In this case the remedy mentioned is supposed to be the 'genus epidemicus'.Now every homeopath would know and understand what i mean by this.That is the reason i am asking the people using it to give a feedback so that we can come to a conclusion that it indeed is the 'genus epidemicus'.

Acutes are different and chronics are different.In chronics 'this for that' may not work as easily because 'miasms' are at work.One cannot put a 'miasm' to sleep with Arnica.How i wish it were possible to do so.

I hope you are enjoying the Himalayas and would come up with something new for all of us!!

Your friend,
rajivprasad last decade
Dear Rajiv,

I was talking about Eupatorium Perfoliatum. Are u sure u want me to try with some patients.? Because you have already stated in your post that u have tried this medicine and all of them got cured.

with regards,
Daniel Iype last decade
I was talking about Polyprus Pinicola 200C.

rajivprasad last decade
Dear Rajiv, excellent information, and of course an accepted part of Classical Homoeopathy. Epidemic diseases will usually follow the same course, and one, or a small group of remedies will MOST often fit the symptom picture. Hahnemann himself used this many times, particularly during the cholera outbreaks, where he recommended either Cuprum, Veratrym Alb, or Camphora. This is not 'this for that therapy'.

JCS2006 last decade
Let me write the informations I observed in South India. This is the place very much affected by Chicken Gunya, and the problem is not yet over. The Polyprus Pinicola is being marketed by same Dr Krishnamurthy here, is also being advertised in news papers. Only difference is that they sell in 1000X potency, one dose.

I have come across minimum two people who had peripheral pains after a month or two after chicken gunya is over. They tried Polyprus Pinicola with no success. The pain only increased. Kali Mur 1M also did not give any relief. Ruta G gave some relief. Many others got relief in about 10 days after taking Kali Mur 30X, Mag Phos 30X and Calcarea Flurica 30X. The last treatment worked for majority without failure. I am yet to come across success with the first mentioned two.
kns_3 last decade
Dear kns,

Thanks for the feedback.

rajivprasad last decade
Dear Rajiv and Kuldeep,

I am now reading a book entitled 'How to Cure the Incurable - New Lives for Old' by a gentleman J.Ellis Barker. This chap was a famous homoeopath in the UK who had no qualification whatsoever just like Joe. But his success rate was so phenomenal that many people took notice and often go to him when everything else failed.

As I read how he prescribed I couldn't help but thought of Joe. Ellis Barker treated many CHRONIC ailment successfully but I notice also that his treatment often nclude diet regiment as well as forms of palliation that would make a homoeopath scringe in disbelief.

I'm not a practising homoeopath nor am I qualified. I'm just a student but uppermost in my mind is the main role of a physician is to relief or reduce suffering. But of course we know that the relief of one suffering could result in a greater suffering. But how does one know whether one is suppressing or curing when symptoms disappeared ? Herring direction of cure isn't an exact science and very few have mastered the art much less the art of cure itself. We can vax eloquence about miasma , chronic or acute but when presented with an actual case no words seem to be able to describe the state of helplessness. What I'm describing isn't my own experience but my observation of a homoeopath who is actually practising in UK. This same homoeopath was talking with great authority and eloquence about miasma and other sundry concepts with another homoeopath at dinner.

Some masters' work that I've read had included for example Sulphur 30 with Sulphur 6x. One is miasmatic and the other to palliate. In short there is always due consideration to be given to palliation.

The drug profile is another area that needs consideration. The fact that Joe had found the use of arnica 6 in aiding the healing of wounds in diabetic while accidental is no mystery. The drug profile is obtained from people who are not bleeding and its use in this area will never be found unless someone is willing to think beyond the obvious ; our education, our learning and conditioning.

I'm not here to defend joe but to contribute, perhaps in a small way, towards the expanding of one's mind to other possibilities beyond books and fixed ideas. Hahnemann's theories are not wrong othewise it wouldn't have survived 200 years. But a true master used these as guidelines and bring these wisdom to life with his own wisdom and hence bring about the relief of suffering for the good of mankind.
chiongguo last decade
Dear Chionnguo,

I have the greatest of respect for Joe as a compassionate human being.He certainly helped a number of people here at this forum.But, i don't see how i can be held responsible for his non-participation here at this forum.

I may not agree in toto with you with respect to approach towards homeopathy though.It is an intricate and fascinating science with certain fundamental principles.Hering's laws or rather observations of cure being an important part of them.Every good homeopath knows the difference between palliation, suppression and cure.While palliation is desirable in incurable cases to minimize the pain and ensure the dignity associated with the end of a human or animal life, suppression is never desirable.Cure is a different matter altogether.Every homeopath worth his salt knows when a cure is taking place and when a suppression.If a certain homeopath does not understand the difference or is unable to distinguish between the two, he has no business playing with lives and healths of people.

By the way i am not a stolid, bookish, toeing the straight line type of homeopath or person that you have mistakenly assumed me to be.This last comment is not made to offend you, but just to clarify my position.For example, i have often used biochemic remedies or mother tinctures of organ remedies side by side with constitutional treatment to bring about cures in very tough cases.

My hero, if there is one in homeopathy, is the late Dr. James Compton Burnett, arguably the most creative homeopath ever known to practice.That should give you some idea of my temperament.

With warm regards,

rajivprasad last decade
Here are some facts on this disease:


Note that it says:

'The symptoms of Chikungunya include fever which can reach 39°C, (102.2°F) a petechial or maculopapular rash usually involving the limbs and trunk, and arthralgia or arthritis affecting multiple joints which can be debilitating. The symptoms could also include headache, conjunctival infection, and slight photophobia. In the present epidemic in the states of Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, India, high fever and crippling joint pain are the prevalent complaint. The fever typically lasts for two days and abruptly comes down. However, other symptoms, namely joint pain, intense headache, insomnia and an extreme degree of prostration last for a variable period, usually for about 5 to 7 days.'

I would like to draw your attention to the last two sentences...
ZepOz last decade
There are patients who suffered for more than a month.

I am in the midst of the area that was hit by it, and I know better.

Wikipedia's information is supplied by people like you and me.

It is not to be taken as a gospel.

It is also a fact that homeopathy helped many patients recover faster.

gavinimurthy last decade
You are correct, Murthy. Many more references are required.


And finally, from the Indian Government...


I urge everyone possibly affected to read these references.
ZepOz last decade
bumped up.

Type chikun in the search button to your left, for many other threads on chikun guniya.

It is a disease transimitted by mosquitoes. Nothing to do with chicken, muton or beef, as being thought by some prescribers.

This forum is a free for all, and it is paining me to see the over all quality of prescribers going from bad to worse.

gavinimurthy last decade
I am totally new entrant and am really pleased to see so many concerned people.

The overall quality of prescribers can only improve with practice and more research.

Please increase your fore -bearance if you aim to heal. Classical homeopathy is one thin g and healilng humanity another.

amancalledkiki last decade
This Chikunguniya started resurfacing yet again (town of Nellore, South AP).

My mother has been one among the affected.

Standard set of problems noticed(across 7 to 8 persons having suffered from this):

1. very high fever (104F to 105.5F), staying on continuously for at least 30 to 36 hours.

2. Intense joint paints all over the body (knees, back, ankles, elbows, wrists, very stiff fingers).

3. Extreme headache (feeling as if it the head is being pierced through the forehead).

4. Prostration (to the extent that the patient can't move the body on their own even when lying down on the bed).

A strong dose of Paracetamol utterly failed to evoke a reduction from 105F temperature.

The way my mother (and the others) got treated:

1. Sulphur 200 (single dose) to start the treatment early in the morning at 8:00am.

2. One dose of Bryonia 1M after 1 hour of Sulphur 200 - got the thirst and rise in body temperature under control (in a matter of 30 to 40 minutes).

3. Bryonia 1M was then repeated twice a day at 12 hour gap for 2 more days.

Result: though the patients ended up being weak, all of their fever and joint paints were totally gone. Stiffness in joints and fingers also got eliminated.

In case of 2 patients who still had severe backpain (after these joint pains subsided), Eupatorium Perf 200 given twice a day resolved the problem in a single day.

That the pains have gone away in less than 5 days, it certainly appears to be a miraculous recovery. A couple of allopathic MBBS practitioners have acknowledged that already.

They all are now taking Kali Phos 12X for a week to restore themselves to normal life. So far the results have been pretty encouraging.

By the way I do not know ABCs of Homeopathy. That treatment was done by a homeopathic practitioner running a Free Homeo Clinic supported by a couple of Charity Associations in the town.

After seeing the action of Homeopathy, I'm so much fascinated.
jamjam last decade
I am glad to note that this Thread which was first started by Rajivprasad on November 22 2006 was bumped up today and gave me the opportunity of reading the record of Rajiv's report of how Polyporus Pinicola 200 (PP) had been reported by Dr V Krishnamurthy as being an instant cure for Chikungunya (CKG).

I had left the ABC Forum shortly before the date of his first post due to the constant interference I encountered from a few trolls here and was not aware of this report of the instant cure but I had been informed by my colleagues in India that the remedy of choice for CKG which was being used widely in India at that time was PP and I placed an order for PP immediately after I had this news, but it only arrived a few months later. Homeopathic remedies are not available freely here in Sri Lanka due to the ban imposed by our government on the advice of our medical profession who had discovered that Homeopathy was able to cure the patient in a manner that is far quicker, safer and cheaper than they could emulate with their drugs and other therapy.

It so happened that my wife too had contracted CKG in October 2006 but I was only informed of the miraculous curative aspect of PP about the same time that it was recorded by Rajiv on this Forum. In the case of my wife, I gave her the usual remedies Eupat Perf 200, Gelsemium 30 and Belladonna 200 but they did not help her ailment in any perceptible manner and she suffered from high fever for a few days and excruciating pains for over a month. It is interesting to record that I gave her PP in the Wet dose in January 2007 and this helped her to overcome the pain that she was suffering from for a few months in her joints and she was soon cured. She had been suffering from Arthritis for some years prior and I had given her Argentum Metallicum 6c in the Wet dose which had cured her but the CKG exacerbated the old arthritic pain in her joints and at one stage she could hardly walk.

I must mention here that I took Gels 30 in the Wet dose once daily as a Prophylactic and was agreeably surprised to discover that although I was bitten by the same mosquitos that bit her, I was not infected with CKG. It was much later that I discovered that Gels 30 was very effective in helping anyone to avoid catching the H1N1 Swine Flu virus and have given Gels 30 in the Wet dose to hundreds of patients and none reported catching this virus which is even today prevalent in Colombo.

It was only early in 2007 that I was able to get a stock of PP and this was indeed fortunate as Colombo was infected at that time by a raging epidemic of CKG and many thousands of patients were infected with many records of fatalities especially among senior citizens. I had got just one 5ml bottle of Polyporus Pinicola from my Indian supplier and I was able to use this to help hundreds of patients whom I treated with this remedy (free of charge) in the Wet dose which I was using at that time. I made this Wet dose by inserting 3 drops of the remedy in Ethanol into a 350ml bottle of spring water and gave those who consulted me with another bottle of Gelsemium 30 to be used by the inmates of the household with an infected patient as a Prophylactic against CKG. Many patients who had been cured of their CKG informed me later that they had passed on their bottle of the magic cure to others who were infected and they all reported of a miraculous overnight cure of their CKG.

I was very surprised to discover that patients who were unable to walk when they first consulted me were restored to health overnight after their first 2 doses of PP. They reported that their fever left them within a few hours and with it their intense body and joint pains also left them within 12 hours.

I must state here for the record that I did enjoy reading the references to me and 'Joepathy' on this Thread and would like to reassure our members that Rajiv was not responsible at all for my departure from this Forum which I rejoined a few weeks ago after many patients on the Fistula Fissure and Abscess thread whom I had been treating, persuaded me to do so.

I have always maintained that my 'This for That' therapy aka 'Joepathy' is invariably more effective in curing the ailment that a patient presents on a Homeopathic Forum like the ABC and I cannot understand the reason for the intense criticism that preceded my departure from this Forum in September 2006. I discovered that almost every one of my posts to patients was the subject of strong criticism from the classical fraternity of Homeopaths which in some cases descended to very low personal levels. All I sought to do was to help any patient who recorded his case on this Forum and my records of cure of previous cases was sufficient evidence that my therapy was by no means a suppression of the ailment nor was there any record of the suppressed ailment manifesting itself in a deeper disease like Cancer as some classical homeopaths here predicted. The fact is that hundreds, perhaps thousands of patients had been cured by my Joepathy and all I wished for at that time was to be left in peace to continue my mission of healing, which these trolls prevented.

It was at that time that Praveen Wadhwa (Kuldeep) invited me to join him on the Homeopathy and More Forum that he had founded at that time and I was able to maintain a sense of decorum on this Forum by eliminating the same classical homeopaths who followed me there from the ABC with the intention of disrupting my mission. It is no wonder that the term Joepathy has been picked up by Google and the other Search Engines and I discovered a short while ago that there are almost 1000 hits for this term, each of which lists one or more of the many cases I have treated successfully.

I am glad that I returned to this Forum a few weeks ago as it probably has the highest rating of new visitors daily for a Homeopathic Forum which is by far higher than the number of visitors on the Homeopathy and More Forum where we have over 700 hits daily. At my advanced age of 80 years this Forum provides me the possibility of influencing in some small way the trend of progress in the world of Homeopathy today and gives me some satisfaction to advice members to achieve a higher level of health with my Joepathy.

Joe De Livera
Sri Lanka
Joe De Livera last decade
to make a wet dose is it enough to put 2 drops in a little water?

it's been three months since I suffer, is not it too late?

darjela last decade
i have changed my instructions on making the Wet dose slightly and shall copy the amended instructions below:

The Wet dose of any Homeopathic remedy is made as follows:

Order the Polyporous Pinicola 200 in a 5ml Ethanol pack also referred to as Liquid Dilution in a bottle preferably with a dropper arrangement.
Get a 500ml bottle of Spring Water from the nearest supermarket.
Pour out about 3cm of water from the bottle to leave some airspace.
Insert 3 drops of the remedy into the bottle and shake the bottle hard before you sip a capfull which is the dose.
Shaking the bottle hard is homeopathic succussion and this shaking must be done every time before sipping a capful of the bottle which can be used as a dose.

Please note that the remedy will only work at the 200c potency and I hope that you can get it in India.
Joe De Livera last decade
I did not see your question

'it's been three months since I suffer, is not it too late?'

I have had many patients including my wife who was affected about 4 years ago and although at the time she contacted CKG I did not have the Polyporous 200 I used it for her abour 4 months after she was infected and I was surprised to observe that her symptoms disappeared in about a week.
Joe De Livera last decade
Interesting !!
PANKAJ VARMA last decade

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